Rutgers Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=16, Rutgers=35

Virginia Tech football is ungreat. Nearly the enemy there, of…

The Hokies are not that, good. They may not even be middleocore and: {TSL} “STFU” b-street! {/.com}. Yah-yah; LOL… and yet, the market says you be who you be. And right now, we be wobbly. With a life-n-death post-season double-elimination one-offer right up the People’s Republick of the 3o4 road up next. Though there eye goes agains… always putting the cart out in front of the horse. As Bowen & (much maligned) Co. suffered their best coaching (the verb) day in about a year give/take. Tech hung in there and hung around a spell… tackling and rushing both improved. And yet “same as it ever was.” “Watching the plays go by”. “Water flowing in the steam tunnels…” —as The Talking Heads everywhere, that know less than their underwear… exploded. O&M brown-lies let again abound… and yet here in the land of reason itself, we will now attempt to construct a… ‘reasonable’ approach. Sans RUTgerS the other side…

My peeps sure called this one… as we told you several times on TSL and here… that this was *their* guy and that he might just squeeze a little something-something extra outta *them*.

Eye of the Tiger from Cobra-Ky’!!!

He did too.
Helped (laterally) open up our R.P.O. run-shapes.

…can he be developed (in-season) as a passer, though???

Game Duration:

...Taryn Hatcher

The ex-Mrs. Brady Gisele Bündchen of the BIG-X.


Season Duration:
SHI” Stadium?

LOL… Eye mean…what could possibly go assonance right with that?

2Q :58 remaining:
M.M.A. and pro-wrasslin’ fans… yikes!

Eye’ve never seen this one before… not in any of my seven, that’s (7)  (‘thx’ @Coach God) decades of suffering this Terminal Contact sport…

…though here Eye suffered seeing one of our guys: “Tap-Out”, literally post-play.

I know it hurts -God Bless on that- though never let ’em see you, cry.

2Q remaining:

2Q 8:33 remaining:
IF, you want to examine -and therefore learn via: The Observational Method- what football is really all about(s)?

Observe big-ole rotund #77, who we warned you Preview about; just go first-battle and Stomp The Yard on our left side on this one here.

At least wait till the 3rd, date! LOL!

We warned you… as we’ve been wondering if we are not getting a FREE-lunch-money(s) rep’ around the campfire of late… VeeTee is very W.O.K.E., ditto Whitlock, tritto the A.D./teams themselves… and even though Eye am blue? That does not serve you well in a Terminal Contact sport.

As there are literally two, that’s (2) guys here double-teaming our Dt1 and basically humping him and having their way.

Take pride in thyself. “Just; say, no.” —Coach Nancy Regan

Last decade give/take:

Hit him in a bad, place.

^^^This^^^ is not what winners… do.

game/season duration:
Anyone ever seen Keli Lawson and L. C. Henderson Greenwood in the same room at the same time?

Me neither… and that’s about the only backed-up off the L.O.S. (line of scrimmage) 1st-level comparison I keeps. Perhaps an even mo’ nimble L.C. at that to boot. As we gonna have to really N.I.L. dig to keep this one in the 24o6o for ’24 itself.

3Q 3:20 remaining:
Our first legit head-hunting Steal in ’bout ~10 months mo’/less!

Watch as #2o truly gets into the Rutgers gunner just at the top of the screen right as he takes his foot off the petrol pedal and gets truly tanked for it. NEVER let up or lay down in this sport folks. (In extra particularly in the open field or on coverage teams). As Eye can only assure you, that when you do; someone else did, not.

…nice kid; prolly be an F.D.R. “good neighbor“.


3Q 0:00 remaining:
Reading me several thingys that are saying that VeeTee ‘out-played‘ Rutgers for the first 75% of the game.

LOL! “Which game?” Is my ask at them?

Eye say this not to super dog them; rather, to avoid them super dogging you.

‘case if a H0kiebird walks like a duck, clucks like a duck, and don’t give a (bleep)… well, then its a schmuck. Or, this line of thought and fiddy-𝇍ents will get you and Chuck a ¼ cup.

Eye mean… I do wish they were right; I actually really do…

Nonetheless, you just cannot be your own worst enemy and then go
Coach Tol’ and declare War AND Peace.

Game Duration:
Did anyone else in the VT ’23 football 4-Estate hit this one?

Playing footsie 1-o-(n)one.

Link me if: “yes” and Eye shall fo GOT: and bend the… knee.

’cause, twice; in key situations, we fell down go boom.
Rutgers broke contain on one and we missed hitting the edge on O on the other.

As try as we might(s)… this sport still ain’t: Rocket Surgery.
And every carpet is a synthetic, all; its… own.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=29! (1 INT).
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=17

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=11 (1 VT personal foul).

TTT Analysis:
That’s not good; rain=wet, and this just in… you do not often win when rolling like ^that^.

The curious thingy was the lack of hats on the 11-times rushing Qb1 (Wimsatt) of Rutgers. He was surely play-call and ad-lib alike available to take licks. And frankly, Eye did not see anything *that* tradecraft crafty or nimble about him in breaking tape or in watching the game film alike. He’s a decent C+++ maybe B— gainer due to nice in-line rushing speed. Tho’ nobodies 1970s Shake-n-Bake cut-on-a-dime and leave you a Smokey & the Bandit double-nickels fame MV3. A capable rather than a good runner and not a great one.

Or in other words… you gotta make him: ‘pay the price’ as Chuck Noll put it. Put some fear into him and watch some of those runs turn into slides and some slides turn into throwaways up into the stands.

Or, to put it further other words… if anything? The TTT scratch marks predicted a wider margin than we suffered here. Think on that…

(o) (o)

It was better; actually. Well, at least it was for a spell… in spite or despite our lack of Safety, valves.

READERS note: filling is a misnomer here; unless PFF heard the play-call and play-obedience itself?
(i.e., Maybe they went right off a ‘rong, call?)

No Eye’ma not kidding about the betterment… -be that relative or not- it was better, in particular early on. However later on and we suffered our third straight wear-down.

The chintzy part is that we actually won TOP (time of possession) by right at +7 minutes to the good. The not that ‘competitive’ part is that Rutgers’ offense offended us via tallying a 21 Σ-total play hole!

That’s an offensive play-inflicted deficit, folks!

And they still started to beat us up as the 4Q itself beat off into the lazy/sunny Jersey Shore afternoon.
Think about that…

…we won both physical/temporal metrical counters and yet we still faded, late! As Rutgers hit us up for a whopping one, that’s (1) throw completed north of 15′. And Rutgers then hit us for four, that’s (4) runs north of 14 yards.

And although the 2nd layer did seem a little tighter (Keller/Lawson showed a pulse)— we are either soft or softening as Eye types.

And do notice Beta up above… what happens when we face a real-O or even worse a real spraky run-fit O?

What happens when they misQ vs. a realllllly ‘explosive’ O with multi-play-makers and back-breakers? ‘casue as things stand right now? They want NO kinda part with Lex Lugar’s finisher.

As there is no excuse in the world for being up seven minutes and blackjack or 21 plays and wilting late.

Eye says that… as the catchy among you caught the per/play inflationary economy. Eye says that… as the recally among you Ginkgo that Foster averaged right at ~.2oo misses per play on better years. We just tallied .26o misses/play which objectifies how far things, fell this later summer nearly early, fall.

(Not named: Canteen, who seems to industrialize an open-field ‘knack’ for halts).

This is not a good sign gents… this is not a good lunchroom (targeting); rep’!

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| || (2 VT penalties, 1 missed 2-pointer)

positive: |||| || (1 BIG TD!)
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| (1 RU flag)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Wells, as you can sees… RU won though they did not win *that* Lo.FM big time; or not by nearly doubling Vah.Tech up on the big board.

The outlying thing was… *both* teams managed to stay on schedule pretty decently early on or for nearly 40 minutes of scrumming itself.

As they tied for 6-Lo.FM.’s incurred alike prior to intermission. And frankly, it did not really feel like it so much as it felt like getting beat in a ‘echo’ contest up in Icky Crane’s… Sleepy Hollow.

Or, a yawning festival of an offensive snooze button of a day.


As neither team is all dat and a ‘snap’ (so to speak); on O.

Yes, Bowen & Co. suffered their best coaching the verb day on a limited playbook afternoon. They went Dean Smith 4-corners O; and played T.O.P. keep-away. They let the air outta the ‘ball and shorted the day; and that is precisely what you are supposed to do as the less deep club and lesser squad overall out on the road. He also had a nice risk-taking 2nd-n-1 throw-call for a stretchy TD pass. He also did better on 1st-down in more obvious rushing scenarios per the East-West stretch that Drones affords and therefore the more useful run-fit angles they create. (Be that scripted or Drones working sandlot, ad-hoc).

Nevertheless, as you and our opponents will soon Syracuse under-zone-flood (defensively in opposition to VT) see; you only need to dare this kid to beat you long. As wlad’ putin is jamming his long-ball V.P.I. G.P.S. from No.Ko. as Eye types.

RU did out-adjust Marve & Co. on their run-shapes in the 2Q; and then we had to chase and that’s when things began to displace. As you would expect when you are now a full season submerged under .5oo
since the hooVa streak ignominiously went: “snap”.

(Per: above): do observe, we are sucking on O vs. a modest S.O.S. (strength of schedule).
What happens when we face a real-deal D?

 >>> 🦃

If you asks me -and you did via reading these very words- if you asks me, one team felt like it should win; and the other team felt like it maybe, sorta, woulda, coulda, shoulda, won.

i.e., there were NO good teams on display Saturday.

It was rather that one team hung in and hung on longer and weathered the other team’s slightly sunny into a mostly cloudy close of business day.  That’s upstairs men; that’s between the ear holes and that is VERY difficult to recondition in clinical terms with no win-column, backing.

’cause… one team won kinda/sorta slightly, about 3 outta 4 quarters of scrumming by what amounted to 3-FG’s worth of total yards advantage. The other team won about ~15-miniutes or basically 1Q of play. The killer part is that they won it by +113 yards rushing in the final 12-minutes-n-change.

You do the maths…

(o) (o)

Sun Belt/CUSA Qb1; P5 Qb(n)one?

…unless we return our full catch-cadre to full health?

What if Marshall was basically Wells, level?

Although, and ^that^ being fairly struck… Wells+Jennings+Gallo+Lane is still prolly our most potent O.
And yet they (4) played as much up @Rutgers as you and I did combined.

C’est la jeu.

 ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

Or… think about this too…

  • Wells gives you vastly mo’ northward stretch. Drones had nearly ~56% of his throws amount to glorified-rushing {sic: attempts}.
  • In point of fact, Wells nets you a noticeable near ~+30% more yardage per mere passing attempt.
  • We also grade out better at Pass-Pro’ than we do on run-shapes; by quite a bit in 2 outta 3 contests.
  • Wells is a near shocking +40-points better in the more user-friendly RTG metric. And yet he is also nearly +10-points in the sticker QBR marker.
  • Wells is better equipped to take better advantage of the deepest offensive unit; or Wr-room (when they are healthy).
  • Drones is ~12% on downfield throws @VT, and precisely 10% for his deep career, anywhere; and 52% on midway chucks. That’s not good.
  • Drones passing; well, ‘drops’ by 11% 1st-half to 2nd and guess who is gonna get mo’ and mo’ predictable due to said vertical limitations?

lim O → V f (t)

Or in final words… what if we really do not have a ‘complete’ Qb1?
Not… one?

Eye say that as Drones has dropped 6% on passing @Tech and Wells has dropped 7% on passing @Tech. That, and Drones drops by 10% from start (1Q) to finish (4Q) at both Bayor and at Tech!
WoW, ouch, and w0w again. (So: ^^^there’s^^^ you FIREbugs some coaching, chum).

’cause you do need to choose (superior: run or superior: pass-shapes); they are at least decently mutually exclusive and yet you are not really all that and a ‘snap’ in either category. (91st in Passing Efficiency O ¦ 123rd in Rushing O). Master & Commander Gallipolis pigskins or: “The lessor of two weevils.”

Or, would it be most convenient to let the opponent determine your Qb1-derby winner?                     🤔
i.e., you throw Grant at a sucky pass-D one and you ground Drones against a sieve rush-D one?

Blocking analysis:
It too did improve— most on run-shapes that took a few Swiss or neutral plays and shaped them up a mite and just barely moved a handful+ into the ‘positive’ category.
That’s the sorta/semi-good news.

And as someone colorfully ghosted on TSL pre-game; *they* were a mite mo’ aggressive for *their* boy. X in particular has some mean down somewhere in him. Ditto a little bit Moore too.

The news news is that RU really messed with our V-cup in pass-pro’.
And our Ot’s (in particular the even side or right one) really struggled here.

In theory; you could roll Drones -who did you notice- is a tight side-arm hurler; and somewhere Kent Tekulve is, smiling- in theory, you could roll him away from that baggy right side. However, this is to his unorthodox side and that is a no-no for a guy with targeting fails that truly fog up the deeper you dial a throw point up.

That from a 55% passing kid who just played ~48% of his career snaps all in 1-game.


the takeaway

…IF you keepes even one single solitary X’s n’ O’s in your head?

Do keep this… would they dare play Wells a Qb1 homecoming Dub.Vee courtesy call?

And how Wells will they start; with the Training Room looking finished in the 1st-place, the 2nd-place, the next-place, the middle-place, the penultimate place, and the A.c.c. last… place?

As we four thought Drones did finally settle in then settled down just a bit in the 3Q. And he can play longer for you in terms of eligibility itself.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:


They had that Beamerball ‘we only need 2.5 full plays calc’ working like a champ’.
They did not show much ¦ they did not risk much.

They did not win by *that* much; though they took the measure of us by enuff.

R.A.T.T.: ...VT football needs to do, what(s)?

View Results

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xxx’s & ooo’s

formulae football

Right now… an astounding ≅38% of our ’23 1’s are: dinged, dented or flat-out… out.
We are 1 up against 2 down and Pry is now a none too sporty .286 big-whistle.
Additionally, ~75% of our ’23 Captains are… hurting.

So, (very likely) is the always nebulous concept of: Leadership itself.

You do the… maths.

The Rest of the Story...

Where’s the τau Σigma λambda I used to know?

Pry vs. you know… Fu’?

  • Σ (Total) O: down 8.
  • Run O: down 64! Nearly 2oo%, worse.
  • Σ (Total) D: down 3.
  • Run D: down 21.
  • We; are, worse.

Or, in other words… even the lilting/wilting swansong Final-Fu’ team was: #Harder and #Tougher than this one. ^^^that^^^ and most sparingly/curiously enuff… Fu’ was nearly ~215% better on what Bradshaw called: ‘the money down” or in: 3rd-down-O.


Go fig’ here?

Though yet again; this is why you run the maths not yo’ moufs!
i.e., thereby giving new meaning to: lickety-split indeed!


Elko! Prime! Elko! Prime!


Recall: it was C’s who wrote that ~26% of hires still look like good hires after year no.4. Then it drops to ~14% by the end of the 5th lap around the collegiate track. Then there is retention if you did (somehow) hit 3-cherries straight across.

Don’t believe me?

Do believe… 2o16 & 2o17

{Coach} “I agry. Renew, me!” {Fu’}

I believe yah’ll told all of we just how great that guy was; right?
Then you told all of we that you had to #FIRE him before ’21 ended.

We remember the snakish treachery of turning on *your* boy jus’ like that… do; you?!?


Or in other words... we are building from a... hole.

Our only tool is a, spade.

There just ain’t many Wisenheimers guys to hire.
French told yah’ll this last week… we’ve been telling you this for months; plural.

Do you believe me now, Trinity?
—Coach Morpheus

The sportlight

here in the sportlight… as recalcitrant as Eye am to pronounce this?

We just do not look like a good program on film.

We do look like a program that knows how to do just enough to L.

And Grant Well’s Country Roads homecoming contest is now a serially must-have.

As Pitt has our number and feels like they can intimidate us; F.s.u.-East is quite possibly the A.c.c. alpha-male and our Wake-up-call is code for ’23 fatigue max’.

Now or 1-5, never.

fish or get off the pot.

A ‘doink’ off an upright or a bad/good call or a .oo7ths of a point win off the corrupt CCCP judge’s scorecard. Just get to .5oo for September.

’cause every L they a.c.c.rete now is V.P.I. serially gone all hat no cattle.

It is a deeper hole that is deepening as I type… mammoth-mouths vs. butterfly butts need not applies.

See: the graph up above?
We are moving… and we are moving right-to-left.


We are moving and therefore Applied Sports Psych conditioning says we are moving left-to-right or the ‘rong damn way.

And the longer you stay down the more used to being down you gets. Down becomes adhesive; sticky, even.

And as Dr. ‘big’ John Broderick taught me in astrophysics in Robeson Hall… “stuck” is the 4th Law of Newtonian Mechanics. When you get ‘stuck’ you come see me.

Where is Dr. Broderck when we needs him?

’cause IF we do not upset Marshall?

Things are about to get nautical, and that tends to ruin mechanical.
Or, Whit’s very own RUTgerS Duck Pond… deadliest, catch.



Virginia Tech=16, Rutgers=35







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  1. Well . . . crap. I’ve reached the point that I just feel bad for the team. At any challenging task in life it’s tough to take a beating and look around see what is needed isn’t there, or coming anytime soon. I think of the good guys at Bataan and the Alamo. Is there anything in “dying” gloriously? I suppose that is the only worthy option, that and deciding while we may not win the war this season, for this down, in this game THAT one guy on the otherside will go away with some respect. Maybe that will be the basis for building a future worth having. I appreciate the truth I read here.

    1. anytime.

      Truthfully wishes it could be, better—->b.street

      Me and the 9th Commandment may shift into less Eyeing/Previewing is more; and try to entertain/make fun… lemmons=good summertime front-porch podank, sodas.

      …as some of this will not help; that’s also a, truth.


  2. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Fuente’s staff was better than Pry’s staff at squeezing blood out of a turnip. But it’s also Fuente’s staff’s fault that the pantry is mostly full of turnips at this point.

    1. yups.

      We are wondering (out-loud) the very same thing… wouldn’t that be, wild???


  3. Your comments on Whitlock, free lunch money, and the culture in the VT AD seem, to me, to be the heart of the issue. That culture is anything but Lombardi-esque, and one suspects that Vince himself would not be judged a “fit” with the corporate, country-club, “this is home” crowd. There is a certain softness that seems to pervade all the way to the top of the VT leadership pyramid.

    1. They are soft.
      They are EXCEDINGLY P.C. and Eye’ma blue telling yah that is a sorry-azz Terminal Contact fit.


  4. Well, we are where we are. I hope you can turn your eye to the coaching behind the scenes. I was impressed several Srs decided to come back during last off season. And the recruiting.

    Now, with what lies ahead on the field, holding things together and not imploding will be a testament to the staff going forward. A hard task. That, and any improvement seen on the field. At least halt the regression we see in some cases.

    Wrt the run defense, it sure seems like we’ve been run on alot, sometimes embarrassingly so over the past 8 yrs or so.

    Wrt the fatigue showing even with the O holding the ball a decent amount is disappointing.

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