Miami Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=24 Miami=25

Word of the day: gob·smacked

🎼Workin’ on the chaaaaain-gaaaaaang🎶.”

adjective: gobsmacked; adjective: gob-smacked

  1. utterly astonished; astounded.
  2. 1930s: from gob3 + smack1, with reference to being shocked by a blow to the mouth, or to clapping a hand to one’s mouth in astonishment.
  3. The now R.A.T.T. Hokie Nation?

Virginia Tech football is… 4-4. .5oo. 6th place in the A.c.c.
Welcome to middleocrity Hokie Nation.

The Hokies enemies hope you will stay awhile. Tho’ is a .5oo finish now in the cards? Prolly not, on (a hopeful) 11-game docket, right? Tho’ is a sub-.5oo finish now in the cards? Possibly not, on (a hopeful) a rally as our big-whistle literally says…  “I’m really encouraged.” “Best I’ve felt about the team all year.” “I feel confident.” “I’m awfully proud.” And guess what goeth before the… Fall? How many days is it until this fall ends and the (Winter) equinox again? As that hubris thing is a real breach-birth bitch. ‘cept fo’ one thing… this ain’t ‘pride men… this is either clinical denial gone outcome detachment or just plum: overwhelmed. Or… all three… So, buckle up P.A.T.T.’s… as this Eye is gobsmacked and this Eye is … black!

1Q 11:15 remaining:
Eye guess this was an accident? Though it was also surely and entirely how you hi’-lo’ someone to harvest their knee from behind. As #89 of Miami is on all fours like a barking dawgg while the left or odd-side Ot truly pancakes Reed over top of him! St.Nikon bless, as Reed is entirely fortunate that he got up from this one indeed.

I want a haaaaaamburger… no, a cheeeeeseburger.”

2Q 12:52 remaining:
Can’t say I much recall this one before… maybe once, somewhere along the lines. Tho’ slow it down and you will see Johnson basically give the Master’s Scoreboard a ‘heads-up’. As he over-kicks the punch-FGA attempt and: ‘tops’ this one. As you can see the white paint and dust bunnies jumpin’ right on up at impact. Like a very small pasty smoke bomb went off… wild! (and the final margin of VicTory… or …VomiT as well).

2Q 9:49 remaining:
#11 Trè Turner with a really nice sideline steal that nearly tumbled the Miami defender (#23) all the way under the VeeTee bench. Yes, there is some hawt-sauce between these two teams sports-fans; and if you are a lurking ‘Cane? I could understand why you’d want a flag here. Giving new meaning to ‘air Jordan’ gone crashlanding for sure.

2Q 7:06 remaining:
Not a good look… as DAX either knee-gimps his left-knee on the plant or he went down really easy vs. the lowercase sized Hb (#23) lead-blocker on the Qb-keeper from Miami. A warrior like DAX is hard to spill like this… i.e. something has to be ‘rong to be in delicate self-protect mode vs. a little itty-bitty-titty-committie Rb.

Trophy catch… not!

3Q 2:06 remaining:
Cue: Mel Blanc (as Buggs Bunny): of the beyond classic N.F.L. Football Follies Emmy Award-winning series way way way back whens…

…we’re purdy darn melon-cccca-melon-cccca-melon-cccca, we’re pretty dang sad Lord.”

A truly hilarious play… …if only we had won!

TOP (time of possession) was a mindboggling 18-12 minutes of play in favor of Da U. Don’t worry, it did not feel like it to me, either. However, that keeps our thinny O&M eggs and j.Ham halt-unit out there and this reaps wear-n-tear rewards later on.

Yikes and ouch alike!

3Q 9:29 remaining:
Hate this look same as the Reed pinning/collapsing look from behind up above as well… as Te3 (#89, Drake Deluliis) almost sees his day -if not his year- come to an abrupt close on this edge block when his left-knee pronates inward like an accordion. St.Culbreth bless!

3Q 2:47 remaining:
Divine -who really is a lean/technique baller by trade in lieu of brute force guy- gave his shoulder up on this one trying to stop the 3rd down ‘Cane plunge play up the even or right-side A-gap gut. Remember, this kid is a ex-Wr (trying) to play a version of Ss in an overloaded Fs body. Like trying to buss a lantern-battery through a D-cell. Even Galactica per Cylon (re)wiring cannot buss stop dis. (St.Christopher bless!)

3Q o:oo remaining:
Dear Mrs. Brock… LOL… insta, myspacebook and snap my chat off on this one, ooooook child?

’cause although talkin’ smack may be your thang, mathematics clearly; ain’t.

As even Barry Windham knows you got beat by one that’s (1) point… not fo’!

And JIC you are too nubile raised to the puerile power to figure this one our girlfriend… your very Swisher Sweet cheapness that got glorified sans sportsmanship? Well, that’s the very reason why the zebras are expensing you every single fringe call they can on blocking/holding and/or personal fouls. I mean, I know it is millennial important for you to be you… tho’ you is the correct personal-pronoun singular count here. As in you need to make up you(r) mind if your horny need for attention is what this .5oo team needs in a tight seesaw battle such as this.

Ditto his sideline harangue on the ‘Canes from the daring distance of over 55-yards away! LOL, I mean how many peeps do you need to hold you back from ALL the way across the dang field!?!

Or in other words… how much smack do you talk when you actually; win?

4Q 3:12 remaining:
Not sure I’ve seen this many knee-collapses from behind inflicted on one team in one game, before?

unreal bio-inflection mechanics here… Coach God Bless!!!

Tho’ this time it is big ole #74 -Doug Nestor- who seems to be settling into his even or right-G slot who fall down go, left-knee ‘boom’. (St.Nikon help!) As this is truly a helpless look upon breaking tape and it takes nothing to blow something out in defenseless freefall just like this. (harsh/scary-looking play). A cruel mistress this Terminal Contact, sport… dang.

4Q 1:44 remaining:
Do you Ginkgo -whatever it is called, Eye forgets- last week when someone scolded #44 d.Strong for his called timeout FGA block return taunting?

Looks like someone from Miami did; as they went man’s game on #44 and force-feed Mrs. Strong some weak-sauce, here!

Moufy is as moufy does…

There is no market for this men. A total sausage move.
Least of all @home. Nobody likes this.
Nadda. Nil. None.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=5
Qb hurried=o
Qb hits=20
Sacked=6 (plus 3-Qb1 TFL).

Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=18
Sacked=6 (plus 3-Qb1 TFL).

From above… riddle me thus be yea P.A.T.T., or R.A.T.T., or N.A.T.T. …and granted, it ain’t quite team-wide… though nevertheless…

Just how well do our new-2020-found mouthy guys mesh with all things INTJ Fu’?

  • Introverted? LOL… Eye can think of a lotta things here and introverted ain’t one of ’em.
  • iNtuitive? Ahhhhhhh, how? Need I type mo’?
  • Thinking? Not even close.
  • Judging? Scoreboard!

Or in other words… am Eye the one only banjaxed to see this going on under stickler, micromanaging, nothing left to chance Abaci poster-boy Fu’?

(or are the inmates >>> asylum?)

(o) (o)

Okay, that Jeffries Tube fully vented… the TTT metric predicts a close game and a close game is what we gots. Recall someone said it might take 65-minutes to beat Miami pre-game and well, I’d take my extra innings chances any ole day vs. #9 in all the land @home and let the O&M chips get big-n-blue and fall where they may.

And tackling hit an early O&M eggs and j.Ham career highwater mark per the greatest Scout Team big-whistle in the land getting a better preparatory look outta them. And per DAX tacking his ass off and per Ashby gamely gimping it out on about 1.4 good wheels. (that was a very thick/binding homeopathic custom tape job he was wearing less a real live orthotic— props to the O&M Training Staff for somehow getting a kid who was: “Questionable” at best/at most on Wednesday out there this past Saturday to boot).

That major and objectified praise rightfully and gladly bestowed… the thingy is…


So, everyone else is telling -or should I type: ‘selling’- you that this was our seminal defensive effort of the year vs. the Miami Florida Hurricanes. Right?

And “aye”… tackling wise they are not short of: correct.
(mucho mejor amigos… prestigio!)

However, here in the People’s Republick of the 3o4, where all things are relative indeed… let’s see how we really did in relative terms…

  • Our 95th ranked overall-D just put in a day that would rank: 49th on the year.
  • Our 99th ranked Rushing-D just put in a day that would rank: 41st on the year.
  • and our 88th ranked Passing-D just put in a day that would rank: 86th on the year.

Do you see what Eye mean, yets?
41st is C+++ to B—.
49th is C+++.

And 86th is not so much…

Or in other words… the Miami O staff has to know that they left one drop on a seam route that was set to pop, and one just plain bad throw from e.King on another seam route out there on the field. Even if they only hit us for a major (C.f.l. for a touchdown) on one of those wide-open two… that’s a big big deal in any single-play contest. Now mix in their nearly 80 yards in reverse and they may have left even more than that out there.

So, yes; this was indeed a Hamiltonian improvement— and it was also a ‘Canning friendly-fire foul-up as well. i.e. it is not quite the improvement that the others are singing about. Trust me.

Fu’rther what Eye mean is… we are about to play an actually truly mean halt-unit up @Pitt. A defensive squad that merely ranks…

  • 8th in total D.
  • 2nd in rushing D.
  • 1st in TFL inflicted.
  • and 1st in Qb’s, sacked!

Or as the Brit’s are always want to have me say… “it’s all in the maths.”

Coach Einstein gets it… relatively speaking… our 1-star General defensive effort of the year was actually more parts sparky 1st-Lieutenant indeed.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): |||| ||
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 Da U flag)

positive: |||| |||| || (1 big TD!)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |||
negative: |||| |||| |

That rightfully said… Fu’ merits a 10-9 round here. They may not have played/hustled all-in like they did @U.n.c. (hardest I’ve seen a Fu’ team play in getting beat). Tho’ they were not in the tank-like Shamu was down at SeaWorld either.

This with a growing list of whispered: “opt-outs” or Q’ers starting to emerge. (which is only about a DeeJay loft-wedge removed from the kiss of death: “Players Only Meeting” internal cry for help).

(o) (o)

Hooker is playing Mister Scoot football and giving you all he gots… what he ain’t gots however is a pocket passing pedigree. And he likely won’t. Still yet, he has a good temperament, he’s a trier… and he don’t “wall” himself off at pressors when the outcome itself needed a little: “mending“. And he’ll prolly bring your trashcans in for you the next time you forget and leave them on the curb. Good fences make good neighbors –Coach Ro.Frost.

That reality firmly in place… it remains to be seen -much less proven- well, at least beyond the “easily impressed” if Holston is a rushing Elixir, a rushing panacea… or merely an Rb3. As he reminds just a scosche of Trey Edmonds (before the harshing leg “snap”) a few years back. Determined, high-striding runner to be sure. With the same blend of feisty fetish and speed and sure, that does read swell enough. Now let me see it gettin’ mo’ reps than his 3.2 ypc per his career average before coming into a whole and entire whopping eleventeen carries thus far this 2020 campaign.

Patience Grasshoppers“…
—Coach Carradine. (’cause if he is all that and a ‘snap’ it will show itself out… you need not message board show him how to pose for the Heisman, just; yet!)

The Lo.FM itself posits, avers, and connotes… a pretty close game. Although it tilts in D’Eriq King Qb1 favor. As he graded several neutral plays that were really close to being positives. And his neutral+positive count is way in excess of HenBoss’s neutral+negative count. Or in other words, although our Hooker is good at not wetting the Lo.FM bed… our Hooker still can’t drive… clutch.

As blocking saw a net gain on positive-plays, and yet it also suffered a net gain on negative-plays this week off the norm’ or mean median mode. As this really was an all-out war of Hannibal’s war-elephant on war-elephant crime.

As the mosh-pit was not a kid-safe place to be this week upon breaking take.
Very much feast or famine as each side landed several kayo class shots on the other for the duration.

i.e. or in other words, Miami left some Miami out there and Virginia Tech left some Virginia Tech out there as well. File those nuggets away for Georgia Tech and @Pitt respectively.

the takeaway...

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner: #89 new Te Drake Deluliis —he showed a few signs here… seems like one that might just get the game on an intrinsic level. And he has the frame to get even mo’ than his okay sized 235 lbs. on 6′5″suggests. Pretty good athlete too… as he had a few hoops look sees coming up in addition to football itself.

R.A.T.T.: ...right now Whit should do what(s)?

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

But over the remaining 21:14 of the game, Miami scored two touchdowns, while the Hokies’ remaining five possessions netted just 57 yards, five first downs.” -Will freakin’ Stew

Gameball=Diaz. Simple as this was… did you see him put the Vice-Squad and Co. in a vice of his very own, design? Defensive Coach’s call this: ‘squeezing the field‘. As he compressed things vertically on Hooker first— thereby daring the Fu’fense to beat him long. Then he gradually went Gen. Heniz Güderian WWII and pincer movement compressed our pass-pro’ look to try to keep Hooker in the pocket as opposed to flushing him outta the same. (where Hooker might just beat you on edge once he breaks RPO contain).

bend the knee!”

This was both: subtle, it was deft and it was also gradual. Although you can numerically science-fact see it in the reduction in contacts Hooker suffered despite tallying a hurtful 6-sack day against.

Prior to this, you ask?
Hooker went a sharp-looking 7 for 7 passing.

After this, you ask?
Hooker went 8 of 15 with 1 INT.

(that’s coaching the verb: folks!)

Or Talent the noun, as Miami’s front-4 pinchers upfront ‘pocketed’ our 2-ball per:
20 tac’s combined, 25% of which were TFL, and 66.7% of which were sacks!

Talent the noun folks -or an O&M lack thereof-
the 1 buy-out the decaf’s can not: “FIRE“.

formulae football

Let’s see… one team had 60% of their already swiss-cheese holey on TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed and Qb-sacks-allowed oLine… they had 13 viral peeps pop positive on Friday (St.Coleman bless!), they nearly canceled; Saturday, they had right at 80 in reverse on truly indiscipline dumbass bonehead ‘whistles’ and they left two wide-open seam-throws out there on Worsham Field.

Hmmmmm… Eye wonder what mo’ we wanted to be handed to us, on an O&M silver plater here?

Virginia Tech might have hit its ceiling. (and less any mo’ carping on FIRE Fu’ and FIRE Corny and FIRE the play-calling…) what if our Qb1 is a roofer, too?

A hard-cap’ of a got called into the Peter Principle’s office at ceiling school at dat. As this program has now dropped seven straight games to top-10 opponents. Twelveteen, seventy-eleven, and all the other imaginary numbered excuses raised to the alibi power notwithstanding…

As even the largest P.A.T.T.y-cake P.A.T.T.y-cake baker’s man among yah; has now gotta admit… you can’t have your bakery -lack of player-development mantra reinforcing outcomes- and eat it Fu’.


To put it more simply —the program is stale.
Trending on… moldy.

And if we close o-5 on a toilet-bowl busting streak of a straight-flush to finish all 2020 things up?

The now fu’lly windswept breadcrumb recruiting trail back to the in-state glory days
may crumble mo’ than that.

The Rest of the Story...

Okay… so in the most generic, broad-brushed, overall, strategic terms, our 1-point L to the #9 team in the land did not grade all that severely upon breaking-tape. Granted…

Broken old-school reel-to-reel film-study projectors notwithstanding… it actually graded closer to ‘even’ or a ‘push’ overall.

This led me to two different conclusions…

  1. Miami ain’t #9. They are closer to no.19, maybe/possibly even closer to no.29 at that. Though that ‘Cane-name sure brings some surname swagg. Like it or lump it, they have the gloss and the glitterati on their side here.
  2. Virginia Tech however is prolly closer to no.45 -where we were de facto Coach’s Poll ranked coming into this one last- week than Miami was to “number nine” (Woodstock album lyric insert:_________, here check!) Or, at least we are R.A.T.T. closer to our (current) R.P.I. ranking of #54 for this week. Learn… that’s five-four outta a whopping 254 combined D-1 and D-1aa schools in this year’s R.P.I. football poll gents. And yah; this passes the acid-test— Dr. Glanville notwithstanding by-the-bye. As we are in the Top-21.2% of all D-1 plus all D-1aa football teams for you P.A.T.T.’s out there. That’s not great, admittedly; although it sure as shite could be worse. Thingy/Caveat being:… do you recall someone’s summertime recruiting ranking point-of-no-return mathematics? Did it look anything like dis…?

    What the Fu‘ happened to the Delta I used to know?!?
  3. Okay, so eye lied… as I reached one other conclusion crunching this many digits for all of you… as there is Clemson and then there is everyone else in the All Clemson Conference. Right? What Eye did not realize is just how far the Clemson-Gap has opened between the Tigers and any other Atlantic Coast mascot you deign to name.

Or in other words… how long do you stay in a: Bad Marriage?

Swingers or Open/hot tub peeps chime in here and help the traditionalists out… how may social geology credit hours do you need to white-rocks collect polygamy dues before it is time to finally say: “Fu’getaboutit?”

Because there is a growing school of thought inside and around Jamerson that is thinking… that if you do not get out sooner rather than later… you are leaving us marooned with yet another spork in the Owens Dining Hall road. Or in this 2021 case… déjà Fü.

The Closer...

So, we gotta do something to snap outta this growing, fu’nk.

Because now is when you need a real live locker-room court-jester, jokester, or prankster.

Someone who will practice-field run-right on up and short-short Fu’. Someone messes around in order to turn frowns upside down.

Someone outside the hexagon (boxes have 6-sides, right?) and willing to run extra laps just to help loosen up everyone else…

Someone who gets that…

Fu-Schnickens; with a return to Fu-fighters is >>> being: Fugazi's


this little closet keltic bastard keeps eating, Hokie-eggs!

The cure of course is to play the blame-game, the denial-game, and/or the alibi game. As we all know, this is America, and nothing is ever our fault! Don’t believe me? Just ask our 13-nil record in warfare. Now, someone must be sacrificed upon the shameless altar of blame, be this Judas Goat “baa–aaa–aaa-aaa-d”, or righteous, or not.

Although none of that moral dodgeball modern cucky shite is my own personal Savoir-faire, fair is fair. And Eye for one am willing to play the obfu’scation-game.

Ergo, therefore, to Whit… I want every single real Hokie reading these words to go outside right now, right this very damn minute, and kill the nearest five that’s (5) Baby-Yoda’s they can find.
Gobsmack dem little mugs until they is, done!

Because as you can plainly see, Diaz’s late-game little piggy went to market, when 13 ‘cane little piggy’s stayed home. O&M eggs and j.Ham’s little piggy had turkey-sausage, Corny’s little
piggy had none. And this little TSL message-board…
went post-game wee, wee, wee,
after 24-25 @home!



Virginia Tech=24, Miami=25




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  1. When I read we are 1-10 against ranked opponents at Lane we are in bad shape I would at least like to see us hire a national recruiter come to Blacksburg to make us feel a little better about this mess we have at VT

    1. so would Eye.

      Tho’ which stud-recruiter would take our (remaining) about 50 cents on everyone else’s dollar?


  2. There were six Baby Yoda’s at Tar’ge and I admit it, I turned and ran. I don’t know what my part is but I’m not getting it done.

    1. The goal… is to loosen things up… before things tighten up so much… that even mo peep…
      give up.

      Best coach I ever had?
      His best trait?

      He made HARD ass work, fu’n.


    1. Not umpossible… a o-5 finish sure loads that wait to the end of the year gun.
      Plenty of buckshot there, too.


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