Marshall football preview!

#1o3 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #52 R.P.I. Marshall:

Today’s word of the day is… Thunderbox!

/ (ˈθʌndəˌbɒks) /

noun. hick-hop: slang.

  1. a portable boxlike lavatory seat that can be placed over a hole in the ground.
  2. any portable lavatory.
  3. VeeTech or Marshall gone Vegas and crapped out in the S’er come late afternoon Saturday?

Marshall Head Coach: Charles Huff Jr.: age=4o, (18-1o overall and @Marshall); has a rep’ for mega-recruiting and for oLines and Run-fits.

A native of Denton, Maryland Baller Huffer played at Hampton University, joining the football team as a walk-on Fullback. In addition to Fullback, he also spent time at Te and G before being named the starting C1. He was named a team captain his senior season… a self-made man as Tony Paige syndrome goes.

“Huff and puff and bloooooow. your…”

Prior to Marshall, he was the associate head coach and running backs coach at the University of Alabama. A coach with stints at Mississippi State and Penn State, he has gained the reputation of being one of the top recruiters in college football.

Prior to that Big Whistler Huffer broke in at Tenn.State, then back home to Hampton, Maryland, and Vandy before an N.F.L. gig (foreshawodingly enuff) with the B’lo Chips. Then on to bigger named: Penn.State, Olè Miss., and some little place colloquially known as: ‘Bama. His run-shape(s) have a tag for not fumbling and for finding really big-time chippers or V.H.T. (very highly touted) Rb1-type recruits. In addition to that -and counting across two differing bio’s- Huff has broken nineteen, that’s (19) different rushing records be that individual Rb’s or Team grounding along the way.

Ginkgo… this was our four’s alpha choice to anti-Fu’BAR the whole O&M shebang… and a choice who twice, that’s (2), turned our job, down!

Up @Huntington… Huff has only led Marshall to their second all-time victory over a top-10 opponent after besting the No. 8-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish 26–21 in South Bend, Indiana. Coach Huff also earned his first bowl win as a head coach in the 2o22 Myrtle Beach Bowl against the UConn Huskies 28–14. 7-6 his rookie head-honcho year and then 9-4 last year with bowl bids both years is on-trend and a positive slope with rise >>> run alike.

Huff and his wife, Jessica, have two boys: B.J. and Beau.
They are also expecting a third child in the coming months.
St.Eleutherius bless!

2022 record: 9 up 4 down and 5-3 in the Sun Belt

Marshall Portaling:

  • Qb Colin Parachek (from Morehead State)
  • Qb TJ McMahon (from Rice)
  • Wr DeMarcus Harris (from Kentucky)
  • Wr Mason Pierce (from McNeese State)
  • Wr Darryle Simmons (from Stephen F. Austin)
  • Te Luke Soto (from UTEP)
  • Te Chris Mottillo (from USF)
  • Te Cade Conley (from Central Michigan)
  • OLine Lloyd Willis (from Florida State)
  • OLine Altrique Barlow (from TCU)
  • DLine Travis Geiger (from Coastal Carolina)
  • DLine Kylen McCracken (from Ohio)
  • DLine Jabari Ishmael (from Miami)
  • DLine Jalil Rivera-Harvey (from Arizona State)
  • DLine Chris Thomas (from Florida)
  • DLine Stacy Williams (from VMI)
  • DLine Taylor Lewis (from Arkansas)
  • Lb KeSean Brown (from Appalachian State)
  • Lb Tah Mac Bright (from Incarnate Word)
  • Lb Mike Green (from Virginia)
  • Lb Stephen Dix (from Florida State)
  • Lb Landyn Watson (from TCU)
  • Db J.J. Roberts (from Wake Forest)
  • Db Josh Moten (from Texas A&M)
  • Db Ishmael Ibraheem (from Texas)
  • Db Myles Bell (from UConn)
  • K Kameron Lake (from Washburn)
  • P Kolby Morgan (from Tennessee)
  • LS Dominic Konopka (from Bowling Green)
  • ^a, LOT, mo’ than average to be sure^
READERS NOTE: …Marshall does NOT disclose much at all; like parsimony gone Cold Wall another brick in the Berlin Wall lack of disclosure from their football website.
…hence, the parsimony in some section(s) of this preview itself.
—sorry, b.street

Marshall Defense: (starters back=3)

  • Variable front forty-three; though they show 30’s and even 20’s, too.
  • 28th in Total D!
  • 69th vs. the run.
  • 14th vs. the throw!!
  • 7th in Passing Efficiency D!!!
  • MASSSSSSIVE Portaling has taken place here in all three, that’s (3) Layers❗️
  • 8.5 of 1o in dLine Havoc. Pass rusher (near) extraordinaire Owen Porter is legit. Portaling seems to have helped replace some very seasoned/productive types As there’s size and depth for an interior that’s replacing a few key parts as well. Did Eye mention the replacements, yet? It’ll be fine in time around anchor TyQaze Leggs. As the 6-2, 29o-pound Leggs has the strength to go along with more quickness after slimming down a bit. He made 56 tackles in his first two years with three sacks last season. IF he’s a legit Dt1 anchor, the Herd run D will be just that good again. IF ‘not’, this front wall will not be anywhere near as bricky as ’22 before. Tho’ you do gotta account for: this Porter’s (15 TFL, 9.5 sacks) in his last 15 games. That, or just run somewhere else.
    Still yet… dLine is one of the team’s biggest hits with most of the starters gone from the bunch that was a rock against the run. The transfer portal may afford help and there’s size and depth for an interior that’s replacing a few key parts. Although the 1’s are not as ’22 good here in ’23 and the ’23 2’s are fewer in number overall. Yet…
    Dt’s are nice sized and everything else in all layers is not so nice sized. De1, Sammy Burton; is off to a hellacious/shellacking ’23 start. He might jus’ be a stud.
    De1’s conspire to log 12 college football seasons, together; wow!
  • 9 from 1o in Linebacking Havoc. …the ’23 linebacking corps needs to retool, too. Eli Neal is a stud at Marshall and a starter for a lot of D-1, and the parts are coming in from the transfer portal to help. However, the pressure is on the imports to tariff or do their duty A.S.A.P.
    Eli Neal (no: local g.h.s. relation), leads the way here… he is trending upon: ‘tackling machine’ status. And reminds of ’84 stalwart/ball-hawking Vince Daniels of all too brief Indy Bowl linebacking fame for VeeTee. And yet, the pressure is on KeSean Brown (Appalachian State) to shine right away, and a slew of relatively untested parts have to rock. The linebacking corps needs several new starters to rise up fast, and the 6-2, 219-pound Brown could help the cause as a likely statistical star. A four-year baller off the App State defense, where he came up with 39 tackles with three sacks and two forced fumbles last year. So, you have 2 legit guys and change here, and a real want for experience behind them. Health and they should be okay; injuries and they could second-layer, hurt.
    That said, in early ’23 returns; this is a very solid trifecta in the 2nd layer. “Mister Anderson” is giving neo’ run-fill fits. Nobody to pick on here that Eye can see as 1’s go. And you do not see too many 2’s. Kinda like Foster, the Lb1’s gotta fight all 12 rounds.
  • 7 outta 1o in Secondary Havoc. MU plays the ball not the man; and sometimes plays itself into high-risk highest reward trouble for it too. ’cause last year the Herd picked off 18 passes, was fourth best in the nation in pass efficiency defense, and they got a ton of help from the portal. Micah Abraham is a star at one Corner coming off a six-pick, ten-broken-up pass season, and the new guys will fill in right away around S1 Kerion Martin. Cb1, Micah Abraham is legit. Quietly one of the better Corner’s we will face all season long. 4th-string All-American pre-season says so. Did Eye mention Cb1, Micah Abraham, yet? 15 passes defended and 10 passes broken up in his last 2o games says Eye should.
    Abraham matters, a LOT… get it? He is avoidably good; the rest do drop a bit after him and this is prolly the softer of the 3-still pretty good Marshall halt-unit layers.
    Overall there is nice Talent and/or Experience here— less Fs1. Who is the only inviting one in the hind-4 on tape.
Herd base D: 2 halves back and 7 cheating up.
  • D Overall: Last year and the Herd was only: No. 8 in Total D,  No. 6 in Scoring D. Marshall was only 4th in Rush D and only 3rd in Passing Efficiency against D. Huntington, WVa., was additionally only 1st in 3rd-down conversion percentage (23.5%), allowed. Do you ‘only’ see what Eye means? As a drop-off is prolly at least as likely as a betterment here, tho’ 115+ other D-1 D’s wish they had Marshall defensive problems. Coaching possibly being among ’em… as epic A+++ D-cord’ Lance Guidry is gonzo. Hin his stead is now: ex-Georgia Tech assistant Jason Semore. Hence, early on is a better time to face this level of halt-unit retooling and/or reloading to be sure.
  • (Film-Study🙂 This is what old-schoolers call a: “1st movement” keying D. As Marshall must trust their hind-4 to launch their front-7 forward/northward on run-fills this often. As they really try to crowd/congest everything inside and spill anything outside toward the boundary or bound the 12th defender called the sideline himself. Then Marshall will deal ILb'(er(s)) and zone-blitz De into their vacated spots on hook-zone drops or a L.O.S. (line of scrummage) elevatoring look. Marshall is very northward-bound-needy and will fill {sic: too} shallow and even cut each other off on fills. E.c.u.’s Qb got upfield when they missed contains and that might just Drone(s) on well enuff. On passing downs, Marshall will back that hind-4 up and Mary Poppins umbrella look the whole shebang. Softer man-on-edges; and yet they just have to red-dog at least 1 ‘backer. They do hard-charge here. A bit ‘hair on fire’ looking. This can create an opening mid-range behind the ‘backer(s) and in front of said deeper umbrella. Saw me some 2o-front things they 2-Olb’ers evening out. Saw me some pressy-Man wide or Will side. With not a metric ton of S help or Iso-Man on edges at times. Marshall will spy your Qb1 if they feel his wheels are legit with an ILb1. They -same as the O- will look to hit you in a short-change or slightly inexpensive way. D is at least a little bit spry/fleet… and they do hustle hard. Front-7 will stand up and chicken-fight you to plug-n-react. And there are northward charging missed Tac’s at times behind that. Well coached team in that their Keys picked a lotta Pirate bravo-tango (buried treasure) locks. d-Front will twist, loop, and stunt more than you today see vs. passing downs too. And they will deal, red-dog, blitz; did Eye mention the blitzers, yet?
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=58% (77th most) is your conflict defender here. This is the ’22 #1 3rd-down defense, 1st best. It was also the 3rd best scoring-defense as in defensive points tallied up on the scoreboard. As in… same as Frank; they look to advance the intercepted or recovered ball at all times and frankly at all costs. As 7th best in Σ or Total D in ’22 did not suck. ’cause last season the t.Herd defense was nearly amazing. It finished seventh in the nation and was the best in the Sun Belt overall, it led the conference and was sixth in the country in scoring D, and was better than Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, and everyone else at coming up with third down stops. To do it all again the line has to come into place. That’s the only Bison bugbear here.
    Whole D less one kid is all upperclassmen; so, you’d think they are right-side of Experience and Learning curving alike.
    THOUGH, the Herd as given up a whopping virtual 22o Qb1 rushing yards so far. Same as Foster, they gap-stop rather than assigning a man to shadow a Qb1; though they did change that vs. E.c.u. outta necessity. Thigh might favor Cobra-Ky’. Some of this is the Remember the Titans or combat-rock version of their blitzing. They throw rocks and they live in a damn podank, quarry. (i.e., they ain’t plannin’ on runnin’… out).How to effect said quarry is your, quandary… as they coming fo’ yah as the N.f.l. Power and the Glory CD says.

Defensive letter-grade:

Marshall Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 6oth in Total O.
  • 86th in ground O.
  • 46th in aerial O.
  • 6oth in Passing Efficiency O.
  • Qb1(s): Koufax (or unorthodox, lefty), Cam Fancher is prolly your starting Qb1. 6′1″, 19o lb., r-Soph. year Korterback who started/played mo’ often than Qb1a, and Sr. yarn Henry Colombi  (6′3″, 224 lbs.) did last year. This year and you prolly should have at least a slight uptick as improved Qb1 or Qb1a play goes either way. Colombi (ex-of-Tx.Tech) got his left knee rolled up from behind last year midway (St.Nikon bless), and Fancher took the reins after that. Colombi was the pocketed Qb1a and Fancher is the dual-threat Qb1 respectively. As that is quiet the play-booking change to toggle or choose between. As there was only a whopping 486-yard and 2-score differential between the two in carrying the ’22 mail terms on ~about ½ a  season of starting Qb1 stats developed between ’em. Additionally, there is also a staggering near ~20% pass-completion percentage advantage that favored Colombi here. Again, this was quite the stylistic toggle between two oil-n-h2o Qb1’s. Both were a mite INT prone; both took nearly the same number of Sacks and both had above-average down-range cannonade strapped to their shoulders. Now however Colombi is 6th year finito. Whereas Fancher did improve later in ’22 as a thrower and did enjoy the higher (which is to say: ‘stricter’) QBR metrics than Colombi did. Go fig’ on that? And he was QBR (Qb-Rating) more than doubling up the pure passer; again, go fig’ here? Fancher was 9% better pitching @home. Guess where this game holds, court? Further, Fancher was a 68% 4Q passer and that hints at A.B.C. or always be closing or clutch tendencies. If that can be developed/enhanced a bit, Fancher does give you mo’ all around. As both his rushing and his hurling ’22 November took off. Thus far in ’23 terms and the Koufax or Lefty leftover Qb is… a Huntington area N.I.L. Italian restaurant pimp and Eye’ma betting his oLine is loving on dat. Prior to that Cam was rated a (***) or three-star prospect by and He received offers from Georgia State, Austin Peay, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Kentucky, Fordham, Georgetown, and Murray State. Cam also played Wr1 at Wayne (C’bus, Ohio H.S.). So, trickeration or a Qb-pass in in play here. In scholastic terms, the Qb1 Cam passed for 1,944 yards and seven touchdowns with 6o2 rushing yards and seven more scores on the ground during his junior season. Cam also won the state championship in the triple jump and played basketball at Wayne as a pretty sharp Off-G1 (sharp enuff to put out a hoops recruiting video). So, this is a true all-’round ATH playing Qb1 to be sure. That and he garnered his ground gains in basically the final 7-contests of ’22. In breaking tape, you see that… Cam has never thrown for more than 3oo yards or two touchdowns in a game; telling is it not? He does need to advance beyond glorified game manager status for MU.
    UPDATES: ’23 in-season: So, I’d have to say the hike of nearly ~+14% in completion-percentage counts. Though, being down right at 52% per rush is not a good sign. Was better vs. lessor AlbanyU and yet then fell back to C+++ vs. F+++ defensing E.c.u. There were some misQ’s that injured his box-score vs. E.c.u., granted. Tho’ he looks a bit ruff-around the edges at times on film to me; still.
    Cam is nearly 13% better at chucking @home. Though this Cam just misfires 2Q, and badly at that. As if they run outta ‘good’ scripted plays. Finally, the word around the campfire is: ‘butterfingers’ or fumble-prone Qb1 here.
  • Rb2: last year any who… was actually Qb1 or Cam Fancher with close to nearly ~5oo on the ground. As pure Running-Backs go it would be homespun Rb1a: Ethan Payne RB and/or Rb1b: Rasheen Ali; take thy pick. Tho’ you could pick Rashneen’s ’21 rushing’s good for: 1,4o1-yards. Or his nearly tricentennial 3-game closer to ’22; this after a not-good and coulda been worse knee-dent in August Camp of ’22 itself, (St.Nikon bless). Which ain’t half bad from the mere (**) or two-star 274th-ranked Rb in America 4-years back, is it? Rasheen is a dynamic playmaker who runs with above-average burst, footwork, patience, and lateral agility. The foibles are his next pass-blocks will be his first and he has been a bit of a b.Simpson Rb1 or butterfingers in terms of hanging onto the rock. 8-fumbles coming into ’23 and fumbles in ’23 itself. Also… Rasheen is one of the very few Rb’s Eye’ve ever heard called: ‘too patient’. As he takes an inordinate amount of TFL (tackles for a loss) waiting, waiting, and waiting some mo’ for a hole to open up. That said, he is right once he declares northward bound… what with his being ranked among the Top-15 running backs in the FBS last season in forcing missed tackles and rushing yards after contact! That means he dang well can go once he does ratify the need to go. Again, this is from an H.S. (C-town, Ohio) Rb1 who did not receive a national rank or star rank from Rivals,, or ESPN. He got as many stars and ranking by them as you and I did combined. Smooth-looking flowing Rb1 upon breaking tape; like he ain’t super trying. Has a streety pop to his game at times. Looks smaller than his listed metrics to me. Rolls some tight-azz (‘cedes) wheels— must be doing something (N.I.L.) or another right to live like that. And he is a scoring machine; rushing, receiving, and special-teaming; this guy is something of a c.Heston or Omega Man; as he has a nose for the Endzone. He is also fairly throw-fit handy and a mini-me Roger Craig receiving threat that you must honor. As this is a quick, knifey, cutty-shark good Rb1 at his best. However, Eye’ma not super-sold he has been 100% on breaking tape. And the break or BYE week might be just what he highest-octane or rocket fuel Rb1 booster needed. And if I am legit? One could dare to type that this Rash’ is due to ’23, break… out.
  • There is a LOT of Pitch-n-Catch Portaling en vogue here as well.
  • Corey Gammage was your clear-cut Wr1 here. He is Cent.FLA bound now, however. This leaves Charles Montgomery pitching in this fall (no metaphor mixing intended) at Wr1. Talik Keaton is a curious one as a Wr2 goes… seems like he is want to go before the ball arrives at times. Though he is good in the open field; make no misQ when he does not mistake here. (see: below). Te1 is: Devin Miller, who is mo’ of a possession typea Te underneath. More pop has to be found with top target Wr1 Corey Gammage gone. However, ’22’s Wr1 Montgomery and Wr2 Talik Keaton lead a decent wide receiver bunch that needs the ball more. As the coaching sewing-circle vibe he is a rhomboid one of: ‘Marshall lacks playmakers’ @Wideout in ’23.
    Wr’s are right-sized. Not tall not small, ALL right. Conely and Monty are about what I expected; tho’ Wr3, McMillan has vertically or stretchy surprised.
BIG‘en 1o1!
  • oLine: Marshall will grind it out again with a running attack that averaged 2o6 yards per ’22 game. Star back Khalan Laborn is done, though legit-Rb1, Rasheen Ali – he tore off over 1,4oo yards and 23 touchdowns in 2o21 and is back after missing most of the season hurt. The offensive line will once again be a plus with four starters expected to be back with all-star talent in the interior. Did Eye mention that the Oline will once again be a plus with 8o% or four starters expected to be back with all-star talent in the interior around C1 Logan Osburn. Ethan Driskell, Ot1, Sr.; and Dalton Tucker, G1, Sr. Who will all give the Herd a very balanced front line that is hard to key or lockpick attack. They are good enuff or good itself both inside and out. Not epic. Not great. Good. Maybe even very on run-shapes? C1 Osburn will be an Ozzy or Top-3 or so C we will see all year. He’s an all-conference caliber C1 to be sure. Now ponder that Qb1, Cam Fancher is one of the more Pivotal rushing threats we will face all year and you ground-chuck begin to see what Eye mean. The 17th-best in ’22 rushing-O did not suck. However, a sieve-like 94th best in ’22 Pass-Pro’ is a no-go. As this OLine needs balance or some sealant to the leaky-looking V-Cup in pass-blocking terms. As they surely as imbalanced -or even juxtaposed- at what they do well. Odd or left side is Towering Inferno big; though football slow; all r-Jr. ones less one senior himself. i.e., the ’24 oLine will be the zenith here. Left-Ot (not the blindside mind yah) and right-G1 are the best here. Though that reduces a go-to side to be sure.
    Big, ploppy, kinda plodding oLine; and that does seem to 4Q wear-n-tears on opponents.
    And frankly, they have not lived up to my pre-season magazines hype… not yet anywho.
Marshall SpreadGun base: 4-wide with 1 Hb (in motion).
  • O overall: (Film-Study): Marshall has an airplane wing-looking oLine; there might be a not enuff men on the L.O.S. call to wrangle if the Price is right here. Their Cam-shaft Qb1 is very onesy. He may or may not slumber in one; though he is run/scramble friendly. Takes a look or two and hot-read dumps or goes and gets what he can. This cameo seems smaller/narrower than listed to me upon breaking tape. Like to see someone chin-check him when he takes off. Said to be a pretty good backcourter in hoopology terms. Puts time(s) into his well-cofed look. Very dapper, very prissy nearly. Makes sure he wears a pocket square at all times. Haberdasher on runs to be sure. Did see this Herd team try to indulge some hard blocks downfield; saw them blocking on the edge of the play too. Not dirty; though maybe a little inexpensive. This is an ATH kinda guy playing Qb1. Though he is quick/darty more so than long-speed jetty. Marshall will screen or Qb-draw and then midrange to long hit you up downfield. They must trust this zero-sack oLine to try to pocket-protect for “three-Mississippi” this much. The Herd will stretch you vertically and they do a lotta angular/crossing thingys in front of that; with 1 or 2 sit-downs shorter thingys in front of that. The Herd goes at all three levels in old-school passing triangle terms. However, the deep guy seems to be an elastic decoy to force your Cf/Fs to choose. That said, there were miscommunications or a lack of passing tree pruning(s) on tape. Everyone (1oo%) averages nearly 8 yards per snag. They will Te1 and Rb1 work throw-fits to boot. Off of play-actions as they seem to use the airwaves to open up the ground. And frankly, they do have a couple of ‘go’ guys when the pop-clean. Guys who can house you when you short the rent. Qb has a soft touch; and throws a catchable ball that inflates his comp% itself. Found it curious that East.Car’. took so many cheap(er) shots at Marshall. Made me wonder if they thought the Herd to be: ‘soft’? Herd runs will crossbuck and their Rb1 has some nifty feets. E.c.u. did genie some nice Qb-pressures on edge and from the Herd odd side; just zero sacks to show for it. As the Qb1 will step up and he will “go” get what he hot-call can. Did see a few snap issues. And yet the Herd is combative enuff. oLine did best when double-pulling to the short and odd side on run-fits. Clearly, they liked that lefty size advantage which is advantageous indeed.
    Marshall is averaging 1.72-line yards per rush this season, which is the fewest in the F.B.S. Now Eye knows why they looked to be passing to loosen up the, run.
    Finally, O will go trickeration with 38 shopping/costuming days remaining until…
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=65% (64tth most). In ’22… the Herd-O averaged close to ∼4oo yards per game. Not bad. Yet they struggled to score consistently, there wasn’t enough explosion or chunk plays, and the points have to come when there’s a chance on after long drives. Not good. As one could fairly say the ’22 Herd O left a few (plays) out there somewhere.
  • 59% run:pass 41% mix. The game clock is your secret sauce offender here. (Or their Rb1, he gets a lot and breaks free off of himself; nearly a game-changer).
    Check it… (per: Mr. Douglas Bowman):

Herd average yards per carry by Q this season:

  1. Q: 3.2 rushing yards per carry (No. 109 in the country)
  2. Q: 3.11 rushing yards per carry (No. 95 in the country)
  3. Q: 6.73 rushing yards per carry (No. 16 in the country)
  4. Q: 4.9 rushing yards per carry (No. 34 in the country)

Or in other words; all that Combat Rock does at least pays some end-of-year dividends in a-rears here.

So does their screening to set up other (medium to medium+++) things. Kinda like they ain’t in any offensive hurry to put it on yah. Or, they trust they can when they can.

Offensive letter-grade:

BONUS: saw both sides try/struggle hard. Huff-n-puff and blow (what they can), down.
Charles in Charge is getting what they gots outta them to be sure.

t.Herd Special Teams: (both return)

Footsie 1o1…

Marshall is 84th best in Net Punting and so is P1, John McConnell. This is not the Actor: John McConnell, this is not the peace activist: John McConnell, and nor is this the Scottie foutballer: John McConnell.

“Aye,” this is the Mo-town, WVa., turncloack John McConnell, LOL. As this John McConnell was rated a (***) or a three-star prospect by He was merely ranked fifth nationally as a punter by Chris Sailer Kicking. He only averaged more than 44 yards per kick with a hang time in excess of 4.5 seconds, and he only moonlighted as a placekicker and kickoff specialist in scholastic terms upstate. That’s not as bad as having to pack one less baller as Travel Teams roster counts go. Kinda keeps a BIG-red look, with long-azz flowing hirsute canelo locks. From at least the Ventnor Avenue side of the tracks; NTTAWWT. Snowboarder on the side to {sic: ski} boot. Keeps it SwimHer1 real on the side too… +1 for dats. His career long is 64 yards, seems mo’ a coverage punter than a booming Ray Guy. Big ole elongated long-azz P1 too… 6′4″, 196 lbs. worth of block-aim higher here says so. Gray-shirt, so, Johnny has been there longer than you think. A solid P1, maybe he develops into a good P1 with a little mo’ leg ‘oomph’ as the metrics/measurables do seem most willing here.

  • 118th in Punt Returns | 98th in KO returns. (Almost inert here).
  • 37th in punt coverage | and yet 1o8th in suicide-squad.
  • Marshall has blocked o kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • Marshall has blocked o punts and allowed o punts to be blocked.
  • BONUS: Wr1b, Talik Keaton may be inconsistent in catching tho’ he is all-conference and elusive in returning. And he may be due to pop-clean.
  • Offensive field-position  | Defensive field-position: The herd is up about +2 yards here, not epic; though it is help not a hurt.

Rece Verhoff returns as your 2nd-year K1 for the Herd. Also returning would be his very decent until he got beyond 41 yards ’22 Place-Kicking metrics. As he was right at 70% overall and yet only 20% beyond 41 yards. As the Greg Brady ‘fro may or may not be culpable with no word yet from Alice the maid’s mop. Still yet, if he does not bother longer-legged kicks, this is a solid medium+++ guy if you have enough defense backing him to short-punt. Rece is a 5′1o″, 184 lb. true-Soph.; so, you do need to aim a little lower on your block point here. Verhoff chose Marshall over a scholarship offer from Wingate and PWOs from Cincinnati, Toledo, and Bowling Green. Not exactly V.H.T. (very highly touted), was he? The word is that Verhoff is a punch or line-drive K1, and that too could aid-n-abet any Beamerball looks at a S.W.A.T. or sendback here. Ditto the 4.87 forty and the measly 155 lb. max’ bench. LOL. Somebody got put work in on this dood, STAT! Does have a history of line-drive blockade kicks as well. Did Eye mention the punch-kicking style, yet?

(UPDATE): That all said, the word is that K1a, Kameron Lake may be in line to get a K1 looksee here. A Washburn U transfer k1 at the lowercase D-1aa level. 75% for his career at all levels and has a high 40’s leg range. Has not much of a bio’ as well. Did hit for the MIAA Academic Honor Roll for the Fighting Ichbod’s. (no joke). As a junior, he set the school’s record for most P.A.T.’s in a career and in a season and set the school’s mark of most field goals in a career en route to second-team all-league honors. This Laker was also a second-team all-league selection as a sophomore and an honorable mention all-league selection as a freshman. With no career blocks on anything… maybe this kid is an upgrade?

BONUS: the Huffer is known to go out and find a stretch guy to (try) to block P.A.T.’s and F.G.A.’s. Last year’s 6′7″ guy (who did snuff one out) is gonzo. Tho’ keep an eye(s) peeled for this.

Special Teams letter grade: So, Marshall does not spend what legit 1’s they have on (sometimes: hurtful) ST’s duty. The anti-Franker this Huffer. D+ is the best I gots here. They may have more; though they appear to be keeping it in the bag and saving their largest club(s) for, later.

Unit Rankings:

  1. MU D!
  2. …(gap)…
  3. VT D.
  4. …(gap)…
  5. VT O/MU O (tied).


  • motive: The home team hosting a big bad bordering P5 A.c.c. school might suggest here… and if that does not— Eye wonders if they will be happy to see their ex-Qb1? (After broke ’em off something propper-propper). EDGE=Herd, 4sure!
  • weather: Does not seem to favor anything other than O’s, pressing this precip’/storm stays east of West Virginia.

  • health/off-field: Whispers say Marshall is post-BYE week and back to near full medicine. Whereas the VT grab gang is still R.I.C.O. racketeering. EDGE=Herd. (For sure, too).
  • penalties: It is early on both sidelines… though both are toe-the-line discipline-wise so far. EDGE=push.
  • intangibles: VeeTee is a little better in TOP (time of possession), and yet Marshall is a bit better in the all-important Turnover Margin. EDGE=push.
  • fatigue: as said above, Marshall has a +13 look on ‘fresh legs’ here. They really should rain “logo-3’s”. EDGE=Herd.


R.A.T.T: ...upsetting 7 point fave Marshall up in Huntington is all about, what(s)?

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Herd who could ‘buffalo’ @Tech=11 maybe 12?

the takeaway:

the takeaway is… …Bill Dooley may be gone although Bill Dooley is STILL here.

April odds

Dooleyball is alive and well up in Marshall, WVa.

Where jus’ enuff defensive star-power and a heavy rushing attack is ready to ground-n-pound your filet Spread O and lowercase Spread fighting-D into ground-chuck.

Or, potted meat.

As in… a solid Marshall O {sic: game} planned well enuff and averaged close to 4oo yards per game. However, struggled to score consistently, there wasn’t enough explosion, and the points have to come when there’s a chance after long drives. The D was/is solid like a rock.

The O needs to ’23 advance if Marshall wants to rock the ’23 party.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Tough to be critically sure who courts the better Staffing acumen here— although Marshall does play harder than Vah.Tech on tape and that is enough to tick this box, here.

formulae here favors… families.

Marshall will visit Virginia Tech next season. Virginia Tech coach Brent Pry and Marshall’s Charles Huff served in various roles under coach James Franklin at Penn State and Vanderbilt. Hokies defensive line coach J.C. Price spent nine seasons at Marshall

St.Albany and The 3o4 Saints’ bless & intercede! (Only Frank would go do this…)

Pry’s father, (Coach) Jim Pry, was a backup quarterback at Marshall in 1971. That “Young Thundering Herd” team was patched together after a November 197o plane crash killed 75 people, including most of the football team in the worst disaster in U.S. sports history.

Coach God help*75!

Game Ball or mag·num o·pus:


He blocked the punt that upset mighty Marshall in Mitchell Stadium in ’51.
The proto-molecule of Beamerball, itself.


  1. Δ1=67%, The Hokies are giving up 212 rushing yards per game, which is the seventh worst among Bowl Subdivision teams. Tough to think that has no meaning during their homesteading Dub.Vee Super Bowl out on the road.
  2. Δ2=~3o%, That the F’n Gobblers just (somehow) maintain contact, hang-around, mess-around, and fool-around just enough to sneak into and backdoor this one late. On some kinda rally-cap, dorsal-fin-looking cardiac afternoon. Whereby Drones establishes himself as your Qb1 bar none.
  3. Δ3=3.o4%, of extra-innings. Stranger Things, hogzilla, Sheepsquatch, whopper-bloopers, the Flatwoods Whatchamacallit, and of course… Moth’Fest ’23 baa-bee!

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and this one same as the last two will nearly surely require we go Ric Flair as a 6o-minute man.

the optics

…Marshall’s won at least 7 games in 6 straight seasons and 9 of the last 10. In point of fact, its 65.6%-win percentage since 2o13 is the 22nd-best mark nationally during that span.

Meaning: if this one is close; late, they know how to win. Do, we?

Clinical hygiene favors the HerdHers, here.

the skinny

Virginia Tech hopes to avoid another letdown heading into Atlantic Coast Conference play. The Hokies are off to their worst start since 2o1o.

And yet; as we four reported on TSL’s pay-side… things were/are looser under this new Qb1 over in the New River Valley at practice his week…

…does that mean they are feeling no pain; or just do not care?
Ask ~4 PM Saturday in the Peoples Republick of the 3o4 to… know.

WWI: “The Great War”

Trench Warfare favors

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • VeeTee is a pudgy or centennial 100th best in 1st-down O | whereas Marshall is a nonpareil or truly 1st-best-elite in 1st-down D allowed! (WOWOW!)
  • Marshall is an even pudgier 123rd best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a middleocore 59th best in 1st-down D allowed.
  • VeeTee is a flimsy 1o9th best in 3rd-down O converts | whereas Marshall is mud in your eye 11th best in 3rd-down D converts allowed! (Dang…)
  • Marshall is an even flimsier 124th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a user-friendly 1o9th best in 3rd-down converts allowed.

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, if offense is your thang this contest ain’t thy thing. As both O’s are smelly/ugly. Though the Herd’s D can make things dirty for you. That is the only advantage here. Although, the D gap was about ½ of all D-1 D’s on 1st down and then an even more postal near hundy or ~1oo-spots better on getting off the field on 3rd-D. EDGE=Marshall‘s D; virtually entirely at that!

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • V.P.I. is 77th or a slow leak in rushing TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed O | whilst Marshall is a kra-kra bonze-medalist or 3rd best in all of D-1 in TFL inflicted D! (w0w0w!)
  • Marshall is 94th faster-leak in rushing TFL allowed O | whilst V.P.I. is a solid 35th best in TFL inflicted D! (nice!)
  • V.P.I. is another pin-hole or 79th best in sacks allowed O | whilst Marshall is a nutty silver-medalist or 2nd best in all of D-1 in sacks inflicted D! (geeeeez).
  • Marshall is most curiously enuff, the gold-medalist or 1st-best in all of D-1 in sacks allowed O (w/ zero) | whilst V.P.I. is a C++ or 52nd-best in sacks inflicted D.

TTT Analysis:
Well, both O’s need a can of Fix-a-Flat or three here. Less the Herds pass-pro’ or V-cup which year-to-date has not yielded a single solitary sack in 8Q’s of work. (So, Eye decided once again to run the maths not my moufs… E.c.u. is tied for last in sacking D and little Albany has actually inflicted a Triskaidekaphobic 13-sacks thus D-1aa far. 3rd best -1 level down in collegiate terms). So, that’s not bad on the Herd’s pocket-protector part. Over on D and V.P.I. is steady and yet the Herd is ‘Tatanka’ stadium stampede ready! Like locked, cocked, and ready to rock. EDGE=Marshall until someone/anyone can slow this Herding down.

3-game splits, …these say why not ask game no.4?

H/A splits, …however, these say… Whiskey Tango Helen did not compile these, yet?!? (Maybe only 2-contest for the Herd mucked with this?)

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely an A.c.c. round-robin askback. As these two have no one in common.

Triangle Theory says that… ^^^see: above^^^.

Herd Projected S&P+: 68th.
Marshall Projected S&P wins: 7.8 W’s.


the sportlight

…here in the sportlight…

Eye predict a punt block in honor of Pop in Mitchel Stadium, B’field, WVa., —just not sure which way; though?

Eye predict a fake, reverse, Qb-pass; Statue-of-Liberty, fumblerooski, or something of a deceptive ilk


the call

There is NO Alpha male, here…

check it…

  • Marshall is 119th in βeta O overall… albeit vs. the 82nd-ranked defensive S.O.S. (strength of schedule).
  • VeeTee is 1o7th in βeta O overall… albeit vs. the 58th-ranked defensive S.O.S. (strength of schedule).

This tells you… what happens with either of these two kneecapped O’s face a legit leg-work D?

The conspicuous part was… VeeTee’s O was trapped between βetas of: 91st to 1o6th best, right? However, Marshall -who was even mo’, well; ‘rank’- in βeta O overall… was also a vastly mo’ reasonable in: Explosive O (58th) and in Efficiency/Play (34th!).

This is due to the fact that when Marshall pops clean on O here-n-there, they pop really long. A chunky or Manwich team if you will. (While VeeTee lacks masking agents or covering effects ¦ per: only two carries north of 30′ and only one aerial beyond 38 yards!). wowow.

  • Marshall is second, that’s (2nd) best in βeta D overall… albeit vs. a C- or so 78th-ranked offensive S.O.S. (strength of schedule).
  • VeeTee is 66th in βeta D overall… albeit vs. a C- or so 74th-ranked defensive S.O.S. (strength of schedule).

The leaded part was… Marshall Plan or silver medal in βeta D is a wood stake, clove of garlic, or mercury bullet. Meaning that is no joke even if it is kinda/sorta Sun-Belted or whatnot. As Marshall tallies only worse than 9th best once. (And that is a mere 13th-best in defensive Explosion!) ouch. (While VeeTee is actually batting eyes and flirting with being decent itself ¦ in all less their Falling House of Usher erstwhile known as their 111th best Effective Rush βeta D. Meaning… if they could just clean that up that’s an okay enuff D, maybe even a fair-to-middling D).

The coffin-corner kicker is… Tech ranks 131st nationally in designed yards per run. Or, last. That’s on scripted runs mind yah. Not R.P.O.’s, not sandlot, not scrambling for positive yardage. Now consider thus; VeeTee could still be down its Top-3 grab-gang crew— and is down its Top-2. (Gallo & Jennings).

Meaning: can Cobra-Ky’ spark this O *that* much all by his ownself vs. such a selfie-sparking D?

Or, rather; try thinking of it this way… Purdue BIG-X’ed us out or out-manned us upfront. @Rutgers out-hit us upfront on their oLine. And had jus’ enuff Rb1/Qb1 rushing behind that to get that work.

Marshall mirrors or isomers mo’ parts Rutgers and less part Purdue. The tougher discern is… could Marshall take Rutgers in a fair fight? If ‘yes’ we are unlikely to take this one here. If ‘no’ who knows? This one could then be code for he who scores last laughs the same.

To me?

That’s a big road ask vs. 13 days of film study and fresh legs in front of a possible 41,382+ record-setting crowd on the unfamiliar: O.G. of synthetics… AstroTurf itself.
(think: the initial Rector Fieldhouse, rug!)

The VerdicT:

…now odds.

Now… use thy mouse-wheel to scroll up-down, down-up, and keep rolling back and forth until you see(s) it immediately above.

As try as we might this ain’t rocket-surgery folks…

…both teams are kinda sucky on O. …though one team is well above average on D and the other team is well below average in BIG defensive plays surrendered.

Which is to finally say; Eye do not believe Marshall to be beyond our reach so much as Eye and Coach Browning fear they may be just beyond our, grasp.

We HAVE to -that’s 1,000% must- take away these chunky Marshall offensive plays. Simple as that gents. We do that and we have something of a shot to nick this one late via herding thundering cats.

Do that not and we hang around a bit, prolly improve a bit; and do just enuff to get out to 1-3.

And frankly, if this one was over in the N.R.V. Eye’d have to toy with taking (a slightly improving) Tech.

Nonetheless, they will be all kinda podank amped and mythed up to get into us for this necktucky one here.

Moth’fest ’23 just closed in Dub.Vee terms, ESPN2 is here, and you do the 3o4, maths.

As their thunder-stick is about to get stuck in our thunderbox and that moves us to
o’fer-3 vs. the Dub.Vee in our last, three.


upset Index=38%


Virginia Tech=17, Marshall=27


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





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  1. Doesn’t sound encouraging – all I can say is I hope VT doesn’t hang around and then lose in a fashion similar to the ‘Hoos last night. Playing poorly is one thing, giving games away due to poor coaching decisions and brain-dead plays is completely different – that made the T-eligible play look inspired. I sure hope the defensive gurus on this staff come up with a plan to stop the run, or this is going to be a long day.,

    1. Eye don’t know, (yet)?

      We are right on the cusp… little engine that could or could not and here comes a Pitt-stop.


    1. bench.
      Hondo or our 6th man per ‘red’ Auerbach.
      (Though he did have to close– St.Nikon bless!)


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