North Carolina State football preview!

#71 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #36 R.P.I. Nc.State:

Today’s word of the day is… GATA (get after their ass).

  1. Which I surely needed to boldly do after such a foolish @BeeCee preview that did NOT come anywhere near our hexacentennial day.
  2. So, I told you to take… two.
  3. As I could not wait for this Stately one, here.
…as in bet 2win, Pitt! I had too… as I by bitch-ass BeeCee look surely owed everyone of you.

North Carolina State Head Coach: David William Doeren: age=51, (79-57 @State and 1o2-61 overall); has a rep’ for being a HARD-worker bee. A team (not an individual coach). As a defensive coach. And as a Pro’ painter on the side.

Baller Doeren played college football at Drake University as a Te1 on O. Student-athlete Doeren… lettered at Te for the Drake Bulldogs, catching 19 catches for 237 yards for his career. He majored in pre-medical biology, earning Academic All-America honors as a senior. He took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Coach Doeren’s first coaching job was as wide receivers and defensive line coach at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in Shawnee, Kansas. Afterward… Drake U is also where he also held his second assistant coaching position. First, as Linebackers coach then elevated to D-cord’ overall. Later he became a graduate assistant with the U.s.c. Trojans before being named secondary coach of the Montana Grizzlies, where he was a member of the 2oo1 national championship team and pocketed a D-1aa Alpha Bling for it. Doeren was linebackers coach with the Kansas Jayhawks from 2oo2 to 2oo5 before becoming linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator of the Wisconsin Badgers. He was given the sole title of defensive coordinator in 2oo8.

DLyte, 1o1.

Coach Doeren served as the head football coach at Northern Illinois University from 2o11 to 2o12. Doeren led the Huskies to a Mid-American Conference Championship and a win in the Bowl in his first year. The following year the Huskies only won a second consecutive MAC Championship and would go on to become the first MAC team to earn a BCS bid with a trip to the 2o13 Orange Bowl. That’s all, no big M.A.C. biggie there. 23-4 at Northern Illinois if you need him.

In 2o12 Coach Doeren was tabbed by Nc.State. He has tallied a very reasonable looking 7 positive (winning) records vs. only two negative marks. Winning 3 bowl games and twice finishing Nationally ranked 23rd or higher. Coach Do’ also has more nine-win campaigns than any coach in Nc.State school history; so, there is that too.

Coach Do’ does have NC State’s graduation success rate for football at an all-time high (74%) and it has risen each of the past four years. Accordingly, he is coaching mo’ than just football and proppers on that! Additionally, David has instituted “Real World Wednesdays.” Every week from January until the season starts, a different speaker comes in to speak to the team about his or her experiences or to help teach real-life lessons. Further, Doeren has provided practical guidance to his players that will help them in the professional world. They learned about proper dress attire for interviews and business and learned how to tie a cravat/necktie. They have participated in etiquette dinners and have met with leaders from the financial world who taught them about money management. Again; there is a lot to like here, as in how few are taking the time to do all of, ^that^? has also earned his master’s degree from Drake in educational leadership. Dr. Doeren during his stint with the Trojans, where he began work on his Ph.D.

Daddy Doeren met his wife Sara while he was coaching at Drake and she was a nursing student. The couple has three sons: Jacob (22), Luke (2o), and Connor (16).

2022 record: 8 up 5 down and .5oo or even 4×4 in the A.c.c.

North Carolina State Defense: (starters back=)

  • #1 A.c.c. Scoring D in ’22!!!
  • Industrializing the oddball/seldom-seen: thirty-three base D!
    (i.e., 3-3-5)
    (i.e.e. This is NOT what you want on a normal or short work week!)
  • 2oth in Total D!!
  • 14th vs. the run!!!
  • 88th vs. the throw.
  • 21st in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 91st in zone D?!?
  • 8.5 in 1o dLine Havoc. Recall: this is a Thirty or a 3-front or triune Dline via schematic (3-3-5) definition. Almost all of their (only) 6-deep is back; spearheaded by hard azz De1, Davin Vann. The defensive line also will welcome senior De1a, Savion Jackson back from a knee injury. He joins junior groovy 70’s looking Vann (4.5 sacks) and junior Ng1, C.J. Clark. As there is no real weak spot to pick on or run at inside or outside here. This is one of the more complete dLines in the whole entire A.c.c. Not sure it is a Steel Curtain; though its mettle has merit and thickness alike indeed. ’cause if/when: CJ Clark can hold up on the Nose? There’s excellent size up front and that would/should help keep the 2nd-layer ‘clean’ via the scheme itself. De is a bit better, and if Eye am ‘rong on that I ain’t ‘rong that they are at least deeper here. Legit quad-deep (or, 4) at De. The caveat is… how long can CCJ go at Ng1 before he needs a ’23, blow? As… Nick Campbell is currently listed as the direct backup Ng2, and he played just nine more snaps last year than you and I did combined. Clark may be a big boy; although they are A-gap thin, here.
    Tho’… Savion Jackson is a Stud-De for State. Kinda an elastic/bendy Morgan Roane. Savion is a really heavy-set guy downstairs who plays with a swamp-donkey swamp, back. Tough one here men.
    De’s are straight pass-rush nasty.
    Good sized front-line; not huge, lumpy… in a word.
    Recall this is a true (Ng1) Odd-Front… a 3o in this case… (3=odd number, easy-peasy, right)?
  • 9.25 from 1o in Linebacking Havoc. @Linebacker, North Carolina State gone’d Drake Thomas and Isaiah Moore, who left early to declare for the No Fun League Draft. They were/are they dang good. That’s 183 combined tackles, 24 tackles for loss, and 10.5 sacks removed from the offense. Studly Linebacker1, Payton Wilson decided to come back for r-Sr.-cv19-6th campaign. He good, and nearly nobody packs mo’ Experience and Learning Curve acumen than 2nd-layer he. As the 2nd-layer suffered quite a boost with sixth-year outside linebacker Payton Wilson’s decision to postpone his N.f.l. plans. Most say he pockets a Sunday Tix. He’ll anchor the defense with fellow Lb’s: Devon Betty and Jaylon Scott, who started a combined 13 games. So, the 1’s are good here, at least. At worst. The linebackers and safety Tanner Ingle did just about ’22 everything, however; now they’re ’23 gone except for Payton Wilson. Wilson is an all-around playmaker on the Outside who came back from missing most of 2o21 and went right back to form. In 2o2o and 2o22 he combined to make 19o stops with eight sacks and 24 tackles for loss. That’s pretty dang OLb1, good; if not great itself. Therefore, ergo, to wit… it is up to Jaylon Scott to replace new Las Vegas Raider Drake Thomas -who lived in the backfield last year- on the other side of Wilson and Devon Betty. As Betty will try to hold up in the Crocker or middle as he takes over for departed Isaiah Moore. This is a good tho’ not as ’22 good second layer with noticeably less ’23 experience to show for it as well. Caden Fordham and Jayland Parker (try) to offer relief; though, State -same as upfront- is middle-layer wanting for depth here.
    Tho’… the best A.c.c. OLb1 might just be alpha (Payton Wilson), here. As this is Payton’s Place this year. (He’s really come on… prolly gets a few 1st-place Most Improved votes for it too).
    And… he is doing this on a bad-left wheel. St.Nikon bless… what is this guy on 2 full tires? (A.c.l. tear in H.S. and several other knee scares/dings thus far in collegiate terms… Godspeed @#11).
    Lb’ers are very right-sized and they are strengthy looking on film.
    (Less the 4th/hybrid guy who is a glorified FS2 of sorts).
  • 8.5 of X in Secondary Havoc. Cb1, Aydan White was a ballhawk last year, his four talons or interceptions ranking second in the league and earning him first-team All-A.c.c. honors, the only first-team selection from the Wolfpack’s league-leading scoring defense in ’22 too, go fig’ on dat. White is also a quality run-plugger, and this is a very tight-man-coverage guy. Think like 1 to 1.5 glove sizes too small tight; or Gary Patton of A.c.c. Cb1’s. Prolly is the best man-coverage guy on the Atlantic Coast. O.d.u. transfer Nickel1, Robert Kennedy could find himself in a starting role at Nickelback; he good and he has a nose for the ball as well. The edge 1’s of: White and Cb1a, Shyheim Battle are as good of an A.c.c. Top-2 on the edges as you will find. The secondary will have competition at safety and nickel; if/when those two spots solidify this is a hole-less hind-4 with nowhere truly available to throw at. O.d.u. grad’-transfer Robert Kennedy could start at nickel, and safeties Devan Boykin and Jakeen Harris both have significant starting experience off-n-on. So, the Experience curve is on a linear rise over run here to be sure. As misQs will be hard to find or take advantage of headiness-wise. Fs is your only (maybe) bugbear here— and these guys play the ball, not the man. VERY. JUCO Cb3, Rente Hinton is your ‘tweener or depth/utility guy here. Zack Myers and Daemon Fagan come in as 4-star freshmen. That said, some of my sourcing said this an: “average” hind-4 FYI.
    Normalized mean, median, and mode size lurks here.
    And there are three credible all-start conferencing candidates in play here: (Nick’, left-Cb1, and Ss1).
  • D Overall: So, coaching the verb appears to be rather verbose here. As Defensive Coordinator and Lb-Coach, Tony Gibson is one of the best in the country; his 3-3-5 scheme proved stifling last year. Opposing teams averaged just 19.4 points, 1oo.7 rushing yards, and 326.9 total yards per game. Said ’22 numbers that ranked in the top two in the A.c.c. and top 20 in the country. Although State did not seem spectacular on D, they were closer to that than they were to pretty-dang good; at least at times. This time and State is still pretty ’23 viscus. More so vs. the run than vs. the throw.
Odd Set/Stack 3o (Ng) base D:
  • (film-study): Here Eye saw the oddball kinda whacky 3o-base… State will do some evening into what you could be forgiven for calling a forty-four pre-snap. They do cheat up, and now you Occam’s Razor know why they have so many aerial nicks-n-cuts. As that puts a premium on getting northward and harassing any non-run-fit play. And that sure stresses the Cf in Cover-1 and his two helpers at Cb who are forward deployed in something of an h.Stram arrowhead set. Though they do flash halves as well. Such is also why State is wholistically and holistically -1 in terms of fighting any given Qb-keeper. Sometimes mo’ like -2 when their traditional run-fighting ‘dog calls miss or overshoot anything other than an Rb-carry play. State will overshift Will or wide side. They have mo’ medium or less jam-man sets to try to keep everything in front of them. They will try to hit you; and they do plum get after the run 1st, 2nd, third, middle, penultimate, and last. Typically, one or two Lb’s are stacked and harder to scrape/fold to. Their Mike is supposed to be uncovered/freerier. Tho’ they have a lotta knee/leg-dinged-looking guys (St.Nikon bless) to me… kinda curious to see how well they stretch/race to the edge(s) for it. Cf/Fs1 has some very deep responsibilities when not in halves; be nice to see a Te or even an Rb work in front of that on an Rb Fly. State does stem a bit pre-snap and slid an inside eye to an outside eye to muck with your counts. Their 3o does everything in terms of loops/twists and delays in rushing. Their 3o MANdates a stud Ng, Mike, and Cf/Fs1. Middle-D must be studly and toe the damn line here. D tackles well enuff. Better than average on stops/halts. They will take risk(S) very plural. Swarming D and that creates openings behind said rally point. They play the ball and advance the same at any/all possible costs. 4th best in INTs and Top-15 in defensive TDs scored says so. Very aggressive/needy D. Ovluating all over the place; always, in heat. This defense is not a soft-touch schematically or Risk:Reward wise. Which is all the mo’ impressive from their furniture store look with some extra cushions on edge. Kinda like breaking a press in hoops; you gotta attack what you can and make their high-risk sets pay when you can. The harsh part is it is tough to fold to get to their 2nd-layer. So, you just win your numbers game (5 vs. 3) upfront at all times and at all costs.  IF, their De-Ng-De 3 stalemates your 5 you are done. Cooked.
    That… and they might wanna go for a new Co. car for their Secondary coach; their defensive backfield has really improved in-season this year. This is not a deep-hind-4, tho’ the 1’s are rawhide tough here.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=49% (1o4th most). Wr2, Terrell Timmons Jr. is your conflict defender here. Conception gets a lotta run/pup’, tho’ this guy is the deeper, deep; threat. Last year North Carolina State ranked 18th on defense in ’22. This included the salty 9th run defense, the 7oth-ranked pass rush, and the spry 26th-ranked secondary. This defense departed most of their secondary and a few starters from the front seven. They only added three transfers and two 4-star recruits, so this unit should be expected to take a step back as a whole. Accordingly… Payton+JAX is gonna be a bull of da woods, problem. In particular when they are same-sided. When they are… we must win the other side war at any/all costs. ’cause we don’t handle our business vs. this backside here and it won’t take many points for State to woof us down scoreboard-wise themselves.
    A Stark nite indeed. As this D is a +++risk turnover max’ forcing machine.

Defensive letter-grade:

State Offense: (returning starters=6)

  • 1o5th in Total O!
  • 82nd in ground O.
  • 111th in aerial O!!
  • 111th (again) in Passing Efficiency O!!
  • 96th in zone O!
  • Qb1: gonzo is ex-Qb1: and a veteran starter when Devin Leary. D.L. who threw for 35 TD’s in 2o21 before his 2o22 season was cut short by injury, Coach God bless. Well, he transferred to Kentucky for his final season. Cue: you know hoo… or oui-oui on the french ex-Qb-un: one: Brennan Armstrong. Armstrong was not on trend last year in Tony Elliott’s revamped O; only threw for only seven, that’s (7) TDs after chucking 31 Majors in 2o21. Hence, watching his should left the year before ’22 passer rating drop (positional pun intended): by 47 points! Yikes. Still, yet, State hopes reuniting him with former cavalier’s offensive coordinator Robert Anae will help find that spark and bring back his more improvisational style and productive ways. Maybe this does bustle his Rickey, right as rain? As there are some Qb-coach + Qb1 marriages that should not be consummated. However, this Qb-coach and his au pair were hawt-n-heavy… check it… as in… the last time Anae and Armstrong teamed up, UVa averaged 34.6 points, 392.6 passing yards, and 516.3 total yards per game. That does not suck, and jus’ getting close to that would be a real live upper here.
    Armstrong a Koufax southpaw slinger: Qb1 Brennan (concussion: earlier last year: St.Zoe bless! ribs: recently this year: St.Adam bless!) Armstrong. As the real Qb1 goes, this Bren’-gun is a r-Jr. by way of Shelby Ohio (having beaten out the seemingly likely to start S.E.C. refugee: grad-transfer from Miss.State one Keytaon Thompson). And seeing that Thompson did not transfer to uva just to sit? You have to be curious to see just what Armstrong brings to the wahoo passing table. Brennan is a ginger (not a Mary Ann). He comes with a known tag and per familiarity with virginia’s system advantage. Either way… Armstrong is said to be quite the altruistic Qb1 with a Coach God Given “feel for the game”. hooVa spies suggest that Armstrong is quite the seamstress or really talented at threading the proverbial passing needle if you will. (See below: Eye can attest to this on film). Armstrong (foreshadowing intended) is said to be a physical runner, with just enough slip and hesitation (in particular) moves to keep you honest; and at least one observer harkened him back to uva’s J.Druckenmiller Lyte. Time=tell on all of that… although Armstrong was a legit **** (four-star) ESPN national recruit. He was the 20th ranked dual-threat Qb by 247. And he did rumble for 1,000 yards+ three straight times in high school terms. Whereas Armstrong put up good though not quite whooping gridiron scholastic digits. On tape… Bren’ packs average speed and quicks; tho’ not quite a pure burst or fast-twitch loaded Qb1. 6′2″, 215 lb., Jr. year Bren’ is a bouncy-looking thrower upon breaking tape, who will scramble the pocket and purchase extra time east-west to take one final northerly looksee downfield. Bren’ courts a good arm, he sees the field (backside too) well and he will take the fight to opposing Db’s on Read-Option keepers downfield. Bren’ runs well enough internally with just enough footwork for one move; he is a pretty dang accurate passer (impressed here). And he is confident enough. Like he cannot (yet) bear to put his full weight behind his throws (riblets). Lack of weight transfer itself (i.e., not fully forward, in particular under pressure; when he turtled and was in a bit of survival or sparerib self-protect). Tho’ it is a very strange release/follow-threw if you will. One on which you can almost feel the: “wince”. God Bless. Still yet, since we saw him last, Bren’ is up 5% overall and a whopping 19 points in annual Qb-rating as well! That’s not just efficiency, that’s play-making downfield. He is also up in YPC and in passing ratio, now surpassing 3:1 itself. With four, that’s (4) HR or long runs to kick rocks all the mo’ on top of aerial that. In the airwaves themselves… we see that Bren’ has recorded six, that’s (6) HR throws this season so far. This is in spite of suffering 3 different 5 or 6 sack games tallied against! And although passing at nearly 2 outta 3 in those sacked contests, he did chuck nearly 50% of his throws under heavy pressure. So, that’s the one passing fancy or lifeline here. VeeTee must plum get after him and turn him over even as he calculates the total yardage in his favor. As Splits went… only chucks 22% of his picks @Home. Tho’ does drop by 5% from 1st to 2nd-half and by 15 points of Qb rating as well! Which speaks to overuse to me. Or, a smidgeon of panic, as oddly enuff, that INT% finds the other 78% of Bren’s picks in defenders’ hands post-intermission! (Wild, ain’t it?!?)
    Do get with, however… that this is a careerist: 9,034-yard passer; a 58 TD thrower, and a 2o TD rusher. As in… there are plenty of Qb(s) who wish they had b.Arm’s numbers and his problems; alike. And, and, and… while being sacked a murderous ≅3.5 times/game last year you ask? Arm’y only ran for +371 to the shockingly good. dang… this is a good Qb1— who can two-time dual-threat you if/when he has everything in place. Seriously.

    His g/f plays pro soccer, is known for chaos and $1oo giveaways!

    Qb2: Backup Qb Jay Woolfolk missed most of spring practice as a member of the Cavaliers’ baseball team (hurler, of course). Also, behind Armstrong, North Carolina State retains Qb2a, MJ Morris as the backup. Forced into action last year, Morris -who has a history of leg-everything ding/dent wise; Godspeed- completed 52 of his 86 passes (6p.5%) for 648 yards (7.5 yards per attempt), seven touchdowns, and one interception. He also rushed 49 times for 88 yards. At the very least, Morris provides a quality backup and should serve as the quarterback of the future for the Wolfpack. Well, unless Woolfok Wolfpac’ does in which case he, don’t.

  • Wr’s/Te1: 3 of the Top-4 ’22 Wideouts are done. This includes All-A.c.c. honorable mention Thayer Thomas and WVa.U. bound Devin Carter. As North Carolina State departed 3 of their Top-4 ’22 receivers in Thayer Thomas, Devin Carter, and Darryl Jones this offseason. They do return third and sixth leading ’22 receivers Keyon Lesane and Porter Rooks. Ergo, therefore, to wit; the State Wr’s and Te’s are in flux. (now): Wr1, Senior Keyon Lesane is the top returning receiver. Junior Porter Rooks, sophomores Julian Gray and Terrell Timmons Jr., and freshman Kevin Concepcion all bring speed. Bradley Rozner (Rice, transfer) and his 2.o7 yards per route are most efficient. They are runners/gunners and dangerous in-line in track-meet kinda work(s). Te1, Trent Pennix, a converted running back, was limited last year by injuries (Godspeed). Me may be actually be a better H-back than anything else. VHT (very highly touted) ex-Tiger, Dacari Collins (Clemson) looks the part: (6′4″, 215 sharp lbs.). Although nobody in Tiger-town was that sad to part with him.
    Concepcion -mind yah- is nearly outdoing everyone grab-gang elsey by a near 3.5:2 split. Including nearly netting +2oo rushing in the last two fortnights of work. “rushing” not, receiving. Think of him as a Lane+++, or better. As he gets 3.5 girls to the 2’ish guys the rest hooks (get the patterning pun) up, wif. And frankly, upon tape? It felt even wider than, dat.
    Te1a: Ced Seabrough and his quad-deep buddies at Te are solid blockers and just enuff passers-by. VTH: Te3’ish: Javonte Vereen is the future if not the ’23 (possible) surprise here. Tho’ they are solid as blocking goes if nothing else. Early ’22 Te1, 6th-r-shirt-cv19 year, Trent Pennix, a converted running back, was limited last year by injuries. Though he is an interesting one if/when back at full-tilt. This, after fracturing his left scapula during the season-opener (St.Christopher Bless).
    Wr’s are a bit lowercase, you; kan’t, coach… Height.
    This is NOT a good catch-crops folks… not at all.
  • Rb(s): State courts: 5′1o″, 192 lbs., Jordan Houston Rb3 in ’21, and no other last year Rb who recorded anything north of a handful of carries. So, the experience curve is left wanting here. Third-year Jordan Houston is a pure slasher. As the Pac’ Rb cadre is downright versatile or heterogeneous in a great way. Because they have some measure of the Gift of Grab as the catch-game goes too. Blocking, and not so much. As coming outta springball it looked like Jordan Houston and Rb2-Rb3-Rb-4 via committee behind him. ‘Scare’ Jordan is a 5′1o″, 191 lb., true-Jr. He has a pretty handsome special-teams player rep’, where he won several ‘Pack awards. So, clearly, he is willing to do what it takes for the Together Everyone Achieves Mo’ (T.E.A.M.) concept. In H.S. terms, Jordan was a 2-way-star, at Rb1 and at OLb1 alike. So, he’s not contact or hitting shy via positional definition. Nearly 5.5K rushing and 70 majors (TDs) in his final back-to-back Maryland Private School state titles does not suck. Jordan did break his fibula as a scholastic sophomore. (St.Culbreth bless). And if he did not (thereby only playing two Soph. season games); you have to wonder where his rushing total(s) woulda been? Prior to all of dat… you ask? Well, at the mere age of 10, Jordan posted the second-fastest time in the country in the USA Track and Field 100m! That is all, he sucks, cut him now! However, last year nine of the mere 11 touchdown runs came in three easy games for the ‘Pack. They have got to pack ’em in better vs. better teams in ’22 down in the dirt to be sure. Houston averaged 2.46 yards after contact per attempt and forced a missed tackle on 17.6% of his attempts, and that’s not half bad on his touches counter. If you don’t know now you know.
    Well, at least he was willing to T.E.A.M…. then? Well, then, he arrived to suit up in a: shirt, to save career room later on. Though he is a beat-up guy; so, maybe there can be a modest benefit of the doubt, maybe?
    In ’22… Jr., Rb2, Demie Sumo-Karngbaye, (ankle, St.Phillp help), struggled through nagging injuries. However, that opened the door for Soph., Michael Allen to get crucial experience. The trio had just three touchdowns, all by Sumo-Karngbaye. Sumo-(grate name)-Karngbaye then said ‘bye-bye’ to State and “hello” to the KY.Wildcats. That leaves the: 5′9″ 2o2 lb. Allen. Allen -although a bit plucky- is another kinda narrow-looking rusher. An All-A.c.c. Academic Honor Roll fellow who got carried off the bowl game field. (Godspeed). Said to have good hands and all; though his history of dings and dents goes all the way back through High School itself. Though he is sparky when he has fresh legs… 55m (6.28) and the 1oom (10.67) says so. Kinda their slightly stalkier Deshawn McClease if you will. So, there could be mo’ punch here; if there was some health here to boot. Michael Allen also returns after 53 carries for 268 yards and 11 receptions for 97 yards. And it shows… in that Allen is 5′9″, 2oo pounder who averages 3.o4 yards after contact and a forced missed tackle on 20.8% of his attempts. Such is better than half-bad, actually.
    Depth=freshman Kendrick Raphael and Demarcus Jones II. Both of whom are collegiately proven and/or scholastically overlooked. Hence, this is an Rb-via-committee approach and someone needs to go cast a quorum alpha vote here. Rb2a: super-Soph’: Michael Allen turned a few ’22 heads as Rb3 due to injuries allowing P.T. (playing-time). He is likely the future here.
    Rb2’s: ( Michael Allen) is dingy. Coach God Bless. Delbert Mimms, and Kendrick Raphael, are now carrying the mail. Mimms is the mo’ parts grinder and Raphael has a little mo’ juice/movement to his game.
  • oLine: 60% or 3 ’22 starting offensive linemen do ’23 return upfront here. That’s the good news ¦ the news-news is that there is a drop off after them and depth is thinning as Eye type here. As the offensive line returns three starters: right-Ot1, Timothy McKay (Armstrong’s blindside, recognize!), left-Ot1, Anthony Belton, and C1 Dylan McMahon. Additionally, now Senior season right-G1, Derrick Eason has 11 part-time patchwork career starts. IF, Oregon transfer G1, Dawson Jaramillo rocks at one of the guard jobs; this could be a surprise good set of 1’s as starting goes. Dylan McMahon is one of the A.c.c.’s better C1’s and Ot Timothy McKay should be in the All-A.c.c. mix. As there is starting quality here; bench or relieving quantity and not as/so much. As North Carolina State departed left-G1, Chandler Zavala, center Grant Gibson, and swing tackle Bryson Speas this offseason. Left-Ot1, Anthony Belton got 624 snaps last year in his first year as a co-starter. Guard1 Dylan McMahon returns after 82o snaps last year. He is a three-year starter, who has played G & C as a utility guy. With Gibson departing, McMahon likely rotates over to center. The ‘vibes’ hint that this is a oLine about 1-Guard short as the 1’s go and that the 2’s are nothing if not inexperienced. If this unit is solid that would be ’bout all you could R.A.T.T. hope for here. ex-O.d.u. Ot1, Dawson Jaramillo; is hoped to provide depth.
    This is not a tall oLine, tho’ lowercase, plucky, root-hawgg flavored guys.
    Anthony Belton  (odd-Ot, which is NOT Bren’s blind side) is the best of the bunch.
    That… has made the odd/left side the better side here all by its ownself. As right does not make might, here.
    That… and beyond him? This is truly Musical Chairs oLine. Continuity? Foxtrot that here. As they have been all kinda dinged up and even dented a bit. Only 60% of their oLine has even been semi-healthy and the rest have been really knocked-up and beat-down. So, to speak…
State base O: kinda a Wingy looksee…
  • O overall: Under then-Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae, the cavalier offense went Ric Flair plum crazy, finishing 3rd in the nation in Total O; 2nd best in Passing-O and ended up averaging 35 points, 393 passing yards, and 516 total yards per game with Qb(un) Brennan Armstrong throwing for almost 4.5k yards with 31 TD’s and running for 9 Majors. Now Anae and Armstrong are going to try recreating the magic down in Raleigh.
  • (film-study): State is a cagy O; or, at least they try to be. Lotta odd-look/odd-sets with twists to them. Kinda: Ultra inside an Enigma inside Hypo inside b.speak or something WWII akin. As there are a lotta angles here. This is Euclidean’s pet O to be sure. Crossbucks, reverses, counters, misdirections. You gotta mind the scouting/keying assignment store. You gotta likewise mind staying backside, home. State brings Wing looks, offset I’s, wannabe sawed off-shotguns, cap-gun-pistols, Halfbacks, the whole gamut. Not a fun look to work at on a normal or on a short work-week. State will block gap-over downhill. They will roll the Koufax (lefty) Qb1 from hooVa odd-side a lot. He can run and he seems healthier and mo’ leg-free than the last time and last year that Eye saw him anyhoo… Armstrong is a nice play-action seller too. Vending Eskimos to Ice itself if you will. Again; Armstrong looks vastly mo’ settled/comfortable with his pet O’Cord in tow. He is the best (Pivot) seller in the A.¢.¢. Wolfpac oLine is Winter is Coming. Kinda hard men with a Stark touch on their pins/takedowns. Combative at times upon breaking tape. Prolly enjoy a good tilt or joust and a flagon of swill. Again, they pivot/flex this O and it slides/shifts a lotta looks from frontside to backside and backside to frontside alike. All over the place O 1o1. Again, Armstrong is as snug as a bug in Sansa’s rug here. He likes his short to medium throw points and they like him right back. State runs @you via committee. Including Armstrong’s carries. Tho’ they are mo’ parts grinders and less parts game-breakers. What with only one carry north of the 30’s in yards gained. With nobody over 4-n-change on average toting. Grabbing is a bit more dynamic if not dynamic itself. They do sucker you in and break the seal for a few sharp triples and HR’s here-n-there. They do sharp work as Y.A.C. (yards after the catch) goes to boot. Tho’ this is Armstrong’s O. Make no misQ on dat. And he seems to be breaking mo’ tackles and as leg-strong as ever.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=62% (77th most). Ex-Hokie Cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell and long-time Hokies Defensive Line coach Charley Wiles are on board for State here and you just gotta think that has to scouting/tipping help. This is an extreme multiple O. Like all over O. Including the Qb1 as a Box, Wr, Rb, H-back… Wildcat, ‘gun, Pistol, Spits/Bifurcations, whatever. There is a near Tee/I hybrid look; they call 18-Lead and 17-Lead (1=Qb, 2nd-dight=the hole). They call early, often, and late. A true Mae West “Call me anything, just call me often.” O.
    They are in the back of the playbook and you have to stay home and expect the unexpected.
    However, that is typically not a base ‘O is O’ing great, sign.
    B.P. has looks at this…. enjoy!
  • 55% run:pass 45% mix. Kevin Concepcion is your secret sauce offender here. This Wr3 plum busts it on some of his rushing carries. This has not been a quality Run-O for a spell, and stimulating that Run-O into a big-O would do wonders for Armstrong himself.
    This is one shifty/messy O to cue or key. They are fun to watch/scout for me as an ex-Fl1. NO fun to have to keep your head on a defensive swivel, however. The Stately O is like Real Estate… it will be about three things: Armstrong, Armstrong, and stretching into a 3rd Armstrong as well. IF, he runs on their overload side we could be downloaded for the nite. As M.J. Morris may r-shirt or may transfer or he may now ex-Qb1 go Qb-none or whatever. That said, his inert-looking Qb1 O has skewed the overall State stats southward mo’ than a bit. Whereas Armstrong at least gives the Wolfpac run-shapes some measure of: “bite”.

Offensive letter-grade:

WolfpacSpecial Teams: (return)

s.McDonough and his 3-school 6/10ths of a decade-long punting punting-career are now kaput.

Still yet, in ’22 Punter Caden Noonkester averaged 43.0 yards on 19 punts. So, there is at least a little experience here.

NC.State ranks 46th in Net Punting and so does r-Soph., Mr. Caden Noonkester. The N.b.a. S/F sized towering Caden.N. here. (6′7″, 222 lbs., r-Soph.).

That’s *the* Nooker to the mere mortals among you as you must Marvel at this kingly level of: “hockey hair”. As there are mullets and then there is Caden. wow. Got some chops to roll looking as he does. He calls himself: “the 4th down Qb” too. Long guy, with a long lead-up {sic: slower}, and a very high punt point to aim for on tape. Would not mind seeing Pry and Co. take a runny-go at him on a 10-man (or 11 if field-position allows) block-punt max’ attempt. He wears a cowboy hat(s), he off-roads and trucks it up, and this version of C.A.D. downloads an old-school watermelon drop (at times) when going for hangtime or coffin-corner looks. Not a dull boy… bonus points for running out there with a ‘big’ Scott Hall (R.I.P.) toothpick to boot. LOL. He majors in: Crop and Soil Sciences; and yah; he looks the part. He has on mo’ tackle than you and I do combined this year. And the 27 fair catches forced with only one kick ≥55 yards tell you about the lift his punts get. He is their KO-Specalist2, so he must have mo’ leg in the bag than that. Zero career blocks are sharp. With as many rushes or passes; so, a fake does not appear in the mix here.

  • 28th in Punt Returns |  29th in KO returns. nice! Very.
  • 64th in punt coverage | 129th and in suicide-squad!!! wowow!
  • State has blocked o kicks and allowed o kicks to be blocked.
  • State has blocked o punts and allowed o punts to be blocked.

Quality K1 Chrissy Dunn is now… done.

As in… gone is Lou Groza Award winner Christopher Dunn after hitting 28-of-29 field goals and making all of his extra points, He had range to go with the accuracy.

Collin Smith, PK1, takes over. Or some thought he would.

KickHer, 1.

Then Nc.State landed W.K.U. Kicker1; who Western Kentucky landed via Iowa State. Cue: Brayden Narveson via the transfer portal. He went 15-of-21 on field goals with a long of 53 last year. In from WKU is Narveson, a good veteran who made 51-of-64 career field goals starting out at Iowa State before going to the Hilltoppers.

This year he has gone 75% on his F.G.A.’s, which is keep your job just enuff. He is a perfected 29 of 29 on his P.A.T. boots. So, that does not hurt. And neither does his whispered range of out to 6o-yards long. He has 84 3-school combined F.G.A.’s than you and I do combined. So, the Experience Curve and the Learning Curve would appear most willing alike. Grad’ transfer which is always welcome. Ranked: the no. 8 kicker in 2018 by Chris Sailer Kicking; has a long make (at any level) of 58-yards. So, you can eschew a short punt up and spit it out here if you 3-point-try like. 24-3o from the 4o’s and 5-11 from the 5o’s. Tho’ he does punch-kick and if you’ve ever gone for long-drive championships before; that will amplify or spray (hook/slice) any misses all the mo’.  This is a solid nearly good K1, in particular, if you need a Logo-3, late. Jeep collector, just got engaged (Godspeed!/Best Wishes) and he sports his RW&B. Prolly makes a solid neighbor later on in the game of… Life. And he doing all of that per T1Diabetic; St.Elmo’ help! wow…

Special Teams letter-grade: Special Teams letter-grade: Less one coverage element, these guys are pretty good and pretty Talented to boot. B+++ here.

Unit Rankings:

  1. State D.
  2. VT D.
  3. VT O.
  4. State O.


  • motive: Senior Day and can clinch a post-season spot favor the good guys in Memory Lane for 19 Seniors (less any returns) soon enuff. EDGE=VT.
  • weather: this nice of a penultimate Turkey Day weekend forecast should favor the passing team. Who is the passing team here, though? EDGE=???
  • health/off-field: the counter nearly grades alike. fair to modest condition to be 11th game late in the year. Tho’ State is dingy at Rb and at S on D alike. EDGE=VT just a little.
  • penalties: 47th best in discipline nearly wins this one twice here. Or, by over 40 spots if you are keeping score @home. EDGE=State.
  • intangibles: State has been a bit of butterfingers or b.Simpson’s as fumbles go under Doeren for years. Turnover Margin this year says, however, that they have fixed that and hold a nice advantage here. T.O.P. (time of possession) does favor Tech. Though Turnovers favors State mo’ and our margin of error can nil afford that. EDGE=State.
  • fatigue: The Hokies sleep in their home racks and are actually up +2 in R&R in the last fortnight+ of play. That; kan’t, hurt. EDGE=VT.

Lord Haw-Haw …or… Tokyo Rose?
…inpowerHERment 1o1.

Wimminz hoops just got their swagg back… dat count?


R.A.T.T.: ...the key to picking this Stately lock is, what(s)???

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Wolves who could  ‘pack @Tech=13

the takeaway:

the takeaway here is

Q. Who has the 2nd-most A.c.c. wins (‘yes’, behind Klempson) since 2o16 you ask?

A. The Wolfpack have at least eight wins in five of the last six years under Doeren. The only other All-Coach Conference club that can lay claim to the same is: Clemson.

Or, in other words, State has been about as quietly consistently quality as you A.c.c. can be.

As in… outta the 4o seasons that the NC State football program won seven games or more, Dave Doeren has been the head coach in eight of them, with all of those coming in the last nine years. Dangnation. That’s not the worst-worst looksee, either.

Not epic.
Not unbeatable either.
Though second to only one A.c.c. squad.

Wild, right?

Still yet… State’s last conference championship was with Mr. Peabody coaching wayback in: 1979.
That and 17 seasons with zero, that’s (o) conference title game appearances and suddenly you
begin to glean why this State is not so (seemingly) shiny or stately indeed.

There’s only been one double-digit winning season in NC State history.

Again; wild, right?


xxx‘s & ooo’s:

…wonder how much Mitchell & c.Wiles have had to O&M, say?


  1. Δ1=4o%, Teeh has a homesteading shot here; think really good N.b.a. 3-point-shooter, shot.
  2. Δ2=52%, State is the rightful favorite here. As they do have schematic/match-up advantages X’s & O’s custom-built right in.
  3. Δ3=8%, that said… we won’t win this one by much if/when we do win… is extra innings finally ’bout to come, due?

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and yet again we must be Ric Flair 6o-minute men all nite long.

the optics

Blackjack or Ace-1o!
21… that’s your in-game barometer or MB’s of Mercury here.

It was simple -get to 21 points, win the game. NC State is 7-o when it did, and 1-5 when it didn’t. By the way, the team is 19-2 in its last 21 games when it gets past 21 points.

the skinny

…the skinny is… that the coaching-sewing-circle ‘whispers’ say that Coach Doeren is all shampoo and a precious little conditioner. As in… his teams tend to 2nd-half fade or thin a bit on S&C endurance itself.

WWI: “The Great War”

Trench Warfare favors…

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • VeeTee is a nearly average 73rd best in 1st-down O | whereas State is a sparky 11th best in 1st-down D allowed!
  • State is a downright lowly 1o7th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a salty 12th best in 1st-down D allowed. (Yikes!)
  • VeeTee is an even lower 1o9th best in 3rd-down O | whereas State is a downright brutal 4th best in 3rd-down D allowed! (Yikes!!!)
  • State is a below-average 84th best in 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is a commanding 24th best in 3rd-down D allowed.

Lo.FM Analysis:
Here we see that… this one favor both 3rd-down D’s. Or, rather it may just hidden-yardage favor the better Punting/covering and Punt-returning crew. That would be… nobody. Both Punt, cover, and Return are nearly the same; or basically a canceling effect. That may just favor 4th-down(s). That would favor; again, nobody. As they perfectly tied on one side (D) and V.P.I. was only 10 spots ahead on O. Which means this Lo.FM reverts to the top of the 1st and the bottom of the same. Someone has gotta go October Classic in November and knock the other one-off schedule from the start; from the jump. That appears to be the F’n Gobblers by just a mite. Although to be sure… this Lo.FM favors both stop-units overall. EDGE=the Ds; or, maybe the willful Drones/King-Tut’ if they can just genny a few good starts.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Hokies are a centrist (get it?) 67th best in T.F.L. (tackles for a loss) allowed O | whilst the Wolfpac is a plucky enuff 39th best in T.F.L. inflicted D.
  • The Wolfpac is a user-friendly 1o5th best in T.F.L. allowed O | whilst the Hokies are a scrappy 16th best in T.F.L. inflicted D! (wow!)
  • The Hokies are a so-so 78th best in Sacks-allowed O | whilst the Wolfpac is a hurtful 14th best in Sacks-inflicted D.
  • The Wolfpac is a middleocore 72nd best in Sacks allowed O | whilst the Hokies are battling 10th best in Sacks inflicted D!

TTT Analysis:
Here we see that… again; the same as the above Lo.FM., everything here favors the D’s or not having the ball. The only possession-based marker that moves only averagely positively is the screwing broken run-shapes via Drones wiggling Crooky’s boyz all over the place. That’s pretty helter-skelter to be super-sure of or even somewhat sure of. So, again; the advantage is to the halt-units. With a lowercase possible looksee to Drones, King-Tut’, and Thomas if they can do anything northward here. EDGE=Defending. (Maybe a smidgen to Tech if you just had to choose; maybe?)

3-game splits,
So, here we sees that… the State O is not so Stately indeed. At least not of late as their O has dropped (foreshadowing intended) by just north of ~-7o ypg. ALL, to the throw-fit bad to boot. However, Armstrong was dinged: (historicity of: Ribs and Shoulder ills… St.Adam & St. Christopher help); then he got benched! Now he is back and their attack appears mo’ on track. As Qb2: MJ.Morris only topped a lowly 37 QBR metric, once! He was suspect if not pretty piss-poor. And he ain’t the surprisingly nifty carrying the mail Cliff’s Notes that Armstrong is. He mo’ Clavin. So, this appears to be an outLIAR of sorts. The VeeTee D is 6o ypg better or stricter of late. Interestingly nearly 33.33% was aerial betterment. Tho’ the improving run-side is gleaning all the attention(s).

The VeeTee O is right about +45 ypg to the good in the last fortnight+ of works. All of which is down in the dirt. Which is actually up about +7o ypg; even if chucking is down about 25 ypg. This is a net gain or favorable offset for Ty.Bow’ and Co. to be sure. However, the State D -nearly exactly the same as the VeeTee D- is a mud in your eye bunch of late. They too are all the way down to 273 ypg allowed! 3o′ differing from VeeTee over the same triune stanza overall. States’ defensive rights 3o ypg stickier to be specific. And they are 2nd best in America vs. the Run in that time frame as well! (Pass D is stiffer and just a bit behind that too).

EDGE=the D’s or the under bettors.
As this one almost has the look-n-feel of b.Dooley on b.Dooley crime to me.

So, here we sees that… the Wolfpac howls just a mite ‘louder’ in your backyard than they do in theirs. Close to ~+2o ypg better and that is seldom seen out on the offensive road. All of this is due to winning mo’ grounding slugging matches upfront as rushing goes. Nc.St. puts a premium on carries in your house here. The Techmen are closing in on 35 ypg thriftier on D as the hostess with the mostess. In extra particular vs. the run… only allowing right at 99 ypg @home in Lane. So, this one is gonna be strength vs. strength. Which typically favors a weaker surprise element emerging. (Their Bren’-gun pops clean?)

We also sees that… the Gobblers medium-O goes medium-O+++ in the New River Valley. Gaining a bonus of nearly +4o ypg composite. Most of this is via formerly Wells and now Drones as well -they both- chuck it better in backyard Slusher Beach sandlot terms. Nearly +60 ypg better via the airwaves in the 24o6o, even if running contracts just a bit. The State D is pretty nasty on your block as well. They are right at 35 ypg tighter when traveling. All of which is better pass-fills on D. As their defensive backfield really kicks it up a notch or three. Again; this one is another strength-on-strength look.

EDGE=possibly nobody. As everybody improved here. Tho’ the State O going positive away from home is very seldom seen. That could be your fulcrum or tipping point if Armstrong is still feeling that la rival love/hate relationship, still.

▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely predicting a staggering 48 point bum-stopping in favor of da Wolfpac. Big Kev’ and Big Scott and even six-pac’ ’bout to get in our azz. When taken pro-rata it still predicts a 2-full-play (15-point) VomiT from State. As they not only perfect correlation swept us in-conference they swept us O.O.C. (out of conference) as well. That’s pretty strong medicine, and most years it would be unwise to ignore…

Though it would be wise to ask the 3 vertices below how well they compute/correlate/crosstab all/any of dat… so, Eye did… and guess what I found???

Triangle Theory (which digs deeper into run & pass Σ ot total yardage margins) says that… State Triumphs Tech by a not-so-sweet 16 points. Dangnation if that is not pretty fair-t0-middling parallel, congruent, and nearly a perfect isomer of the per capita Fourm Guide above. So, mind that 2-full-play store at your very own OPT, risk. As that is some very strong medicine with no coach m.Poppins spoon full of NutraSweet or anything else to make the whole shebang “go down”.

the call

NC State has greatly benefited from the extra cv19 in terms of depth and experience, -as they, unlike most- used it as a depth-chart mulligan of sorts and went 2o-2o and beyond visionary strategy. And it could result in a special season or seasons coming up as those thrown to the fire-green-wood guys now ripen and crackle and sizzle along.

Head coach Dave Doeren enters his 11th season with eight bowl trips and a 72-54 record in Raleigh. Again, is is quietly a pretty dang good football program; if not a high Q-score dead sexxxxxy one.

the sportlight

…here in the sportlight, we see that as Qb splits go…

  • Armstrong surely mounted a strong comeback last week; when he mounted Weak Forest good-n-hard. Overall, however, and we see that he is one of the very rarefied welllll-seasoned Qb1’s. Who does not move hardly at all vis-a-vis Home:Away splits. 1% is nominal as Δ or delta/changes goes. The curious points are… his INTs drop by nearly 8o% when traveling and therefore his QBR hikes by nearly +12 points when visiting. Focus, dialing in, or just a veteran look. The harsh part is his quarterly works… this Bren’-gun really sprays throws 2Q compared to 1Q and even worse 4Q compared to 3Q. 6% and a mindboggling 23% respectively! As that surely speaks to a thrown-out arm or a legit nagging passing ill to the Fl1 in me.
  • Drones is the drone you are looking for… in particular later on. However, he also still has some yo-yo kinks or tendencies in him. Used to be 1:1 good/bad now stretching out to 2:1 good/bad though the bad has not yet been banished as his Game Log goes. Cobra-Ky’ is +5% @Home. And he is still an r-Soph. after all. He is also a looser passer (to the loosened-up good) later on than before. As Drones improves Q by Q by Q by Q. +1o% to the good in totality 1Q to 4Q with no quarterly dips. Although he does churn out mo’ rushing yards in 2Q and again in 4Q and that seems to help settle his hurling metrics down a mite.

EDGE=Drones statistically. Tho’ he is not the Experience or the Learning Curve winner here— and maybe that quad-game sit down healed the nagging Armstrong up? If it did, he not less than ties here.

State Projected S&P+: 46th.
Wolfpac’ Projected S&P wins: 8.2 W’s.


GATA (get after their ass).

GATA punch first here folks. This is a meaty State team that is not soft or finesse.
GATA mind the misQ (yellow-laundry) store and win Turnover Margin.
GATA prolly get a bounce, hop, tip, slip, or at least 1 good break.

As this Wolfpac’ is not the underdog here.
Ramsay Bolton, they just ain’t. They are beatable. Tho’ reek rhymes with ‘weak’ see?

And it will take a pretty dang sizey Hokie effort and an efficacious day to pinch this one this, week.


formulae here favors… when Pry & Co. find a slack-jaw front line or even better… front-line(s) plural to jaw-jack. Check it…

  1. O.d.u.: virtually the worst oLine we’ve drawn. Dline was poor. W.
  2. Purdue: decent to solid oLine and very mean on Sacks/T.F.L. inflicted D. L.
  3. Rutgers: EPIC oLine play. Both in Sacks & T.F.L. denied. Dline was mixed. L.
  4. Marshall: 3rd best oLine we’ve drawn. Dline was so-so. L.
  5. Pitt: They were hurting on both front Lines (seriously hurting upfront on O in particular). W.
  6. F.s.u.: loaded for ***** bear on both front lines. Whooped. Blown totally spark out. L.
  7. Wake: worst oLine and hurtin’ too. DLine was decent. W.
  8. ‘Cuse: b.Walton ‘hoooorible’ Pass-Pro, poor T.F.L allowed with a decent dLine. W.
  9. Louisville: 2nd best set of front lines. Nearly whooped. Mostly blown out. L.
  10. BeeCee: Anomaly; does not fit my model. Mea Culpa. Denied.
  11. (now): State: average oLine though a very Gollum tricksy/false dLine that is very shifty good. L?
1o times outta 11… do you see a trend(s)?
We really do need to face at least one softie front-line to have a shot to win.

This speaks to a couple of things… maybe even a few…

First, they are solid enuff on pre-game game planning when an opposing front line encourages/invites an attack. This is an O.G. old-school thingy… you burn a bad defender by blitzing him to get him outta the run/pass fit way. Ditto on O. You find a cut you apply leather in boxing terms.

(And to yet again put the cart before la horse… hooVa is 1o8th best at best upfront
along either front-line. Oui-oui on dat T.Jay.v.213.).

Second, counter-punching… or in-game adjustments… or a plan B, C, or D? And a team with such limited deployment options, so very thin on depth and pretty much Talent Ceiling hard-capped and not so much.

Their countering or variability is hard-capped.


Thirdly, the next 8Q’s of ball will tell you S&C much n’ more; and even more so ‘competitive’ and tire-pull and tug-of-war than that. Glat’s S&C gait is about to get chin-checked.

As our guys are gonna be on a very high caloric burn, with not much in the way of substitutes/2’s or relief.
O&M O2 masks start your engines. As we better hope our 1’s engines do not run dry, late.

Game Ball or mag·num o·pus:

Armstrong➕Concepcion  …or… Drones➕King-Tut

It is one of those two Atlassian sets of lifters who literally have taken the weight of their teams’ upon their prolly starting to bow a bit, back. I mean… just how far can these pairings carry how much?

That… and even the slightest hobble or outright hurt to any of those aforementioned offenders could be the one thing that tips this game… either, way.

βeta Analysis:

So, it was shocking to see VeeTee all the way up to and skyrocketing of late to a very nifty 41st overall offensive metric. The signet or talisman part was… we were only *that* good at rushing efficiently and disallowing negative plays (of late). Clearly, our Tao of Pry is grounded indeed. In ♠’s. Or, not super hard to see coming. Take that away and dare Drones to melt you deep. On the State side, we see an O in retreat under their ex-Qb1. Who they benched/broke up with. They can run a mite, and what little explosion they have is all off of Armstrong’s play-action looks. They too are not hard to defend or see Armstrong coming; although they are less limited than they were b4 under Morris.

The B-side metrics on D show us two D’s tightening that halt-unit vice of late alike. Both are improving. State’s D is βeta better however by about ~45 spots. Which is enuff to be characterized as: significant. Significantly enuff… they are better at… everything. Straight across less S.O.S. (strength of schedule). As we are wildly inefficient at times on D. A very hell or high-h2o stop-set. State is dead-set on run-D, efficiency overall, and on inflicting negative plays/drives. They have the edge, here.

βONUS: Eye found it wild that b.Armstrong is right at a ½ decade older than, Drones.
(24 going on 25 if you need him!)


Ergo, therefore, to Wht…

Do you ^^^see those^^^ signature breakfast cereal lucky charms?

And although I do not know munch about: orangutangs, fruit bats, or assorted carp…

I do know we gotta get after their ass here. And the catch-44 or deux-duex is that next week is a redux of necessary efforting too. I know this ’cause— I do not yet know if we are fully ’23, cooked?
Are we set in Hokiestone? Cured? Hmmmmmm…

I also R.A.T.T. know we may need some bold fortune to favor us to win this one here. Or, some Wolfpac help. They may need to throw us a bone or two. ’cause although I do not know if it is foolish to pick Tech @Home here outright… Alexander ‘the great’ and I both know Nc.State is the legit favorite here; even out on the road. As this will take an A— O&M effort to win. Possibly, more.

As this one is a race to 3-scores.

First one there, wins.

Or, as Star Trek IV said…
“May fortune favor the foolish.” —Capt. J.T. Kirk
Or in our case… “May formulae not favor the road.”


upset Index=39%



Virginia Tech=28, North Carolina State=36


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





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  1. My prediction: APR will win this game for the Hokies in an eerily similar game to the infamous Corey Moore beatdown against State.

  2. Screeeeeach nails on the blackboard—–

    GATA = Rootin’ Tuten Time

    Our offensive mentality has to be a be mo Tuten playin to whistle echo mentality as running angry like the Devil himself is chasing– no OL standing watching the play pulling up their pants—but being the aggressor for 60+minutes.

    On D– place Armstrong butt in turf, aggressively repeat for their 40+ plays. He’s the key IMO–

    Must win hidden yards—short fields on O are as friendly as long fields for our D for a VT VicTory!!! GATA Mr Holloway & J-Love = points.

    Dawg fight in Lane this afternoon & Section 7 see VT in the winners circle

    VT 24. Wolfpuppies 13

    Let’s Go—Hokies!!!!
    Beat State—- Whoooooooooooooo!

    1. VT+11 @the Vegas window would butter some Owens Dining Hall, beads; plural.


  3. Should find out today if tech has any dogs . Tuten and drones on offense will need some help. The oline will need to deliver.
    Defense needs to knock the shit out of Armstrong, and game over.

    1. Well, he is northward bound, he is not super shifty either… we should get out shots at him.


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