Tech Thoughts: myth vs. methodology:

Today’s word is…mythperceptions.


transitive verb
  1. to perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
  2. to cyber exclaim (and even accept) to be true
  3. to reinforced by perpetual publication

So let us endeavor to clear up some message board mythperception, if you will. Although some of this will prove to be sticky and some of this will prove to be downright adhesive indeed.

And if your feelings bruise easily, or if you are a C.A.T.T. (catty all the time) now might be a good time for you to go Cougar and Maverick, pull the cord, and “EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!”

If however you are a real man with real stones, watch that canopy, turn off that dumbass K.Loggins music, and enjoy the ride.

Here be where real Hokie men congregate …and speak truth to the POWER.

A long time ago in a (gridiron) galaxy far, far away, Frank went all-in.

Ok, so it was really only 2.6 yarns, I mean years ago; even it if seems much further removed than that. Use your mental mouse-wheel and scroll backwards in time with me, to just beyond our final 10-win season, right when things began to slip on-film. Mutually fundamentally and in terms of pure, raw, primal toughness; recall who published this very notion that Virginia Tech -of all the possible things- had indeed peaked. Apparently no one else foresaw this, or at the very least no one else was stoney enough to publish this. However, the true nature of this beast was not found in the beast itself, it was found in the response…

Try as you might, you can’t coach Hite.
Circa about 2010, perhaps even before… as the Virginia Tech offense slipped into recession and then nearly into outright clinical depression.

Did offensive changes need to be made?
Hell yes.
Where the changes overdue?
Hell no. They were long overdue!

Even I am forced to “uncle” and simply admit it, and I had plenty of friends on that very Staff.  To say anything else is to bury one’s head in the sands of self-deception and become fully ostrichrageous if you will. Nonetheless, repeat after me as someone said over and over and over again on Espn Radio summer of 2012… “Be careful what you wish for, be careful what you wish for, be careful what you wish for…” …you might just get it.


T time
T-time or teeing off?

As Virginia Tech and the most loveable head coach in all of D-1 big whistles, pretty much threw the family-first baby out with the bath-water. Entered virgin territory, and suddenly we ran plum off our family-first map. “Here there be dragons”, as any savvy old-world cartographer would warn on the corner of a map, to designate that the navigator was about to enter into foreign or outright uncharted territory. So begins the 2012 spring-practice, and so begins our story after an unprecedented and heretofore unfathomable family-first purge.

Thus timely or not, the Hokie family-paradigm changed forever in the purge of 2012. This is simultaneously the inherent virtue and the very peril of being too close to your employees; or for being family-first. Why? Because correction becomes almost impossible, as correction is too painful and spills too much nepotistic blood. However, the paradigm did more that shift, as longstanding virtues, values, mores, norms and principals, that no one felt would ever be sacrificed, were suddenly and abruptly put to death. More than just the paradigm itself died that day. Whereas before it was never ok to vent, expel or explode –now that the nonpareil top-down loyalty umbilical had finally been cut? A not so funny thing began happen along the way to the candy-store, as bottoms-up loyalty began to bleed out as well. What was once a family-first scheme was suddenly a high octane fear-first business model and business was bearish to be sure. People who did not fit the residue family-first culture were brought in, in with them came “…new minds, fresh ideas” -Petain-

Just like mother Russia, our perestroika reform went too far too fast! You simply can not go from hateful hellish communism to a fully grown democracy (while skipping socialism) overnight. Nor can you go from 23 years of family-first to a big time Bogarting power-conference swaggering  So.Eastern mentally all in one spring. And lookee here lookee here folks… there’s that phrase again: “all-in”.

Frankly speaking? Frank went too far too fast in his paradigm shift, and he went too far too fast, too late! Simple as that. So where you stand is where you sit and right now we are barely sitting on .5oo. Nevertheless, here is where the lesson in applied sports-psych ends, and the mythperceptions begin.

  • No “i” in team? Well, if you look closely, there is now a tEaM, if you see what I mean. No mythperception here, as there are more individuals out there playing hero-ball and/or at least one playing to preserve himself for next year. Coach Foster was right to hold their individual feet to the collective fire post-game after the drubbing otherwise known as Miami.
  • Mythperception via omission as nobody seems to be covering this tag-line: some of this is the inherently troubling nature from several upperclassmen and their got sat down ego’s. That got sat down by underclassmen or imported (transfer) ballers mind you. Not all is sunshine and puppy-dogs when you feel like you’ve paid your 3-5 year dues in full and a first year or rookie hire takes your job away.
  • Medical staff=fine. Actually, that’s a lie, and we all know, “…lying is for rugs.” As this is an elite medial staff that spearheaded (pardon the pun) the helmet technology development, the aqua-treadmill preHab and reHab movement among many other innovations. However the mythperception here is found in our “all-in” paradigm shift. Red-shirt? Injury? Does that mean more or less to a short-time coach? You do the maths, as the mantra is “win now”, if you can help at all, you play!
  • Which makes for quite the post-game interview disconnect; what with Frank telling everyone about being real good next year. So which year are you playing for, playing injured kids for, and ripping r-shirts for?making his point

1980VT of the TSL pay-side message boards astutely writes…

Football Coaches and players have “rifts” all of the time. Fist fights even. I’ve even seen winning football teams have “rifts“.

Yah; typically speaking, you’re not ‘rong; however, not so much at Virginia Tech.  As this fractured response mentality is (mostly) new to us as these sorts of things (mostly) did not exist under the family-first template. All fingers point to that.

What 1980VT authored is indeed true. No mythperception need apply here; well, not unless you are Virginia Tech. As that’s just not the family-first way folks. We were never that cutthroat, though we are now; we were never that belligerent, though we are now, we were the more synergistic middle-drill, whereas we are now the more individualistic bull-n-the-ring dogfight. We were never this pitting or vis-à-vis or baiting or snippy or snarky. We hung in there and we hung together. Mostly for better, and occasional for the worse; although we did it, together.

So in conclusion…………we are now a truly mixed motive squad, player and Staff alike. Check it…and consider all of this to formulate a truly measured opinion…

  1. This is a 3-part Staff:
    part I: original-school Frank Beamer, and similarly first-school Bud and Wiles, been there, done that, been there a long long time. Vaguely newer-school and holdover offensive refugee coach Stiney.
    part II: Transitory coaches: Coach Gray (who is so good someone is gonna offer him up), coach Brown, the other coach Beamer.
    part III: new power-conference sophomore coaches, great Scot, A.Moorehead (who I super like), and rookie year coach Stacy, all BIG time guys from BIG time programs, with BIG time resumes at little ole Virginia Tech. See what I mean? We’ve got a trifecta of a staffing amalgam that is growing more and more heterogeneous and less and less homogenous day by day. In point if fact, it is splintering into run-first, pass-first and why are you taking my player(s) camps as I type.
  2. This is a 2-part Team:
    part I: the upperclassmen, who did win 10 games in 2011 and a few as well in 201o. Who came in under family-first Frank, and then got Oklahoma Drilled.
    part II: the first year up through third year guys who have heard of family-first, prolly did sign up for family-first, and yet have never ever known seven consecutive 10-win seasonal success. They do however know, average, as that is all they have ever know –that is the first parts new norm, that is the second parts only standard.
  3. This is a 2-part Jamerson:
    part I: there are a few pure Franklin disciples left in key places. David Everett, Lu Merritt, John Ballein and Bruce Garnes all come to mind. These are  longtime Beamer loyalists.
    part II: the top however is brand spanking new and Whit does have some of his people surrounding him, that and the Weaver refugee era stalwarts (like John Moody) are in flux, nearing retirement or not long for the Hokie sporting world. (and the vibes say that the Top is pissed!)

See what I mean?
This is an unaligned, disparate, and far less than uniform lot. Which set of competing ideas do you dare say wins? Be that on team, on staff or over in Jamerson? If you were wise then you did vote all three in the most recent poll. Cus when you add them all up, it surely looks like we’ve got at least seven moving parts, which leaves one questioning just how many are moving in the same direction?

Who wins the 2o24 Preakness Stakes???

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Ugly as this is gonna read, to paraphrase Churchill; this is the beginning of the end; all the more so with the Bowl-streak finally going “snap” or merely via a villein hooVa power-tools finally going Win. IF, either/or happen mythperception need not apply and to be 100% direct, it is now officially difficult to expect these seven moving parts to all septa-return. We’ve got too many chefs spoiling the gumbo on no less than three full layers with four full sub-divides. Accordingly, -be this Whit-down or a voluntarily exodus inside-out, I expect this once “proud” Staff to break-up and I expect there is a chance that at least one of the top-2 could be gone, sans a finishing at least 3-1 while beating uva.  There, I said it.

That being said, be twice “proud” of what Frank has accomplished at and for Virginia Tech, be that, men’s football, or the New River Valley in mercantile terms. Be “proud” of this golden era of Virginia Tech football as it draws to a close.

If parting is truly “…such sweet sorrow”, let appreciation be your methodology for the remaining four football games folks. Leave the rest to myth…


 Layers=3, subdivisions=4, the future=???




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  1. True test of leadership. Id like to think that cooler and wiser heads will prevail, and there will be a return to cohesion. Im not convinced though, and CFB seemed a little flustered on TTL. Its not unrealistic to expect a few –less then steller– seasons every now and then, everyone does, but we are on a dynamic death spiral, and guess HOO is licking their chops..

    1. True.
      However, who will LEAD?

      (our best one is hurting (Maddy); and I no longer trust #34)
      Which leaves who?


        1. Maybe…

          As Frank is not a hell-raiser.
          He’s the ultimate even keel.

          Maybe that would (shock)-troop the whole shebang?


          p.s. how is it NOT worth a try? (that’s the more important point)

  2. 1 of the top 2…so CFB or CBF…IDK Street…I know you would not post this without merit, but it still seems far fetched to me at this point…

    First off…I don’t think 3-1 is necessary…I think 2-2 with UVA win and Bowl Game game keeps the staff together for now.

    Beamer Leaving – Given youth of team, # of injuries at key spots, and supposed great position with incoming recruiting class it just seems there are too many reasons for WB to give CFB a pass. I like WB a lot, and he is no pushover, but he would be risking his career at VT and beyond on the results of this move. Replacing the man who built the program is THE biggest decision he will ever make at VT and sadly the chances are much greater the next HC fails that succeeds. The other side would be CFB voluntarily hanging it up. Even if we go 1-3, lose to UVA, and end the bowl streak I don’t think CFB is going out like that…leaving that as his legacy would be soul crushing to him…and for that reason he would try to redeem himself in the next year or two…however futile that effort night be…if he has the choice I don’t think he gives up quite yet.

    Foster Leaving – I think it’s safe to say WB isn’t firing Foster, so CBF would have to say adios on his own. It would seem there is 0.0% chance of this happening if CFB is not also gone. Bud will want to stick around and see if he gets handed the O&M keys before he skips town and he won’t bail on his career mentor in his final hour…if so that would indeed be shocking. I doubt WB has already told CBF he will 100% NOT be the HC, too premature for that, so until then I think Foster stays put, puts out his feelers, and waits for the VT dominos to fall.

    The X-factor here…and you mentioned it…T. Gray. While everyone focuses on the end for CFB or CBF, our very own Director of DBU might not be planning on going down with the ship. If that happens all bets are off…whole new dynamic added to the mix…and chances of Foster leaving increases greatly IMHO.

    Who knows…somehow hoping this all works out…but sadly falling asleep at the wheel seldom does…

    1. Foster is not happy. Not at all.
      Who says someone gets rid of Bud Top-down?

      Frank’s post-game?
      That sure sounded like a plea for more time to me.
      (I’ll let the reader adjudicate to whom)

      thx on reading!

      1. If I was Bud, I’d be pretty pissed that all those stud defenses of mine were wasted with clowning on offense. And I recall there was a sniff of unrest from him a few years ago while the 10-win streak was intact. Can Bud pick and choose his next stop as a DC? I’d mostly think so. If Bud goes, I assume he takes as much of his current staff as he can. And that’s no canary, that’s an evacuation siren.

        And poor Loeffler. I just can’t believe he knew what he was getting into, be it the Oline his QBs would be behind, or the hand Beamer likes to tie behind his offensive back.

        1. Bull’s-eye!

          Bud has 1st dibs for years.
          Wonder why that particular paradigm shift bothers him?


          1. Just to clear up, does Bud not see the utility in putting good players on the on offense? Or does he not see the utility is putting good players on the pre-punt team?

            ie with a good offense, would Bud’s feelings on losing some good players to the other side be soothed?

          2. @frank:

            I don’t know.
            Methinks this is more like “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.
            (i.e. Bud likes his (former) riches)

            Think Bud might want Teller and Smitty both back?
            Trey at Lb?
            My boy Joel wherever?


          3. @street – What are they doing with Caleb on offense? Looks like mostly nothing.

    2. Maybe Foster takes his annuity and says bye on his free will. I’m sure he loves Frank but I’m sure he’d like to work for a program that can field a serviceable offense before he retires as well.

      Also I’m wondering if Bud didn’t give a heads up to Frank to “fix the offense before my annuity is due or I’m leaving!”

      1. Is there ever gonna be a better timed Exit Strategy for Bud Export’s?


        1. No, this would definitely be the year to go if he was considering leaving… Say it ain’s so! 🙁

  3. No you are wrong Frank has done change before and that led to 21 bowl years. Look at Synder’s return to KSU in2009 he had 2 yrs of .500 ball against weak schedules then won 10 in year 3. CFB will do the same win 10 in 2015.

    1. Wasn’t there and AD that forced Franks hand before the bowl streak? Well, we’ve got an AD who might force Franks hand again, as Weaver cut himself off form that power.

    2. That sounds nice, but I don’t see the offensive line being good enough for 10 wins, nor do I see a QB that can do it all by himself like Tyrod…

  4. The only way this ends positively, in my opinion, is of Frank bows out himself. This was the season the schedule was suppose to be easier. It doesn’t get easier next year and 2016 is looking to be down right nasty, esp out of conference. Whit can’t force the man out after giving him an extension merely two months ago. This is on Frank to make a decision as to his future, one that I hope he puts VT before his ego.

    1. Correct.
      It is the cleanest, measure.

      Might win the uva game all by itself, to boot.


  5. Does anyone remember listening to the Hokie Hotline (yes, the call-in version) the year Grant Noel was QB, and a lady called in and starting railing directly to Frank himself on the show? She was probably the 3rd or 4th caller on that show who was complaining about the stagnant offense (yeah, nearly 2 decades ago … hmmm). At one point, Frank was trying to politely answer her questions when she cut him off with more ranting and raving, at which point Frank immediately jumped on her and said, “Now lady are YOU talking, or am I talking?” First (and last) time I remember him publicly talking short with somebody (and a lady to boot!). I didn’t see his face when he made that remark, but it probably looked a lot like his face during the post-Miami presser, which I think was the first time I’d ever heard Frank drop an H-E-double-hockey-sticks (or any curse word for that matter) publicly. My point is, we can be in a crummy spot and Frank can be grumpy, but we can still recover. It’s just that recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It seems very true that CBF is not happy. I’ve noticed him on several occasions this season in the post-games or mid-week interviews taking a couple quick digs at the offense in one way or another, which saddens me to no end (Hokie-on-Hokie friendly fire). There are so many issues in play (injuries, QB play, spotty D play, more injuries, leadership, bowl streak, penalties, run game), it will make your head spin. But winning takes care of everything (usually), and Frank being the great leader that he is has found the right message. Win the next game. Even if we don’t get better, just win. Win ugly if we have to, because in time the ugly will fade, but the W-L record will remain (and the bowl streak, God willing). Everybody give this group one more year, and then go from there. Our best leaders right now seem to be Sam Rogers and maybe Isaiah Ford. Wait til those guys have a couple more years under there belts + all the talent coming in behind us. Leadership + talent and we’ll be humming. Hopefully Hokie Nation, CFB, CBF and the higher ups in the athletic department can all keep their cool for that long. Anybody that think we’ll just take the next step up the latter after Frank retires is plain crazy. Go Hokies!

    1. +1 just for dropping my late mum’s “crummy” bomb!

      I’ve not heard that one in on 20 years.


  6. “Frank went too far too fast in his paradigm shift” — sorry, he was forced to take large corrective steps because he refused to take the small steps earlier.

  7. We can’t recruit offensive linemen with the drastic need that we have but we are going to solve this puzzle???

    That is the killer and we are doing anything else but that… successfully recruiting offensive linemen.

    Until this is done, nothing is going to improve. What the heck is the problem? This has been a known for at least five years.

    1. Agry.

      Everything else is a paper tiger.

      (beyond that former game changer at Tb or dual-threat Qb)


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