Tech Thoughts: a Tech-to-Tech transfer Qb!

I knew they were hot for this one. Though I did not know this one was the one who was already boiling hot for all things Vah.Tech!

I watched tape on all of them last week.

Brewer is by far the smoothest looking passer of this transferable lot.

Natural, pure, passer; and you damn sure don’t see his type as much anymore, because they are all so bulked/jacked-up looking physically. 6’1’’ 185 lbs.! Kinda scrawny, and yes the R.A.T.T. in you should be wondering if he scurries and/or survives the given day. That’s about 2-3 inches and about 40 lbs. to the bantamweight undersized for a contemporary B.c.s. staring Qb, if you are keeping score at home.

Has been a bit beat-up at the other Tech, already missing 4 games due to injury (a stress-fracture in his back); yikes and Godspeed on that! As the Brewer camp contends that the other Tech misdiagnosed Brewer’s back injury and this set him, well, even further back. (READERs note: Tx.Tech disputes this)

Though you want to know specifics, and get a scouting report, read on!

WAR coach Loeffler!!!
Dood is a go-getter, ain’t he???

Brew crew 16
Lady killer 1o1…
  1. Smart Qb, Academic All-Big 12 and a Finance diploma in hand and on time in 4 years says so!
  2. Mature Qb, will be 24 (that’s not a typo) before he leaves Vah.Tech!)
  3. Only won 4 Quad-A (AAAA) state titles in 4 years at Lake Travis in Austin Texas! That sucks.
  4. 4,437 yards along with 41 touchdown passes, on 70% passing during his third title run.
  5. Combo-Qb, or a dual-threat player, 593 yards rushing as a junior and 743 yards on the ground his senior high school season.
  6. only dropped 1 L as a starting quarterback! That’s lifetime hyphen one in high school folks!
  7. Uncle George was a Rb for the Oklahoma Sooners and his father was a Qb for the Texas Longhorns, so you just know he is from a fine sporting stock.
  8. Enjoys that easy-going Friday Night Lights big-time Texas Qb sawg’, 24o6o girls … be warned! (see: bottom pic)
  9. Outdoor Life 1o1, enjoys hunting and fishing the Jefferson National Forest is calling his name, as I type.
    Note the release point...
    10 o’clock high…

Pivot Skinny:

  • 4.7o forty speed  (a smart/savvy runner on film, great vision, not quite great speed)
  • Little bit of a side-arm delivery, will get a few passes deflected here and there with his lack of towering height, (see: release point pic above)
  • Nice overall arm strength, not quite a howitzer that I’m reading about elsewhere, though he’s no B.Randall either. Saaaaaaaay, a very quality B++ nose-down arm.
  • BIG time offer sheet: Clemson, Tx.Tech, Tennessee, Texas, T.c.u., Oklahoma, basiaclly everyone Big-12.
  • SPREAD-style Qb! (how will we/VT accommodate that one???)
  • Excellent confidence and a smooth as glass delivery.
  • Commands the offense, has that natural hipster cool-modine vibe to his personal game as well. (see: top pic)
  • Did not grade especially high outta Lake Tarvis, lottsa *** (3-star) or 70-something ratings on a 1-1oo scale. One can only deduce his size (or lack thereof) scared some ratings away…

    The Brew' crew...
    The Brew’ crew…
  • Excellent north-south runner, underrated quicks, gets up to his top speed in a hurry, runs low with Tb style forward shoulder lean, IDEAL salesmanship on the Qb-draw.
  • Very nice (accurate, soft and eminently catchable) deep-ball out to about 50 yards on film.
  • Very comfortable looking in a moving pocket or throwing on the run, though more so to the right-side (Orthodox passer FYI).
  • Very nice improv’ skills, kinda has a Flutie looking darty-ness him in the pocket, can make something outta nothing on the roll.
  • Quick release; gets the ball out in a hurry thanks to a narrower wind-up motion when he is set in the pocket.
  • A little wild-n-wooly on the move, maybe making up for his lesser physical metrics out of movement driven necessity as best he can.
  • Fun/entertaining to watch for the above reason however; has a gun-slinger element to his game.
  • Can play-fake a bit, does not have pure on the proverbial-Dime cuts, though he does have moves and a little shiftiness to his game, with a nice shoulder-dip downfield.
  • First Frank Beamer transfer-in stud Qb since Cam Young from NC.State (circa: 1989)! (this should tell you something)


“I think it’s a lot easier to transition from what I came from to what I’m going to now, rather than the other way around,”[1]
-Michael Brewer-

 (that too says something right ^there^, don’t it???)

Virginia Tech's starting Qb for 2014 will now be.....................who???

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Additionally, methinks this may force Leal’s hand; though he’d have to drop down, unless he already had his diploma once spring semester ends.  This also r-shirts both the Ford kid and the Durkin kid nice and tight! And suddenly VT looks loaded for bear at Pivot up through 2018! Can you believe that?!? Because when was the last time we could R.A.T.T. say that one?

(p.s. O&M Qb recruiting may now lull just a bit, because of the same, i.e. lack of playing time at VT up through 2018)

Scot Loeffler=3,  Michigan Sate=o, Texas Tech=o, Kentucky=o




[1] Roanoke Times — Andy Bitter, Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer transferring to Virginia Tech, will be eligible to play in ’14,, o2 March 2014 A.D.

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    1. Agree. B-Street, you’ve got great FB knowledge. Thanks for putting it into English this time!!!!!!

  1. Wow, 92% think Brewer’s going to be the guy. (after about 70 votes)

    1. Textbook recency effect slipper.

      (and Leal Sun Bowl fatigue)


  2. Good job Street. Looking forward to a high-percentage passing game to complement a tough running game. Haven’t been this excited about the team in years. We are on the upswing again. Big things to come!

    1. You are perefectly welcome.

      Thank you for reading!

      Only caveat being………..does all of this improving come out in the FB wash; before FB goes Hall of Fame. (i.e too little too late)


  3. BTW: does Mrs. Brewer not look -and strongly- like Tami of Friday Night Lights to anyone else?


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