Virginia Tech Boston College football preview!

#24 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #51 R.P.I. Boston College:

Virginia Tech visits Boston College as a now five-point betting favorite {sic: Vt-5} out on the Vegas big-board at 4 PM this Saturday on the start-up A.c.c. Network that you may or may not be able to see.

The Hokies need this one and they need it pretty dang badly after national culturally crunching press from Sports Illustrated that was basically no better than 2018 sporting treason. Boston College is pretty needy for a win here too, what with a very tough S.O.S. (strength of schedule) on pre-season 2019 paper. Tho’ you want to know who is gonna win this game and this segues us effortlessly enough into our word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… style!

style (stīl);  from: Latin stylus


  1. The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed: a style of teaching.
  2. The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era.
  3. A sort; or a type.
  4. …that which “makes fights“!

Boston College Head Coach: Steve Addazio: age=59, (38-38 @BeeCee, 51-49 overall); has a rep’ for toughness, rigidness, more toughness, and offensive lines.

Looks just like a football coach should!

TITLE: The Gregory P. Barber ’69 and Family Head Football Coach.

(no joke, that’s how he’s called…)

Steve the person came up in Farmington, Conn. and later on the baller Addazio was a four-year starter at Central Connecticut from 1978 to 1981 and earned tryouts with the NFL’s New England Patriots, USFL’s Jacksonville Bulls and CFL’s Ottawa Rough Riders. He earned his bachelor’s (1981) and master’s (1985) degrees from Central Connecticut.

Then Steve broke into coaching as the head coach of Cheshire High School in Connecticut from 1988 to 1994. He led Cheshire H.S. to 49 consecutive victories, the second-longest streak in the nation. Cheshire also won three consecutive state titles and was ranked in the Top-25 high school football teams in the country under Addazio.

In ’95 Coach Addazio began a 15-year assistant coach sojourn under the likes of: Bob Davies, Gary DiNardio and eventually Urban Meyer at Florida. Assistant coach Addazio mostly coached oLines and Te’s.

Coach Addazio previously spent two years as the head coach of Temple University. Prior to his stint at Temple, Addazio spent six seasons as an assistant coach, assistant head coach and offensive coordinator of the Florida Gators football team and was a part of two rings taking B.C.S. National Championship Game-winning coaching staffs under head coach Urban Meyer. Then he got the big whistle job up on Chestnut Hill and he has wedged his way into bowl games 83% of the time at Boston College; going 7-6 (with one bowl canceling 7-5) in each of those five bowling seasons in which he did advance into December play.

Daddy Addazio is married to the former Kathleen Donoghue.
They have three children– Nicole, Jessica, and Louie.

Boston College 2018 record: 7 up, 5 down and .5oo or even at a decent 4-4 in Atlantic Coast Conference games.

Flying Eagle Defense: (starters back=4)

  • Bill Sheridan, a former NFL coordinator for the Giants and Bucs, is the new sheriff in town— demoting a 50-year vet’ (Coach Reid) to De/Dt coach.
  • 70th in Total D.
  • 53rd vs. the run.
  • 30th in passing efficiency defense.
  • 55th in scoring D.
  • 36th in Red Zone D.
  • 26th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 42nd in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 37th in dLine Havoc. Only one dLine starter (Ashburn, Va., escapee: Dt, Karafa, 6′3″, 286 lb. r-Sr. year Hewitt+ type baller), returns here. Gone as well are a whopping 29 sacks in that 75% worth of front-line expiring eligibility. Yikes! Brandon Barlow might be the next solid/good De for BeeCee; however, the other one is a Te/basketball retread and a then we see a lifer back-up at Dt in the other hog-on-hog crime spot. Could be a lotta white chalk or crime-scene tape if Boston College faces a real live oLine/Rb combo’ here. Because even if I am too low on the Eagle front-4 on D? That’s really only code for being 50% to 75% solid at max’ or at best. And that still easily affords you one obvious run-fit shape to: “plum git after”; and if Eye am right it could actually be closer to 50% or two guys to target in the 1-hole or regular-season debut game upfront. As only four d-linemen had ≥11 total stops last year and only one of them is back! (i.e. the 2018 starting D-line was very good last year, depth was very thin, and now those starters are gone and those questionable back-ups are back … you do the maths!)
  • 65th in Linebacking Havoc. (+47 spots better than VT) Jr. year stuffers Isaiah McDuffie (knee, has missed some August Camp; may St.Nikhon blees), Max Richardson, and John Lamot all return for the Eagles; and Richardson -who some say is the alpha Eagle defender- was even more of a play-maker than the only starting departer (Strachan). Plus, r-Fr. Vinny DePalma looked fantastic in run defense in his late-season three-game understudy audition and incoming t-Fr. Shitta Sillah was the crown jewel of the 2019 Boston College recruiting haul. This is hands down the strength of the 2019 Boston College stop-unit folks and it is indeed an above-average A.c.c. second-layer including a pretty fair to middling one in quality depth terms or caddying at Lb for 2019.

    B.C. 4-3 base with the 2-high-Safety look.
  • 70th in Secondary Havoc. (+15 spots better than VT) BeeCee has a penultimate world-leading 36 picks (INT’s) in their last two seasons worth of scrumming. With 18 defensive points tallied off the same. That’s the news… the good news for B.C. opponents is that seven of Boston College’s 2018 hind-4 top-9 are gone! Including an extremely experienced 113 combined starts of last year’s top-flight 3-way Cb-Fs-Ss stars. All shinning somewhere other than on Chestnut Hill this fall. As all less one side of the Flying Eagles coverage field looks pretty well-grounded -if not downright inviting here- and if wheat on Ry’ does not eat this up he never will. The one returning left-Cb (B.Sebastian, who plays in a seldom-seen eye-black Cross, may St.Sebastian bless) is a lively play-maker— tho’ why not roll away from him to Ry’s strong (right-handed) orthodox passing side for the duration? (p.s. spies say one Safety was very unsettled all spring long, FWIW)
  • D overall: Boston College does play the man not the ball and they do teach old-school Beamerball advancing the ball (as opposed to covering the ball). 41st in defensive points scored says so, as does finishing 2nd best in passes pilfered and forcing a reasonable 11 fumbles last campaign— with a very trendy virtual 80% defensive recovery rate. And somewhere John Madden’s pig-n-the-blanket drill (don’t’; ask) is, blushing. That being fairly said… Boston College looks down on D this season and honestly, they don’t look much better than centrist to average+ at best to me. Accordingly, I am dubious that they can open the season with a 2.0 defensive grade-point average— as playing decent defense could very well be 12-15 quarters of play or maybe even October removed for Boston College.
  • ∑ (summary): N/A or TBA or TBD. Only five defensive players with at least one collegiate start return; and at the beginning of spring ball, Sheridan saw only four locks to be starters this season. Accordingly, you’d have to think the tinkering and puttering could very well be set to continue here. The second-layer (i.e. Linebacking) is the one strength the Flying Eagle halt-unit courts. And if everything else is serviceable the overall defense will (eventually) be the same. Because being solid with this much turnover at the poles (upfront and in the rear) would seem to be elastic -if not a stretch- at least while still settling in for game no.1. A.K.A. we/VT are catching this F’n Eagle D at the very best possible time!

Defensive letter-grade:

Boston College Offense: (returning starters=4)

  • 67th in Total O.
  • 48th in ground O.
  • 81 in aerial O.
  • 46th in Team Passing Efficiency.
  • 104th in 1st down O.
  • 114th in 3rd down conversion O!
  • 96th in Zone O.
  • 110th in Offensive Efficiency.
  • (only) 110th in Rushing S&P+!
  • (however) 20th hardest Rb’s to solo tackle last year!
  • 24th in Offensive Havoc.
  • 47th in sacks allowed | 79th in TFL allowed.
  • oLine: 80% of the 2018 BeeCee blockers are gonzo, although pretty fair to middling and all-A.c.c. candidate Ot, (Jr., 6′5″, 310 lb.) Ben Petrula does return. (r-Soph, 6′4″, 290 lb.) C, Alec Lindstrom is said to be the next “elite” blocking F’n Eagle thing. Miami grad transfer (r-Jr., 6′5″, 295 lb.) Hayden Mahoney sure(s) up right-G sure enough. Still yet, even if all three guys come through and are still coming on come late November, left-G and whichever Ot Petrula does not man are obvious points of defensive attack. As 69% of lasts years, starts are gone and 90% of this year’s 2-deep are r-Juniors or less as class-rank goes. So go ahead and expect 2020 to be a better blocking year upfront. (even if this is a towering oLine with nearly everyone in that said 2-deep ≥6′5″ in height). (and presuming the post-spring depth chart holds its August camp water… the right or even-side is the go-to side here if/when Petrula fully settles in as a right-side Ot).
  • Rb: (Jr., 6′, 252 lb.) Algiers Jameal William Dillon is back after rushing for 1,108 yards and 10 TD’s and earning All-A.c.c. honors despite missing two games to injury last season. This from the #1 ranked Massachusetts recruit two years ago who was the no.20 Rb in America per Rivals. A.J. has a history of leg (high school) and ankle (left, last year) dings and dents as staying southern hemisphere healthy has been a bit elusive for Dillon. Nevertheless, there are those who say Dillon is the alpha Back in the A.c.c. for 2019 and his back-up is only 250 lbs. (David Bailey, #1 Rb in N.c. and a 6′1″ second-year baller). As the Eagles are soaring at Rb and we won’t see many -if any- that sore (so to speak) a more physically punishing set of Rb’s than this BeeCee 1-2-3-4 Rb punch here. And if you can’t stop Dillon, you won’t have much of a shot of besting these Eagles— as Dillon averaged 5.9 yards/carry in W’s; tho’ a mere 3.2 per yards/carry in L’s.
  • Wr: Kobay White is the king of the Chestnut Hill catch game. Kobay is an (r-Jr., 6′1″, 195 lbs.) and his ~16 yards per snag is good even if his mere 55.5% catch-rate is not. The oft’ injured (and ex-Qb) Elijah Robinson returns after missing last year at the other Wideout although gone is last year’s All-A.c.c. Te and the best vertical stretch element to the downfield 2018 BeeCee passing game. Likewise, the fact that most of this BeeCee catch-corps (less two) graded underwater as being good-hands people went in 2018. 
  • Qb: I am a little higher than most sports-writers are on returning Pivot (r-Jr., 6′2″, 222 lbs.) Anthony Brown. Though Brown has not done as much for you since his pretty ugly (St.Nikhon bless) right or plant knee blow out a couple of years back. As Brown still seems run-game gun-shy to me— and his 2018 rushing total was 40% of his 2017 rushing total; albeit on 13 more attempts! As ‘tony was only sacked six times in his final 19 high school games while racking up over 850 rushings just the same. So, he can -or at least he, could- move that rock with his wheels. That being said, Brown himself has been dinged, dented or just plum hurt off and on up at Boston College thus far. And the purity of his health and not having to conserve any of the playbooks could be a decent-sized X-factor here. As we will NOT be keying him (or anyone else) on Qb-keepers off of R.P.O.’s early on. Brown does have three grabs good for nearly 70 yards receiving at BeeCee. So Qb-pass or throwback pass trickeration is in play here. Brown the passer quietly crept his passing percentage up nearly five percent to a C— 55% overall. Tho’ he also crept his Qb-rating up by over 31 points so there are some decent signs of improvement. As Brown was vastly better when fully healthy last year (read: ≥232 passing ratings or better) for the first 12 quarters of 2018 work. After that, he limped to the finish line; though there are also hints that he plays better on the bigger stage. Accordingly, and as said, I like the gamey fresh-legged Brown way more than most. However, the hurting Brown (throw-hand last year), makes these Eagles far easier to ground; (literally).

    note: the shortsplits!
  • O overall: Well, as you can plainly see from the opening and sometimes the closing Down markers up above (i.e. 1st & 3rd), this 2018 was a lotta things and pretty “inert” was one of ’em. This was indeed a 3-yards in a proverbial could of dust offense and last time my 36 hours of Calc’ and stats checked? 3+3+3=PUNT. That 110v circuit-breaking domestic kitchen type of offensive power firmly made… it was actually not quite *that* bad of an O no matter how much of an: “I am Groot” offense it truly was. Because if a modern era frilly and vajazzled O is your tricked-out, spread-formation gone selfie you don’t want mums to see thang… than BeeCee’s O just ain’t your swagg. And with an improving, although south of epic passing Qb (only 86th in completion%) back, and with nearly 500 lbs. between two big ole burly Rb’s and two pretty dang tight rushing Wr’s? You would do well to bet the under on savvy yiffs and gurns here. Well, beyond one surprising thing… guess who was 31st in passing yards/completion last year? Now it does remain to be seen where any of this land’s sans Great Scot (now Bowling Green’s big-whistle); with Mike Bajakian -ex Qb’s coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers- now taking the play-calling reins. Nonetheless, there was more than a subtle whiff of Bill Dooley-max’ in play here when this Boston College O did get all charcoal briquettes to take fire and was keeping the old-school party lit.
  • ∑ (summary): TBA, TBD, N/A… (yet)… that said, I did (try) to do my homework here. As the new B.C. o-Coordinator is the following things… in addition to looking like the N.b.a. Comish’ finally ate a steak or three. Qb1 Mike Bajakian, a native of River Vale, New Jersey, was an All-New England Small College Athletic Conference and All-E.C.A.C. Qb at Williams College. And the whispers say he was sharp as a tack. Then eye did spy this on his T.Bay Buc’ resumé… “The Buccaneers led the NFL with 320.3 passing yards per game in 2018 and finished with the league’s No. 3 total offense (415.5 yards per game). Tampa’s quarterbacks ended the season with 5,125 passing yards, 36 touchdown passes and a 65.3% completion percentage. The Buccaneers finished with 71 passing plays of 20+ yards and 14 passing plays of 40 yards or more.” So, it would appear that Mike likes the old-school 1960’s-1970’s old-school Oaktown Raiders “mad bomber” vertical-stretch. The kicker for this ex-Qb coach is… can his current Qb hack that N-S vertical look? That’s a tough one… and although I’ma not as low on what Brown can do for you as everyone else is… a pure fluid pocket-passing Qb Brown just ain’t. He’s a ‘tweener. Some parts shooting-G and some parts S/F to mix my sporting metaphor. Tho how that mixes in with a pass-first, second and use the pass to set up the run ex-N.f.l. offensive coordinator remains to be seen? Mike does strike me as a helluva a coaching get— even a surprising one as this could very well be viewed as a professional step-down for Mike. Tho’ is Mikey’s pet O gonna like it @B.C.?
    NOW… all that to say… this turnover and professional Sunday redesign may take a minute of three. Or same as above re: the BeeCee D; we/VT are catching this flighty and fanciful new O-cord’ of B.C. at just the right time. (as I sure as hell would slice Bud Lyte to ribbons with Occam’s Razor or hand-off based Keep It Simple Stoopid football until proven A.J. Dillon otherwise). Though I have a hunch that Dillon flavored basic-hand-off football may not be showy enough for a brainiac like coach Mike.
  • T.Buc’s mini-me quickie primer: lotta narrow splits here, coach Mike love play-action from Pro sets or I-formations. Sometimes two play-action (to 2 diffs’ Rb’s) on the very same play. Throws deep and will work deeper-angular routes. In point of fact, there are a lotta angular routings here period. With nearly all catch-points on the move, very few sit down patterns (Curls/Hooks, etc.) live here. Coach Mike likes his bendy looks. And his pass points are more vertically elevated. Not a metric ton of short stuff in this throw game scheme. With more under-C sets and bunch formations on edge. i.e. a VERY hard O to key pre-snap!  Also saw more traditional formation/fits… with real live Fb’s and Te’s and not so much as basketball on grass hybrids go. This O also emphasizes making people miss on Y.A.C. (yards after catch); very good at it as well. As run-fits go… Coach Mike runs a lotta patient or softer-slower developing zone-stretch looks and he did run his Qb even at the N.f.l. level. Gonna take some measure of arm-strength to Qb this O here. As this is more parts out-thought or less parts out-fought as a stratagem goes. Not real sure how well Dillion and Brown fit all of this? Ditto the BeeCee depth chart releasing 2-Te’s as starters for a Jumbo look? (as I surely did not see that breaking several Tampa tape(s)).  Still yet, a Jumbo Te package effectively gives BeeCee 3.5 Ot’s in the game at the very same time. And that surely fits Dillion and the other big-‘Back and the big Wr baller carriers to the proverbial Tee-formation indeed. Additionly, expect a few quad-wide looks as this was a Cincy offensive staple under Bajakian. Now mix in a huge/sky-scrapping even or right-side oLine (6′6″, 314 lbs., with 14 years of experience when you count fringe all-Conference candidate at C and than you get at least 19 years of experience if you count either r-Sr. returning Te and you see what I starboard-side mean in a hurry)! Expect BeeCee to run right all day all nite until the ag’ school cows come home. As even with Dillon’s ankle-dent, B.C. sure got a lotta YAC (yards after contact) on us last season upon 2018 tape review this week.
  • % run:pass mix. (unavailable… as an ex-Pro’ coordinator at an NC2A level says so)

Offensive letter-grade:

Special Teams: (return)

Barely decent enough (62.5%) senior K Colt’ Lichtenberg is gone and if nothing else, a lotta experience just left with him. (½ a decade worth if you are keeping score at home). Glines figures to be the kick returner, while Jason Maitre should take over punts.

Danny Longman (neat kicking name) is a 6′2″. 195 lb. Soph., Kicker. And Dan-the-man -same as Carlson down below- swings a big foot. 92% career touchbacks at any level on KO’s says so. So, does only missing on FGA and one P.A.T. in scholastic terms. Including the Florida Championship winning clutch FG-make back in 2017. Danny also holds numerous school and regional T&F records in the 400m and the grueling 800m events. So, he surely has enough legs plural to get to the corner on any fake-FGA. Ditto being a big-time foūtball (soccer) recruit in addition to all of that gridiron kicking acumen. That being said… Temple U’s grad’- transfer Aaron Boumerhi and his 73% career leg might want a word with all of ^that^. Either way, expect BeeCee’s FG-Kicking to improve a bit this season.

Boston College finished a pretty lowly 121st in Net Punting last year and so did now r-Jr. 6′. 190 lb. fourth-year Punter Grant Carlson. Carlson was an AAAAA all-state punter down in the sunshine state who did not miss an FGA under 65 yards in any post-season kicking competition. So “yes”, leg-talent and leg-strength both live here. And although Grant has only amassed a 54-yard long in collegiate terms thus far… history says he has way more leg than that. As he has yet to miss a P.A.T. in any competition. So, you kinda have to wonder if he is best served as footing BeeCee a leg-up as a punter -and not as a place-Kicker- here?

  • BeeCee was 17th in Punt Returns | and a likewise sporty 20th in KO returns.
  • BeeCee was 86th in punt coverage | and 80th in suicide-squad.
  • BeeCee blocked a D-1 leading 5 kicks and yet allowed 4 of their own kicks to be blocked!
  • BeeCee was also #1 in blocked punts (2) and yet allowed 3 punts to be blocked.
  • 11th in Offensive field-position | Defensive field-position was 54th.

Special Teams letter-grade: well; if there was a more talented and yet more block(s) based erratic Special Teams in all the 2018 B.C.S. land you be sure to let me know. As the only thing I know here is that this is a very hard kicking unit to get a make on. The not wetting the bed BeeCee kick-game is well above average every bit as much as the sheet-soaking footsie version is south of .5oo by more than a little bit. That being said, I’ll presume they have some of these blocked kicks allowed foibles behind them as some pretty sharping kicking talent really does lace ’em up here. (Flat B letter grade until proven otherwise…)

Unit Rankings:

1) VT O.
2) BeeCee O.
3) VT D.
3a) BeeCee D.


  • motive: Hopefully our latent year no.1 gone year no.4 Cultural Reboot would like a moment or three with 4 pm up on the gridiron parquet. (EDGE=VT, I hope).
  • weather: if anything… nearly perfect weather only favors the better throw-team. (EDGE=VT).
  • health/off-field: Neither team truly went M*A*S*H unit or training-room 4077th post-August Camp. Thx @Coach God insert (______), here; check! Tho’ VeeTee is a bit De dented and maybe just a smidge more dinged-up. (EDGE=B.C., small)
  • penalties: BeeCee had the normal amount of flags last year tho’ very few Personal-Foul or knucklehead flags (39th fewest yards whistled against). This would give BeeCee the edge tho’ here’s hoping Fu’ has them toeing his line his way. (EDGE=B.C., small)
  • intangibles: I did find one, tho’ Chris Coleman found a superior one… the experience matrix favors BeeCee; pretty much BIGtime! 340% more seniors and by 3.45 to 2.98 years in each given program’s 2-deep overall. And by 3.68 years in on the B.C. O to a pretty meager 2.85 years of tenure over on Bud Lyte. +1 @C2! As this is no small experience tilt in Boston College’s favor gents. Not at all.
    Insanely enough, BeeCee was merely 110th in TOP (time of possession) last year and 3 of those 4 BIG play Wideouts are gone. 110th would favor VT, rain=wet. However, if BeeCee is, even more, ground game reliant in 2019… that might muck around with a better although still pretty thin or at least still unproven Bud Lyte front-4; so, a pretty decent EDGE=B.C.)
  • fatigue: N/A. Unless one side went Skip Holtz or Junction Boyz death camp?

The R.A.T.T. key to winning Saturday @Boston College is... what???

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Eagles who could soar @Tech=8 or 9 max'.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… with a tougher closing slate, Boston College needs this one pretty badly in terms of A.c.c. placement and in terms of R.A.T.T. entertaining any 2019 post-season hopes.


On the other hand, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech football and the now at least somewhat reputationally dinged Coach-Fu’ need this one (almost) as bad as a dead man needs a coffin.

Or to put it another way… the very final last thing that Virginia Tech football and coach-Fu’ need is to go up to Boston College, have the Hokie bird lay an upsetting egg, What with all the post-game tag lines of the recent Sports Illustrated culturally scorched Earth 2018 football team that pitifully closed the year while intentionally tanking like Shamu. We get beat here and the camera zoom will be all over coach Fu’ in the waining minutes of this contest.


And mind the clinical store here Hokie fans— as the very next denial that eye hears of the hatchet job S.I. just planted upside our oblong-spheroids head?

…will be the first.


  1. Δ1=40% I do (slightly) favor this outcome tho’ not in a majority sense strictly speaking do observe. Ry’ on wheat comes out final-year hero-money smoking from the hip and Corny front-loads the Fu’fense with every elite play he has. VeeTee jumps up to a two-score lead and at least partially forces BeeCee outta a Dillion, rinse, recycle, repeat format.
  2. Δ2=30% Or, the VeeTee dLine retool is like hammering a screw. Dillon and Brown and the rest gash Bud Lyte early and BeeCee gets to play their style game for the duration.
  3. Δ3=30% This one represents a combo’ of the above two plausibilities in which the A.c.c. suits are happy as they get a defensive fail of a day or a rather entertaining offensive shootout of a game. i.e. he who scores last laughs last.
the optics… 

“Yes”, if forced to choose a game outcome here folks I would say I favor Ry’ on wheat to have a juicy opening final year opening day— with his missing meetings and arriving late senioritis showing out later on in the campaign. Nevertheless, if you add all of that up… you will see that there is a 60% chance that we either get beat or are in a pretty tight one nor-by-nor-east up on Beantowne as Chestnut Hill proves one tough nut to crack. As this is nobodies opening game gimmie or Hostess cupcake game #1 folks. In extreme particular, if Boston College rushes for ≥186 yards or more. Which is merely code for an above-average rushing day as average rushing days went in D-1 statistical terms nationwide last year. If Boston College even sniffs up on their 2018 rushing total vs. us (220 yards) our Hokiebird is prolly cooked.

meaning: we did not jump up early thereby forcing Dillion and Co. outta their pet running game thereby forcing them to play passing catch-up. Whereby Ryan Willis is a noticeable favorite to win any arms-race vs. most teams we face this season.

the skinny
Now that attempt in reality firmly in place… who would you R.A.T.T. say enjoys the superior match-up here?

Boston College’s loaded for bear champion backfield vs. our young, retooled, JuCo., and at most unproven Dline? Or could it be the aerial assault of Ry’ on wheat vs. a modest on age, retooled and promotion from within Flying Eagle secondary? As I posit, avér and suggest to you that you hang your OPT hat on whichever of those two predictive pegs that you prefer. (as you can see above… there is a 70% probability that one of those two storylines are very likely to write Monday’s Eye in the Sky prefab’ or turnkey).

the call

In boxing we are want to tell you that: “…styles make fights“. So whoever fights their style for better or for longer will win this one here.

Then I found this little nugget… as here is how Boston College fared as their 2018 S.O.S. (strength of schedule) progressed and their 2018 offense itself regressed. More than a little bit to boot…

  • First 3 games (3-0): 52.7 points per game, 7.6 yards per play, 79 percent offensive percentile performance.
  • Next 6 games (4-2): 29.5 points per game, 4.9 yards per play, 34 percent offensive percentile performance.
  • Last 3 games (0-3): 16.3 points per game, 4.2 yards per play, 24 percent offensive percentile performance

So, if you ask me, and you did via reading these very words… we/VT R.A.T.T. slot somewhere in between those above escalating 2018 Boston College quality of opponent talent mathematics. (or in between those declining 2018 Boston College offensive output vitals.) Somewhere in between is code for hopefully holding them to 29.5 ppg or less. As I for one would like to think the Fu’fense can generate high-20’s anywho vs. this rebuilt BeeCee dLine and Secondary alike— even out on the Atlantic Coast road.

Because if we cannot at least scrum for high-2o’s; or if Ryan Willis suffers a ‘wild thing’ day
we are prolly a beaten team anywho…


Or in other words… this one is a race to 25 points. The first team to get there via (successfully) playing and maintaining their style wins this opening round of the 2019 fight.

And in this one, I do not favor the Boston College refab’ dLine and depleted secondary, nearly the same as I do not favor the Hokie JuCo. and rookie season dLine and a secondary that is starting okay, depth thin and still unproven -if not suspect- on tackling itself.

To put that another way… it is not that I supremely approve of either O. It is that I can much more readily objectively ratify disapproving of each team’ stop-set.

That means there will be some scoring here gents which may or may not be code for offensive credit in and of itself. This one goes late into the 4th Q in a modestly seesaw affair with opening misQ’s and oddities keeping things close for a good 50 minutes; possibly mo’…

So let us just hope that the Fu’fense is riper this season and that Bud Lyte has just enough on tap to leave V.Tech 1-nil come ~8 pm Saturday night.

And therefore very likely off and running to a shiny -if less than real- looking 4-o
styling and profiling” start to 2019.

upset Index=41%


Virginia Tech=34, Boston College=27






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  1. Phrases like “hog-on-hog crime spot” are why I dig reading you, B’St. Never change. Hokies by 2 or 3 TDs in this one. One of my concerns (not mentioned directly) is that our O could be so quick strike, that the D doesn’t recharge and takes the field tired each series. Against the run, that could be a disaster, even if a seesaw. Maybe I need to go back and change my OPT post to give BC more points, though still losing.

    Side note- CCSC isn’t the kind of school that a masters degree should take 4 years. He had to be doing something else those years. CCSC is more NRCC than it is Hahvahd.

    Side note 2- Addazio is from Farmington!? Think “right side of the tracks” /Soc from The Outsiders. Farmington has no farms; very nice.

    1. I do see what you TOP mean…

      …they could accidentally hang a thin/medium/so-so at most Bud Lyte out to dry?

      and thanks!

  2. Mochas Gracias and it’s great to be reading about the best time of the yr…College Football Season.

    Style does matter and as you noted, we know what BC is gonna be, soooo after the bum spanking 2018 that Fuente & Co got, combined with time to heal the loss of DC in waiting Scott, believe we see a FuFense O with 100% Fu-ilosophy….”pass to score and run to win”. Whilst CBF season final comes out roaring in a run stopping Double Eagle-Bear-8 in the box—I dare you to beat me over the top leveraging his speed on the edges. Hanging half a hundred on BC with a clear road to 1-0!!!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!

    1. Yah; Bud may unveil something new for BeeCee run-fit wise.

      Tho’ I’d bet “YES” on we hear: “they showed us a few things we had not seen” from this new BeeCee O-Cord’ as well. He’s not a dullard. not at all.


  3. I’m a RATT of b’streetease – love 2018 sporting treason…Bud Lyte tap…etc. and deep down embedded info is great, I just end up skimming when almost every sentence requires translation. I like the style, partially revealing outfits are extremely alluring – 1000 nekid women on stage is sensory overload.

    1. Any boy who says pink is not his favorite colour?

      Is not a real; boy!


  4. One aspect not specifically mentioned but alluded regarding the debacle last year – hopefully all the SI noted cancer is gone and the team mindset that spanked F$U is back on board. But, my gut says BC goes on top early and fades down the stretch defensively. The Hokies squeak one out – 27 – 20.

    1. Eye’ed take 27-26 even, right not good Sir.

      Run all the way to @Miami with it, on the perfect –helping rebuild/reaffirm this culture for it, too!


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