Commonwealth Cup Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=3o, Virginia=39

GOT’s: …oathbreaker, the shortsword:

Virginia Tech football just took the S-end of the stick.

The Hokies are now uva’s beyotch for the first time since: Kat.Hepburn, Greg.Peck, and Bo.Hope all just went Exit Stage Left. Since ‘binge-watch’, ‘baby-bump’, ‘flash-mob’ and ‘manscaping’ all became official terms. (tho’ oui, uva was clearly ‘out in front’ on at least one of those). Since Friends and American Idol were still idolizing small-screens everywhere. And since Lord of the Rings was just ending and the Pirates of the Carribean was just, beginning. It has been a minute or three or 7,889,238 minutes exactly. And frankly speaking… this sucks. As Black Friday really was a 3 for 1, deal!

Game Duration:

I had thought this to be yet another bogus MB meme… “we hit a wall”… I mean this is your alpha archrival and you are playing for all-time historic streak extending history, itself; right?

(and with uva set to heavy senior expiring eligibility departures slip… you only had to win this one too (likely) extend this streak until year no.18! i.e. this really was 3 fo’ 1 as a 3-point fave fo’ show’)

This look like a restive fasttwitch display to you?

Tho’ even early on in the 1stQ of play… Eye am seeing uva beat our oLine and our dLine to the punch alike. And here you can see the ball (circle) halfway back to Perk’ and 100% of our D has yet to react! So either nobody teaches: ‘you go on the first movement of the ball’; or maybe we really were a little shop-worn?

(and yet the queer part is… I was astonished that we wholesale substituted our entire dLine only 12 plays into the game with a couple of mins. of a breather and a T.V. timeout in-between… Eye dunno… were we really that plum tucked-out; that soon?

1Q 8:11 remaining:
Is cracking on a turnover or return play now 100% illegal?

’cause this is how you treat a rival in my book… you treat them poorly at best. (and this is a shoulder lead hit, from the lateral point of the Deltoid, and how you legislate this out short of shoulder amputations I just do not, know?)


1Q 4:01 remaining:
If you sat here with me this is the first real play you got to ‘hear’ an exclamation outta me…

As not only did #1 of uva get all the way to 3rd-base with Trè (white glove)… since half-past c.Long have you seen a uva-defender physically truly want it mo’ than a VT offender?

1Q :o5 remaining:
Waaaaay T.M.I… you go’on and keep this solo ‘selfie‘ to yourself #29 of hooVa!!!

Opening Stanza+, and 2Q 14:07 out of bounds dustup:
Another thing you heard me wonder out loud about was… where did all this disaffected trash-talk come from when we’ve had our O&M in-game cultural thermostat set on a cooler penalty-$aving temperature for most of not all of 2019 so far? And I do not think this was (actually) making the misQ of playing uva’s typically snarky/snippy game.

It was more like we were trying to find or manufacture a flash-point— like some aging veteran team sometimes needs someone to throw a punch before the oldtimers stop watching what’s happening and start getting…

Can’t make chicken salad outta chicken

Game/late season duration:
I know he did not hit for much numerically/yardage-wise… tho’ Rambo is starting to show some signs. Some signs of being able to see/find the hole or the gap. And his running posture is not so straight-up erect as it was either. He’s got a really low to the ground downright neat looking forward-lean when he carries the mail now. Good looking kid; as you gotta have a helluva a strong-core to support this kinda lumbar bending to boot.

Similarly… and on the other side… dang if Divine is not playing with far more overall bodily strength this season. In very particular in the northern hemisphere. And if he is not careful, this kid is gonna grow into a right-sized fully-equipped Fs before it is all said and done. He looks vastly just raw stronger upon breaking tape this year vis-à-vis last.

Game duration:
Eye hate to be the one to say this… as it is uva and they are still a buncha slaps… hooever… did anyone else notice all the low/knee-level tacking on Perk’? What is up with this? I do get it is a rivalry, and I get you may be pinned/blocked low into him… tho’ why were we not crushing and manhandling him on the top-floor/attic when the shot was there to be taken?

3Q 12:42 remaining:
(see: above) as #80 is a prissy boy and a sissy-boy. Nothing P.C., purely-chicken, pubococcygeus, pussy-cat need apply… as in addition to wearing nearly fishnet hose on his leg, he hauls off and throat punches Divine downfield for no real reason(s) that they Eye can discern/see. What a total foûf!

pus‘-nboots 1o1…

3Q 12:20 remaining:
Never in my (formerly) streaky lifetime did I ever think I’d see the uva punter bicep flex-us post-play!?! Yes, Fu’ and Shibest, you need to 2020 clean #81 up too!

End of season duration:
Kudos @#33.

As the footwork-out savant himself (one De.McClease) is really trying to develop into a useful looking lead blocker. As he sure has improved here; he (pretty much) blocked his ass off vs. uva, and on an lb. for lb. basis his only competition would be 1st-blood or Rambo himself— and that’s a pretty competitive deal. A jackknifed John Wayne vs. Bruce Wayne kinda competitive kinda deal at that.

4Q 11:42 remaining:
This? This is your pitch-n-catch battery Play of the Year.

Silence is O&M… golden!

As Hooker missed seven that’s (7) throws in this one folks, and none of them were taller than this one. As Kareem A. Jabbar would have needed a ladder to jump off of to reach this one as this one struck the stands instead of the wide-freakin’ open Tré Turner one #11 who drops a literal: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” on his America’s Cup sailing Qb1. First time all year— and that’s the very first time outta ∑=33 misses (84.4% of which have been high or long) that someone in the catch-crops clapped back at their new pet Qb1! This is a critical moment… as the soon to be Uncommonwealth pressure was mounting -and although entirely vertically justified- now just was not a good time. As our clinical cup runneth over indeed.

(p.s. the very next pass @Trè you ask? Hit him right in the hands on a good clean, drop. You do you boo’. Keep your focus on the same, never on your Qb’s this/that).

WOW! Targeting software WOPR Computer “Shall we play a game“… total fail!

Tho’ when you see ^this^… I mean, it is tough to say nothing Wr at all…

(as Hooker’s misses only ballooned all the mo’ as the Thanksgiving
Wishbone formation pressure cooker heated right on up…)

And to type anything else is to fiction or Mandela Effect the whole, shebang.

4Q 8:32 remaining:
This is just a helluva an effort from a kid who has played nearly all year with a bad wrist and is now balling on a dinged open-patella left-knee. As some measure of ‘fast-twitch’ must live here to avoid getting shook to the edge like this. Dangnation… a brave kid our #4.


4Q 8:o6 remaining:
Observe as Crawford’s left knee simply ‘gimps’ and gives way on the pass-rush attempt. May St.Nikhon bless! (not what you wanna see… very Nijman looking a few years back).

Game duration:
There was a lotta bad or at least high floating looking snaps in this game; right?

And somewhere Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli is, cringing. (may St.Julia, bless!)

4Q 3:33 remaining:
Did not enjoy reviewing this one same as above… as Crawford’s badly dinged right-ankle gives out and rolls over while run-blocking chicken-fighting engaged down the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and enters the realm of denting itself. Not to mention getting totally (lame) pancaked into the dirt on the play; dang… (St.Philip bless!) A cruel mistress this gridiron game.

4Q 1:01 remaining:
One of the very few, special-team steals of the season as #89 dusts #41 of uva off just because… good to see Drake back at ’em after his goal-line injury @Gah.Tech.

…think this “Biff” wants smoke?

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=4 (1 TD)
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=27

Qb pressured=14
Qb hurried=o
Qb hits=25 (1 INT)

96.7% of uva’s Commonwealth Cup-winning total O=Perkins. And he had tonsilitis the week before too! “Cough-cough”. As a mere two le` peeps carried the rivalry football… that’s it.

Or in other words, (more than) 90% of the time Perkins worked “every time”. A true Sex Panther day.

Which begs the question, why not key Perk’ from the moment he got off the french bus? Hit him on all plays, 25/8, 366! Key, key, key, him. Even if we have to go Tampa-1 as a single Gap spill/funnel system; or even if we have to break an edge Gap fit. Key him and pick his formerly in-season beat-up 2019 physical lock— and hit/wear him down as the game heats up.

Or in other words, you simply must force Wayne Taulapapa and his team-leading traditional run yardage of a slender hourglass figure of 399-yards gained coming into this one be the one to beat us. (or did that just make too much, sense?)

As try as we might, football still ain’t rocket-surgery gents.
(more on this below…)

If we played this @paris game 100 times— how many times do we R.A.T.T. beat hooVa?

I was told we would win 45 of the last 50 times on the backend with learning effects. Hooever, when I pressed for how many do we win in an isolation chamber vacuum, with no-repeat carryover effects? The answer was a rather difficult: ‘closer to fifty/fifty’.

As uva can only skin this cat won way. Meaning: they could only meow our mix per a really good Sr. Qb. who wanted this one like a damn scalded dawgg. And yet we still had our second-half chances to play uva as easy as A, B, C, and always be closing for the first time since Matt Schwab. Dang…

  • Likewise our outside-in blocking counts from our blindside Ot and left-G that repeatedly ignored the outside edge pass rusher; typically the De of uva. Why all the pre-snap calls to put at least two guys on a potentially blitzing ILb I have absolutely no terrestrial idea?
  • One thing to notice about Hooker’s throw-points vis-a-vis Ry’ on wheat’s is… Hooker hits it with a lotta stationary targets whereas Ry’ threw at a lot more peeps who were on the move or on the go. (this very much speaks to the Staff’s accuracy pinpoint trust threshold or lack thereof).
  • Recall, who led by seven points twice in the 2nd-half; again, A.B.C. And if that was not enough? Here’s the embedded kicker, we suffered three outta four end of 3Q to early 4Q drives with no Lo.FM’s sports-fans! This is extraordinarily ‘on schedule football’ and it kinda, sorta, seemed like the game was just about to ‘pop’ good for us on O. Alas, it did not… as this ‘game of inches’ really is best measured in centimeters.
    As we surely did have at least a couple of 4Q opportunities to put our foot in uva’s throat and instead we coughed-up a case of athletes foot.
  • Was anyone else as surprised/impressed by the temporal accord or refugee Landry Flex‘ looks (offset Ng and/or De)? And all this four-point Randy White looking stancing from you know hoo on Black Friday? Eye did not see much of this -which is to say nearly none- upon breaking scouting tape(s); (2 in my case). Hate it, although you do gotta give this in-game schematic Bronco a sugar-cube or abcarrot here. He coached a near error-free game.
  • uva breaks the huddle with: “beat Tech”. And somewhere the original Strength & CONDITIONING kōCH Ivan Pavlov is… smiling. (ditto our fading tackling in about the final 20 mins. of Fight Club). That being said…
  • Similarly… observe/notice as well that Ash’ or our hurting Cb’s tallied not less than four critically impressive drive-killing stops within ~3′ or less of the uva 1st-down-marker… or there is a chance this kitschy contest actually coulda been even worse.
  • Finally…  with uva most likely to experience a Sr. heavy departing hangover next year— and with Fu’ not expected to Sr. crest his ownself until 2021/2022; as said in the header… this one really was very likely a three for one deal.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |
Swiss (neutral): | (1 VT Fumble)
negative: ||||  |||| |||| |||| || (4 VT penalties; 2 INT’s; 1 overturned INT, 1 fumbled for TD)*

positive: |||| || (1 VT penalty, 1 TD)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |(1 uva flag)

Most curious to do a 1Q Lo.FM scorecard here, as I’ve never ever seen this before and that makes this remarkable— or worthy of remarks…

  1. The Fu’fense tallied one; that’s (1) Lo.FM in the first 15-mins and Hooker hit it for a very reasonable gain. (this tells us they frontloaded the script trying to get what they could *while* they could, before any (counterpunching) adjustments could be made).
  2. Whereas Bud Bòck, however, inflicted five full Lo.FM’s and yet Perk’ hit them to the good a very efficient looking 60% of the time. Dang… not much to be done for that…
  3. Or in other words, one Qb1 was tested early and often and was tried and true come the 4Q by the hoos. The other Qb1 was doing just fine; albeit still come from behind untested nearly 2-full months into his starting Qb1 regime. Think about that one folks… as that’s a helluva a seasonal tribute overall. Although it could also canvas things as one helluva a masking-agent; which someone wondered out loud about pre-game as you will see again below— because as it October 31st turned out it indeed was… {sic: one a helluva a masking-agent}.

My blocking piechart does not look so yummy— to the salient observers among you; does it?

You only say this to me only because you are correct in that when you say… ‘the overall blocking was pretty dang good b.street. Well, right on up until it was not.’

And when it was not it was a truly Coach Guillotine brutalizing heads will roll type of fail.
We jabbed well with uVa; then we Counter well enough for a while…

The only real difference was we did not slip their final power shots; whereas they clinched/hugged, grappled and smother ours in the final eighth of the game as this one was a latent autumn turned early snowstorm blizzard of power-shots in the final two rounds of play.

Consequently, as the TOP (time of possession) metric validates on a per capita or per drive basis; these two were trading downright bad intention hard leather in a fast and furious finish until VeeTee could trade no mo’. As there were NO drives’ from either team in the entire game >4:39 seconds of TOP! That’s pretty mind-boggling even in the modern Spead Set basketball on grass era anywhere East of the Mt.West Conference itself. To take this an even nuttier step further, there were only two possessions in the final 15-mins >2:24 mins. and the greatest of them was only a mere 3:23! All of which -with a perfect 100% correlation- resulted in either a score or a turnover as neither P took the field in the final ~25-mins of waring! Shew! Don’t go to the kitchen, don’t go to the bathroom, don’t even blink…

Again; that’s a Balboa v. Creed level of leather flying back-n-forth and that’s a lotta made for T.V. fun things.

It is NOT however what got us here… as our newly installed and at least partially perfected TOP milking, triune or jumbo 3-way Te sets with a Kill(er) instinct gave way to a frenetic pace. We/VeeTee -and this ain’t uva’s fault- we forgot who we are and we fought their fight.

Hence, there is an old adage in boxing: “never hook with a Hooker”.
Truer words never…

As we technically called 36-pass plays in the huddle… of those 36 we can riddle out the following mathematics:

  • Our catch game was actually exceptionally good… of the 18 passes that were targeting our guys and actually made it to our very own Wr downfield, we snagged 17! Great for an extremely 94.4% receptivity rate when our pass-catchers actually touched a football thrown at them!
  • Hooever… 17% of the time we called a pass-play we got sacked. Yikes! As coming into this one, our run-fits had been ahead of our pass-fits under the resurrected Minessota Big-10 look. Tho’ our so-called: passing-cup sprung a heax-set-of-leaks on Black Friday Qb shopping stampede with naked protection calls marooning the Ot-G-c-G-Ot upfront.
  • It is NOT better to give than to receive… as 6.67% of our throws that actually got away (i.e. were launched), were actually pirated by uva, and one was yacked up (see the pun?) after the catch by coach Helimech himself on a uva INT drop. Or in other words, we had a potential and downright shocking offense|defense possession exchange rate on 10% on our throws downfield. (and we all know how much Fu’ loves Turnovers).
  • As in… incredulously enough… guess who actually had the higher Qb-rating by one full point on the day? No shite “hookin’ ain’t easy” indeed; as the HenBoss sic: {somehow} bested Perkins here!?!

Nevertheless… it was uva’s more mature, more matriculated and more seasoned Qb1 who was vastly more comfortable with this high octane rocket-fuel burn of an O&M red-line in-game pace as uva Perked-up and then Hooked-us up in the end.

* and how jittery does that Lo.FM stat line look now?

As in…  one Qb1 is new to these growing-pains and this sporting puberty thang…

whereas the other Qb1’s Y-chromosome was fully, hung.

The end our our 15-year VicTorious streak over archival uva is code for what(s)?

View Results

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the takeaway

‘…this Streak has to come to an end someday…”

Really? Why?!? LOL!

Where does this self-fulfilling nonsense come from?

Because if words were water these pre and post-game defeatists would drown us all!

As this is the ^^^worst^^^ and the most in situ alibiing mindset pre-game, ever. A total small-sauce outlook on the big game itself.

And if you doubt the veracity of my words? Ask these XY-chromosomal pair members of the 4th-estate… “tell us all… exactly what Streak did you athletically compete in and how well did that go for you?”

Why-o-why does our media condition itself –and it’s very own fanbase– with easy-way-out, let-go-the-rope tripe such as this I seriously have no idea?

As this whole mentality that this 1.5-decade streak-breaking L does not devalue this 2019 regular season stinks to high-Heaven with kickback!

…”bonne nuit” or oh so very vichy indeed…

{/end rant}


Now, if they wanna say that outta Wake, Pitt and @uva… going .667 is not the very worst thing in the history of history itself? The eye will give a listen. I will even give a listen to saying that Fu’ and company were R.A.T.T. closer to going 1-2 than they were to going 3-o. (think about that…)

Nevertheless, getting upset by o for 15 uva only drew the Hokiestone blackout curtains all the mo’. This is entirely what we did not in our very own backyard need. Not at all, none whatsoever; no siree! As getting to 9-wins with at least a bowling type of N.b.a. lottery shot at sneaking up on double-digits (10 W’s) sure as hell by damn shines a lot more out on the recruiting trail than a potential 8-5 C+++ looking seasonal marker ever will. Make no mistake here folks, uva just beat us outta a lot more than mere backyard ‘whistling past the graveyard’ rights.


Then there was this little pay side nugget…

The_Phew: “In short, he {sic: Fuente} WAS an innovative offensive mind, but then he got deep into VT’s culture (and all the baggage therein) and he stopped worrying about offense and had to focus all his effort on ‘culture management’, something he clearly isn’t very comfortable with.

blindsquirrel’ convention 1o1…

The_Phew is just entirely right.

i.e. Fu’s bossing focus shuttered at all of this… as Fu’ IS an offensive coach… he’s not a Pat Hill formerly out at F.s.u.-West, or a Saben/Dabbo one-man acclimation and socialization committee.

Fu’s an analytical wizard of an idiosyncratic introvert. An ISTJ @V.P.I. Not a change-agent or right-sizer when culture fails. And if I am Fu’ I go looking for a new coach (prolly defensive via pure departing/openings nature) that can also parttime help Hilgirth instill, distill, reinforce and eventually secure the very measured and obedient cultural ‘outcomes’ that I ‘expect’.

(as Fu’s starter chemistry set has been clinically so-so here at best, or at most; and his test-tube-babying or juggling routine really blurs/sullies what Fu’ is best at and what he was hired to offensively do in the first place).

And yet A.D. or After Duke, we had the cries of FIRE Fu’!!! From numerous media outlets that spoke with their hearts and not with their heads. Prostrating more parts anatomical and fewer parts… analytical.

Or as ChazB sharply put it… recently Fu’ really has been a knife being used as a screwdriver.

Honestly, is it any wonder that a guy who has been pulled in so many spatial or fractal directions finally screwed the (streaking) pooch?

The Rest of the Story...

Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.
—Lao Tsu
This is a terminal Rivarly tude!

So let us… review… and you tell me hoo else typed all of this all out pre-game down below?

And here I thought my Pitt preview to be my Ceti-suck or my third worst preview of all-time.

When in fact its number crunching and analysis were vastly closer to the R.A.T.T. truth than any of us would care to admit. Check it out…



And believe you me… Eye hate it… and I know you good guys do too…

Nonetheless, that’s just one fishy looking of
a prescient preview indeed.

The Rivalry epitaph

Everyone loves to win. Not everyone hates to L.” —the poor guy in the, PIC.


In closing… compromised standards are good for what one thing gents?


As with only 367 mo’ training days remaining until our next Jeffersonian wargasm; or so we all hope— our sending the poor guy to the right out as a L’er to archrival hooVa like this was no better than a total sham. (As Budweiser deserved so much better than this…)

Making this virginia game a fugazi of a rivalry Exodus…

…as Eye wonder what bogus T-shirt they will dream up, next?


Sorry Lao Tsu… that seat’s taken.
(hook, line & sinker)

…dining on ashes.



Peleton=3o, bike buying Commonwealth patriarch’s=39




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  1. FWIW – – Either you are spot on with VT flat & burned out….or team lost focus and the Wahoo AD gets this win by basically providing 3 weeks prior for UVA biggest game in 16 yrs….

    * No excuses, VT were not ready both players and coaches—-
    * No excuses with 3 weeks to prepare, QB Run with RB lead and TE trap block… out schemed—by UVA O
    * No Excuses Wahoo D took away passing misdirection and run blitzed forced The Deuce to go to 2nd level…and it wasn’t there…excellent learning & teaching moment.

    Next year, wouldn’t stop scoring until ACC enforces a mercy rule.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Beat KY!!

    1. Eye would have to say it was: “both“…

      uva=sharp. READY. Waiting in the few Lawn weeds.


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