Marshall Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=17, Marshall=24

Virginia Tech football is… (see: pic): …

The Hokies be who they be yo’… a bit better on D and nobody’s BIG, O. Or in other words… the Hokies have a long long row to hoe. Nonetheless, you must grow through what you go through and this season has eight, that’s (8) mo’ stanzas to go through before it is thru. Then, Pry can do what he does best. “Selling”. The only calculus is… how many sub .5oo coupon codes for his rostorial swap meet will he have left to sell? Or… caveat νendiτor men… let the Seller… Beware…1Q 15:oo remaining: (Wednesday on TSL’s PAY-side):

Not half bad, huh? “thx” @Coach God!!! Bonus points for the quasi TeeFormation, too!

1Q 15:oo remaining:
Any of you arrive early enuff to watch the shorts-n-contrasts V.P.I. stretching and warm-ups?

Did our team not look like they robbed the 1970’s Virginia Squires and Doc’ J’s, bank?!?

The (new) Golden Hokie Club… 1o1!

LOL… Eye mean the ice and the 24 qt’s were… blinding.

Some of these guys living their best N.I.L. or (whatever/however), life…

1Q 15:00 remaining:

Armchair Qb1’s: …what do you (not) see, here?

1Q 4:38 remaining:
Me? Well, Eye am seeing just a slight dialing-up of offensive and oLine temperature just in time for the Equinox or the first day of typically starting to chill things out, Fall.

As #68 here and #7o (next play) are at least trying to ‘plum git after’ someone. Nice takedown for a Cobra-Ky’ point from k.Moore here (and Parker Bro’s) for All New River Valley Coach j.Kreese and Co.

Now, the clinically sage among you may say that some of this is: ‘frustration’ itself. Now that could be, though at least it is at least a few percent North Dallas Forty.

midway 2Q and on/off game duration:
I did find it interesting that the Herd thundered some extra +tempo-sauce out at times upon breaking tape. This encodes to mean… they had an on-field match-up vs. our mismatched set of defensive parts they really wanted to keep out on the field of play in lieu of forcing Marve to burn a Bowen timeout. Or, they were chin-checking our S&C, which has seemed to lilt then wilt a bit later on vs. Purdue and @Rutgers alike. (Possibly even both). Though that is a matter for some Huntington, WVa. Huff & Staff scopolamine or truth-serum.

(Though Eye dearly would like to hear their candid answer to that, Pry prolly would too).

2Q 1:13 remaining:
Really did not like this up film-study. ’cause when you slow it down, rotund b.Moore appears to catch his left cleats in the AstroTurff -that we warned about pre-game- up in Huntington. And his leg just ‘pops’ on the twisting/torquing pronation. St.Nikon bless; a cruel mistress this oblong spheroid when contested upon catchy/glitchy synthetic rugs indeed, in spades.

(3Q 11:33 remaining):
And Eye spy with my little eye that po’ -and overachieving- b.Schick is nursing a heretofore undisclosed left wrist/forearm injury of some sort(s)? St.Julia bless… as you can see the padding is bulging out under the black pad.

(2Q 5:19 remaining):
And prior to all of that, we see Jones get ‘shaken up’ on some kinda camera obscured leg ding of sorts… Coach God Bless.

Dang… : (

Game duration:
Also seeing the trend emerge that Drones don’t like (taking) Sacks on his very own personalized box-score. He sure ‘throws it away’ up into the stands or at least into the given sideline. That being said, he also appears to not be risk-averse in trying to thread the eye of the scrambling needle when flushed or pressured out onto the edge of play. We shall see how 2o-2o Eye Chart that goes as the season goes along…

3Q 15:oo remaining:

4Q o:oo remaining:

If this had only been an old-school 15-round fight; we, woulda… won?

And yet at the end of the day, at the beginning of the next day… and somewhere in the middle…

IF my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle, Tim.
See: bottom left

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=18.
Qb hurried=1.
Qb hits=22! (1 fumble).

Qb pressured=5.
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=9 (1 VT targeting).

TTT analysis:
Well(s), it is tough to win much of anything when you look or log in like ^that^. That more often than not predicts a doubling-up, up on the Vegas big board. So, a 1-play-game is not that bad in all R.A.T.T. sci-fact objectivity. Do recall; Marshall was nearly #1 in Sacks and in T.F.L. (tackles for a loss) inflicted and that stands to scratch-mark reason here. The thingy that I did not see was… Eye thought Drones look mo’ settled in and settled down 2nd-half up @Rutgers than he did here. Here things seemed just a little bit ‘bear’ Grylls “slippy”. So, we shall see where this goes from here… though being back @home won’t hurt anything, not one iota (1ι). i.e., Eye was hoping to see at least a little -or any- Qb1a Ag.School horticulture, or growth here. ’cause Cobra-Ky clearly has this oLine striking harder and firster and later at times as well. So, there is that… though we do need to see that make this O, go.

 ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

In officially official Score-Keepers scorecard terms, this fight that was not decided until the 59th minute and 16th second of play… reads…

  • G5 Marshall tallied a mind-boggling  +6oo% mo’ Passes Broken up than P5 VeeTee.
  • G5 Marshall tallied a hurtful  +3oo% mo’ Qb-Hurries than P5 VeeTee.
  • G5 Marshall tallied a downright solid +2oo% mo’ Qb-Sacks than P5 VeeTee.

Or, in other words… one could argue either of the following convincing enuff… and one could possibly win Monday water-cooler points by arguing both…

  1. It is a miracle that VeeTee was even in this game— after having been tied or down by up to 2-full-plays for approximately ≅84% of the contest.
  2. However, you could also potently argue that Pry-bar and Co. did a sextent job of shrinking the game vs. the better team who was 1,000% ESPN2 nationally spotlight/limelight all wound up out on the 3o4 horizon. As Marshall enjoyed ‘good’ and nearly positive starting field positions three times to end the 3Q and begin the 4Q over an 11-minute span and came away with a whopping zero, that’s (o) points on 3-punts to show fo’ it. The Herd managed to corral themselves over and over again and failed to put us outta our misery. That; or, we (someh0w) managed to get a foot over the bottom ring rope right as Referee Tommy Young of N.W.A. fame was just about to count: “Three”!

Kinda ‘pends on how you look at it— or maybe upon nothing mo’ than which team you were for?

Nonetheless, I must confess this is a confusing final series of drives.
Both teams conspired to do just eunff to not drive their respective point(s), home.
Almost as if nobody REALLY wanted to grab the Bison by the horns and win this one here.

(o) (o)

Blocking Analysis:
Well(s), the bling-bling savvy among you will notice (already) up above that not much changed; other than a negative expansion. This seems to be our only really crooked transient this season thus far. We translate neutral plays into negative plays or on better days we translate Swiss plays back into positive plays. This is due to two factors.

First of all, they don’t really have that man positive plays on this misfit and this ailing of an O. Secondly, Cobra-Ky’ is a willful guy; tho’ geometry ain’t his swagg, see(s)? He goes sandlot and breaks Coach Euclidean’s pet shapes and ad-libs; more so East-to-West or parallel to the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) itself. Plus a few deeper retreats when Penthouse full-frontal pressured. Such is pretty much the ruin or not less than the bane of any traditional V-shaped blocking cup. (see: pic).

There is also a U-cup which is what it suggests, G-c-G not giving much ground to middle rushers.

Or, in other words… for the increased stresses that Cobra-Ky mad-lib puts upon this V-passing-Cup? At least they ain’t pissing down your back and tell you it is raining.

The slow-play looks from Ty.Bow did not do they any favors; although their G5 1’s truly out-athlete or unmanned our P5 1’s. Think about that gentlemen. Now think about just plain going ‘mighty’ Casey and striking out on blocks or our Te(s) getting punked.

They are giving you lemons and you must make, lemonade. We warned you that this ’23 team would only go as far as their five-blocking 1’s could take it. And yet now we are down several blockings 1’s, with zero-depth and only two true home position guys. (More: below).

You do the (barricading) pie chart, maths…

Bonus: for the #FIREbugs crowd:

TSL: “Fu‘ should take over the (offensive) play-calling”…

So, with so many totally dippy TSL calls for ^this^…
…where are all my ’23 cat-calls for Pry to leverage Marve back to the bench?

It sure as hell was better when Pry had a grip on the ’22 D last year; rights?
Which Qb1 would you say went for: 44.6 QBR and which went for a whopping 43.8 QBR?

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| | (Drones had 67% of these!)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (3 VT penalties)

positive: |||| |||| || (3 VT penaltes)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| (1 VT penalty, 1 INT).

Lo.FM Analysis:
Marshall -to their credit- did two really winning things here and then VeeTee helped them out via wetting their very own Ohio River Valley bed.

Marshall hit/ad-libbed a few mad-lib bonus positive plays here-n-there. As their Qb1 was the cardiologist or clutch Qb1 here. They also avoided working from Lo.FM holes or chasing the chain gang more often than not. And yet then VeeTee nearly committed Tech Treason via bailing them out of three different Lo.FM’s -that could have forced a punt/change of possession- on three critical bonehead plays. Call that what you want… pressing, forcing, or lack of composure or discipline itself. Or Will’s “whistling” past the graveyard (get it?). Just do not call it winning football.

’cause you coulda and maybe even shoulda called for a larger margin of victory
from Marshall Lo.FM wise here.
Other than the 4th… where VeeTee did bite down hard and did NOT spit the bit!
  • Avg Yards on 1st Down 5.2 vs. 4.o
  • Avg Yards on 2nd Down 6.9 vs.  6.2

IF, ^that^ was all you knew… which team would you think; won?
The 1st one or the second one (left-to-right)?

That’s not that bad of a look when you consider the 1st team was 1ooth in 1st-down O.
And that the 2nd team was an even mo’ putrid 123rd best in 1st-down O.

However, the killar part is what do you do when the O&M chips get big-n-blue?

  • Avg Yards on 3rd Down 2.5 vs. 8.4!

WOW. Eye mean, that’s not a drop off that’s falling off a Looney Tunes W. E. Coyote acme anvil, cliff.
As we did just enuff, or more than enuff; right up until we could nearly do nothing at all.

The left-hand team is we/VeeTee.
The far mo’ clutch team under stress is the right-hand team or Marshall.

This being made all the mo’ bizarre-O when you see that we went for a virtual 60:40% play-calling split. This is with our best passing Qb1 still passing the R&R and P.T. time alike. And with our best-rushing Qb1 having to throw the ball more often than not to a still gimpy grab-gang out on the road. This was when our early run-fits showed a pulse and even flirted with popping-clean here-n-there. Does that make any sense to any of you? Then, if that is not enuff? Marshall absolutely hammed our lack of run-fills (including our insertion of Lb7, freshman walk-on George Ballance) on 3rd-D where they pounded out a 1st-down-n-change at nearly 11 ypr on average! Damnation. That’s just not a good look folks.

Our oLine only allowed 6′ in reverse, baa-bee!
Marshall only out-passed our crippled-catch-corp by 18′!

  • This with their 3rd oLine coach in 3-years.
  • This with both starting-G’s done for the day and one G1 done fo’ Life.
  • This with near o% Experience over on the odd or blind side just 4-games ago.
  • This with 6o% of our ’23 blocking oLine 1’s NOT playing their home position upfront.
  • This with 0% Wyatt Teller pure carnivores Tyrannosaurus-Sex pure Jurassic maulers up front.
  • This with another o% footwork nimbility guys to afford our mo’ mobile Qb1 some mobility itself.

Do any of you see any trends, here?

  • Déjà …Fμ❓
  • LOL! STFU b.street!
  • K. Though, you do ^^^the^^^ damn maths.
  • ’cause going for a whopping p=.153 probability on 3rd-Down conversions and then going for +23o% mo’ yellow-laundry yards in reverse would like a word or two wif ^dat^❗️
Meaning… when you have next to no, as in zero… Margin of Error?
You pretty much do gotta get all the little thingys done right.
(All the mo’ so out on the mighty G5, road!)

(o) (o)

“Low energy, low IQ defense”⬅️this… what did we 4 tell yah all spring & summer long… over and over and over again…

They have a lotta metrics, testables/measurables… though are they, playars???

Vince Hall was a playar sans the measurables.
These guys have the N.f.l. combine testables, sans the V.Hall pure playar part.

Maybe it will show down with time as it did for the Linebacking Edmunds bro’?
Maybe they are just Coach Fred G. Sanford …

Tackng into the Ohio River, wind:
Here is where our fulcrum be… our Linebackers are mo’ parts, Safeties folks. The second layer is not the home position for several of ’em. Try thinking about that when you TSL.came all over them. They -same as our 6o% outta its home position oLine- are a patchwork. Or a patch kit. Or, a Great American Quilt.

LOL… why are so you {sic: pot} stirred up that they are mo’ parts Yentl and less parts  k9 incisors dental?

LOL… again… why so judgy, (gone)… mental?

May St.George bless… at least he IS a home-position Mike7 or so… and he is strong and actually kinda a bit, swift. Check it: 4o Yard Dash: 4.59, Shuttle: 4.26 secs, Bench: 38o lbs., 185 lb. Bench Press (Reps): 25, Squat lbs.: 475, Deadlift lbs.: 525. Hell’s bells, that’s not ½-bad from this level of R.A.T.T. ratings…

Recall War Plan Orange II: …it’s not us 4 tellin’ yah these guys suck; it is rather the Market itself that is telling you this!

His father, Jeff, played for the Hokies from 1984-86. He was named after his grandfather, longtime Beach District coach George Versprille, who played for Bobby Bowden early in his coaching career. His father played Qb3 at Virginia Tech and his brother Matt played baseball at Virginia Tech. Poppa-bear was (actually) a 67% passer with a whopping 163.3 QBR in relief. And he also ran for 3′ mo’ than you and I combined for Virginia Tech. So, why all the grief, why all the wrangling against Rhode Island’s last year alpha recruit?

So, ergo, therefore, to Whit… just how much ‘tackling’ were you expecting here?!?

Tackling Analysis:
Well, it was not that bad to begin… though this is just NOT a physical D. It has some range -in particular in the 2nd-layer- where Lawson might as well be nicknamed the (no.2) ‘Eraser’. As he has the long-striding to make up for (some) misQ’s in a hurry. The rest and not so much. Fits/Fills continue to give this Linebacker-Head-Coach fits. And they only worsen/loosen as the game wears along… though is that S&C or is that just tapping out? As the in-game Marshall smoke-n-mirrors or countering/cutting-back approach left our guys heads going; “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” With a case of the lane-assignment, spins.

Then, however, a strange thing happened along the way to the O&M candy store; they actually battled a little harder 4Q later on and at least sorta/semi-tightened back up. Go fig’ on that? As you could not cogently figure on seeing that after what we’ve seen for the last handful of Sloppy-Joe years.

Did not super figure on these elder statesmen Dt’s (finally) waking up after playing 5th and 6th year Sleepy Hollow football for Washington. Although not truly plucky, they were at least a mite mo’ pluggy. And if nothing else, held their ground a bit better for a bit longer. Jenkins even played possibly his best game yet and relative as that may be it was in West.Virginia and well you know… everyone here is… related. Even so, at least he showed a run-fill pulse.

So, maybe they did better (substituting the verb) and found a better combination(s)? Or, maybe they found some leadership or motivation? As you know… one dot is a dot, see? However, let us agree to (re)-caucus and see what we see(s) after they face mouth-punching typically uber-physical Pitt.

Time=tell here???


the takeaway

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Don’t have one… as nobody really went Carpe de Tech or Tatanka.

🎼”Are you, Experienced?”🎵
—Coach Jimi Hendrix

per: QPC: …and our 2 Coordinators have zero experience as well!


Soooooooooo, what; happens... next???

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The Rest of the Story...

Where’s the τau Σigma λambda I used to know?

Now that one Eye may not know… though Eye do knows this…

@B.P. our mothman laughs at your crom’s mom!

The sportlight…

…here in the sportlight and I also knows that…

…don’t be Bitter TSL, Eye linked it fo’ you below…

Five Thoughts The Day After Virginia Tech’s Loss At Marshall

^There are some actually pragmatic takes here^ +1 @A.B.
Actually, +2, as he did not spare in dropping the R.A.T.T. hammer later in his V-Thoughts.

However, and nevertheless, we four who have actually suffered this terminal contact sport; we feels it runs even deeper than that… like VeeTeeCV19 on the comeback trail fo’ VeeTeeCV23…

...or something of a lingering and just dadgum hard-to-shake case of the... Flu'.

IF it is lingering… how much do you have to asbestos abatement gotta tear down or Jamerson placed under FIREbug quarantine and burn it to the ground just to be sure you did get *it* all this time?

  1. If it is not being fixed… have they I.D.’ed it? That would seem a potent -if not important- first step.
  2. And if they have successfully identified *it*, do they know how to succeed in fixing *it* just the same?


Again that I may not know, although Eye and my nose know that we are right on the cusp… be that a little engine that could or could not and here comes a Pitt-stop.

We say this rightfully so, as ’23 VeeTee could beat ’22 VeeTee, by a point or two maybe even a full-½-play or so. We say this rightfully so, as 23 VeeTee is getting a scosche, or just an inchworm little bit better and better.

Or in other words… “In the land of the blind, the one-Eye’d man is, king.”
—Coach Desiderius Erasmus

{TSL} “Didn’t we just tell you to STFU b.street?” {/.com}

– Let’s just think back to when you guys were freshmen.

– Boon, you had a face like a pepperoni pizza, right?

– And Stork here. Everybody thought the Stork was brain-damaged.

– I, myself, was so obnoxious the seniors used to beat me up once a week.

– So this guy is a total loser?

– Well, let me tell you the story of another loser.


(Δown, νote).

nice/neat kid… tho’ a 1k-words for our ’23 season so far…

The Closer…

That said, they had better win soon… as in by, oh, say midnite this Saturday nite folks.

’cause if they do not and if Pry ain’t got no O&M Stygian black lotus? He or a coordinator or two will off-season find out that it don’t pay to sell haga to these slayers here.

Eye-patch that… caveat, vendor!


Eye say this to warn thee… ’cause IF this little engine that -thus far- cannot get over the hump; does not get over the hump? We are gonna get humped and take mo’ than one in the thunderbox, rump.

@Tally looks bad.
Home for fatigue-max’ Wake-up-call looks one dash River-Styx.

Fish or get off the pot vs. the (likewise: 1-3) ‘meow’-mixers.
That or suffer relegation from Premier-5 to G5, here.
As Pry’s world is teetering on the cusp of getting a whole lot… smaller.



Virginia Tech=17, Marshall=24







And now for a rarefied VERY personal indulgence…

thanks‘ @my Guardian Angel, Coach God, and all my Keystone & 3o4 coaches and football books…

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  1. “their G5 1’s truly out-athlete or unmanned our P5 1’s”

    This is something I notice many people VT fans just can’t fully wrap their heads around. You say VT’s talent is lower than it’s been in over 30 years, they readily agree. But you point out that the teams they lost to, or Duke (who everyone loves/hates comparing themselves to because of Elko’s early success vis a vis Pry), that all these teams either outrecruited VT each of the last 3 years, or, in Marshall’s case, mostly tied and slightly outrecruited, and they just don’t get it. It simply doesn’t register in their heads that Purdue and Rutgers and Duke and even Marshall really do have better players across the board than VT does right now. The good news for VT fans is, superior talent teams drop games to lesser talent teams all the time, just ask the years that comprised the 10-game win streak.

    This lack of talent brings me to another gripe I see from VT fans, how many of them whine about Pry not “showing enough emotion.” Now, to be sure, many football fans are emotionally stunted man-children, who only understand things like anger, frustration, etc. And maybe some of it is just complaint inertia from Fuente as well. But most of what ails VT football isn’t going to be cured by screaming at it. The fastest mile I’ve ever run was 5:40. If you were to yell at me, threaten me, put a gun in my face, maybe I could do 5:20. But no amount of yelling and screaming is going to get me to run a sub-4:00 mile. Will Muschamp seething with anger and yelling at every bad play in the middle of a 4-8 season didn’t turn things around, it just made him look like a petulant whiner

    1. Actually, Greg Roberts dropped the “30-year” bomb.
      We four said “it kan’t be worse than 15-20 years, right?

      Though hell’s-bells, what if he was 29 outta say 3o, right?!?
      Purdue and Rutgers and Duke and even Marshall really do have better players across the board than VT does right now.

      ^that^, or superior… MOTIVE.

      Pry=not sure???
      Which coaching model is he?
      As VeeTee is nearly forcing everyone to be very V.P.Eye, p.c.


  2. “Temba, his arms wide”

    The timing of a horrible season W-L record won’t help matters making case we should be part of any future super conferences. Gotta see something that gives some hope for future. Even if just flashes of good play. Better than no flash at all.

    1. yups.

      It really is striking at the ‘rong/worst, conference-caling, time.


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