Tech Thoughts: … on the new coach-Fu Staff, part I


Next man up = Justin Fuente (formerly of Memphis Tiger fame)!!!

We all saw this back during the hooVa game. If we didn’t, we need to make sure next year to get the key to the cave in which we were locked.

Done deal, signed, sealed, (to be, delivered)...
Done deal, signed, sealed,  and delivered

AND he is keeeeeeeeping Bud Foster on Staff!!!

Oh wait, you already knew that?
Ah-ha. You read TSL, huh?

Nevertheless, I’ll bet you a nickle to dimes you did not know all of this…

Head Coach Justin Fuente:

  • Winner: Yes, not many can turn lowly and prior to his arrival, 2, 1, and 2 win Memphis into a 10 then 9 win school. LOL! Not many at all!

    This #2 was a stud Qb1...
  • baller: Yes, he balled out, hell yah he did! check it:… Fuente set an Oklahoma Qb freshman record with 11 touchdown passes. He then  transferred to Murray State for his final two years of eligibility. As Murray State’s Qb1, Fuente was named the Ohio Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Year and a finalist for the Walter Payton Award way back during our very own MV1 powered national championship run in 1999. In point of fact, Fuente still holds several single-season records at Murray State for a Qb including: most pass completions (24o), highest Qb pass efficiency rating (151.21), most passing yards in a season (3,497), and most touchdown passes in a season (27)! Coach-Fu only set 11 all-time total school marks as a baller! Not half bad, huh?
  • Offensive wizbang: Yes. Just ask his resume, also ask former T.c.u. Qb Andy Dalton’s E.B.I.T. of $16,000,000 per year.
  • O and D pedigree alike! And before you read this, this little nugget is profoundly underrated in my book, although do pause to ask yourself why? Fuente was an assistant coach under legendary stop-unit coach Patterson at T.c.u. Everyone is talking about that Andy Dalton upward Pivot progression; and that is talk worthy for those who do not cut very deep. So instead, I offer to you the heretofore un-surmised factoid that:… not only did Coach-Fu do this and do that for the previously rather pedestrian looking Texas Christian offense, he did it UNDER the tutelage of the one -and the only other guy- in the Bud Foster conversation for fielding the greatest defensive mind in all of D-1 men’s college football. Coach Gary Patterson. As for over a decade+, it has been Bud 1 and Gary 1a, or vice-versa. Talk about coming up righter than right? Geez! This is being born with a 24k diamond encrusted silver spoon in your coaching mouth people. And this makes coach-Fu’s résumé one of the very grandest I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. As, don’t you think coach-Fu sat there and picked the other coach Bud Foster’s Summa Cum Laude stop-unit mind? You bet he did! Wouldn’t you?
  • Recruiting prowess: Somewhere in between okay  to power conference unproven. Need to see mo’, here, first. Let us agree to reconvene after coach-Fu courts his first full non-Beamer refugee recruiting class on national signing day, circa 01 February 2017. We’ll come back to this one, yet the early 2017 signs ain’t bad, then ain’t bad at all…
  • willingness to JuCo away? YES, and a big HR hitting “yes” at that. Just ask new VT Qb1 Evans.
  • Worsham Field (cultural) Fit: Yes. The only TRUE cultural fit that I for one saw in all the coaching surnames that got bantered about.  (this one I really appreciate too, good on Whit for putting a scratch-mark in the Family First O&M check-box)

(READERs note: Got a lot of pay-side requests for a looksee at new Offensive-Coordinator and Qb’s coach. So without any further adieu…)

Qb Coach and offensive coordinator Brad Cornelsen:

  • Here is what I like… and here is precisely what I was sooooooo, craving to see: he freakin’ balled! And Brad Cornelsen coaches the very same Position (Qb) that he played, and he played out like a mother, as a 3 year starter and 4 year letterman for Missouri Southern State. Check it…

    Dual threat Qb 1o1...
    Old-school dual threat Qb
  • Brad Cornelsen graduated from Missouri Southern State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education in 2000.
  • While playing for the Lions, Cornelsen became the first Qb in the history of NCAA Division II football to pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 2,000 yards in a career! The very first, in the history of history itself. You do the maths!
  • Read ^that^ one, twice, men.
    Because half past when was the last time you ever read that? (Bustle? Rogers? Loeffler? nope.)
  • Stats Leader: He finished his career fourth all-time on the total offense list with 6,671 total yards. He had the highest passing efficiency mark in M.S.S.U. history in 1996 when he put up an individual passing mark of 162.5!
  • Trophy coach: Brad Cornelsen and was a Harlon Hill finalist in 1997. (their Player of the Year Award)
  • H.o.F.: #14 Brad Cornelsen was enshrined in his alma mater’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2014, as a freakin’ Player!
  • Honor Roll: and then there is this heady nugget… Corny was an Academic All-Conference selection in both 1997-98! Which means he is NOT just the proverbial “dumb-jock”. Or rather this does mean he is a certifiable superstar Student-Athlete!MSSU HoF
  • Lineage: played at Missouri Southern as their Qb1 baller; then to Oklahoma State –where he broke in as a coach; Illinois State –where he coached four seasons at I.S.U. with coach-Fu; then on to Memphis prior to coming with Coach-Fu to Virginia Tech. Where he and coach-Fu both took, at least to me,  a rather decent, though not exactly world beater looking Paxton Lynch, …and what did they do with him you ask? Well, they only turned him into the #1 Memphis passing Qb, ever. That’s all. As in all-time. Bar none. And they will make him a multi millionaire draft pick if you ask the month of June. Again, that’s all. That’s all they managed to do with a tallish kid (Paxton is 6’8”) who was said to lack arm-velocity and throw-game placement (or accuracy), coming outta high school. That, and they turned a lumbering 4.8 forty guy into a credible dual threat nearly 700 yard rushing Qb. Dang! Talk about going Mary Shelley and turning Frankenstein into an N.F.L. well paid Lurch!
  • Got Talent?: Now imagine what they can do with legitimately talented dual-threat Qb’s? (Enter: Lawson and Evans), one of whom has every metric you can name, could be on a T&F scholarship, can fly, and has a howitzer of a buggy-whip arm. (Lawson). The other of which has fantabulous fast-twitch cut on a dime and leave you twin nickle moves on a lead-knee that is hard to believe that it has already been rebuilt. He (Evans) is the more precocious of the two in terms of overall stem to stern Pivot marriage thus far. And he has very Warren Moon esque quick-release to go with the highest possible B+++/A— caliber arm.
  • Do you see what I mean TSL???

Because what I mean is… from what I just saw on film? I saw these two Qb whisperer’s take three different so-so to kinda good Qb’s in terms of physical metrics and recruiting rankings -or the lack thereof- and I saw these two new Hokie offensive coach’s, coach-Fu and Coach Corny turn 67% of these starchy robotic looking three into N.F.L. Qb’s. Shazam!


And along they way? They did the same damn thing. What these two coaches have done is not only win, they have not only truly coached good C— to B+++ guys into stars, you see one trend over and over and over in each of their respective professional resume’s.

They, break, (bleeping), records!
They smash their given college’s or conference’s all-time passing and offensive marks.

"Records are meant to be broken."
Records are meant to be broken.

By my count?

  1. These two have conspired to bust 15 combined playing marks during their active tenure as ballers’ at Qb.
  2. Coach-Fu has set an unheard of or  staggering 33 collective  individual/school or conference aerial assault marks as a coach.
  3. Coach Cornelsen has only set 13 passing records while coaching his ownself. (11 more if you count those he shares with Coach-Fu)
  4. And oh yah fans, there is this… the Memphis football team recorded its highest cumulative grade-point average in program history entering the 2014 season. Can I get a g.p.a.  w.o.w.?

In the finest sense of bootlegging Coors all the way from Texarkana, and the very same as the  storied and downright heroic Sheriff Buford T. Justice once barked… “There is no way, and I mean no way” … that many records are busted by mistake.

And the only thing LT3, MV1, d.Strock and myself know about records is… (see: pic)?

Rate this VT offensive hire: many stars do you award coach-Fu plus coach Corny???

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Virginia Tech=Coach Fuente 2016-???




VT career passing marks

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  1. Murray State. That sounds familiar. Where have I previously heard of Murray State? Oh yeah, it’s where Frank and Bud hung out before they both landed in Blacksburg. Well, actually, in Frank’s case, returned to Blacksburg. It looks like we’re in good hands, as long as some of those hands passed through Murray State.

  2. B’Street, I wanted to give them a 5* rating, however, being a conservative, I must hold off until I see results next year in wins, recruiting, etc., before I am willing to give up that 5th *. I am so hoping they get it. VT will benefit if they do.

    1. That was my only reason for withholding the highest possible (5*) rating….call them 4 with a bullet!! I can’t wait to see them putting it all together1

      Go Hokies!

      1. nearly 50-50 four to five stars have me buffaloed, a bit.

        I would have wagered 80-20 or so for the fives, and been a more Ramen Noodle man for it! ; )


  3. I believe. Okay, I believe and this isn’t Santa. But I gave 4* based on non-power 5 experience.

    And I think they will be 5* in the next two years after answering the question about recruiting with a grand slam home run in 2017 the likes of which we have not dared dream about… Much less the rather excellent season that Fall.

    Yeah, it is okay to dream a bit with these guys. They are the real thing. Imagine a reinvigorated Bud on both sides of the ball. It is going to be fun.

  4. Like Old Hokie – gave 4 stars based on no P5 experience.

    Looking at the the table you posted, wonder how far up the ladder Evans can go (assuming he is the starter) in only two years?

  5. Ahhahhh I love it when the master plan comes together… As in Mr. B’s plan aka the leader Babcock heeds much credit to his eagle eye watch through the 2014-2015 seasons..making his Ninji-like move smoothly to get his offensive juggernaut. Combined with changes to S&C department for 80+ plays endurance & 45+ points or bust from the Offense mentality. It’s a great time to be a Hokie!!!

    Section 7 is already jumping and we haven’t even started screaming…

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat down the Flames!!!!

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