North Carolina State Virginia Tech preview!

#47 C.B.S. Nc.State @ #18 C.B.S. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…  innominate

adjective: (Latin).

  1. not named or unclassified.
  2. mid=17th century: from late Latin innominatus, from in- ‘not’ + nominatus ‘named’
  3. or… midnight Saturday for one of these two teams with plenty of synonyms for: ‘unknown’.

North Carolina State Head Coach: David William Doeren: age=48, (71-46, and 48-42 @State); has a rep’ for smarts, Defense; and a bit of recruiting.

Student-athlete Doeren… lettered at Te for the Drake Bulldogs, catching 19 catches for 237-yards for his career. He majored in pre-medical biology, earning Academic All-America honors as a senior. He took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). His plans for the future changed, however, during the summer between his junior and senior years when his former coach at Bishop Miege High School asked him to lead seven-on-seven drills. Six seasons into the game of Life, David returned to Drake and also earned his master’s degree in educational leadership.

We should all age this well at right b4, fiddy!

From that moment on, he decided he wanted to be a coach.

An odd duck of a coaching resume`, to be sure… as you do not see many ex-Te’s switch sides to become pretty shiny Linebacking or second-layer defensive coaches and eventual full-fledged defensive coordinators. As the next time Eye see that will be the second time, I’ve seen that. Although and still yet, in theory, this is one of the few twin-sided big-whistles who should get both sides of the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) as opposed to only getting one.

Coach Do’ does have NC State’s graduation success rate for football at an all-time high (74%) and it has risen each of the past four years. Accordingly, he is coaching mo’ than just football and proppers on that! Additionally, David has instituted “Real World Wednesdays.” Every week from January until the season starts, a different speaker comes in to speak to the team about his or her experiences or to help teach real-life lessons. Further, Doeren has provided practical guidance to his players that will help them in the professional world. They learned about proper dress attire for interviews and business and learned how to tie a cravat/necktie. They have participated in etiquette dinners and have met with leaders from the financial world who taught them about money management. Again; there is a lot to like here, as in how few are taking the time to do all of, ^that^?

Coach Do’ does sport a Montana Grizzlies 2001 national championship team bling. So, there is that. He was a truly shiny 23-4 at Northern Illinois over in the mid-M.A.C. And that kinda has something of a Fu’ feel to it… as you have to wonder if he’s found his Peter Principle level?

Because you’d have to think there may be a (growing) thermal-reading in Coach Do’s proverbial seat.

Daddy Doeren met his wife Sara while he was coaching at Drake where she was a nursing student.  The couple has three sons: Jacob (18), Luke (17), and Connor (12).

2019 record:  4 up, 8 down and 1-7 in the A.c.c.

(READERS note: national rankings are Last year “to” This year! Thought Eye’d leave ’em in for comparison’s sake… tho’ the number on the right=2020)

 State Defense: (starters back=4)

  • (new) 3-3-5 stack. (did see toggles into a thirty-three and nearly an even 4-3).
  • 72nd in 26th Total D.
  • 50th 29th vs. the run.
  • 1o3rd to 30th vs. the throw.
  • 49th to 28th in 1st down D.
  • 84th to 37th defending 3rd down.
  • 103rd to 34th in Zone D.
  • 91st to 25th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 18th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 23rd in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 6.5 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. States front-3 will ‘jump’, as they are susceptible to “HARD COUNTS” at times. #29, the Ng, is o or 1-technique right-sized. The De’s are about ¼ or ½ a brick shy of an S.e.c. 3-4 load. Ng Alim McNeill is your triune alpha here, and he gets pretty good steam built up right up the A-Gap gut on tape; including vs. the Qb. You’ll know what Brock is or is not @C for the Vice Squad right away. McNeill is for real. As the State dLine did scout in a semi-stately manner in the trenches vs. Wake… how much of that is on Wake remains to be, seen.
  • 7 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Nc.State announced last week that redshirt junior linebacker Isaiah Moore will wear jersey No. 1, which goes to a player displaying special character and leadership. He’s also a team captain. And in McDowell, Wva. parlance: “Mister Moore has come to town.” And frankly, he’s come to Linebacking (and beyond) stay… “Isaiah has led our team both athletically and socially,” Coach Doeren said. Can’t say I’ve heard that one said before. Far out kid… Some however say that Payton Wilson is the numeral uno, tho’ he’s got a history of knee-big-dents (may St.Nikon bless!) However, Wilson is a pure born north-south disrupter when locked, cocked, and ready to rock. That all being said, the State 2nd-layer at least tries to be physically stout. They are right-sized, only just a smidgen short on raw: lateral coverage itself. As the State second-layer is the prime-defensive mover here. And it is the deepest of the 3 traditional layers as well.

    34 base D:
  • 3 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. The entire State hind-4 is a little light in the pants. Could be some nice YAC (Yards After Contact) if we git to running downhill. Although the ‘pack Cb’s are lean they are tall. Pretty heighty and this won’t aid-n-abet any 50-50 jump-balls or Fades in the red-zone. Although the State secondary does tend to play the man not the ball. (only 2 Cb INT’s last year). The star of the secondary is Fs Tanner Ingle, a very solid lb.-for-lb. talent (5′10″ and 180 lb., Jr.). Tanner covers well, he ably sets the table and he will arrive hungry or with a “thump”. Cb Chris Ingram is the stronger of the two Cb’s if his rebuilt knee (St.Nikon bless) is strong enough. That said, the whispers say that State is a bit hind-4 “concerned” this year downfield.
  • D overall: The State D is strongest in the Wolfpac’s second-layer at Linebacker (per:  Payton Wilson, Vi Jones, and Isaiah Moore) themselves. Prolly at least one or two post-season candidates live here. There is one star upfront (Ng/Dt, (sometimes De) 6′1″, 322 lb., third-year, Alim McNeill (who has a history of left-elbow dings; St.Julia bless) and behind all of that the ‘pac’s Secondary would have had no 2019 luck if not for bad-luck at all. As the State hind-4 or hind-5 was a total M*A*S*H unit for a bad part of 2019.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=(67th) or 56%. Wilson prolly is your conflict defender here. Zero defensive scoring needs to 2020 basketball on grass change. Film-Study: Lb’s scraped very well and they were even better northwardly on run-blitz sets vs. Wake. They are dealt on passing-downs as well as the 3-3-5 Odd Stack does end-rhyme with: “attack!” Lotta offset 2nd-layer stagger looks, be this Will (wide-side) or Sam (short-side) overplays. There is a little edge room to work outside looks here. A throw-game BIG arm would help CAPS-lock all of that too. As State D’s (recently) have been known for being able to generate a good pass-rush, okay to solid vs. the run; and yet susceptible to aerial assaults and big/gaffe plays allowed in particular. Because in 2019 you ask? Only two teams failed to come up with at least ten takeaways. Kansas came up with eight, and so did NC State. This has to change for da Wolfpac’ to take the next stopping-step. (ditto the recent rep’ for soft-tackling down @Raleigh).
  • In conclusion… this is not an epic D tho’ it is a decent enough D. It may be just a scosche move available to straight-ahead Iso, Wham, Plunge plays (and those passing edge works) than anything else. As it shows bend tho’ don’t break tendencies and nuances upon breaking-tape. Finally, 91% of the State starters have at least one year or more of eligibility remaining; thereby making this State halt-unit a year away from its zenith.

Defensive letter-grade:

Wolfpac Offense: (returning starters=10!)

  • 88th to 18th in Total O.
  • 75th to 10th in ground O.
  • 67th to 38th in aerial O.
  • 120th to 18th in Passing Efficiency!
  • 75th to 40th in 1st down O.
  • 1o4th to 21st on 3rd down.
  • 67th to 2nd in Zone O!
  • 12th in completion percentage!
  • 33rd in yards/catch.
  • 25th in sacks allowed |63rd in TFL allowed.
  • O overall: Qb: Devin Leary. The redshirt sophomore, the top-2 recruit outta N.Jersey in 2018, showed some promise when he didn’t try to do too much. Yet the tag here reads that he has to improve his accuracy (48.1%) and decision-making on top of that— which is not entirely saying the same thing in Devin’s case. And with all-Universe and 2nd-highest Qb1 recruit (Aaron McLaughlin) on the way… now would be a good time to make people less, leery at such a Pivotal position indeed. DeeL himself -who may or may not be on the: “down Low”- is a throwback yesteryear era pocket-Qb by trade. And quite frankly, he looks it upon breaking tape as he has enough shoulder to win the arms-race, tho’ he’s a few bricks shy of a load from winning most any foot-race. Good fundamentals, a textbook robo-Qb who gets the mechanics down pat. Competitor or a bit cocksure… ‘pends whom you ask. Still yet, only 49 other Qb’s in the history of history itself can say that they finished their careers’ as their given home-states Alpha-Qb statistically. As Devin finished his career as the state of New Jersey’s all-time leader in passing yards (9,672) and in touchdown throws (117)! And he was merely Gatorade Player of the Year in New Jersey twice, or back-to-back as a Jr. and again as a Sr. season Qb1. That does not suck, although the fact that he has cut 1″ in height and yet found nearly ~30 lbs. of sinew since his Raleigh arrival pretty much tells the tale here. (now checking in at 5′13″, 224 lbs.) As this is a mixed Qb1 who needs to sort 2020 things out before Mr. Aaron sorts 2021 things out for him. UPDATE: St.Nikephoros bless, Devin has been benched by +CV19 testing. Rb(s): Running-back is pretty good at State and if anything, it might just be deeper than it is, good. As super-Soph. (5′11″, 2o6 lb.) Zonovan ‘bam‘ Knight will be the alpha back on the field more times than not in 2020. Third-year Jordan Houston is a pure slasher and second-year Ricky Person Jr. can run with authority when his ankles allow (St.Philip bless). As the Pac’ Rb cadre is downright versatile or heterogeneous in a great way. Because they have some measure of the Gift of Grab as the catch-game goes too. Blocking, and not so much. oLine: the Pac’s front-5 returns four starters and recovers the services of their Ace blocking all-A.c.c. caliber Te (Cary Angeline) from 2019 injury as well. Might be a little better on the edges as barricading defenders goes— although there are no obvious blocking holes (pardon the bad pun) here. On watching film, the passing-cup is a bit less geometric than the run-shapes although both are above average. Did not like the airplane wing look on run-fits at times on film. The ‘pack fields 80% upperclassmen upfront; and yet only one guy is north of 3o6 lbs. when tipping the Toledo’s. i.e. this is a very technical, hand/foot-placement turn/shield textbook lot. With a lotta down the LOS (line of scrimmage) 45° blocking. They are good at this too, with great timing/push. And on top of all of ^that^, they reach or fold to the 2nd-layer really well and really physically at times too. Wr’s/Te’s: State is okay here. Not bad, not great, OK. And ‘okay’ is north of being south of average in 2019. Where the Pac’ was dogged by dropped passes and a pretty thin catch-corps as well. Emeka Emezie is prolly your alpha almost via default, tho’ he and State both need another Wr to emerge in 2020. As turnovers which led to an ugly passing-(in)efficiency in 2019 really do need to get throw-game cleaned-up in 2020. As Leary’s modest 8:5 ratio has to better itself for the 2020 offense to get better in and of itself this season. Mutually the lack of a vertical or northerly stretching HR threat to the Pac’s throw-fits. However, the State Wideouts are nothing if not, big. Nearly all of ’em go ≥6′3″ and ≥218 lbs.! Pretty well-seasoned grab-gang as well, as most are 3rd-year or older.

    State base O:
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=(15th) or 81%. 4 oLine starters return, along with three quality Rbs’ (Zonovan “Bam” Knight— who is a fun guy to watch do work on film | and not a fun hombre to bring down!) Qb is your X-factor here, as returning Qb1 (Devin Leary) and his modest to so-so to less than so-so 2019 effort(s) must experience improvement(s) as he trends towards 20 total career starts. (Leaving state fans, leery; as in: 48% for a narrow 8:5 ratio and only 46 grounded yards). Ditto fumbling on O as the Wolfpac’ was Bart Simpson’s favorite 2019 candy bar or Butterfingers at 107th best in fumbles for 2019. Tritto having only three that’s (3) teams’ author more interceptions on O than State did last season. As this puppy-pac’ wasn’t very bitchy; as they were plum 1st-date giving it away in 2019.
  • 68% run:pass 32% mix. Either Qb actually playing well is your secret sauce offender here. Last year State did not bust >28 points in a single A.c.c. contest. That’s gotta change this season or more things are likely to change this off-season. Although, multi (or many) injuries at oLine, Rb, and at Qb alike really did muck all of that 2019 up for poor Coach Dave. Film Study: lotta single-Back sets. Saw some really good blocking in space vs. Wake here. More so than on edge in specific technical terms. Aggressive with really good footwork and most willing indeed. Pretty dang creative O in terms of the backfield and edge skill position guys bait-n-switch routines; plus delays and “one Mississippi’s” behind all of that. ASSIGNMENT football and backside integrity will be at a premium here. And just how big of an ask will that be for a depleted defensive Staff, sans a spring-instillation-practice in the opening contest 1-hole remains to be seen? (fun O to break tape on gents— their Qb goes in motion and everything and did I mention their creativity, yet?)
  • r-Jr. 6′2″, 200 lb., Florida State AND Hutchinson Community College transfer quarterback Bailey Hockman (a Koufax— with a full sleeve of ink on his orthodox or non-throwing arm; go fig’, right?) can move… and he runs well enough that you have to honor the same. Better than you’d expect for running on a fully blown (St.Nikon bless) plant or right-knee as a lefty. Good passer on the move; seems comfortable enough in space here. O hits a lotta short to intermediary work, with “GO” safety-valve, looks bailouts, and lives to fight another day. Coming up, Mister (ad)-Hockman was only the 8th ranked passer in Peach State history. With a mere 9,013 airwave yards with 94 forward-passing majors (TD’s in “C.f.l.” speak ‘eh’). That does not suck, and neither did Bailey vs. Wake in the opener or last year vs. his ex-F.s.u. boyfriends. Bailey was also only the JuCo No. 1 Pro-Style Qb and the No. 32 recruit overall (D-1 and JuCo combined) per 247Sports! The knocks on Bailey have been for accuracy (57%) and for being a bit Pick prone (2:5 D-1 career ratio passer). Additionally, he ain’t the biggest or most towering Pro-Style Qb1 in the fight. So, you gotta wonder how well he does on 1.9 good wheels over the course of 10’ish games contact wise at a bicentennial or Light-Heavyweight poundage classification. The loves on Baily have been for being both shotgun an under-C adept. For footwork, surprising athleticism, for a quick-release, and for courting a “good arm” or a Flat-B letter grade shoulder. Data-mining on Hockman seems to suggest that he’s better later-on than he is at the start. Almost like it takes a minute or three for him to get his wing to warm into the given game. Like to see a few more data points here, tho’ thus far all fingers point to that. Now, those may not be perfect things to say; although there are worse things you can say to boot. Bailey is a cool customer or so the ‘whispers’ say. (i.e. there are differing Qb temperaments, here).
  • Offensive letter-grade:

Nc.State Special Teams: (both return)

Nc.State was a nifty 13th best in Net Punting and so was punter Trenton Gill. Gill is a r-Jr. 6′4″, 2o9 lb. Punter and parttime KO-man. (aim high for his tallish release point on punt-block). So, you know leg-strength is not found wanting when State punts. And oh, by the way… being named 2nd-string Walter Camp all-American P nationally preseason does not suck at all. As Mister Gill merely set the Wolfpac’ single-season record for punting average with a 47.6 mark in 2019! That’ all… and he also was merely 3rd best in all of D-1 punting on average last year to boot. Gill however does have a history of blocks inflicted against— in point of fact, every single FGA his missed in H.S. as a K was, blocked! No shite, 100% snuffed out on missed 3-points. As Gill was all-state in foutball or soccer and prolly could be a cross-over leg-work star if he wanted the zebra ball look. Gill has also raised almost $9,000 during the COVID-19 crisis to feed families and support local restaurants in his hometown (Hillsborough, Nc.) St.Nikephoros super bless on dat. Gill has a career-long of 76-yards punting; and he enjoyed a Ray Guy’esque eleventeen Punts of ≥ 54-yards last year. Five of which punts went for ≥ 62-yards! wow! This Punter is a field-position changing weapon folks, make no misQ on that.

  • 35th in Punt Returns (down from 14th) | 1o3rd up to 9th in KO returns.
  • 49th in punt coverage | and 1st in suicide-squad. (i.e. a lotta touchbacks).
  • State had blocked 1 kick and allowed 1 kick to be blocked. (last year).
  • State had blocked 1 punt and allowed 1 punt to be blocked. (last year).

Christopher Dunn is back at FG-K for State and back as well are his stellar 88% and 89% back-to-back FG-Kicking seasons so far. Dunn has only missed 3-FGA’s every season to date. WOW! Chris’ is a sparky or sprite looking 5′8″ (aim kick-block low here) 180 lb. third-season K by way of Lexington, Nc. As Chris only already ranks fifth in school history in career field goals (44) and only fourth in FGA percentage (.88%). Dang, as this K is surely a Lou Groza Award A-lister or short-lister; already. And once Dunn gets it going from downtown, he only typically connects on high ‘teens in a row as consecutive FGA-makes go. (his collegiate make streak max’ is 19-in-a-row). Dunn enjoys a good+++ leg that is just a few transistors shy of a bionic load. Tho’ Dunn can bang that weaponizing FGK drum out to very high 40’s to very low 50’s comfortably enough. As Coach Do’ has every possible kicking (go for 3-points or go for defensive field-position) option at his tippy-toes here. As Dunn was only the 18th ranked K nationally coming outta High School where he was only the NYFO National punt and field goal champion and CSK national champion and was only named Team Captain (which is unusual raised to the specialists unheard of power) for his final scholastic season. (FYI: Dunn’s career long=54-yards at any level | with NO career PAT, misses at any level!)

And same as Gill up above, there is a decent enough chance that State has pros at both P and K giving them leg(s)-up plural for this campaign.

Tough to see a better set of kick-game legs this side of Sunday games men.

Special Teams letter-grade: A. (nothing else will do here, and State is only 1 return-specialist removed from a superlative A+++)

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O.
  2. Nc.State O (nearly tied, mo’ like 1b).
  3. VT D.
  4. Nc.State D. (sorta/kinda close to tied here as well).


  • motive: …hmmmmmmm, I presume that VeeTee must be pretty froggy to play and State has not been a good road-team under coach Dave. EDGE=VT.
  • weather: moderate looking weather and meh… this one does not favor anyone in particular. EDGE=none.
  • health/off-field: most weeks and who knows, right? How did recent testing go? Starting Safety (Hunter) has gone more parts gather and less parts, hunter. And the VeeTee Secondary is really dinged and dented alike. On top of that, recent testing(s) favor the Vet’ School of da Wolfpac’.  22-6. EDGE=State (fo’ triple-double sure!)
  • penalties: 10th in yellow laundry for the ‘pac’ and VeeTee was pretty close to the same so last time we checked. EDGE=push.
  • intangibles:  We do know that coach Wiles and coach Mitch’ will be providing Nc.State with true ‘elite’ insider scoops on all things O&M. Plus now being 28th in TOP (time of possession) as clock eaters. Ergo, EDGE=State (BIGtime too!)
  • fatigue: well, even if we backed into this through no credit of our own… you’d have to think the Hokies have the fresher legs due to missed time in the last fortnight of nonplay. EDGE=VT.

Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Packers who could “howl” @Tech=8 or 9.

Once mo’ unto the breach… in a season of skewing twin-tailed statistical non-standardized deviations, where everything can and prolly actually will, happen!

Not proverbial ‘can’ happen gents: “will”!

As this season sure appears to offer a healthy forecast in what is no better than uncertain viral times as buying a few extra-points go. Gonna be The Year of the Upset with uneven results all around.

And yes, ^that^ is very much on the level indeed. In O&M spades in point of R.A.T.T. fact folks.

That seasonal (J.m.u./O.d.u.) you have indeed been: warned caveat firmly in place…
here goes nuttin’…

the takeaway:

Last year’s 4-8 Wolfpac’ record marked the program’s first L’er season since 2013 under coach Dave Doeren. Injuries and roster turnover from a team that won nine games in back-to-back years played a huge role in last season’s regression.

While the Wolfpack are unlikely to rebound to nine wins in 2020, better luck in the health department, along with a correction in a very butterfingers or user-friendly looking turnover margin (13 last fall), should equal a trip to a lowercase 2021 bowl. (if there is such a thing, of course). As da Wolfpac’ had a whopping 12 guys out for ≥1-month last year! wow!

xxxs & ooo‘s:

Honesty… this is a squirrely match-up gents… as our middle-D had better be tight or they are gonna have some outta shape run-fits on Saturday. Plus, I’ma officially shaky on Rover and Cb as you just HAVE to think State is gonna wanna test these early and often.

Both Temas have strong Special Team looks… so any narrow game-changer delta (Δ) is awash.


Nonetheless, VeeTee (same as the State O) has some real live match-up advantages. Downfield and on the edge in particular. And the State D’s sleepy-looking run-fits became a Wake-up call fun-fit the longer that last Saturday night went.

formulae here favor VeeTee at full-strength overall— yet it is R.A.T.T. closer to EVEN as things stand at the moment.


  1. Δ1=40% well, Fu’ -as we all know- is not averse to R.U.T.S. early on in the year and beating his 9th-month opponents like rented goalies. So, you’d have to think with an Atlantic side opponent that he does not have to see again until 2022, Fu’ won’t be winning any B.F.F. or sportsmanship awards as the final tally goes if/when he can develop it. 4 chances in 10 that Fu’ goes “steamroller” Bob & Doug on State here, “eh”.
  2. Δ2=25% that said, if State is the less infectious team -and most say they are- then we are in the viral realm of anything/everything could possibly happen here. “YES”, Eye would bet on V.Tech straight-up in this one, tho’ not on the point-spread. As State could nick one late if they land their A-game punch prolly about 2.5 times outta 10.
  3. Δ3=35% chance that this one goes all kinda sideways, be that, either way… and something truly outlying happens. Think a multi-score highly upsetting State win or a late VeeTee single play fail-Mary that somehow (penalty or batted-ball) Hail-Mary connects. 3.5 in 10 odds that this one ends Netflix style or in Coach 11’s favor per Stranger Things.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and V.Tech prolly needs
to win about 45 to 50 of the minutes here.


the optics… 

8 PM tip-off:

With newbie offensive and defensive coordinators alike, Nc.State should still be behind the installing, learning, and new O and new D experience curves alike. Advantage=the Fu’fense accordingly.

Ditto the fact that State slumped last year (4-8) after five straight winning seasons of ball. This engendered a Staff overhaul and this is more than just a retooling for such a juvenile roster that is now more parts new Top (Coaching) to Bottom (bench). As in… there are six new Stately coaches with only one 2018 Wolfpac’ coaching retainer! i.e. second is not the worst place to play Nc.State this time around.

the skinny

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)
(TBD next week… tho’ last year favored VeeTee).

TTT (Time To Throw©)
(TBD next week… tho’ last year very slightly favored VeeTee).

R.A.T.T. ...who wins this one in the virally era of the Upside 'rong?

View Results

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the call
A far-out one to augur or protend… is it not?

Most will tell you -heavily flirting with the extent of outright asterisk or alibi- that: all bets are off. This is unknown terrority. “Here there be dragons” as old-world cartographers were want to edge of map(s) say.


And they are not ‘rong.

Just as ships are safer in harbor… although that’s not what ships are for.

Projected Wolfpac’ S&P+: 57th.
Projected Nc.State S&P wins: 7.4 W’s.


Stay safe | Pray safe!

That all said… Fu’s signature INTJ Myers-Briggs nothing-left-to-chance or micromanaging autocratic centralized power approach might just be the tix in such upside-‘rong times. Can’t say I find being the enemy of structure and fixation to be a good, crafty, or a safe look here.


My only innominating* seasonal caveat raised to the predictive power is thus…

"At the end of the game, the King and the pawn go into the same, box."
 —Italian proverb

And frankly, there are gonna be some games this season where some kings get, pwned.

As Eye sees some points going up in this one men. As one team has a so-so (if that defense) overall, and the other team has a newly minted newly reset defense that is critically thin in the hind-4 and not real far north of 1-strong at De. They also have a new defensive coordinating big-whistle with several (➕) testing assistant coaches and that’s gonna take a little minute, or; three.

Kinzer FINGERS Nc.State!!!

Thus, making this one a coterminous race to 30… first one there?

And as Coach Hunter taught us all: “the flip side of every problem is an opportunity“.
(to which someone who looks a lot like me spoke up and said:
that’s right, an opportunity to do better or to do worse.”

As it is high-time for Justin & Co. to do better,
and Fu’©,Κ somebody, up!


upset Index=44%


Virginia Tech=37, North Carolina State=3o


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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  1. So gLad to receive a game day review & summary.

    Turnovers key for VT…take care of football and we’ll be fine.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!

  2. Hope you’re right on our score, friend, and not on theirs.

    Someday, in my ample spare time, I’m going to copy/select all of one of these analyses of yours and paste it into a Microsoft email, hit ‘send’ and see how long it takes me to use the “add to dictionary” function.

    LOL, you rock.

  3. The “word” of the day was a new one to me. Bravo. Hard to grasp that game is really here after ~6 months of uncertainty. Thank goodness.

    I hope we see some good running ability, will keep an eye on how Brock does, and the back 4/5. Get to 30 points! Big challenge for Fu. I think he’s up to it.

    1. Me3.

      I had to go hunting for that one… (synonym for: ‘unknown’, as that is getting tired already).


  4. Tech better be ready to get the ball shoved down their throats by good rb s. State has some talent running the ball, and they like contact. States o line is good-Stop the run, game over and win for tech

    1. Oh no doubt.
      Why would you not?

      (unless the 2 ex-Qb’s at the Fu’fensive top just can not stand to not, throw?)


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