TSL Polls: which Hokies (if any) will make it in the N.F.L.?

My scorecard reads two Hokies drafted, and five Hokies signed as National Football League free-agents.

That’s not a whole whole lot; is it?

Does that tell us anything regarding contemporary Virginia Tech football talent level(s)? Let me know how you interpret that one in the space provided below – or on the techsideline.com message boards.

And of course, which one(s) –if any- will make an N.F.L. roster???
p.s. MULTIPLE voting is enabled for this Poll…

What the 1o4th ranked VT rushing attack really needs ... is???

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Or, was this really only a trick question, as none of these Hokies will make an N.F.L. squad in the final analysis?




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  1. Not to be a NATT, but you need to add “None of the Above” to the poll. I believe each guy has some liability that will keep them from excelling in the league (even Bruce Taylor, who i consider to be the best player out of that group).

    Thanks Bstreet! Keep ’em comin’!


    1. Actually, the Poll itself was so long, and it took me a while to fix the multiple voting thingy; so I elected to place that at the bottom.

      That’s more of a discussion question (as opposed to a vote) anywho.
      Because if nobody makes it — that says so MUCH.


      Thanks for voting as well Sir!

  2. I think bad coaching effected Painter’s development and growth and I believe he has the highest upside to any of the player’s on the list. Seeing how much Fuller improved in one season puts him in a boom or bust category. I see him as a potential return man based on his speed.

    1. Denver may not be his (Paint-shop’s) best fit.

      However, if he ever learns to stay low in pass-blocking; he makes somebodies roster.

      His envelopment style pass-blocking is a very tight.


      1. Completely disagree. 6’6″ 309, ran a sub-5.0. That’s quality depth for the horses. If he can channel some nastiness, he’s good to go.

  3. M Davis unlikely to make it past the first cut unless he does a complete 180 day 1

    1. I don’t disagry.

      And if he runs through an N.F.L. Secondary after the ball has crossed the line of scrimmage or is caught downfield; like he is running through zone coverage on a collegiate pass-pattern, someone -maybe even a kid trying to make a team just like him- will find him, and they will show him no mercy.

      He ain’t playing with B.C. or Maryland no more.
      He’s now officially playing with fire.

      Such requires a fiery response..


    2. Yeah, I remember conversations where it was decided that Corey Fuller looked like a wide receiver and Marcus Davis didn’t. That is, CF had that nice compact motion, catches the ball like he’s checking his watch whereas MD, in a comment I’ll never forget, looks like a kid running down the field.

      My other choice is Tweedy, just seemed like the best open field tackler I’ve ever seen at VT. That’s gotta count for something. Both he and Fuller didn’t get full careers at VT but both seem like up with a bullet, they still need to continue that “up with a bullet” part but that seems like the only chance of anyone sticking this year.

      1. Really suspects Tweedy can stick as an Ace coverage teams kinda guy↠ b.street

  4. If either of these OLineman makes the Pros, then Curt Newsome should be shot.

  5. What is the name of the fish you put in an aquarium to eat the algae and fish droppings? That’s you guys, never passing up an opportunity to sling s–t at players and coaches.

    My favorite s–t slinger is Terry Bradshaw, he certainly has in the past cut players down to their ankles for the quality of their play. However, he has what 4 Super Bowl rings to wave at people.

  6. Fuller got be a third down receiver and Tweedy could be special teams player to get their foot in the door. Painter will be hurt by sitting his career until his senior year, maybe practice squad to learn a little more and continue to work.

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