Transfering Qb’s mini-me, quickie sneak-peak!

A Dub.Vee land Grant, and “What can Brown do for, you?”

As the most hateful TSL gremlin ATE my whole damn Korterbacks post; again… and here Eye (mistakenly) thought the Nativity Fast had, ended?!? LOL… and may St.John bless poor Mister John J. Donna!

So, what have Eye heard and what did I spy with my little Eye (…in the Sky)?

Anywho… here it is best I could save/cobble it back together for everyone… enjoy!!!

These are two most curious Qb’s… as in nearly oddball unique… as they come with numerous things that most Portaling Qb(1)’s, don’t.

The “can’t lick our ‘cocks” ex one…

We are Family!” –Sister Sledge

…more of a Dual-Threat. Tho’ he reallllly blew his off-season knee.

…like summertime workouts and if what I saw was right, it was post-season Sr. H.S. year.
…like A.c.l. and had it A-scoped at the same time blew it. Right-side or the plant hind leg for an orthodox set-up hurler. And the whack thing(s) are… he does NOT wear hardly any bracing or wrapping or sleeving or taping at all?!? Almost like it has been hidden a bit.

xx‘s oo‘s

     He is the seemingly more pocketed guy of the two, however. Gets sacked a bit for being a bit more of a runner– well, sorta being a runner. Not as pure of a passer. Does worse on the road. Does worse as the year and the game wears on. Tired-arm or thrown-out look on tape. Tho’ still yet, is an aTm Qb2 upgrade here. The bigger and more physical guy for very sure.

Has the bigger arm of the two— like highest possible B+++, maybe A— if you are a nepotistic family member. Eye say that, as he takes a semi-deeper drop at times. Think 7-step or maybe more, and he is not worried about ceding ground in reverse afterward either. This is a good arm-talent sign. Moves a lot, will use movement in lieu of pure sprint-out calls to manufacture a 2nd or 3rd looksee downfield. Throws pretty well to be so ad-lib and fields some quirky movements on the move itself. At times, throws a little small from lowering himself per his wider set-up base; more so when dancing and chop-stepping about. Throws pretty willingly -if not well itself- under pressure. This impresses due to his aforementioned insalubrious medical jacket and playing the rest of the Game of Life on about ≅1.9 knees. Not a bad back-foot thrower; prolly is the better Fu’fensive fit if that makes any sense.

Did set several St.Frances passing rec’s marks. Was: Honorable Mention All-American. Has r-shirted. Is older. Hopefully mo’ mature for it. Rated as the 72nd-best QB prospect in the nation by Also, an O&M refu’sal. Career scholastically: threw for 6,051 yards and 71 touchdowns, while completing 55 percent of his passes. Ran for 1,814 yards and 25 touchdowns. Good H.S. numbers— seemed like he just needed a bit mo’ 9th-12th grade coaching the verb.

Seemed/seems a mite hot-n-cold in the video room. Streak shooter Qb1. Byron Scott redux. Did Eye mention the streakiness yet? Ray Stevens Qb1. The hot side is sandlot fun/entertaining to watch. He will improv’ his way into backyard typea plays. The chilly side is prolly gonna drive any robo’-Qb-Coach textbook nutz. 2 kids, already!

Prolly a Baltic Ave. man’s Russell Wilson with no houses or hotels and yet with
Community Chest card got assessed for street repairs.

3o4 homeboy Qb1:

(Coach) God Grant them: “Many Years!!!

Really small guy outta H.S. Truly. Prolly skewed himself recruiting eval’ downward for it too. “Size matters” —ask the wimminz species here and he was a bit lowercase in his senior season.

Fu’ turned his VeeTee interest(s); down, recall. And I mean he was lowercase… some reports said he played his Dub.Vee 12th-grade year at a buck-sixty (16o-165 lbs.)!


That said, is a near-shock athlete. Scores well on speeds. VERY well on quicks and has truly unexpected strength to his game. Can easily dunk 2-handed. A P3. “Aye”, he is a Punter3! Has punt-fakes in his game or pooch-punts from the ‘gun. Pretty good G.Dub (Charleston area H.S., baseball) seamster too. Had Ivy gridiron offers. Gotta have something upstairs I’s and Q’s wise for it. Said to be more parts Pro-Style Qb1.

Nike was very high on their camping of him. Has r-shirted. Throws an anti-arc-passing ball. Nearly a mite flat on the arc.

Ain’t any bigger than his listed metrics upon breaking tape— Eye’ll put it that way. Does drop a nice mid-field crossing/angular set of routes. Very smooth hurley who is entirely comfortable here. Seems to have a Knack for this with a capital “K”. Knows his playbook; as exemplified by his backside or non-front-side secondary or tertiary hits. Has good enough -tho not bionic- range out to 45 to 50-yards give/take. (Might wanna use your Qb2 for a legit long-distance Hail Mary attempt). Threw a bit late or short-armed some deeper things here-n-there. Tho’ has a very nice numerology targeting-software onboard (think: Wr’s digits on his chest). With a very clean hit-point downfield to an easy 25 to 30 yards out. Maybe even 35 or a little better. Pretty accurate to just under post-patterning depth. Just does not field a true 155mm pack-howitzer for a whole lot beyond that. Did Eye mention the mid-range+++ accuracy yet? Generally speaking, this Ulysses S. Grant don’t make too many misfires just so long as you do not play-call ask too much of him vertically. Only really misses a little late or behind; due to the okay tho’ not Elway -esque arm-game. Kinda a darty looking thrower in old-school terms upon breaking tape.

…not exactly gunshy as a passer.

That said, I’d wager that the Marshall catch-crew is prolly pretty sad this guy left. As he dropped a lotta deft/clean throws right in their bread-basket way more often than now. Can run just enough, does a real good job of turtling or getting small (less targeting surface area) right before the instant of incoming contact(s). What with a surprising 54-points on the collegiate ground thus far for only averaging 6′/carry. As he will break his very own passing cup and take off in the red zone noticeably more so than anywhere else on the field.

     Spins it very catchable well. Wr’s will like working with him. Not a pure gunner as has been reported (unfortunately) already. Okay, arm-talent. B— or so. Runs and uses his wheels more and more as the game wears on. Did travel and road-throw well, and that’s an encouraging gamer sign. Can have heavy passing day numbers. His lesser days enjoy a high floor as well. Did Eye mention the surprise testing numbers yets? Looks like Jane, swings, or test mo’ like Tarzan. Not real physically big, tho’ did showcase some signs of wearing down physically or getting dinged up a bit. Does appear to see the field well downfield on the run when trafficking.


     Has a whiff of scat-back to him playing Qb1. Pretty good accuracy hurler. Has found 30-40 lbs. of right-mass since H.S. Prolly pretty well body-shaping capped at ~5’13” or so in height. Better balance than expected. Not a sprint-out guy. Tho’, can roll and throw well enough on the same for you. Conference USA Freshman of the Year. Selected by the coaches as the Conference USA all-conference first-team quarterback. Only freshman QB to make the league’s all-conference first team in history. Is 2nd-half INT prone. Unusual, with a really outlying +225% increase in picks for it– love to Truth Serum the Herd Staff as to: “why“? Said to disagree with old-staff schematically. Has a cockeyed or slight sidearm release point for it at times.

Finally …and won’t it jus’ be toooooo damn funny, if a local-yocal Mountain State Qb1, goes from West Virginia to interstate rival Marshall, and then to border war hateful archrival Vah.Tech
and turns the o9.24.22 A.D. VicTory dance, trick?!?

LOL, already… Eye hopes…

Did Eye mention the deft/easy-to-catch drops yet?
Prolly an Andrew Ford+++ of sorts. with 1 fiancée, already!


"Qb or not to Qb— that is the question..."
 —Coach Billy Shakespeare


To have gone from three Qb1’s (last season) down to a Qb(none) at the end of this season?
Colour me a bit O&M surprised by this Pivotal double-haul here men.

VeeTee and Prybar not only did about as good as they had even the faintest right to hope fo’. In point of fact… they may just have outdone themselves here. As getting not one, two, that’s (2) potential Qb1 starting pivots at the same time, when you literally had not-one or none remaining itself? Is twice as nice.

And you pretty much know what you are getting in these two ex-Qb1’s.
(Eval’ time should render itself a bit shorter for it).

Jason is a very solid stopgap or single-shot annual pick-up.
Grant has a bit more yearly headroom and prolly has gathered the most overall game in the Qb-room itself.

Bit of an unknown… BIG numbers @small-schools. (never, balled)

Now, can whomever ‘develop’ the pretty dang raw and somewhat so-so fundamentally t.Bullock? Can they r-shirt and bring dev.Farrell 2o25-2o26 along reasonably enuff?

That Eye do not know?

Nevertheless, I do know that the shallowest Qb-room since the days of Erik Chapman being offensively marooned all by his ownself; or since poor g.Noll’s hobbled about on his trick-knee… the 2o22 Qb-room suddenly found some desperately needed depth.

And I also know if they can hone the tradecraft or skillset of just one outta Bullock or Farrell? That’s some pretty tasty Qb3 Owens Dining Hall gravy for down the 25 Beamer Way road.

In fairness, there may not be a ***** can’t-miss MV3 world-beater here gents… granted.
Tho’ Wells, in particular, could tickle you O&M pink as a 3rd or maybe even as a
2nd-string All-A.c.c. Qb1 before he is all said-n-done.


Prybar's initial O&M starting Qb1 is most likely to be named... what?

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Virginia Tech Qb1=???
please support the VT F.C.A.!!!







Christ is Born!!!

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  1. We have QBs now. That’s the good news. How the QB battle plays out is anyone’s guess. But we’ll have a competent QB under center next year. Time for off season training

    1. …yup.

      Waaaaaaaaaaaay mo’ than we had under C just last week too.
      Thank Coach God!


    1. He may have that hint of pure gamer ad-lib in him…
      …or so we hopes!


  2. Key is – can start a younger QB with experience, and a lil more upside – with an option to bring in a more experienced, older, bigger guy who doesn’t instantly signal “RUN COMING” or (hopefully) won’t give coaches intestinal distress on pass plays – if output, situation or physical state are in ???

    Allows Bullock more (even garbage? though that might not be in long supply next year) time to get more comfortable, Farrell a true RS year in the dining hall and weight room.

    1. …the truly interesting part will be…

      what do Prybar and Co. wanna future-tense Qb1 look for and recruit?

      i.e., can we be sure these ARE their guys?
      or, just: ‘best available?


      1. What if they have tipped their hat already – perhaps someone who has both of their qualities – size of one, slingin of another etc…

        1. …well, that could be.
          Not umpossible… you could be right.

          …tho’ that is still a 2o22-2o23 veracity recruiting-ask.


    1. …in a way?

      Eye could prolly go for that– if that means the rookies are… legit.


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