Qb or not to Qb, that is NO longer the, question…

Quarterbacks part III, and an off-field Audit 1o1:

@Tally cannot get here soon enough; right, coach?

Virginia Tech football has just officially posted its most ruckus off-season in a good 15 years— and according to my abacus and my sources, this off-season ain’t done just yet.

Personally, I figured I had better fashion something in response to all of this acerbic off-field juju before all of my high road piously intended attempt(s) results in a (non)-publishing apoxia of sorts.

I do still have some Qb part III works down below, and we are probably gonna have to stretch the quarterback articles all the way out into a rather elastic quad-series before I do finally get to and get into the Jackson Genome Project where coach Spock and I can, and we will objectify what we have S&C testing resultant found behind the O&M scenes— Coach God willing. Nevertheless, I am gonna finally chime in on this off-season from hell… so read on to learn more about Qb1 threw Qb3 vetting and then keep reading to learn what time it really is program hygiene wise down in the 24060.

Qb or not two Qb, that is the… comparison

So, what if I told you about two different Qb’s and here is basically all I had to say…

  • Older Qb year 1: (in seven games)
    46% passing, 10:8 (TD:INT ratio), 1,271 passing and 69 rushing. With a 104.2 Qb rating.
  • Newer Qb year 1:
    59.6% passing, 20:9 (TD:INT ratio), 2,991 passing and 324 rushing. With a 134 Qb rating.

Which Qb would you choose?
Pretty easy decision tree, right? As you surely prune the Older Qb on the quick; right?

Now, the collegiate statistically sage among you are already mentally nominating older Qb as being none other than Ryan Willis; correct? Well, you are getting warmer, as those are Big 8 stats indeed. Now, what if I told you how older Qb finished up?

  • Older Qb year 4: (in only 11 games, mind you)
    60% passing, 27:9 (TD:INT ratio), 3,497 passing and 42 rushing. With a shiny 156.3 Qb rating!

What if I throw in being named his Conference Player of the Year, finishing in the Top-7 for National Player of the Year? How about if I told that that older Qb set single-season records at his school for a quarterback including most pass completions, highest pass efficiency, most passing yards, and most touchdown passes thrown in a single campaign.

What if I told you older Qb put up a stellar 50 passing TD’s in his most recent 22 games? What if I told you he even caught one for a 15-yard gain; and had 5 total rushing TD’s on top of all of that?

Now, which Qb do you choose?
Or shall we defer to ask ~ 8 pm September 3rd @Tallahassee?

Well, we could, and ultimately as Qb1 goes maybe we will still have to ask Labor Day night– although older Qb is all said and done; so, we won’t be asking him; or at least we will not be asking him to go out there, suit up, and play. As the older Qb’s eligibility expired 19 seasons ago. And yet we do have to ask him who our 2018 Qb1 will be, all fingers point to that.

As older Qb is not Ryan Willis -although you can forgive the sporting overlap or simile; can you not? The Older Qb is none other than ex-Qb1 now turned big whistle or ex #2 wearing Qb1 who actually did transfer to Murray State as none other than a Frank Beamer recruit. “And now you know the beginning of the story…”

A “racy” Qb1, indeed…

As the rest of our Qb1 story will have to August camp hurry up and wait; as this is ultimately where our now annotated Qb1 story ends remains to be written. Nevertheless, I can tell you this little…

As I surely now understand why Coach Fu’ hates turnovers so much; and interceptions being his particular bane. He should; as in he should be familiar with them having cited or thrown not less than a whopping 38 picks his very own self.

So, in looking all of this up, and in addition to finding out why/how Fu’ truly loathes turnovers —as one could be forgiven for typing that his very own authorship of said turnovers ultimately cost him his dream in-state pet Qb1 job (at Oklahoma); we also may be gleaming as to why Fu’ does not seem real comfortable with truly running Qb’s.

Why is this you ask? Well Fu’ although not entirely the enemy of speed itself, well Qb1 Fu’ rushed for a whopping 355 total yards in careerist reverse himself. Or to put it another way, throwing may be in his blood, although running was separated from his Pivotal plasma a long long time ago.

Still yet, Fu’ the Qb did figure things out; even if that was from dropping down from the nation-leading Big-8 to the much less vaunted D-1aa Ohio Valley Conference. Basically, a two-team conference race (Murray State and Illinois State) year-in and year-out. Still yet, they say he enlisted in the given film-room: (<<) reverse, fast-forward (>>); rinse, recycle, repeat; ad nauseam. Until the proverbial game began to literally slow down for the conference wondering/itinerant Qb1 …and somewhere along the 1998-1999 way, a future sideline general was born. And as we know from this very web-page… the only place improving comes before owning is the dictionary.

And Qb1 Fu’ did own his very own misQ’s and he did eventually improve as a Qb1 and he did clean that passing mess up. Finishing in not less than national staring style at Murray State after some darker Oklahoma days early on… “…the darker the night — the brighter the stars.”
-Archimandrite Seraphim-


His first Qb1 was sat down to Qb2.

Now, and all that to say, which is to ask… which contemporary Virginia Tech eligible Qb1 does ex-Qb1 coach-Fu’ most remind you of? Joshua Jackson or Ryan Willis? Or even Hendon Hooker for that matter?

Because one could say that it is actually Ryan Willis who is actually closer if not closest to the Human Fu’nome passing Project that was a late 1990’s Qb1 Justin Fuente his own self.

And yah; me three; as I can now see why Lawson and Bush scared the dickens outta a less than comfortable on the run former #2 wearing Qb1. As you can half-roll a Qb1 Fu’ outta the pocket though you cannot take the pocket protector outta the well measured Fu’. As it was not until I wrote this article that I finally realized just how ensconced inside the traditional U or V-shaped so-called: “passing cup” that most Fuente coached Qb’s be. As further Fu’fenseive evidence, I offer you the benching of the first year dual-threat inherited Qb1 at Memphis (#9 Jacob Karam) for a far less mobile pocket Paxton Lynch. Prior to that, I offer you the science-fact that another pocketed Qb -enter: Andy Dalton- sat the extremely elusive #11 one Marcus Jackson at Texas Christian University.[1]

Now, granted, Lynch and Dalton are indeed fully vested professional caliber Quarterbacks; whereas Karam was prolly not and yet until a year ago Jackson actually was.

A Pro’ level Qb2.

Though the pattern -pardon the pigskin pun- the pattern begins to emerge.

Now enter the thudding though less than explosive Jerod Evans as 2017 Qb1 at Virginia Tech. Jerod with a barreling good 846 yards rushing -many of which were not on actual run calls mind you- and yet just two totes >32 yards on the scrumming good pile pushing 2016 ground gaining season.

Do you see what I mean now Techsideline.com?

The most electric run-fit Qb on pretty much any -if not on every single- coach Fu’ coached football team simply does, not, play. Or at best he goes Alice the maid and mops up when the work is done. Including having a serially wounded Joshua Jackson drag hurt after hurt after hurt around until the close of 2017 business when JAX had no business whatsoever playing beat all to hell as he was post-Miami down in the L @Georgia Tech. None, nada, nil… and if you do not believe me just ask the Miami game tape and if you do not believe that just ask the face of Coach Jackson who looked like he was gonna pass out from the distress of watching his stress fractured flesh-n-blood with a partially torn labium, suck it up like 10 bilge pumps and take more than 11 for dear ole V.P.I.

“Do you believe me now, Trinity?”

As there is very credible historical evidence that coach Fu’ consciously, subconsciously or unconsciousness is credibly a likes attract, or a very homogeneous ex-Qb seeking type of head coach. Homophones as Fu’s historic Qb1 selections have gone or by all memes b.street; hear-here!

The curious case of Ryan Willis

Ryan -or Ry’ to his friends and family- Ryan was almost the August Camp opening Qb1 via default or through no fault of his own. As some would have me say he almost got his de facto chance to hold gridiron court until the twisty turny Joshua Jackson academic appeal matter was finally straightened out.

Accordingly, I really cracked the books, did my very own homework, went M.L.A., on-time, no copycats allowed… and here is what I found on Ry’ Willis…

It is true, this is not your typical looking modern era spread out wheat bread Qb, as this whole grain Ry’ is Midwest corn feed Qb and I gotta say, upon studying this kid I can kinda (now) see how at times this has not mixed all that well with some of his more localized teammates. A blind man could see it with a cane… Ryan rolls to a different vibe and he John Deere rolls in a different Footloose kinda way. (no word yet on how he does playing chicken with tractors) As one way of describing it would be to say he nearly rolls social media naive or at least he’s not all that concerned with “frontin'” to put it in modern era terms.

Oh wait, so he actually does flash “Tech” after all?!?

And upon extensive pictorial review… “yes”, Ryan does flash a whole lotta Kansas gear. That much is fair as someone who looks a lot like me has posted numerous photogs of such on both the free and the pay sides of techsideline.com. The size 44 catch-22 is… Ry’ be sporting Kay Cee threads folks! Kansas City Chiefs or Kansas City Royals gear galore. A lot of it and he does wear his K.C. homespun homesteading looks often enough. Too much? Meh… I’m more inclined to agree with Mae West than I am to agree with such a touchy, attention-needy, sissy social media call-outs of Ryan’s geocentric attire, “call me anything just call me often” and believe you me… social media has called poor Ryan some very harsh -if not slanderous/liable- things for his Jayhawking haberdashing look indeed.

Though, why? What for all you social media lowercase diva cuckold cat-callers?

What precisely do you girlfriends gain by haranguing such a traditionally grain-belt red-state clean-cut kid?

LOL… give me a break you neverwasbeen won’t ever be winning best dressed any time soon while rolling: blue sock + brown sock = black shoe fashionistas.

As these TSL.com gear based thread(s) nonsense strikes me trite, pitiful and entirely Kardashian.

#5 looks Qb1 prime, here.

Or in other words… I have a novel idea… why don’t you eas back and let Ry’ be Ryan and then let all of us see what Ryan the possible Qb1 can be?


Soooooo, someone wrote in their F.s.u. preview that V.Tech would be down 2-4 starters for F.s.u.

Yes, Mook’ was one of ’em.

Though while Chris Coleman is writing about: “trust”… -which is fair/true/Fu’valid, I have
a different word of the day: (imagine that…)



noun. plural. youths (yo͞oths, yo͞othz)
from Old English geoguth
  1. The condition or quality of being young.
  2. The time of life between childhood and maturity:
  3. An early period of development or existence:
  4. i.e. a 6th-year head coach in less than his full 41st season of being… Fu’.

As one thing that is very forfeit regarding the Tao of Fu’ himself… and that one thing you ask? Well, that one thing is his age.

As Justin James Fuente is a lotta things and still pretty dang young is still one of ’em.

Or to put it another way… Fu’ is still learning folks. He’s been a major D-1 powerhouse conference title contending coach. for a whopping two, that’s for (2) whole, entire football seasons… or ~27 games.

And quite honestly as his careerist nonpareil scuttled off-season goes?
It’s his youth that is getting… served.

A.K.A. Fu’ needs to grow up in the way he’s keeping VT.edu and off-field score(s) and he needs to add -not rollback from the previous regime- Fu’ needs to add some accountability and you do this via internally auditing your very own sense of censorship, first.

For example… why in the “wide wide world of sports” did he in part abolish VT.edu attendance accountability? Because these kids are already adults? LOL… “People get away with just exactly how much you allow them to get away with…” —one of my late father’s best teachings. What you allow is on you, or in this case, it is on Fu’. As he did cut out a couple of previous regimens previous strikes before you are out on his punishment/response laundry list. And that sure seemed more severe/authoritarian at first blush; n’est se-pas? Less therapy-first, second, third Frank; right?

Reynolds… rapped.

And yet is Hokie football discipline from Staff to stern any better now that it was even during the twilight and then the sunset of the last grandfatherly and downright diseased big whistle? If you say: “yes”, please do riddle me how that could possibly be true in the space provided down below. Or how many more coaches and ballers have to go before this meets your personal calculus of: “hello Holden we have a problem?”

As methinks Fu’ is having to figure some things out on the fly and his disciplinary fly-reel has hit a truly naughty snag of an off-season thus far. Did I mention that he’s still pretty dang young yet folks?

Conduct, code(s), behavior, order(s), laundry-lists, call it what you want, just don’t call it as being in a high octane spartan disciplined place at this moment in O&M time or those of us who speak truth to the power will call bullfake on that.

And did I mention his… youth, yet?

So that’s what time it is men…


As in Fu is finding out the Hard way…

Fu is Smart enough to know he’s got to change/fix some of this… and by that I mean he has a lotta fixing left to do with the highly sorted ways-n-means of Mook’s case now being aired out as I type…

And yet how do you intentionally vent this much distributive off-season smoke you ask?

By #HardSmartTough(er)!!!
As the very first step in the longest off-field journey begins with the first accountability.

Though do remember, try as we might… we can not spell learning without the earning, as in you Coach Fu’ need to earn Chris’ word of: “trust” back. Just like Bartholomew’s Code and pirate knuckles everywhere remind us all… you get a grip… and then you… “HOLD FAST“.

Fu' the head football coach is >>> Fu' the VT.fb C.E.O.???

Now mix in stiffer VT.edu academic standards, and per the very same, why not teach your staff and ballers to keep score at pious things… like God, grades, attendance, volunteering, donating, and yah; you need to honor that before the now on O&M red-alert academics hold any more court with you and yours. As they will surely be watching your team on a downright hawkish curve after this.

That’s the hardcore gone too far been cut too much slack news folks… the good news is that methinks Fu’ is smart enough to know this is his low watermark season, he’s not risking a quad-play-off run by kicking anybody to any crub with a 2018 retooling/reloading football forecast or a partly-sunny season in the mix. (and I’m not sure he’s done, so go ahead and look for the Fu’fense company car to get some more suspension work done)


Nevertheless, this is one of the fallacies of being so exceptionally thrifty as a Dol.Gen.Store goes on disclosing 411. Through no intention of your very own, you coach Fu’ created this bull market on… interpretation. Speculation. Recantation. Flash-tweeting!

Why? Because you Sir are the onus of this news bottleneck.

No wonder the never worn a jock traditional media cannot resist… when you give them nearly nothing real on which to… subsist.

If you do not wanna talk about injuries… well why don’t you tell us something Hokie feel-good, something do-gooder Gobbler patriotic? You patronize us with next to nothing and then bristle and/or ensconce yourself even deeper in your reporters’ distrust cave when the traditional media goes speed racer in a first-mover social media sprint to air out your dirty laundry… huh? As sharp as you are, what did you honestly expect— (or did that just make too much, sense?) And let’s keep it real here Coach-Fu’, your program could really use some good news; STAT.

And as we all know to present a problem and walk away without marrying it to a solution is to do no better than to complain. So maybe take a page from Phillip Jackson and let the media handle some well-placed tweaking which leaves you semi hands off when it comes to dishing the dirt. Or maybe cultivate at least once “source” inside the fourth estate that you can “trust” -Chris Coleman’s word- to do the write thing(s) with indelicate subject matters while doing right by all things Vee Tee? And lest you think you are being pasquil, remember this… the more you cry the less you pee.

Pigskin mistakes happen, we want aggressive in-game mistakes gents… not those that are post-game careless or carefree.

And the very first accountability exercise you get good sir… is found right here at:

Virginia Tech Athletics Department
Jamerson Athletic Center/Cassell Coliseum/Merryman Center
Door #1
Virginia Tech (0502)
Blacksburg, Va. 24061

PHONE: (5o4) 231-3977

eMail: [email protected]

As Whit is older and I for one trust that he will help you carefully redesign your system
architecture of accountability | i.e. don’t collate any more media control,
collate and then cultivate your very own command and control.

R.A.T.T.: right now Coach Fu's program wide Discipline rates... how???

View Results

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Virginia Tech’s Qb1=Joshua Jackson; until 2022? Just ask part IV.







[1] Biography, Justin Fuente, Official Website of TCU Athletics, CBSI advanced media, viewed 13th, Friday, July 2018 A.D., http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/fuente_justin00.html

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  1. Love you man, but I am worn out from trying to follow what you’re saying….I will try again later 🙂

    1. It’s a shame because he obviously puts a lot of work into it and seems to have good insight but I only skim his stuff. Maybe understanding 25% of what is written. IIWII or in B’Strt’s case HIWHI. LOL

  2. I guess someone who has participated in some form of athletics will never understand someone who has not.

    1. That’s not entirely unfair… yah; there are baller things that just do not encode and therefore will not communicate smoothly, fluently or understandably to the general public. Not at all.
      NO doubt about that one man.

      It really is something of a streety subtext to the English language.
      Very macho, very soclilized to be macho, competitive, no, back, down.

      Hard to explain how hard that lockerroom barrier is to crack. Basically, you are one
      of ’em or you are not. It is partially trust-based, although it is more parts…

      And it is even harder to be let back in if they feel you are the writer who cracked-back.

      Trust me, when I tell you that the TSL message boards are always lit on a monitor in the player’s lounge. They read what is said, and like/don’t like the same.


      1. Having played sports all through Jr High & HS I never had a problem communicating w/sports people or non sports people. I guess this band of brothers special lingo isn’t developed until college. Lol

        I don’t doubt players read the boards. When you know things are being said about you or your team you are going to read it. They do need a thick skin. They also need to understand that reporters have jobs to do.

  3. Great players should and do get a longer leash. It’s a big challenge to manage 100+ players and it’s not fair to treat everyone the same if they all come from different backgrounds. Each player has weaknesses that need minimized and sometimes you part ways in rare instances. It will be tough to get to ten wins this season, tough to win the Coastal, but does anyone think the Hokies can beat Clemson in 2018? When the odds are this poor you have to dig deep, Go Hokies!

    1. Pragmatically?
      Yah; there are standard(s); plural in most places.

      I try to see it and work it codified.
      Stars=scrubs. Standard=same.

      Though that may be dreamy to the point of utopian of me…


    1. Well, thank you…
      …and I entirely 9th Commandment(ly) hope they show this to Fu’.

      I want it to…point-out and alert.
      Fu’ is smart enough to symbiotic the rest from there.


  4. I enjoyed the article – particularly hoping that some of our board convos and thinkerizations may have helped your mental set. For that, I apologize! 😉

    1. No worries.
      Apologies, compliments, currencies, even cirtiques, are always accpeted here.

      (as recall we have NO terms of service here at bourbonstreet.sportswar.com, none.)
      We won’t, either.


  5. Bstreet …where did you learn to write the way you do ( not a criticism) …just interested to know who you admired as a writer or writers ? Faulkner never really used periods and had run on sentences……I enjoy your article but maybe you could provide an index that includes what some of your words mean 🤷‍♂️…..just a thought….keep at it ….I like things that are different …life needs challenges 👍😎

    1. ahhhhhh………… 15 hours of AM.Lit.
      6 hours of English Lit.
      (all @VT less 3)

      I was blessed studying under J.Sarver.
      We studied all prose formats and actively did all forms of writing.
      I actually had a Haiku and short-story under her that won W.Va. Laurel Leaves.
      Used to write local political and regional story-line commentaries for the B.D.T. way way back…

      Though it is prolly a pinch more romanticism than it is realism.
      And an unabridged dictionary, prolly 40+ batteries burned up in my electronic dictionary.

      Mix in part Emersonia, Poe, Lord Byron, Dick Shapp (for sports), Jack London, Mitchner.
      And Jane Austen for true word smything extraordinaire. She is as good as they come.

      Then coffee, mo’ coffee and beer(s)…

      ; )

      1. Remind me again……..I see what you mean (now)………… maybe I could link a far-out spacey kinda word with a wiki reference or whatever?

        Kan’t, hurt, right?


  6. When Merle Gainer gave up his position as the winningest high school football coach in the history of West Virginia while at Bluefield and John Chmara took his place, the Beavers continued to win. When the railroad and coal mining support industries declined in Bluefield, and the population declined from 25,000 to 15,000, the Beavers continued to win. The constant – expectations and pride of the players. The Hokies’ defense will be led by the best defensive coordinator in the land, and, along with expectations and pride, the youth will perform. Sure they will make mistakes and costly ones at that, but the Hokies will perform well. Coach Fu understands that it is a most difficult decision to take disciplinary action against an individual when doing so hurts the team. But, he also understands that unless he takes the needed corrective actions, he will build less trust into his circle. I applaud what he is doing and have great expectations for Hokie success because – not in spite- of it. As a former citizen of Bluefield, you know of what I speak – and it is not shrouded in incomprehensible language.

    1. Dang…………..the 24701 was 25,000 strong?

      I never knew it was that, populous.
      Thank you.
      Coach Fu understands that it is a most difficult decision to take disciplinary action against an individual when doing so hurts the team. But, he also understands that unless he takes the needed corrective actions, he will build less trust into his circle.”

      Truer words never…

      That said, he seems to move suddenly/severely; or slowly when he moves at all.
      And methinks that this disciplinary tempo toggle leads to boundary confusion.
      Maybe even to boundary testing… itself.


      1. Given how closely guarded he is, do we even see the whole stage? Or, merely, what the glare of the limelight reveals?

        1. Just like icebergs… 10/90… give or take.

          As we are only seeing what he is forced to show.


      2. Mook got arrested for a serious infraction. Coach Fu had no choice.

        Anyone when academic problems/or infractions is also not the key responsibility of the coach. There is tutoring help avaiable,

        Players work hard carrying an acadenic load, and with participation on the team. But they are also rewarded with a scholarship, some which can pay the full cost of the education. With that financial support players have the responsibility to behave well, follow the law, follow the rules, and get their education.

        It’s a two way street, not just the coaches and teachers. The student athlete has to work on all areas.

        I understand what an athlete goes through at a good school. When you letter in track in D.C., do high school ROTC at 8 AM three mornings a week, do well academically, and deliver 250 newspapers daily after school; then you truly understand the time management these young men go through. It is not easy, but the skills you derive from this type of drive reward you in incomparable ways the rest of your life.

        1. It can be done.
          VT football has a pretty sharp graduation rate all things considered.


          1. Some of these young men don’t come from stable environments; college is a completely different world. Though a lot of their high schools, teachers, and coaches are helping them to develop their talents.

            Some do have exceptionally good parents like the Edmund brothers, Tyrod, Josh Jackson’s dad, and many others.
            I applaud them for every step they take to get their education and develop as athletes and leaders.

            Only a few can’t cope or make mistakes (as who hasn’t here had one or a few ourselves). Fortunately a huge majority do well while at VT and in life after.

          2. @Akita:

            Truer words never…

            …yeah; some have had very few, next to nobody or outright nobody ever cares about them in their whole entire life. No poppa. No momma. No nothing. Now mix in
            drugs and street this street that… and guess how that turns out?

            And how do you unwind that timebomb on the tic-and-the-tok?
            I don’t know?

            God Help ’em,

  7. I believe we all seem to forget there was a coaching change, matter of fact a legendary change. With a change of that magnitude there’s going to be some bumps in the road.
    I believe in the past, some of these issues would have had some local “guardrails” along the road to keep the players in the road. Whether it was Beamer’s reputation, local contacts, regional press contacts, Jimmy Turk, etc. there were some issues that maybe didn’t see the light of day.
    Those guardrails aren’t there anymore, Fuente doesn’t see the need to foster any, especially the press and VT doesn’t have the perceived pressure of a coaching legend hanging above on player issues. Plus, quite frankly, VT has gone a bit overboard IMHO on some student conduct issues.
    I do feel he needs to cultivate a relationship with the regional press and local organizations, also the team. Positive encouragement in that area goes a long way in the community. That’s one area I would hope he’d emulate Beamer in…

    1. Best most thoughtful thought-out post on here this year.
      Bravo Femoyer74.
      “I believe in the past, some of these issues would have had some local “guardrails” along the road to keep the players in the road. Whether it was Beamer’s reputation, local contacts, regional press contacts, Jimmy Turk, etc. there were some issues that maybe didn’t see the light of day. Those guardrails aren’t there anymore.

      ^that^ is extremely true.

      Yup; all those Chief Brown connections… nod/wink twice and…

      All, gone.
      Fu’ starting from scratch as basically an outsider.
      Done about as well as he can I reckon; though starting from scratch is just that… from, scratch.


  8. Think you’re correct on the nature of the blowback vis a vis the informational embargo from the program. The real question, to which you will probably never get a straight answer from anyone in charge, is whether this was considered to be a Rumsfeld-ian ‘known unknown’ or ‘unknown unknown’ before implementing such a policy.

    1. Think you’re correct on the nature of the blowback vis a vis the informational embargo from the program.

      Yup. And I wonder if anyone at VT recognizes this?
      Wonder how they are taking the copy up above as well?


    1. No worries.
      Though like pop’s office wall said:

      You never fail until you stop, trying.


  9. B’street, reading your articles is like doing signal processing on an encrypted frequency-hopping transmission!!
    Regarding Fu’scipline: he is a person who believes a man is only as good as his word. He makes straightforward contracts with his players and two strikes and your out if you gail to honor your contract. Players know where they stand with him and they will grow to be better men by making good on the contracts. There is more to life than football…

    1. I hope so on Life >>> football.

      Though this many troubles in year no.3 is a concern.
      Seems more like year no.1 change agent culture shock.
      (see: TSL pay side for more on Sam & Evans masking agent dynamic as well)


  10. Mochas Gracias. The depth of this article from QB1 Coach to Farm boy strong was as deep as some of your father’s mines!!!

    Time in the saddle can’t be overlooked, as it works for Head a coaches as much as back up QBs. As believe OC Cornelsen sees the value of the QB wheels especially as our WR start to evolve. Best true runner on team could be the Deuce, but unless one sits on the back of bull @ the rodeo, you never know how they’ll hang on when that gate opens for em.

    Great article.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat F$U!

    1. Hooker -the Duce- might very well be the Ace of runners.

      Though Deuces be wild here.
      And Fu’ only deals stud (nothing wild) games of poker.
      (only 5 cards, too)


  11. Fine prose Mr B. Pity that many of my fellow Hokies can’t capture your combination of Whit and wisdom. I for one appreciate that the art of writing is totally dead. Certainly, the age of information feeds the ever dwindling attention span of e-consumers as the masses try to exhibit whit and wisdom of Dickens or Shakespeare in a 140 character tweet

    But I applaud your insight into the QB battle. My first reaction was that you our guy JJ with the ever great MV1, who’s ability to dazzle on the collegiate field dipped his second time around

    But instead you uncovered what could be a novel truth. I’ll remain in the JJ camp until I can’t anymore. But being a QB whisperer starts with being able to tap your own inner being. I know nothing about the current culture meshing Midwest kids with Beamer holdovers . Though I would guess kids from Illinois and Kansas speak the same thing. But bottom line I’ll buy the notion that Fu’ sees himself in Ry’ and is building the greater product in his kids. We professing wisdom on the pages of TSL can armchair QB our way to a victory over the Noles. But there is far more at play then the speck of dust that is the 2018 Virginia Tech football season

    All that before my first cup of coffee on the Apple-phony. Cheers

    1. Certainly, the age of information feeds the ever dwindling attention span of e-consumers…

      Nobody learning. Everybody talking.

      And even though volume may be the old noise the old noise ain’t the new… music.
      thank you!!!

    2. Language and communication evolve for a reason. Being overly complex with your prose, while impressive, doesn’t convey your message any better than stating it simply in every man terms. I get it, and enjoy your insights, but can see how it is aggravating to some. That’s just my two cents.

    1. Fu’ pretty well sucked at Turnovers himself.
      Did not have any great wheels himself.

      So he conditioned himself as a future coach by being a player who was south of good at each.
      Now he goes looking for the same. i.e. not comfortable with wildness or things he the baller
      could not do.
      Ryan’s attire drama=FICTION.
      Impoverished fiction at that.
      Fu brings some of his media woes on himself.
      He does not play nice with the media because he does not play with the media at all.

      Hence most of the media HAS to go looking for attention.
      The VT football media is a parentless home.
      : (


  12. A couple of things-

    1.) IIRC, while at OU Fu was recruited by Howard Schnellenberger and was out on his ear after one season- Enter; Black Santa aka John Blake. That is the reason Fu did not stay in Norman b/c it was a change in O philosophy and not so much having to do with Fu himself. Fu didn’t even get a chance b/c he was not a fit for the new system, not because he necessarily failed. Schnellenberger recruited Fu and that is why Fu went there.

    2.) Please tell me that the orange/maroon glow on the LCD computer screen in the players lounge is at least tuned to the >pay< subscriber page and not the regular free board??? {cringe! esp on gameday!} Oh the humanity!!! 🙈

    Thanks for everything

      1. Well, we should get them a comp sub with the caveat that they stay off the free side- 😉

        A man can dream, no?

        1. I am kind surprised we never really see one of ’em show up or show-out.

          Though some of their parents (guardians) do.
          Remember: “Redman”???


  13. Questions: 1. Would you call Fu’ a players coach, or a some players coach?
    2. Do you perceive there are factions in the locker room?
    3. If he were to: a. Have a losing season b. End the UVA streak c. Miss a bowl game, would he want to talk to the press then? If he did, would anyone want to talk to him….

    1. hmmmmmmmmmmm…………..

      1. not a Player’s coach.
      No, that’s more like Stiney.

      2. No. Not heard a word on that.
      (why would there be? Qb’s?)
      It’s a JAX lockerroom basically anywhere you look.

      3. 2nd part 1st… oh yes, they would swarm/swamp him just because they could.
      Gotta get that coach-time when you can.

      Well, if 2018 goes south?
      Fu’ prolly drops social-media et al.
      He would be very very hard to find if he were about to get truly grilled.

      interesting Q’s, keep ’em coming!

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