NC.State Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=21, NC.State=22

Godspeed @Pry!

Virginia Tech football is hurtin’. And this just in… rain is still rumored to be, wet.

The Hokies are on the schneid and need to plow the field slump-bust like a dead man needs a coffin. Truly… what you will read below is not record-breaking it is record-shattering in an objective, science-fact, Coach Spock quantified terms. Eye had to run the numbers a couple of times I was in such disbelief my ownself. Nevertheless, we had our chances, we did get a look at just pinching or stealing this one. As Eye coulda affirmed and avowed we were actually up 21-9 with about ≅17-minutes left to play in this squirrely contest. Then? Well, then the 4Q happened and as it so happens we became undone. Not all of that is to Nc.State’s credit where credit is due, either!

1Q remaining:

1Q remaining:

2Q remaining:

2Q 13:11 remaining:
This was just a neat-o-keen play by State.

Did the armchair Qb1 savants catch this?

As State faked (both the aim and the Z-Wr himself) and just sold a lotta “Winter is Coming” Ice to the Stark’s on this beauty of a feint. Only to throw over the top of the Slot-Wr and right into the Se1’s lap for a truly gorgeous-looking football play. Total bait-n-switch gone full… ‘gulp’ then gone full “burp”.

This play was so bling-bling savvy Eye recommend stealing it.
Truly. Very heady; like Kevin McHale and/or Ben Roethlisberger pump-fake great.

3Q 6:11 remaining:
Man-o-man… this is ungood (looking)… may St.Philip bless and intercede.

…cruel puppy-drowning mistress this oblong spheroid.

As our Rb1 Thomas got (accidentally) cut by the odd-De of State in the dogpile, from behind;
totally roll-up defenseless too.

…notice the pointing…

This is rent your lunch looking… Pry even came out and that is typically code for dire.
: (


Coach God Help! (same bad twig as b4, too) …

…see what Eye August camp, mean?

…and yes, the sage among you is already recognizing this was the already dented/gimpy same side.M*A*S*H

Godspeed @24!!!

3Q 12:52 remaining:

…better wheels than you’d pasty think.

This seemingly pocketed Qb1 runs better than anyone thought.

Tho’ do recall… we four told you that Pry and Co. hinted as much way back in August Camp.

As g.Wells’ has a shake maybe even two bakes in his moves; (20-yard shuttle: 4.22 is actually kinda quick). His high-end speed is better than average at least; (40: 4.54). He has proven reasonably durable thus far… fingers, eyes, and toes are all Crossed; (Power Throw of 40.5 is trending on being pretty dang good). His vertical (35.7”) means he is mo’ athletic than most; he can cuff-dunk not just 1-hand.

Blazing Saddles’ obvious segue aside… or, in other words… there are worse builds to work with than #6’s.
As ol’ Number 6 has mo’ to his upfield game than those of you all down on him thinks.
Uno-dimensional football here we, come.

4Q remaining:
…not pretty, was it?

Mo’ down below…

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=10

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=0
Qb hits=15

TTT Analysis:
Well, the pet Time to Throw metric held up pretty tight to scrutiny here. As Nc.State was just a little better here-n-there and that was that.

However, then I found this…

^^^that^^^ is not what you with your Qb1 want vs. anyone’s Qb2 and then bullpen middle-relief pitching Qb3 this side of Steve Young caddying for J.Montana way back when.

In fact, … that is a pretty chilly finish from the only Qb1 out on the court down in Raleigh, Nc.

As it was actually the Qb3 of State who proved to be automatic when ridin’… clutch.

PROPs @m.Morris of Nc.State.
Gotta wonder just how good this Qb3 can be?

(o) (o)

Tackling analysis:
Stopping was up-n-down tho’ it did settle down later on. And damnation if C.Conner did not come to hit, keep hitting, and keep right on hitting. Hommie is trending on near lb. 4 lb. heavy shoulder status for it to boot.

As Mister Conner can “drink from my canteen any day“.

Additionally, OLb1, Tis’ is back with a vengeance. He is tackling as well as he ever has. Very assignment gap-integrity mindful to boot. This is pretty impressive to prolly still be shaking off nearly half-a-seasons worst of oxidation or ring-rust itself.

As tackling is still (overall) averaging out for the year— so, I went back through my notebook and looked this up…

…it is just that it opens up a bit loose before tightening up smartly enough later on.

Leaving us musing… are they too geeked up to start?huh?

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: ||||  || (2 hero TD’s! 1 State flag)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| (11 penalties)

positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): ||| (1 State flag/false-start)
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 State flag/false-start)

Lo.FM Analysis:

Well… and yes Eye knows… wells is fo’ water b.street!

However, you might wanna reach for your (Lo.FM. record-smashing) O&M armchair Qb-towel here.

Of the Lo.FM’s (negatively) listed O&M above you ask?

Well, I may not know what this is…
Tho’ I sure as Shinola know what it ain’t.
Me and Coach Lud’ Beethoven gots this… it’s (de)composure.

And it was NOT like Nc.State did not have to navigate the always sharky treacherous Lo.FM waters their ownselves. They had to chase the chain gang mo’ often (than on average) not. In particular when captained by j.Chambers their highly experienced Qb2, recall. And yet their rookie or debut pleb year totally inexperienced Qb3 was far mo’ organized or together than our now well into his 4th, that’s (fourth) year Qb1.

Go freakin’ fig’ on dat?!?
Then figure on these vitals here…

  • the 127th-best team in Penalties you asks?
  • Well, they only went backward fo’ 69-yards on the nite.
  • Which is better than it seems per only being 113th best in Penalty Yards in National terms for the nite.

However. …then Eye was want to go a little deeper… …big misQ on self… here.

Of our 13 flags, 77% of ’em were False Starts. Of those false starts… 6o% were selfie inflicted when behind on the sticks in harshing or worst possible time Lo.FM situational madness!

Then I went back and watched another time… kra-kra, ain’t Eye?
Then I realized the ‘clap count’ was pretty clean. It was rather the change of play/delays at the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) that seemed to muck things up. And they mucked up further out away from the C1. And not just Ot’s rocking jittery pass-rush backward; it was Wr’s, and even an Lb (yes, A Linebacker on a Punt). That would speak to old-school ‘volume’ or can not hear; and yet the clap count negates that theory pretty quickly. Unless the default on a signaled-in change of play is to a silent count? And yet that can be changed upon command… or in other words, this made less sense -not mo’, less- the further I went along in breaking tape. Go fig’ here men…


As both teams were trading underwater as playing a clean game on a clean weather nite went. Granted, and despite (somehow) tallying 14, big, bigger, biggest points when suffering Lo.FM situations from the good guys you ask?

LOL, we would not be denied— as we (still) found a way to get, beat!

Circumcised upon negative field-position circumstances… thereby giving unique meaning to: wetting the bed. Never ever seen anything pigskinned like this statistically before… and Eye’ve seen metric tons of stats in my 7th decade of ‘ball.

I mean, there is nutty, there is Keebler Eff leftover candy nutty and then there is this.

(o) (o)

Blocking analysis:

Our G-c-G got just a sniff of a good push with Thomas behind them a few times… that being a relative statement of course. Tho’ they were pushing 4-very-dang-goods upfront for State… a “few” times.

Tho’ the rest of the time(s) their thirty-three out-gapped us and gummed us up. In particular
on our odd-side run-shapes, which were outta shape on our zone runs.
Did like the unbalanced look— won a Title in that with two same
side Ot’s way way way back when.

Our pass-pro’ is just pure hell or high water.

We are not super bad in everything less Sacks. Pressures hits and hurries all on par at 72-stroke golf or just a smidgeon better than that even.

94th best in Sacks allowed vs. a far more middling 65th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed validates this. Love to truth serum Glenn and/or Bowen and find out how they graded: coverage sacks and/or just holding onto the ball too long?

Tho either way… we block okay until we just let go and have edge blocking fails.

Do file that one quality opposing De’s remaining away for future use.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Qb3 of State.
69%, 3:o passing ratio, and 179.9 QBR all conspire to say so.

The real Prybar Real World season no.1 beings now... and what; happens?

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The Rest of the Story...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened to the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

b.street: As in …we are 9th best in Punt Coverage, baa-bee!
TSL: “STFu’ b.street!!!”
‘packHer‘s… 1o1.

The sportlight

…here in the sportlight… we are counseling… “praxis grasshoppers, praxis!”

A.c.c.ordingly, this is gonna take a minute or three to cook.
And you firebugs on Bowen and Glenn need to spark off and let this year (n)one be.

This season is a shag-ball mulligan— the only remaining calculus you need author is on the shaggin’ on the beach or shaggin’ in the, drink?

’cause there is some measure of a chance that we are done, winning; until, well… it could be fo’ a while…
Look here to see what Eye, mean…
…who exactly are we the preseason betting fave vs. here?

Spinsters 1o1

Not to get too judgy or too justiciar, however, the Scot in me mum’s blood still somehow (“thx” @Coach God) aah flowin’ in me veins does not abide well with this nonsense of…

…was this a: ‘moral victory of sorts for Prybar & Co.?

Well, sorta… eye guess… tho’ if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me, Eye for one prefers the VicTory version of Tech Triumph itself in all actuality. LOL…


However, …maybe this is a little something fo’ the 3-little-pigs to 1-point L build on?

Vs. an already slumping (recall the preview 3-game trends) not so Stately O of late.
Then really not so chesty with their Qb1 (pectoral, St.Victoria bless) OUT and their Qb2 and Qb3, in.

Now, a W vs. Gah.Tech might help— and yet methinks the not quite so big, bad, Wolfpac’ just ran outta… breath.

G'mork : Because people who have no hopes are easy to control...
The Hokiebird: “…woof.”


▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

formulae football

3Q: 252 to 1o1 total yards, favor the good guys! 4Q: 12′ for the good guys vs. 121 for da ‘packers!?!


IF, your preview hit dat?

Eye will get Will & Chris to give you a Lifetime subscription.

I could write North Carolina previews, with San Diego State cheer gals, and maybe even dabble in an Nc.State preview and never ever get anywhere near that!

And in a backhanded complimentary way… I suppose that is ‘coaching’ the verb— to only get beat by one, that’s (1) point out on the A.c.c. road as a 14-point underdog while forfeiting any and all 4Q… ‘control’.

That is just nutty nutz.
Like Bastogne,

The takeaway...

…not a lot to be taken with no matter how many times Pry tells himself: “We are closer than we’ve been…

So, when I googled that… I found the nearly same quote from Prybar going back through Spring Practice, August Camp, and nearly after every single L’ing contest thus far, on this so far lowly looking .25o campaign.

Now, textbook-wise, Dr. Minnix and our Applied Sports Psych’ class do get that to a point.
As the edge isn’t the only part of the cliff, right? Granted; and yet this November
looks a lot mo’ edgy today than it did way back in August Camp, right?

And not to make too fine of a point…

Nevertheless, the longer this L-streak goes, what exactly is the ‘closer’ point?

’cause we are edging ‘closer’ to something, although; to what Eye do not know?
Do, you?


We do however know that the O&M D is better than some of you firebugs thinks…

…we also know that we are wondering where it 2o22 finishes?
As it has been in diminishment for several weeks running.
Nearly a centennial or100 ypg allowed worse since
early October give/take.

Between the earpads, this ‘game of inches’ is best measured in CMs or less.

The O on the other hand is rather chaste.
Nearly abstinent at times.
(Or, absent itself).

And yet its metrics have only fudged the sheets by 6′ -that is six feet folks, or… 5′12″- fewer ypg or worse over the very same timeframe.

So, the 119th best offense is nearly at equilibrium or =0, or pretty well static. Holding its own, albeit holding its limited line, nonetheless.

The seemingly reasonable 47th (year-to-date) D is now dynamic. Or, recently regressed all the way to: 113th best overall over the very same timeframe.

ALL of that is cast against a clinical Applied Sports Psych backdrop that has gone butterfingers and dropped nearly every single chance at positive reinforcement to this nasty cultural CTRL+ALT+DEL or reboot.

That is ungood folks… this is why you run the maths not yo’ mouf and this is where you really need to locker-room Dr. Glanville’s chemistry set, and start to officially wonder out loud…

…just how much longer Pry can hold them together sans at least one mo’ 2o22 VicTory, dance?
3oth best in D-1aa and 3rd in the Ivy baa-bee!

The Measure of it is thus

For the very first time all year, you are about to (finally) learn something about this Prybar, hire…
…and the measure of operational leverage he can ‘buy-in’ torque.

  1. Either, they win out and ‘yes’, you really, truly, madly, deeply will have a successfully validated cultural reboot firmly in situ place; as a foundation for the future goes.
  2. Or, they get post-season eliminated; and yet they still “fight the good fight” all the way up through the 12th round of hooVa going: ‘ding’.
  3. Or^2, L’ing is all they 4-years running know, see. And this cultural reboot is a full-on year no.1, fail. They go Duck Pond belly-up, spit the bit and let go the rope.
Either/Or… “The Answers Are Coming.”
Coach Morpheus

The Closer...

Wimpled, luppy, or as fishing for Hokiebird ½-full P.A.T.T.y-cake, P.A.T.T.y-cake as this may read… it is not yet officially abacus eliminated mathematically incorrect.                                                                    🧮️

There is still a (potential) light at the end of the twenty-two tunnel folks.
(Be it a pain train or not…)

V.P.I. Vet School canine incisors, go’on and bite down hard… as our single-elimination post-season bidding tournament officially begins now… …so howls the VeeTee football media’s lone wolf.

You control your own destiny…

So, fish or get off the pot.

Just 1 L=(p)out!



Virginia Tech=21, Nc.State=22







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    1. …LUC or LUCK or whatever in whichever series would be “most welcome.” –Strider/Ranger.


  1. Not sure what drug you are on while penning these analyses: Bluefield Bonkers Bubbly? Oh well. I have no option now than to trust in Pry and Whit or jump off a bridge. Even at age eighty, I’m not ready to cash in my few remaining chips….so Pry it is. Just hope the turnaround comes before Tech’s football reputation is forever diminished to “don’t care.” At least most of us still care… for now. AH.

    1. Yah; gotta keep on keepin’ on Sir.
      Great on you for 8o too!

      G.Tech=time to tell, however.


  2. I wonder if the tackling in Q1 and Q2 is due to adjusting to the opponent speed? Meaning, it takes a few series to adjust to the opponent going full tilt boogie after we’ve been going up against scout team all week. Which begs the question, are we getting good opponent looks and is the scout team going full tilt?

    On O, Wells, Smith (at 100%), and Wright are the only playmakers we have. And they really don’t keep opponent D Coords or Head Coaches up at night. Wells COULD….but he’s not throwing to WRs or even TEs like say Hendon Hooker is nor does he have an OL blocking the same. HATE to say this, but…I’d love a little Cornball or Lefty motions, misdirection, screen game right now to make up for what we lack in pure ballers…

    1. …could also say: “they are GOOD at halftime adjustments on D.


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