Tech Thoughts: bourbonstreet interviews Chris Coleman…

Today bourstonstreet interviews TSL’s very own Chris Coleman.

About some things regarding TSL and some things more Virginia Tech.

(here is some biographical info, JIC you’ve ever wondered out loud…)

Chris is from Chatham, VA and is a 2005 graduate of Virginia Tech with a B.A. in History. Chris has a strong background in covering Virginia Tech sports on the Internet, including stints with (part of the network), where he wrote game previews and other articles from 2002-2004.TSL O logo

Chris Coleman joined in July of 2005 and was named Managing Editor in January of 2009. Chris is responsible for the planning, editing, and posting of content to the site, and he writes a lot of it, too. Chris also takes care of customer service and various administrative duties for the site. If you need assistance with message board accounts, TSL Pass login issues, or other technical support for the site, just ask, Chris can help.

…and here is what Chris had to say…


  1.  Q What do you know now (about TSL) that you did not know then (when you started)???

    How well received TSL is at Virginia Tech.  We have a lot of subscribers who work for Virginia Tech, both in the athletic department and in the university itself.  I wasn’t aware of that before I started working here.  A lot of our users would be pretty surprised to find out some of the people we talk to on a fairly regular basis.
  2. Q. What was the funnest day in the history of all the message board frivolity? (Steve Logan day, “MY BOARD”, MS-paint day………….whatever……..)

    MS-Paint Day on The Lounge is my personal favorite.  There definitely needs to be a sequel soon.
  3. Q. What do you enjoy most about TSL right now? 

    A. Well, I have a different perspective.  Everybody else’s role is to simply read TSL, while my role is to provide content.  That’s what I enjoy the most…offering perspective and takes on VT athletics on a daily basis.  It’s good work, if you can get it.

  4. Q. What would you most want to see more (or less of) on TSL???

    I don’t like it when the different camps on the boards constantly spar with each other.  That’s never going to go away, however.  People will always disagree, and they will always form blocks with people who share their line of thinking.  Right now it’s the whole “when should Frank Beamer retire” debate.  I’m ready to have some closure to that situation, just so our fans can move on to arguing about something else.  I don’t mind a healthy argument, but the same one over and over again gets old.
  5. Q.  What is the most surprising thing you have learned regarding VT football, overall, or in particular, in all your years on WHY???
    A.O.P. (the Anti-Oyster Party!) ; )
    A.O.P. (the Anti-Oyster Party!) ; )

    A. I can’t say I’ve seen anything that has truly surprised me.  I can say however that covering the program has made me much more aware of the finite details of the day to day operation.  It’s a well-oiled machine over there (or at least it used to be, I’m not so sure it is anymore), and it has been for a long time.  Everybody has a role.-Chris Coleman, Managing Editor,


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Chris Coleman, all around good egg, …and fun at tailgates, too!
(Rebel Yell or not, yo’!)

Chris Coleman=1o years @TSL!




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  1. I’m curious to know why Chris thinks VT Football it’s no longer a well-oiled machine. Have I missed something on the boards or in an article regarding something amiss in the program? Is Frank’s health the reason? Other?

    1. Chris has said it repeatedly. The debacle at the women’s support group. The coaches not being on the same page regarding recruits. Shane telling the media about whining over not running the ball enough at halftime to Lefty.

  2. Another vote for Chris to follow-up on the “not sure it is a well oiled machine now” grenade he lobbed in toward the end of this interview. Is he setting up the TSL faithful for an article on this topic later? Don’t leave us hanging Chris!

    1. Read the pay articles I think there was some mention of it last week.

  3. It implies to me that Frank is not as engaged as he once was, is not aware of or paying attention to the many details that go into running top flight program, and/or coaches “filling in” while not understanding the big picture. Remember when the basketball assistants thought Seth was looking for a new job. They all seemed to be looking out for themselves. Or, the last year or two of Weaver’s tenure. Not doing what needed to be done.

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