Tech Thoughts: Will said, b’ said, round#2 “ding!” and JuCo Qb Evans!

I normally don’t share things from the pay-side –as that’s just not the way to be.

However, when our very own Will -freakin- Stewart wrote this…

TSL new shake
TSL’s new shake…

There were a lot of things being done poorly with regards to VT football the last few years. A lot. It happened because no one was holding anyone accountable for anything anymore, and no one was demanding excellence.

The school president was dealing with fallout from the 2007 shootings, so he wasn’t holding the athletic director accountable. The athletic director was ill, so he wasn’t working full-time, didn’t have much energy, and wasn’t holding anyone accountable for anything, including the head football coach. The head football coach was winding down and not doing a lot of recruiting or holding people accountable for things. And so on down the line.

A lot of people did a lot of good things around here for a while, but it all started to break down a few years ago.” -Will Stewart-

You just know somebody had to write something back.

After all, here is where real men congregate and speak truth to the power!

So someone finally spoke up; and here is what they had to say…

Someone wrote this… in response…

…and I thought you’ll should see!

 “VT’s floor=a lot of other D-1 ceilings. Peeps would love to have our ills.

I agry with the lack of accountability Will; as the O&M hierarchy goes.  It was,… wanting; and the waning showcased a downward trend. (things, got, soft)

Nevertheless, I’ve seen a lotta BIGGER names schools fall harder, further, faster, than we.  And IF this is to be our basement?

Our player's LOVE their Head Coach! How many schools can say the same?
Our player’s LOVE their Head Coach! How many schools can say the same?

Well guess what men? We, are, Blessed!

The accountability -or lack thereof- is the culprit. As were a slew of crippling final 15 month injuries.

The lack of Love however is not! And it is that love for Frank that helped prop this 4 year leaky tire up, and keep this bowl streak rolling with absolutely <.5oo talent.

LOVE >>> lack

Someone needs catch the punches required to say that.
So there…………

…and this someone is truly dazzled that it took anyone this long to say ^that^! What in the world is going on here? There are 50 teams right now that are underwater | or with negative records; and NO team outta all 128 D-1’s has a 22 year Bowl streak. Nobody!

So get a grip Hokie peeps. There are worse things -by far- than the last four seasons at Almost 30 wins in those four seasons says so.


Going forward under coach-Fu, the final-4 Beamer season's will mostly likely look like what?

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New JuCo stud, **** or ***** star Qb transfer, in, the, Hokie House!

Rising Junior year Jerod Evans… welcome to O&M Qb1?

(career stats here from Trinity Valley)

  • 63.2% passer
  • 4,165 passing yards (in only 8 games, 3,164 passing last year a full-time Qb1)
  • 52 career TD’s
  • 5 career INT’s
  • or a STUNNING and STAGGERING 10.4:1 passing ratio!!!
  • WOW! (that really is unheard of gents)

Now mix in 772 total rushing yards. For a solid return on rushing of 5.84 yards per carry or a 1st down every two carries with basically a buck-n-a-half (1.6 yards) to spare.


How does Jerod Evans the athlete actually test? As J.Evans reminds me a bit of Tajh Boyd who never quite passed the eye-test or pass up on a few shots at the local fraternal college keg-party. As Evans looks like he carries a little bit around that he could strictify and actually shed. Although his testing metrics ain’t half bad, and you’d have to think they could only improve from here on out…

  • 4.63 40-clocking
  • 4.31 20-yard shuttle
  • 31” vertical
  • 315 lb. bench press
  • 6’4” 230 lb.

Jerod Evans was a Coach-Fu recruiting target, even at Memphis. So yes, there is a breadcrumb trail to follow here. Though who does he remind me of upon breaking tape?

Dood can sling that rock!
Dood can sling that rock!

Warren Moon. There, I said that, too. As in instantly at that. Which does not happen very often, as most often you kinda gotta sit there and “hmmmm” think about it in order to squeeze the ole memory gland for a moment to summon a sporting synonym. This time? Not so much, as several W.Moon characteristics were visibly in immediate place. And a few are indigenous to Evans’ throw-game himself. Among them…

  • soft touch, throws a deft, catchable ball
  • a quick, surefire, decisive release
  • very strong on Hitches and Slants and other short quick-hitting angular work
  • shifty, lower target profile runner, runs under incoming pad-level(s)
  • has a few more shakes and dips to his broken-field game than I expected; runs noticeably better than he physically looks.
  • is a good runner, and that might even be underrated, if anything.
  • does wing some throws, almost like Sonny Jurgensen once did. i.e. does not always show a full follow-through.
  • does wheel-over his plant leg (his right) on the follow-through, same as a M.L.B. pitcher does after his release lunging down slope off the pitching mound.
  • does sit down in the pocket at times and fight-small, or artificially lower his release point when putting  a little extra mustard on the ball. (i.e. expect a pop-up deflection or 2)
  • although even those throws got where they were going; just has a pure passing swag’ or knack to his throw-game, make no mistake!

Sources hint that Jerod Evans will be in da Hokie House for spring-ball –and that can only help. And while I can not precisely put my finger on it, there is something cool-modine Bryan Randall about this cat. Maybe a more passing-game talented version of Bryan Randall with a bit more quickness and moves overall as well. Very confident baller in film-study as well, as his self-trust quotient is a high one indeed. Seems to have just about the lowest possible B+ caliber arm. Yes, that is south of Elway or herculean bionic, though it is also north of being plum average as well. Does have some durability concerns, with 1 already blown A.c.l. and a fractured left-side (non throwing hand) wrist. Does seem to be a spark-plug or catalyst type Carpe di play natural rally point leader kinda guy. And he actively hands the ball to the Ref after the score. Looks like sportsmanship is his thang!

So what’s not to like here? Unless you are Dwayne Lawson, as we have two credible Heavyweight challengers on our hands vying for the O&M Qb1 crown. Round #1 officially begins in just about 15 weeks. “Ding!


Virginia Tech=2 **** Qb’s!!!




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  1. b-st., I agree that our floor may be other programs’ ceiling. However, to me that does not excuse nor absolve Frank & admin for the complete neglect and lack of accountability that occurred, going back to 2008. When after 3 straight years of 100th ranked offenses and nothing was done about it, there are serious problems. The fact that staff was able to stay through 2012 mind-boggling! STs had eroded to be more of a liability than an asset. Plus the fact that Beamer made the same in-game and systemic coaching mistakes year-after-year with seemingly no learning or growth, it was not fair to the VT program. We wasted elite-level talent, and missed many golden opportunities to play and even win a MNC.

    Frank is a great human being and feel good story, but the job he did left a lot to be desired IMO. I guess I’m more process driven that results driven, because the 10-win seasons were great, but they always left me feeling “what if?” due to the woeful under-performance. 10-wins with that incompetent O staff could’ve been 14 with a legitimate staff! I wanted Frank to win it for himself, for VT and for the fans…

    I’m so looking forward to seeing what Coach Fuente can do on offense. I think Hokie Nation is going to be in for a pleasant surprise and a wake-up call of what this program can achieve! Poor Bud Foster has been Atlas carrying Frank on his back for far too long… I bet he is chomping at the bit to have an offense that is worthy of his defense!

    Go ahead and roast me, I can take it…

    1. Yes, what if he made wholesale changes to the offensive staff and instead of 10-2 or 10-3 season the record tanked and went 7-6 or even 5-7 … you would still be screaming for his firing. There is a lot to be said for … if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

      1. What if it went 14-0? It was painfully obviously the offensive staff was never going to be good…

      2. “IF it ain’t broke — don’t, break it.”
        -the 3o4-

        Lotta truth in that.

        Though to me?
        This offense lacked Oline talent #1.
        And then it began to want for Tyrod or D.Wilson or R.Williams masking-agent talent on top of that.

        As very modest to average oLine’s did well (enough) out in front of those Alpha’s at Qb and/or Tb.


        1. And the Oline was was a joke from the 05 Miami game until Grimes came in 2013… Is that not crazy? How is that acceptable?

    2. If you weren’t enjoying the 10-11 win seasons. The ACC Championships…One of the winningest programs in the country…Then what is the point of being a fan? Why in the world were you not enjoying those moments?

      1. Yes.
        There is a perishability here folks.
        A shelf-life…

        “All good things…”
        : (


      2. I enjoyed everything but the offense, and then after while the STs went off the tracks as well. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, but it also was poor program management.

    3. We welcome disagreement here.
      No roasting need apply.

      Yah; it’s not an excuse/alibi or whatever.
      Just wanted to point that out. As I’ve not seen
      anyone else -to my knowledge- bother to do.


      1. Agreed there. And good of you to point that out. But at the same time, last month you were in the “careful what you wish for” camp and were proclaiming that now is a terrible time for transition. You were kind of doomsday…

        Now it’s how great are floor it. Seems like a total 180!

        1. Yes.

          And I’ve been (VERY) reserved in any coach-Fu publication(s).
          We shall see…


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