Miami football preview is up!

#14 R.P.I. Miami @ #54 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… a set of terms, the 4 classical persuasive argument modes:

  1. Ethos (plural: ethea) is an appeal to the authority or credibility of the presenter. It is how well the presenter convinces the audience that the presenter is qualified to speak on the subject…
  2. Pathos (plural: pathea) is an appeal to the audience’s emotions. The terms sympathy, pathetic, and empathy are derived from it.
  3. Logos (plural: logoi) is a logical appeal or the simulation of it, and the term logic is derived from it. It is normally used to describe facts and figures that support the speaker’s claims or thesis.
  4. Kairos (Ancient Greek: καιρός) This is the time and place. An orator uses this to their advantage to persuade the audience to act now at the time being. Most commonly, it is used to create pressure.

Miami Head Coach: Manuel Alberto Diaz II: age=46, (6-1 year and 12-8 overall); has a rep’ for being a good egg as a peep and for being a very industrious long-hours worker-bee as a coach. A defensive magus by trade; very itinerate coach. Really jumps around. The Larry Brown of defensive positions and of U.S.P.S. change of address labels. Tho’ a Linebacking rook-card coach. Really gifted in 2nd-layer terms. An Lb-whisper if there is such a thing.

Baller Diaz, is the son of former Cuban-American Miami mayor Manny Diaz, was born on March 13, 1974. At Miami Country Day High School, Diaz was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In 1991, Diaz was a Miami Herald honorable mention All-Dade County Scholar-Athlete for football, basketball, and baseball.

A defensive coach with a scoring O @home!

After college Manny got into coaching at FLA.State. And here is his nearly who’s who of big-names and or really articulated halt-unit names on his way up through the defensive ranks. Bobby Bowden: Florida State (1998–1999), Chuck Amato: North Carolina State (2000–2005), Rick Stockstill: Middle Tennessee (2006–2009), Dan Mullen: Mississippi State (2010, 2015), Mack Brown: Texas (2011–2013), Skip Holtz: Louisiana Tech (2014), Mark Richt: Miami (FL) (2016–2018). That’s not cutting one’s proverbial teeth, that’s sharpening one’s defensive fangs! And notice as well, there are a couple of disciplinarians and a couple of ace recruiters in coach Diaz’s pedigree as well.

And by my count? Coach Manny has tallied an absurd… 41 national rankings 15th or better in the top national defensive statistical categories. With a sixth sense for Sacks and TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted. Likewise, Turnovers gained and Manny once was a very creative/aggressive special-teams coach to boot.

Big Papi Diaz is considered the mastermind behind the extremely notorious “Turnover Chain”. A Cuban link chain with a charm in the shape of the school’s iconic “U” logo, designed by famed Miami jeweler Anthony John Machado, more commonly known as “A.J. The Jeweler.” Who lives in the 3o5.

Daddy Diaz served as a Production Assistant at ESPN. The last highlight reel he cut was the 1997 Masters. Diaz and his wife, Stephanie, live in Miami with their three sons:
Colin, Gavin, and Manny.

2019 record: 6 up 7 down and 4-4 in the A.c.c.

Miami Defense: (starters back=6)

  • 52nd in Total D.
  • 55th vs. the run.
  • 75th vs. the throw.
  • 46th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 36th in zone D.
  • 8.75 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. De Quincy Roche is dynamic and fellow De Jaelan Phillips is close. This U.C.L.A. transfer Philips-head has been on a career-high tear of late; and he plays the zone-blitz look as good as it can be played. Actually kinda crafty/rangy in his disguises and coverages. If you doubt that; guess who is second in passes defended fo’ Miami year to date? Eye’ll give you a hint… he broke-up six, that’s (6) passes at Temple in 2019. Da U Dline is going to be pretty dang good -if not outright great- even though it departs Soph. All-American De, Gregory Rousseau, a top-5 overall NFL draft prospect who opted out and will skip the season. Former Temple playmaker Quincy Roche –who only scored 137 tackles and 26 sacks for the Owls– is now the main pass rusher. Dt is deeper than De (3-starting quality guys war here); although this is just a dang good Dline stem to stern. Okay on raw girth/size, tho’ a heighty dLine on top of that— watch those V-cup passing lanes for tips/deflections or cut block a bit here. Dt’s are solid, De’s are even better, here.

    Base D look with Fs=Cf.
  • 3.5 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Gilbert Frierson and Bradley Jennings Jr. are what’s left of the nearly (seemingly) ½ decade 2nd-layer Linebacking cadre that carved out 99 career combined starts for da U with Shaq’ and Co. now all gonzo. The new Linebackers are smaller and at the short end of the Experience-Curve itself. Ergo, a drop-off was to be expected here. Frierson might be a bit of a pleasant surprise and Jennings Jr. might be a play-making something come his senior year. And although D is for diploma or C is for average, and this layer is clearly thridding in the defense race of three. As one ‘Cane Lb passes the physical looks the part eye test and the rest not so much as metrics go. Average 2nd-layer and some might have me type: more parts D+++ than that. Might be worse v. the pass than v. the run; tho’ they ain’t much v. either.
  • 7 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Safeties (and So.Cal transfer) Bubba (a very Jack Ham quality open-field shoulder-tackler) Bolden and Amari Carter are 1-2 in tackles overall and that’s typically not the most encouraging sign. Miami plays the ball not the man and is risk-friendly to the point of error making with nobody home (behind) the risk-taker at times. Cb is a bit thinner than S (or “Striker” in their lexicon) is, as S has basically 3-starting-quality guys. Whereas Cb saw one starter defect to the N.f.l. and the other (DJ Ivey) has been less than hoped for so far. There is depth here, tho’ it is not quite as epic of a high-point set of starters as you historically expect. As legacy Cb Al Blades Jr. is getting there, tho’ he ain’t there, just yet. The Hurricane secondary is right on point as metrics go. Solid height, solid size. There are a lotta umbrella looks and some of them are deeper than others— conceding shorter dink-n-dunk things underneath. With mo’ man on edge(s).
  • D overall: (film-study): Linebackers will sometimes invert arrowhead (Mike deeper) and somewhere Hank Stram may or may not be, smiling. Canes will take pressy risks with Cb’s on edge, and they will Tampa-2 or deep Cf Fs Cover-1 guys behind that. The Fs and Ss do a lotta elevating looks, one fakes a blitz and the other one hits it and versa-vicea. Miami does have some Will or wide side over-shifted thirty-four elements this year. Although the ‘Canes tackle semi-well, as they have improved just a smidgeon of late, they do tackle high at times and Eye’d say they catch-blocks worse than that. Miami will toggle intensities of jam-man to off-man all same X, Y, Z side when in the closeted 3-4 look. There are mo’ than a few moving parts to the U’s sneaky NYC street-corner -esque 3-card-Chauncy coverage schemes. Lotta bait-n-switch here; as dull this hind-7 to hind-4 ain’t. The U is still messin’ around with alignment(s) pre-snap wise and is late to the party for it at times. State seemed to wanna get work on the U’s right defensive side. Although Miami is a quicksand fast-setting defense when their dLine keeps their lowercase hind-7 mostly clean. They have speed(s) to burn, tho’ that velocity is wasted when they must combat folding blockers if/when opponents capture da U’s 2nd-layer (physically). They do not however deploy a metric-ton of physicality downfield… as Eye literally watched Nc.State guys pancaking ‘Cane hind-4 or hind-5 defenders off/on all nite long. And the need to play under-control better, and not overshoot the plays they do get to.

  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=50% (1o6th most). Luring the top defensive player on the transfer market (Roche) to Coral Gables is a coup, so Roche is your 1st-round-bound conflict defender here. The U is 21st in defensive TD’s scored and they will take advancing or route jumping risks accordingly. (i.e. everyone wants that Turnover Chain bling-bling). Ditto being 21st in fumbles forced as The U will swipe the rock and go for ESPN collision bone-jarring shots. Thingy is… there were and have been issues here vs. offending run-shapes that can literally ground-n-pound the rock. Some of these could be said to be lingering down in Coral Gables. That plus a 2nd-layer (Lb’ers) that kinda look a bit like bulked-up Strong-Safties and you have to wonder if the Vice Squad is gonna Crockett and rub-a-dub-dub their Tubbs? Tho’ this is a zoning kinda D, and they are very crossy at it with delays, angles, X’s, and so forth. Or in other words… they scheme craftier than they tradecraft play.

Defensive letter-grade:

Miami Offense: (returning starters=6)

  • 34th in Total O.
  • 56th in ground O.
  • 33rd in aerial O.
  • 33rd in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 48th in completion percentage O.
  • 41st in zone O.
  • 75th most in passes that got picked-off.

    do you sees what Eye, mean?
  • O overall: Qb1: ex-Wr1, now Qb1: D’Eriq King. This King is a princely one, with an “I got next” on this kingdom swagg’. D’Eriq don’t bend much; much less, the proverbial: ‘knee’. As this 5′10″, 205 lb. r-Sr. year grad’-transfer Qb1 is the one as Pivots go down in the Sunshine State; (sore ribs tho’, St.Adam bless). And most years? That is sayin’ a lot-lot-lot, make no misQ on dat and give the boy his Boyz n the Hood throwback looking proppers. As this kid is the casting turnkey cookie-cutter prefab easy call if/when they gotta remake this ghetto/’hood classic! In the meantime, however, D’Eriq is a smaller Qb1 who same as last week is really tore-up striated in his build and therefore in his in-game kinetics. As this is one dynamic Qb1 when he gets it swaggy goin’. As this Qb1 has five different Qb1 seasonal ratings and four of the five are ≥153 points! In point of fact, this year is his low-water Qb-rating marker for his career and yah; a lotta Qb1’s wish they had that, problem. Or his career 66:14 passing ratio (TD’s:INT’s) marker to boot. As King has already crowned 64% very good for 1,831 passing yards married to 4o6 rushing year to date. Tho’ these are D’Eriq’s vitals with possibly a handful of games still remaining! As this King is a natural play-maker, seriously… as two years ago he only led the nation in points responsible for per game, while only authoring a rushing TD in every single game in 2018, while only being one of only three QBs in FBS history with at least 35 passing TDs and 13 rushing TD’s in a season! Snap! This after only being the per se 202nd ranked ESPN recruit nationally; after a scholastic tally of only: over 10,000 career passing yards and over 3,000 career rushing yards. Dangnation… what a playar gotta do to be ranked… 201st?!? All high school ^dat^ on only 8 scholastic picks? Snaps (plural)! On tape… D’Eriq is a long-look downfield street baller who has more than a little sandlot in him. Tho’ he also has a snappy/zippy quick-release, even more quicks on the move, and is a springy slicey runner once he breaks contain. Not as accurate on his deeper ball and is not exactly a towering Klitschko modern era Super Heavyweight sized Qb1. Face scars only add to his swagg. As this is one of those rarefied legit street-swagg kids. Sends insta’s to, himself! Tho’ seems to have a slightly softer more likable side off-field. On-field and D’Eriq was very warm in September, cooled by 17% in October tho’ has gone back up by an even better 20% Buster Poindexter ‘hot hot hawt’ passing in the last couple of weeks. Curiously enough, he is a slumpy virtual 51% 2Q thrower and not less than a 60% chucker in any other Q of work. He also throws longer, later on, and takes more risk as the game wears along— with mixed to good results. And he really swells or excels in whoopin’ on the little man. As his stats are downright stellar scorched Mercury -esque vs. average or lesser teams and yet merely middleocore+++ vs. Top-25s in his career. Finally, it may not be October any mo’, tho’ this Qb1 will trick-or-treat you. And he is a seamstress under pressures where he has an uncanny knack at sandlot adlib football or at threading needles. Trust me, men, this player is not just a playar, he’s a ‘juicy-playAr’. Truly. Rb: Cam’Ron Harris is a 5′10″, 210 lb. squat tho’ well-stocked looking Rb1 for Miami. Cam’Ron was rated as the nation’s no.7 Rb by and that’s pretty good for a guy on a truly loaded AAAAAA Sunshine State title team where work/reps were hard to come by due to an abundance of, depth. Cam’Ron does court legit sub-4.5 forty speed; and yet his offer list was good enough, tho’ just a 5-iron short of great. Cam’Ron is a lowercase sized Rb, who grades a little small in stature. However, Harris is explosive, sudden, and quick through the hole. He deploys deceptive long speed though overall is quicker than he is pure burner fast. Not the most patient runner ever upon breaking tape, as he breaks shapes to try for SportsCenter showy type runs if the initial hole is not there initially. Looks shorter than his listing(s) on film too… tho’ this is a plucky determined Runner when he wants to be. Strong pipey kid in the gun-show arms-race. And he pushes big-ass Ford pick-up trucks up hills with then entire (large) family in the back to off-season train. Tho’ his average per rush gets more than cut in ½ from 1Q to 2Q and again in the second-half from 3Q to 4Q. So, he’s a load outta the gate and then goes smaller-lungs after that. As he has just below 40 2Q+4Q carries and not one north of 15-yards between ’em thus far. Good Rb, and a much better Rb when fresher early-on. And same as D’Eriq, these apostrophe guys run a scosche run-fit hot-‘n’-cold. Streaky talents to be sure. Disappear for a series or three then: “boom goes the dynamite”. And if they only had better field-vision… as they are leaving yards out on the field on film. Wr’s/Te: Wr1 Slot, Mike Harley (who has been hot as blazes of late), and Wr2 Mark Pope are legit. They are pretty good, almost very. That and the sophomoric Te Brevin Jordan (trick-right-knee, St.Nikon bless; bum shoulder too, St.Christopher bless) is prolly gonna be special… if he stays. Tho’ he’s been downright dented in lieu of dinged-(up) of late. As these Wideout Hurricanes will take deep shots on your azz, as they court a stunning eight that’s (8) guys with at least one snag north of 40-yards already! Miami will stretch you vertically and take Daryle Lamonica ‘mad bomber’ keeper shots downtown from time-to-time. Enter: Jordan and recycle Harley. Make a coverage misQ here and someone is gone, as 9 of the Hurricane Top-10 pass-catchers average, at least a 1st-down and change, and 6 of ’em average 14 or mo’. Third-year Wr Will Mallory has also been in heat of late. And even with 2-rookie or nugget year all-everything Wr recruits; all my preview mag’s really questioned the ‘Cane catch-corps here. The U Wr’s have some height, and yet they need about one more lifting year, however. Hands are a little above average here, so long as they don’t get in too much of a BIG play hurry and leave without the ball. oLine: The Top-6 2019 blockers all returned… plus Houston’s starting even or right-side r-Sr. year Ot; that’s the good news. The news-news however is that the Hurricanes parted ways with former offensive line coach Butch Barry after last season and replaced him with Garin Justice, who has more experience coaching offensive linemen in spread systems— and YET you still see a lotta defenders in Da U’s backfield. And you saw them finish last in A.c.c. rushing last, year. A blocking friendship bracelet this just, ain’t. Tho’ the Cougar Ot (6′7″, 315 lb. r-Sr. right-Ot, Jarrid Williams) and 6′7″, 348 lb. Sr. G, Navaughn Donaldson are damn problems when they choose to be. Tho’ snapping itself was problematic at times upon breaking-tape. And as you will see below… this is about as uneven of an oLine as you will ever see on the old-school projector. They are not small, tho’ mauling T.Rex sized oLines of yesteryears they just ain’t. Okay height and yet only one guy works north of 314 lbs. Edge blocking ain’t any worse is how I will put it, and neither is the passing-cup. Lotta zone-fill works here, you catch your man and turn/shield him or let him take himself outta the play. Vibes also hint this oLine is a bit dinged-up; on the edges most of all.

    Cane base O 3-wide, Pistol:
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=59% (82nd most). Last year all this jacked-up Talent went for 26 ppg on average. However, most of the points came in two games— via scoring 63 against Bethune-Cookman and 52 against Louisville. Take away those two games, and they averaged fewer than 20 points per game over the other 11. “Shazam!” This year and they are better, tho’ they seem to have some headroom above them, and that might should scare the R.A.T.T. in you. (film-study): this is a fun fun O… and if they had just a few tenths more of a pure N.F.L. stud at Rb and one mo’ freak at Wr? You’d need 40-45 every night to put Miami down. As Miami has every throw-point in the book as is, and King is just fun to watch. Love his chop-steps in the pocket— “happy feet” to some purists, tho’ W.T.A. baseline hottie awaiting an incoming serve. This is a rocket-fuel kid who plays the game geeked all the way up. Sauté, in a word. This O ain’t slow, and will look to up-tempo and keep exploitable defensive match-ups out on the field. So, halt-unit conditioning and judicious use of timeouts are necessary here. Miami has a lotta broken-Veer offset-Pistol looks with 3 or 4 wide or the one H-back/(Te) at times. They will overload the wide side of the field and then run backside underneath that after they set-you-up airwaves wise frontside. Lotta turn/shield blocking here, and if the Cane Rb’s could block King would not get crowned as much to boot. Tho’ King holds court as a competitor. He is mini-me J.Evans with less size and more pure electric juice. As this is one hard-trying Qb1. And he does well on his front-side salesmanship when they try to just out-athlete you backside later on. Really good mesh-point 15-15 R.P.O. vision too. Prolly a quality sparky Pt.Guard in another sporting, life. And oh yes… Mark Cox/Todd Greenwood enjoyed the old-school “toss plays” here. Far out blend of yesteryear and today. With great play-fake clear-outs to the faker (or motion) guy downfield off the mesh point pull. (watch the motion guy… you may get faked-out, tho’ hey, so did State).

  • 54% run:pass 46% mix. Wr Mallory is your secret sauce offender here. Recall Miami went out (under Diaz) and JuCo loaded this O for 2019 bear last year. Only to off their hyped-up 2019 Pro-Style O’wizard after 13 games; as the 2019 O actually regressed in lieu of: ‘progressed’. i.e. there should be Talent here. There really should. Now they have O’wizard II (spread-wizzbang at that); they also have 2-all-world Qb1 recruits behind this H’town transfer and in all honestly? 36th in Total O don’t seem too high or like they are playing over their heads. Now, and that rightfully said, what if they are getting it offensively together and just starting to gel -or even worse- just starting to: “click”? Because this is a very highly designed offense. Tooled, machined. A panzer tank or swiss-watch O. Lotta little idiosyncrasies or cutsie peccadillos to this one to account for men. (i.e. a really FUN O to break tape on, entertaining; very!)

Offensive letter-grade:

Special Teams: (both returned, old K1 got beaten out)

Miami is an entirely reasonable 12th best in Net Punting and so is r-Jr. Lou Hedley. If this Lou shows up on your front-porch to court your inexperienced prize-daughter? Deadbolt the door. Load the shotgun— as this is about as nutty looking of a JuCo transfer and converted Aussie Rules semi-pro inked-up tat’ guy as there is. Seriously. This guy has more neck-ink than Queequeg did and a biker-gang apprentice in-training this one has to be. Even JAX of SOA agrees. Lou is 26 years young, and he got his come ups during his eight years as a scaffolder in the middle of the Australian desert! Does the ink act as S.P.F.-55? 6′5″, 228 lbs. of raw imported Aussie lumber. Finally, this is the one P nobody wants to fight. And oh yes, he averages 25 ypc on fake-punts! Lou has a good -if not a great- leg, career-long of 6o. He was the #1 ranked P according to 247sports and he suffers no career blocks. And yah; Eye do not wanna Rough this Punter, either.

  • 83rd in Punt Returns | 57 in KO returns.
  • 87th in punt coverage | 1o8th and in suicide-squad.
  • Miami has blocked 3 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • Miami has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

ex-Florida International K1, now Miami Hurricane man-bun K1, the r-Sr. year, 5′10″, 2o5 lb., Jose Borregales is well, a different sort; I suppose. He takes a lotta practice photogs of himself, typically in compression gear. Very compressing compression-gear at that. Tho’ what do Eye know? Just like the new(er) Bond… I’ma an old-dog, old-tricks. This K1 however has plenty of experience. 63 of 80 for a 78.8% career FGA percent says so. Though oddly enough, this Borregales is more accurate ≥50-yards than he is from 30-39 and again from 40-49. Go fig’ on dat? Though do figure on at least mid-50’s range here. As he is the one who holds the ‘Canning distance marker as a Place-Kicker, already! Jose knows the way to AAAA Florida State championship bling. He knows he was named Lou Groza Award finalist for the nation’s top kicker in 2018 and again in 2019. He knows he has a degree in hand and bigass Lamb Chops like the Groove is in the Heart dood on the side of his face; and all kinda ink on his orthodox (or right) kicking side stem to stern to boot. He knows he wears some very creative eye-black and that he also has the F.I.U. distance marker on a 54-yard FGA make. This is a good and eccentric K1. Did I mention the man-bun and lambchops, yet? Oh, okay… finally, he has 3-career tackles from his 3-career blocks; and no FGA fakes. And oh yes… Borregales, cranked 3-FG-makes including one from 50 yards and another from 53 to help the FIU Panthers stun the Hurricanes at Marlins Park last year. After an extra point late in the game, the specialist even taunted Miami with a repeated throat-slashing gesture! (and oh ‘yes’ …Borregales is only 93% on his FGA’s this year… that’s all…)

Special Teams letter-grade: With a bit more from their coverage units Da U would grade even better than a flat B here. Tho’ there is leg-talent to spare, here.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O*.
  2. Miami O.
  3. Miami D.
  4. VT D.
(*if Herbert is right)


  • motive: ahhhhhh, who the hell knows what VeeTee’s game-face is here? Is it a frown or a frown turned upside-down? EDGE=Miami with an outside playoff shot.
  • weather: favors the O’s (plural); here. Indian Summer again November style over in the New River Valley. Dan Snyder notwithstanding. EDGE=Os.
  • health/off-field: neither team is real healthy at the moment. Both with unnaturally long injury lists or viral/off-field whispers and vibes (St.Corona bless!) Miami has at least 5 or 6 guys done for the duration due to off-field this/that. Tho’ VeeTee is really hurting at Rb, Mike-Lb, and Dt. It is not a huge EDGE, tho the EDGE cannot go=VT.
  • penalties: When viewed as an indice, the Canes are about 200% worse in both “tweets” and in “tweet” yardage itself. EDGE=VT (a nice one too).
  • intangibles: Da U is 52nd in all-important Turnover Margin and a mere 88th in TOP (time of possession). Both metrics favor VeeTee at about ~30 spots to the good. EDGE=VT.
  • fatigue: Miami has only balled once in the last fortnight and has had effectively two OPEN dates already this season. Whereas fatiguing VeeTee has been at work for 11-straight-game-prep-weeks! XL EDGE=Miami.

R.A.T.T.: ...VeeTee and Fu' will be what on Saturday at midday???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Hurricanes who could blow @Tech=12

the takeaway:

the takeaway here is that… Miami has a nice shiny 6 hyphen Clemson (6-1) rec’ coming into this one; whereas Vah.Tech looks a bit less the Coastal Alpha part. Checking in at a more modest-looking or even mixed looking: 4-3. Right?

So, it sure does wanna feel like this VT-3 point spread is not only bassackwards, that it is plum krazy gone totally ‘rong. Right?

Nonetheless, upon fu’rther review… although good in spots and downright great at Qb1, Miami of Florida is indeed a bit spotty in a word at this very moment as elite talent distribution goes.

(and that really should remind you of someone else. Right?)

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Don’t like this… tho’ I would like to have Miami’s +1 edge this week on prep-time to prep for them rather than the other way around. As Miami has a few complications to each side of the ball that a few more reps could really help get down pat.

formulae here favors:
Same as most years… the team with more **** and all the ***** star kids.
As only one team is a Constellation Class recruiting ranking starship here.


  1. Δ1=23% that Fu’ somehow gets ’em back up or that we were serially looking ahead and already playing Miami in our wimminz lib’ movement dreams last week.
  2. Δ2=67% that Miami actually shows up ready to actually play. As you never know with them. Although you do know that if/when they do show up to show-out? They have the horses to play out here.
  3. Δ3=10% either team punks the opposing team when the game gets away from them on something unexpected or some kinda fluke.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and VeeTee needs to win a whole lotta these minutes. Maybe even 65-minutes… if you know what I mean.

the optics

As you see in several spots above… the U’s oLine is a bit inviting; in particular when they have an “off night” of sorts. As they are still having some penetrating north-south issues this campaign.

the skinny

However, the ‘Cane dLine is another animal entirely. Ditto the fact that their Qb1 is a bit twitchier than ours is. (which is saying something, as Hooker is a top-20% ‘burst’ or fast-twitch caliber guy in his own right).

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • Da U’s O is 19th on 1st down | and VeeTee is 1o5th on 1st down D.
    Da U’s O 40th is on 3rd down* | and VeeTee is 67th on 3rd down D.
  • VeeTee’s O is 16th on 1st down | and Da U is 103rd on 1st down D!
    VeeTee’s O is 94th on 3rd down | and Da U is 40th on 3rd down D.

Lo.Fm Analysis:
Both teams enjoy spartan 1st-down offensive advantages; although only Miami enjoys a 3rd down advantage both on O and on D vs. VeeTee.

*Miami was a penultimate next-to-last-place on 3rd down O last year!

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • Da U is 49th in Qb’s sacked D | VeeTee is 44th in sacks allowed O.
    Da U is 15th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted | VeeTee is 26th in TFL allowed.
  • VeeTee is 16 most in Qb’s sacked D | Da U is 85th in sacks allowed on O!
    VeeTee is 22nd in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted D | Da U is 117th in TFL allowed O!!

TTT analysis:
It sure looks like O&M eggs and j.Ham should be able to ‘cane Miami in the U’s backfield. Tho’ if Herbert is a scratch, VeeTee must not allow any negative Lo.FM stops early on and force our so-so passes to wing their way to VicTory. EDGE=VeeTee.

highnoon tipoff!

the 3-game splits tell us that… both teams are throwing a little bit better of late, although VeeTee is carrying less mail on the ground to boot. Over on D, O&M eggs and j.Ham are a little improved recently, although it is Miami’s run-fits that have really filled in of late.

the Home/Away splits did not trend much on O… other than Da U throws a bit more out on the road. Over on D, VeeTee benefits by a totally unexpected ➕130 yards stop-set betterment vis-à-vis. (thanks mostly to Da U’s D sucking as a visitor this year).

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a one-play Miami VomiT on Saturday. (the curious part was… Miami was much more balanced than we were vs. a better Nc.State team than we beat; and they out-threw both opponents to boot).

the call...

  1. Ethos (plural: ethea) is an appeal to the authority or credibility of the presenter. It is how well the presenter convinces the audience that the presenter is qualified to speak on the subject…
    …hmmmm, be right back after Eye go find whoever called: @Syracuse, @O.d.u., Duke and Liberty 5×5 right as rain. Hold the phone… this may take a minute, or a while…
  2. Pathos (plural: pathea) is an appeal to the audience’s emotions. The terms sympathy, pathetic, and empathy are derived from it.
    hahahahaha! Me? Nice as Eye am? I got nuttin’ here… no pots, no ‘shaken not stirred (God Bless SeanC), no whisking, no blending. Sorry…
  3. Logos (plural: logoi) is a logical appeal or the simulation of it, and the term logic is derived from it. It is normally used to describe facts and figures that support the speaker’s claims or thesis.
    Eye have written my first ever Star Trek Enterprise series book… that, count? As me and Coach Spock realize that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’, Kirk: “…or the one”
  4. Kairos… (Ancient Greek: καιρός) This is the time and place. An orator uses this to their advantage to persuade the audience to act now at the time being. Most commonly, it is used to create pressure.
    The game does tip-off at high noon according to my, sources.
    That, count?

Miami Projected S&P+: 28th.
Miami Projected S&P wins: 8.4 W’s.


IF, I had to pick just one of Proff’ Dusseling’s Public Speaking class classic 4-persuasive arguments for this one?

Why Eye’d pick two or there…


First of all, ethos is where we get our word for: ethics. Or ‘habit’ or Aristotelian football, in that you are what you repeatedly do. Thingy is, both of these guys are Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde. As this really is Ro.Lo.Stevenson football. Good and right in the head Miami? Honestly, we are a few bricks shy of their load. Masonic or bricky Miami? We have a sporting shot per having the greatest scout-team coach in ‘Merica.

Second of all, the pathology of this one is a queer one indeed. Is Crockett about to go rub-a-dub-Tubbs? Where is Don Strock of Qb2 N.F.L. fame when we needs him? As who knows where either team’s emotions truly are for this one? Although the MORE emotional team on Saturday? Should be feeling mucho better than the less emotional team on Saturday come Sunday film-study 1o1.


Third of all, logically speaking? “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Fu'”. As our head-coach and the temp-check on his proverbial seat prolly does need this one a good deal more than Coach Diaz does down in the Sunshine State right about now.

Last of all, “aye”. The Owens Dining Hall pressure-cooker has been dialed up a notch or three or even mo’ than that. To borrow on Coach George Allen’s epic mid-1970’s ‘over the hill gang’ book: The Fu’ture is now, indeed. In… spades.


So, there you go… cereally speaking… pick the team you think will be more emotional. Or pick the healthier team—as the late O&M (un)lucky charm whispers are insalubrious
as participation goes, here.

Me? I'ma picking that 10% something excessive Δ3 is due to happen.

Be that this week, or next week;
or… maybe even both.

“🎼What up, Blood? (What?)
What up, Cuz? (What?)
What up, Blood? (What?)
What up, gangsta?🎶”
–50 Cent



upset Index=37%


Virginia Tech=23, Miami=37


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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    1. Well, there are match-ups here… (that are not unfavorable I mean).
      Be real real nice to have Mitch’ right to attack their Lb’s too!


    1. B.Patterson’s article did that to my brain.

      (tho: ‘thanks!’)

    1. I heard: “questionable.”
      Tho’ that is Wed. intel’.

      (seems no better is how Fri. feels).


  1. Perhaps I’m a hopeless homer, but I feel the da U brings out the best in VT. After last week my trust in Tech’s D is shattered. Maybe this is the turn-around week? Can Tech really be this weak? Don’t think so. A.H.

    1. well, Eye sure hopes so!

      As this week is prolly 2 for 1 on next week.
      2-o or o-2.

      As next week=a tired long work no rest football team either way.
      That’s a bad way on a L’ing streak.


  2. Fools and money soon part on that line above, Revenge game + porous D, struggling to tackle Mobil QBs, Deep ball threat WR, too much U Meanwhile a struggling Fu, floating adrift sans paddle or sail. Gimpy running companion to aid Hooker. Another long day for H-Nation. As we wait for plug 2B yanked…sometime best to end the misery & end the mutual suffering. IL is on line 1 for JF

  3. Aye predicted Good Guys 50, myhammy 49 in OT.

    If right, I will head straight to the nearest convenience store, to purchase lottery tickets.

  4. Bet the farm on tech, and have to sleep out in the cold ? King looks like a QB we cant tackle, I think I hold my money in my mattress.

  5. Would not be surprised, in a year that “does not count”, that the guys mail it in the rest of the way. Sure they will get some work in, which is good. In the back of the mind, hard to resist a tug to just get this done w/out any big injury. Can’t say I blame them for that if such thoughts enter the mind. It’s their knee, shoulder, ankle, crainium…

  6. What’s all this lying around sh##. Push pause on Enter Sandman and strike up the Faber College Theme. The donors are serious this time. I think Fu has to go all out. This game absolutely requires a really futile gesture on his part. If we cant beat the team in front of us, beat the man in front of us.

    Rev up the Tardis for a slugfest with our old BigE nemesis. Time to go back to move ahead. The falling ‘tude FEBA holds today.

    VT 34 : U 49 … HOKIES WIN (the long game)

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