Florida Sate basketball preview!

#71 R.P.I. Florida State #82 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s hoops returns into an on-trend weathering New River Valley after a 2-game sally that yielded an o ‘fer 2’er looksee.

The Hokies are who they be. Up-n-down. Down-n-up. Inconsistency. They are now: 13-1o overall and a sub .5oo 5-7 in the All Championship Conference ’24 sweepstakes. A conference they just won 2 years back mind yah.  Now we play homesteading host to the Florida State Seminoles. The ‘noles check in at a reasonable tho’ not delightful: 13 up against 1o down overall and yet a more sporty looking 7 vs. 5 or .583 in Atlantic Coast Courting play. Do you see any jockeying for post-season position similarities, here? As both of these two (now) needs this win like a dead man needs a coffin. One of these could go on a winning Springy Break whereas the L’er could wind up… Spring, Broke. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, reads on… to finds, out!

Florida State Head CoachJames Leonard Hamilton: age=75, 632–481 (.568) overall, 432–271 (.615) at Florida State.

Baller Hamilton played college basketball at the University of Tennessee at Martin; where he had the tag of an outburst scorer (55 max’, their all-time single-game mark).

Who does coach Leo’ look like to you?
The Predator Gatling Gun guy; a, little?

After this Leo’ went into coaching and won the 1978 NCAA Championship under old-school Coach Joe B. Hall at Kentucky. He is a two-time A.c.c. Coach of the Year (2oo9, 2o12) and he is also the first coach to be named coach of the year in both the Big East (Miami Hurricane, 1995, 1999), and the A.c.c. His teams have qualified for seven NCAA tournaments and eight N.I.T.’s. He was the old-school U.P.I. National Coach of the Year in 1995 for da U; and he has won two conference championships (1 B.E., 1 A.c.c.).

Coach Leo’ is the Winningest Coach in Florida State History (27o wins) and the 8th all-time Winningest Coach in A.c.c. History (27o wins). He also coached one season for the Washington Bullets, though was un-retained by #45 M.J. himself. Leo -a Master’s degree holder his ownself- is an ace coach in the FSU.edu and former classrooms as more than 94%t of his players have earned their degrees. Bravo Leo! And the Coach Hamilton coaching tree has already sired eight other D-1 men’s head coaches. Very Pat Riley ‘esque; as Coach Hamilton’s teams have enjoyed a stinging defensive rep’ for many years.

Hamilton’s induction into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame marks the fifth Hall of Fame he will be a member of during his illustrious career. He is also a member of the Austin Peay State University, the University of Tennessee at Martin, and the University of Miami Athletic Hall of Fame.  Hamilton received the 2015 Alumnus of Distinction award from Gaston (N.C.) College at its 50th Anniversary Gala on May 16, 2015.

Leo.edu earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Tennessee-Martin in 1971 and received his Master’s Degree in Physical and Health Education from Austin Peay State in 1973.

As to me… this is an underrated all-’round roundball coach here, men.
Prolly fair to say F.s.u.’s very own hooping f.Beamer.

Now the All Coaching Conference antediluvian elder statesmen, too.                                                          ⌛️

Daddy Leo’ is married to Claudette Hamilton. Claudette is a volunteer tutor, and they have two children: Lenny, a musician; and a daughter Allison.

F.s.u. at a glance:

  • was: 27th most in spg!! (pickpockets 1o1). NOW: 15th most!!! (#HarderTougher here, )
  • IS: 29th best in Turnover Margin!! (rut-row, as Eye omitted this one last time).
  • was: 41st most FTA’s/game! NOW: 5oth most! (nearly a lateral move, )
  • was: 67th most in bench ppg O. NOW: 23rd most!! (Deep team to be sure, )
  • was: 71st most in swats. NOW: 87th most. (nearly neutral, just a slight slip, )
  • was: 272nd best in Effective FG percentage O. NOW: 247th best. (a mite better, ⇑)
  • was: 331st most fouls/game ‘whistled’ against!!! (Physical team). NOW: 342 most against! (LOL… total hackers or CHOP-suey!!!)
  • NOT much that was outlying beyond those… very C— to C to C+++ everywhere Eye looked. Closer to C+++ itself overall, however.
  • ONE Injury listed. ‘HELP’ @Coach God.

Returning Starters=zero, as in (o). As in: nadda, none, nil! w0w.

Florida State Strengths:

  • Your (now) Alpha-baller would be: One double-deuce, or #22, 6′5″, 195 lb., Darin Green Jr. is a springy tho’ stringy looking S/G prospect. That said, he is prospecting better -if not contending outright- of late. A second-place 11.7 ppg is not the worst second season of A.c.c. work. The colorful Green Jr. also finds you: 3.1 rpg with 1.o apg and 1.7 spg. This is a kinda rangy kid on: 37.5% long. And yet then you see the relatively mere 41.7% from the floor and you have to wonder, ‘why’? Or, ‘how’… as in how did his FT percentage plummet by nearly 27% since we faced him last?!? (Now: a modest 68.2%). Well, ’cause he never met a 3-pointer he did not like or would not take. Seriously… 883 trinary attempts behind the arc is a mind-numbing number for nearly anyone. That’s code fo’ mo’ than 240%+ more 3-bombs than any other Seminole. wow. He has slimmed his game/frame down a bit since being ex-of-U.Cent.FLA. Quicker kid for it. He was the 3-point and the Slam Dunk Florida Panhandle H.S. champion alike. So, there are some hops and some shots installed here. His daddy balled at g.Dub (George Washington). And this Green painted a pretty tight scholastic offensive picture; very streaky scorer, just never won anything fo’ it. Oddly enuff… though still yet, he is the thinnest fringe overseas candidate for some instant-O just add P.T. team. Lindy’s did call him the most consistent Seminole. Maybe… that or he is lowercase on remaining career headroom. Take thy pick…
    (UPDATE: modest declining; not off a cliff tho’ not up or level either,)
  • Cam Corhen is a: 6′1o″, 225 lb., Forward by way of Allen, Texas. (Dallas, nice satellite/suburb). Where his elite/special school (which had its own National Hoops Conference) did peak with a #1 national ranking prior to: Sunrise Christian winning the inaugural championship NIBC. Whatever that means. Tho’ good ring-get on him. The book here says that Cameron Murphy Corhen is a stretch-4 or a small-ball 5. Take thy match-up pick. Which Eye finds strange, as he seems to have only 1o-15′ worth of the traditional Four range.  As he is said to have a 3-level skill set and a few perimeter moves. That all being said… my preview mags all had this Cam’ pegged as being a: ‘year away.’ So, the 2o23-2o24: 8.5 ppg with 3.4 rpg on a now sizzling ~65% from the floor may have just arrived a year early. His old man (Richard) balled college ball as a UGA Bulldog (4.6 ppg career). And ESPN did have him rated 83rd best in all the land two years back. So, this is another one to ask back on… tho’ this is no bad initial start to be sure.
    (UPDATE: only scratched in six games thus far due to a… turf-toe in hoops, St. Servatius help).
    (UPDATE2: as said, nearly cannot miss on O, up a whopping +12% overall! XL for it).

    Lean and long, ain’t he?
  • One number double number-one-ski, (A.K.A., #11), 6′11″, 2o4 lb., Sophomore, by way of: Mallorca, Spain would be Mr. Baba Miller. Who partially got himself in here fo’ his interesting 1st/Christian name. Baba gets you: 7.6 ppg and 4.9 rpg formerly off the Tally pine now part-time starting… on 46.4% overall. 32.2% from downtown. Baba also got himself in here as last year he is not in any of my ’23 pre-season wraps. So, the best I could limited 411 find… this Spaniard (‘si’) has Spanish National team Euro experience built-in. He was a G or backcourter guy early on in High School. Then… he had a whopping nine-inch growth spurt beginning at age 14 and found his way to a pterodactyl-esque 7-2 wingspan that found him moved to the frontcourt. Tho’ some ball-handling and backcourt fluidity do remain onboard. As this is a Swiss Army Knife kid who has the ability to be a tremendous player on both inside and outside and on offense and defense…a rangy and fluid wing player who can stretch the floor with his shooting and is an excellent rim protector. Learned to ball on the: Mediterranean Island of Mallorca; and he has a carrot frosted twist-top to cap all of dat. Has improved or grown his game since we saw him last. At least showing an offensive pulse of sorts. Fringe overseaer at the moment…
    (UPDATE: nearly linear or flat as a board, his thingys only moved by tenths give/take, )
  • r-Junior, 6′11″, 2o4 lb., Jamir Watkins: F1; is your Alpha or big chief at least in terms of (much) offensive wampum. Or at least some offensive wampum, or at least mo’ wampum than anyone else. Leading the way at: 14 ppg with another leading 5.7 rpg, another leading 2.7 apg, and a virtually leading 1.7 spg! Did Eye mention his: ‘leadership’ let? That, and do recall that Leo’s biggest O’s are medium O’s at best/at, most. The 80’s fun-n-gun Denver McNuggets just ain’t, never has been, and won’t ever be, either. So, this kinda pacing is (actually) setting a fair-to-middling FLA.State pace. And it is a highly balanced stat sheet that is a Holiday and on-court stocking stuffer of at least laterally expanse itself. Good player here folks; who some say could/would be doing a good deal mo’ somewhere else.  42.6% overall with 79.4% from the charity stripe and 3o% from behind the arc are normative if not reasonable itself. Now mix in a silver medal for team swats (.7 bpg) and nearly 40% mo’ FTA’s than anyone else and you gain a mo’ well-rounder idea of just how much this roundballer is doing here. Watty is at least a 110v domestic baller, who could buss for mo’ like 22o in a mo’ arc-type sparky offensive system. Smooth, fluid, easy-looking guy upon breaking tape. ex-of V.c.u. Has won 2 Sunshine Slam titles, so you know Mister Jamir is a riser/finisher. His full name is: Jamir Kamal Watkins. He says his name comes from my mom and from the Bible. Jamir means handsome prince and Kamal means perfection. Lindy’s says he is a lengthy Wing, with a lot of defensive desire. Never a bad thing match-up-wise. Does have a strange handsy/smothering-looking set-up on his shot that is a little cockeyed… tho’ same as the best Qb1 Coach ever taught me: “Does it get there”? Reminds a scosche of Adrian Dantley on FTA’s for it. A versatile baller to be sure, tho’ has a history of knee-cutting(s), (right-A.c.l.; St.Nikon help). Late Hokie turndown recruit recall. Had good Trenton (Jersey) numbers in H.S. and showed a few signs of being an outburst guy here-n-there. Rivals 190th guy overall. Projects as an Association 2nd-rounder; seems mo’ parts overseas to me’s. However, 73 career games in 4.33 years is a concern here. He is said to be a skillful double-double baller when he is rolling healthier. Good player; good overall… does Watkins have anything (left) north of that, though?
    (UPDATE: now leading in scoring, tho’ nearly everything else hath gone down, here)
  • Primo Spears: is your 6′3″, 185 lb., lead-G or hybrid/’tweener of sorts. Not a Pt.Guard and not a pure S/G either. Slots somewhere combo’ in between, tho’ seems to want to be mo’ parts scoring-G to me. He’s a third-year baller on his likewise triune matching third team in three years; (ex-Georgetown / ex-Duquesne too) and we all know which color flag I feel about that. His real name reads: Amir Angelo Spears IV. Goes by the callsign of: lil’ Primo hence the gloss’ has stuck. Said to be an explosive and dynamic scorer who brings another dimension of scoring to the Seminoles’ rotation. Granted. 1o.6 points with 1.9 rebounds and 2.2 dimes. He has suffered from blow-torch offensive output truly heat-checking days at all his tour stops. Can pop-clean for mid to high-3os on occasion. Was a Big East Honor Roll caliber guy, so g.Town.edu loves there. Primo was pretty; well, primo’ as a Gridder. He was a two-sport standout in both basketball and football; and where was an All-State Second-Team selection as a Wr1 and Db1 during his one season as a football player. That’s not ½-bad for any 1o-game career, is it? So, clearly, there is some elite cross-training bandwidth in play here. Does, however, have a history of elbow dents; three, that’s (3) surgeries worth of the same. Ouch^3 and St.Julia trifecta help(sss). His nickname comes from the word premier which was bestowed on his father as he developed a legendary career as one of the top high school players in the inner-city shirts/skins playground runs of Hartford, Conn. So, there is no pressure there. Primo is said to be a T&F star as a pure end-to-end speedster goes who just needs to slow his turnovers (1.9 tpg) down a scosche. Instinctive player— like a Wideout who just knows where the soft spot(s) are in (football) zones. The ~17/game last year up a Georgetown is instinctive indeed. The 35.8% floor paired with 28.6% long in Tally are ineffective indeed. p.Spears be better than this… health and systematic fit permitting of course. As his 75th On3 national ranking would seem to, agry.
    (UPDATE: although his numbers can still improve; he has moved all percentages upwards and that is mo’ efficacious to be sure, for this kid).

Florida State Weaknesses:

  • This campaign and 6 different big olè P/F’s or Fours provide some near 220v here. Though there are no mo’ true-C’s for this Georgetown yesteryear Five or Pivotal needy set. Gone is over 21′+ from last year’s truly vertical roster.
  • Not a metric S ton of returning experience here. Lotta departures and roster churn for whatever reason(s) alike. Gelling/meshing is prolly mo’ parts in ’24 than it has been in ’23.
  • Per: zero, as in zilch, as in zip… pre-season honorees. Not one. Not at anything 1st to 3rd string A.c.c.! wowow!
  • The team has been dinged/dented a mite to not aid and abet any of ^that^ to boot. So, it is uncertain how much headroom and therefore how much ceiling/roofing F.s.u. has hoopology, left. February=tell…

noles TiPi: (depth=5+++) (Sometimes everyone plays, all-12). 23rd in pine-scoring!!!

Former 1 (starter) now 2 (backup) Cam’Ron Fletcher is a: 6.6 ppg netter and a rather sprite-looking 5 rpg go-getter. He is also a: 6′7″, 215 lb., third-year Wildcat striker who slides down from S.e.c. Kentucky to A.c.c. F.s.u. this off-season. The vibes here say that Cam’Ron was supposed to be a reserve or 6th-man deluxe or a very mini-me Hondo or j.Havlicek of sorts. So, the starting digits are something of a surprise here. The 39.4% from the floor and the 33.3% when dialing long-distance are marginal to serviceable respectively. This is after 38.8% floor and 29.4% on 3’s over in Lexington. So, mo’ was prolly expected here. He says he: is named after the rapper, Cameron, who has released 12 albums worldwide. Cam’Ron may be best known for sparking a fashion phenomenon with his pink wardrobe and matching Range Rover. Well… okay. So, there is that too. Other than that, we see that the 1.3 spg helps a bit as this is not the worst defender out there to be sure. Rivals no.37 ranked kid outta H.S. This Cam’ is Said to be a very athletic player who can make plays on both ends of the court…a versatile scorer who is known as a tough 3 and D player. Can rise/leap and finish a bit too. Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Class 4 Player of the Year in 2o2o after back-to-back Show Me State titles. Was a T&F runner and footballer so he has athletics, plural. Fam’ has played at several NAIA schools so this Cam’Ron is the top Fletcher kick here. ‘nother interesting guy to check back on come 2o25 or so. Tho’ that many rebounds and some scoring from an S/F could encode for medium export things.
(UPDATE: See below: was OUT, St.Nikon help!).
(UPDATE2: now BACK, tho’ benched).
(UPDATE3: still, dingy; though).
(UPDATE4: waaaaaaay down, like 4o% of his own personal ’24 indices. Harsh, prolly still ding-donged , as there is nothing here that indicates full medicine to me)
(UPDATE5: now listed as plum: “OUT” …Fletcher will miss the rest of the season with an ACL injury; ouch).

Josh Nickelberry: is a 6′5″, 2o6 lb., backup Two or Swing of sorts. 4.3 1.8 rpg on the best scorer’s table subbin’-in shooting that F.s.u. bullpen gots. ~35% from three-point-land is acceptable enuff. 2 years a Louisville and another 2 at LaSalle. Tho’… at least he gots one, degree. His fam’ has mad-game. Check it… his momma-bear played volleyball and is an Army veteran His poppa-bear played football at Northern Illinois Where his father is only ranked fourth in school history for assisted tackles (190), sixth in total tackles (419), and eighth in solo tackles (229); team Captain too. That’s sporting D.N.A., all. Joshua wants to play a… game. As he was dunking on the reg’ by (only) the 8th, grade! Prof’ Falken and I dig it da most. Did net you 12 points & drop you 4 in 1o 3’s last year while Exploring. Prolly can do mo’… would help the State bench a good deal if/when Nickelberry gets back to dropping two nickelbacks too.

Git it!!!

Third-year, Jalen Warley is a: 6′7″, 2o5 lb., off-G by way of: Mt. Airy, Pa. Coach Ham’ himself crowed that this kinda hybrid 2-G-distributor had really improved his shooting this ’23 summer. This ’24 winter and we see that Warley is hitting it for: 3.1 ppg with 1.2 rpg on his distributive .3 apg with some D at .2 spg. This per his weakened netting: now down to an iffy 36.7% overall tho’ a now suspect 28.6% from 3-point-land. Jalen did get a Keystone State state bling and he was something of a triple-double threat scholastically. His dad was a St.Joe’s standout and his grandpaw was an A.b.a. near star way back when. Several she-cousins ran the collegiate ball as well. So, the hooping D.n.a. seems at least C.B.A. willing here. He was MaxPreps #1 Pa. H.S. baller and he was 247Sports 41st baller overall. May have disappointed a mite last year— tho’ did I mention the stunning 17% betterment in shooting itself this campaign, yet? Yet another ‘Nole to keep a future tense eye on as this was a pretty well-chip prospect who is at least on the rise >>> run ascent. Or, at least he was… as he has slumped a bit of late… maybe he is due to self-correct? As he did find 1-inch and a handful of pounds and there is always, dat.
(UPDATE: again, way down here… like ghouled and exsanguinated down at that, ⇓⇓)

After that… there are a combination(s) of, dings, rotations, line-up alignments and realignments, and mo’ dings. All resulting in ’bout 14 guys overall who have logged spot minutes or better thus far this campaign. Looks like the f.State bench goes at least a handful… maybe closer to two handfuls if/when it ever gets back in full, service. HTH’s.

UPDATE: (6′5″, play-right-away, 225 lb., Qb3): Super-Sophomore: Chandler Jackson’s 14 points led four players who scored in double figures for F.s.u on Wed. nite. Jackson, who dealt with multiple injuries (thumb among ’em, St.Julia bless) last season and a suspension over the summer, has given the Seminoles added firepower on the offensive end. JAX is said to be a hard-nosed, defensive, hawkish, toughie of a Pt.G2 for Leo. Just his {sic: Leo’s} kinda guy too. This is a streaky guy both on-n-off-court alike. Runs hawt/cold on each… for better or for worse. No.45th kid in the Nation per USA Today. That and JAX was only named Mr. Basketball in the state of Tennessee in 2o22 as a senior and a finalist for the Mr. Basketball Award in the state of Tennessee in 2o21 as a junior. Ranked #2 in Tennessee H.S. hoops accordingly. State champion ’22; with a high basketball I.Q. And this is a slasher who has a spot-up game to boot. His old man: (David), played four seasons at Western Illinois where he was a four-year starter…where he led the Leathernecks in scoring in three consecutive seasons. Then enjoyed a 13-year professional career in France, Italy, and Poland. Neat Talent here… if/when he puts it all together, Chandler is indeed legit. Overseas legit… maybe mo’? Now hitting for a nicer-looking 5.1 ppg with 1.3 rpg and 1.1 apg. The: 45.1% floor with 77.3 free and 29.o% three are all on-trend).
(UPDATE: only bencher to better himself, only, one. here).

The key to picking this one here is to pick.... what(s)???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of 'noles who could scalp (tix) @Tech=5 to 7.

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is

not to be too taken with… either of these All Conference Calling teams at the moment.

’cause to me? If you combined these two, you’d really only have… one.

Some have taken to calling both of ’em: “inconsistent”… however, we four view the more legit word to be… incomplete.

Seriously, if you put these two together, you’d be far far closer to a fully formed… one.

As our backcourt with a little F.s.u. help and their frontcourt with no Kidding around and suddenly you have a pretty dang tight D-1, P5, 8, or maybe even 9 deep squadron.

Taken separately these two are far harder to; well, separate.

Each club can do some team things and give you some trouble every bit as much as each club
would have to team up to even get onto the… Field-of-64, bubble.



Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a 4 point VomiT here. Similar to last time, this one was a hyperbolic saddle. Although this saddle inverted three, that’s (3) times. Early on it was positive VeeTee, midway it inverted and went on a positive F.s.u. curve and mo’ recently it reinverted to become a positive circuitous VeeTee run again. Shew, or Coach Charley-horse Manson just ate the Audubon Society version of roundball round-robin match-ups. THEN, -just ’cause that hard-to-track mess was not enuff- then, we see that this Forum Guide was misguided by a total of four, that’s (4) blown-out punkings combined. 2 from VT on in common opponents and 2 from F.s.u. on fellow oppositions just the same. i.e., nothing really compared all that comparably here. As this one is one squirrely Forum Guide that really splattered all kinda all over the O.G. scatter-diagram Engineering paper place. “Strange days indeed… most peculiar momma.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up a nearly nominal-looking +2% in shooting percentage margin. Which the Ginkgo whatever it is called -Eye forgets- among you will recall has changed not at f.State all; (ALL: of which is due to slightly superior O&M marksmanship overall, as these two are tenths apart in stop-unit terms); then we see that VeeTee is now up +4% in 3-point percentage margin (a yearly Δ or 1% change), (this time, however, the opposite of last time it was ALL on O&M 3-O which is a decent amount mo’ bull’s-eye of late, as these two 3-D’s were again only separated by tenths of halting trifectas from going tri-netters), and VeeTee is now up a slightly useful looking ~+3.4 caroms collected in rebounding margin year-to-date. (On this one we see that the Techmen won the Windex Wipes entirely off the D-‘glass. As F.s.u. is actually, pretty dang springy off the O-‘glass itself; mind that store as this one is a clash of rebounding styles to be sure; or strength-on-strength, crime). Tho’, it must be said that our annual rebounding margin surplus got minus’ed just a scosche since we saw F.s.u. last.

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… these two are at/near ~equilibrium in shooting percentage margin recently (per: VT being about ~+1% on O and yet F.s.u. canceling effect that at ~1% stricter on D); with the Techmen now up modestly at +3% in 3-point percentage margin (as: the Hokies were nearly +9% in 3-O of late here, shooting very rangy well and yet the ‘noles are much starchier in 3-D terms at 6% trifectas allowed of late), and oddly enuff, the Seminoles are now up +2 in |absolute value| terms misses collected in rebounding margin in the last fortnight of play. (’cause: both teams are negative in contemporary weekly terms here, albeit with F.s.u. hurting a backboarding bit and VeeTee really O-board hurting a lot).

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

Hemmingway Hoops: “To have and to have not…”

  • vs. no-names? +57 to the sorta good. As F.s.u. did better punching downhill vs. the proverbial little man early on. To only stop two pretty upsetting uppercuts from the same/similar little man with their chin, of late. This is not bad so much as it is a bit uneven in a word. One uppercut could always find its way home inside the annual things happen fast squared circle. If more than two find their way home you might wanna circle the seasonal wagons as raiding parties go. This one is close to that… and at least a little bit bothersome for the same.

    9 PM kick!
  • vs. Surnames? 4❗️ Which is not so much D-1 P5 strange as it is D-1 P5, bounded. “Aye” F.s.u. does dot 1 sharp-looking ranked upsetting win: (#18 Colorado by +6) and they have played all ranked teams to within a possible 3-shots or less. That’s not the point here… the point here; however, is thus… this is a ‘bounded’ team or a team that -to something of its credit- lacks headroom. {sic: hard} ‘capped. Or rather F.s.u. is playing Mister Scott basketball and: “…give you all she gots”. To their and Coach Leo’s credit. There was not all that much variability in this Surname population to gather here. What with nine, that’s 9 (of: 12) BIG-name games decided by not mo’ than 3-shots either way. This is a pretty tight clustering effect. f.State be who they be… they be an industrious, blue-collar, sweaty looking C+++ or so and not much mo’.

LAST 10 GAMES: Hokies: 4-6, averaging 74.7 points, 29.9 rebounds, 15.o assists, 4.7 steals, and 2.6 blocks per game while shooting 48.5% from the field. Their opponents have averaged 73.8 points per game.

LAST 10 GAMES: Seminoles: 6-4, averaging 76.6 points, 32.2 rebounds, 11.5 assists, 9.2 steals, and 4.3 blocks per game while shooting 46.4% from the field. Their opponents have averaged 75.4 points.

VeeTee is up +6 in R&R.
VeeTee is a .833 host; whereas F.s.u. is .571 as a guest.
V.P.I. is now up a useful-looking +11% at the charity stripe for the year.

The Call...

No.97 Net Ranking Florida State @ no.62 Net Ranking Vah.Tech:

The VerdicT:

The coaching sewing circle whispers say two main thingys here…

  1. F.s.u. is a very inconsistent team, mercurial in a word. On… D! And Coach Leo’ seems frustrated to us for it to boot.
  2. F.s.u. is at their high side best when they decide to actually play D. Which they handsy actually can do and this gennies Turovers which powers up their modest to so-so looking centrist flavored O all the mo’.
  3. Did I mention their inconsistency and their best O is their best D, yet(s)?

K… and anyway… and although F.s.u. does not pass the: ‘Eye test’ because they are not easy on the same… they do suffer a way of fugly’ing up a game.

And that is their best shot to steal (pun intended) a rarefied @A.c.c. away game lifeline here.

Muck this one up early and try to nick this one late.

The Digits:

Strange one to call here same as the last one and we L that one so last time I checked…

As this two leave you pretty well fenced and therefore hard to parse…


no.99 E.L.O. @ no. 1o6 E.L.O. 🦃


Though one thing is not so ‘fensive… as Florida State retains hope for a Top-IV finish while Virginia Tech is seeking to separate itself from teams at the bottom of the Atlantic Coast Conference standings. The A.c.c. teams that finish Nos. 1-4 in the regular-season standings earn byes to the quarterfinals of the league’s postseason tournament. The Seminoles (13-10, 7-5 league) entered Tuesday in 5th-place, right behind 4th-place Wake Forest. So, would the ‘noles have mo’ to play fo’, here?

All that, plus we are in a classical textbook lookahead Trap game scenario with big-bad and #5 ranked U.n.c. looming up next.

And as you can Location Matrix see… our chances are not even the normalized homesteading 7 in 10 A.c.c. hostess with the mostess over in the O&M Valentine New River Valley.

615 miles late, Nor-by-Nor-East, and come 11 PM and you gotta wonder if these two are yet, done?
Hence the temporal addativie down below…








(52% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=74, Florida State=74 (then: F.s.u. by 4 in 1OT)

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  1. Very inconsistent team. Hmm, harsh words. Around the workplace we’ve been calling in unreliable. Tough thing to be in basketball and most other things.

    1. IF, ‘unreliable‘ is correct -or, even a bit mo’ accurate? We have mo’ headroom than we four think… which can be viewed as better than bumping against a pretty tensile strengthy ceiling.

      Eye hope you (do) have the measure of it too.


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