Virginia Tech football Boston College preview

#12 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #72 R.P.I. Boston College:

Virginia Tech football takes to the road to face the Boston College Flying Eagles on Saturday night at a quarter past seven on ESPN2.

The Hokies are looking to rebound post #1 Clemson and the Eagles are looking to rebuild in a game that we all hope -same as Alumni Stadium- is none too exciting as outcome drama goes. This segues us into today’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… eyeservice.

(Biblical, noun)

  1. Service performed only under inspection, or the eye of an employer.
  2. Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers. Col. Ch.iii. v.22.
  3. The Hawthorne Effect 1o1.
  4. how history will view this football game, or so we all, hope… as a serviceable Hokie VicTory.

Boston College Head Coach:  Steve Addazio: age=58, (2-3,  year; 39-41 overall); has a rep’ for toughness, rigidness, more toughness and offensive lines. $2,600,000.oo.

Steve the person came up in Farmington, Conn. and later on the baller Addazio was a four-year starter at Central Connecticut from 1978 to 1981 and earned tryouts with the NFL’s New England Patriots, USFL’s Jacksonville Bulls and CFL’s Ottawa Rough Riders. He earned his bachelor’s (1981) and master’s (1985) degrees from Central Connecticut.

Then Steve broke into coaching as the head coach of Cheshire High School in Connecticut from 1988 to 1994. He led Cheshire H.S. to 49 consecutive victories, the second longest streak in the nation. Cheshire also won three consecutive state titles and was ranked in the Top-25 high school football teams in the country under Addazio.

In ’95 Coach Addazio began a 15 year assistant coach sojourn under the likes of: Bob Davies, Gary DiNardio and eventually Urban Meyer at Florida. Assistant coach Addazio mostly coached oLines and Te’s.

Coach Addazio previously spent two years as the head coach of Temple University. Prior to his stint at Temple, Addazio spent six seasons as an assistant coach, assistant head coach and offensive coordinator of the Florida Gators football team and was a part of two ring taking B.C.S. National Championship Game-winning coaching staffs under head coach Urban Meyer. Then he got the big whistle job up on Chestnut Hill and he has wedged his way into bowl games 75% of the time at Boston College; going 7-6 in each of those three bowling seasons in which he did advance into December play.

Addazio is married to the former Kathleen Donoghue. They have three children – Nicole, Jessica and Louie.

Boston College 2016 record:  7 up, 6 down and 2-6 in the Atlantic Coast.

Bee.Cee. Defense: (starters back=7)

  • 88th total D.
  • 122 in run D.
  • 12th in throw D.
  • 77th in Sacks.
  • 95th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL).
  • 91st in dLine Havoc. De Harold Landry is basically an all-A.c.c. candidate who could have left early last year; as the 2016 national leader in sacks (16.5)! Yes, that counts… the rest of the B.C. dLine has size (only one guy is less than 285 lbs.) and not a whole lot else. Very average middle of the isle lot.
  • 1o3rd in Linebacking Havoc. MLb, Connor Strachan led the team in tackles a year ago and is a terror both against the run and as a blitzer; he’s legit. Well at least he was legit; though he just blew his knee (God Bless). Though the two OLb’s departed as very salty senior year run-stuffing specialists and the new Will and Sam have some more growing to do here. Much less the new Mike.

    base 43
  • 69th in Secondary Havoc. And I suppose if you just have to nominate a defensive strength here it is the B.C. hind-4 almost via default. As how much should/would you attack them with excellent ground gaining traction upfront? As Safety was the pre-season concern here; and so was overall hind-4 or hind-5 speed and athleticism which was said to be wanting. Though four of five do return and that’s a promising or far-right learning-curve effect if nothing else. Fs, Lukas Denis is tied for the FBS lead with five INT’s as the Centerfielder here is all ball.
  • D does some differential if not usual things… they have a lotta press-man on edge though a much deeper medium-man right beside it on the Slot or Fl. This is very keen actually in terms of bait-n-switch looks into and out of Zone or Man. Though still, don’t see much medium man (no mans land) in the Spread era. BeeCee will toggle the depth/strength of its Man looks all the way across the field; softening them to the wide-side. Solid, physical tackling fundamental D on tape –basically exactly what you’d Addazio expect. D kinda toggles in/out of a thirty-four (3-4) and forty-three (4-3) base. Will use one stand-up De at times; and will cheat the Will and Sam up in the 3-4. Very much a stop the run first look; though their front-7 has not been stopping much of anything of late. Too beat-up and too young at Linebacker and just so-so beyond Landry on the front-4.

Defensive letter-grade:

Eagle Offense: (returning starters=9)

    • 116th in Total O.
    • 7oth in rushing O.
    • 115th in passing O.
    • 104th in 3rd down conversions.
    • 127th in explosion and 124th in Efficiency. Poor, Scot.
    • 22nd in Power O however.
    • 12th best in Sacks allowed.
    • Though penultimate or next to last in Passing Success Rate (128th).
    • 91st in TFL allowed.
    • B.C. Rb’s are 117th in solo stops or pretty dang easy to tackle.
    • Qb1 at B.C. is up in the air -so to speak- as the initial Qb1 is hurting and his back-up Qb2 took over last week. Both hover right on top of 54% passing so maybe not so much is lost in translation or transition here? As they combined for a 6:8 or negative passing ratio so far. 6’1”, 21o lb. r-Fr., Anthony Brown -no, not the Congressman (Maryland) or the Dallas Cowboy (Cb)- is the Qb1 to seemingly beat here. However, his 54.9% passing average for 743 yards, and a 6:7 ratio may want a word with that. As perhaps would Qb2 -the other D.Wade- Darius. As Anthony put up some sporting enough dual-threat Qb1 numbers in high school, though they were vs. single-A teams. Now mix in 1.5 per carry so-so for 27 net yards and you dual-threat see what I mean. As maybe Tony Brown grows into a run:pass mixed Qb at some point; though he seems swamped on tape in the NE.Pat style Loeffler system at times to me. Time to “look at some things” and “cut back on the playbook”. As this kid -sprite and athletic as he may be- is just not r-Sr. year Loeffler Qb1 ready.
    • B.C. Rb’s have six fumbles already and that’s just not a good look. Though they do have some yardage when they hold onto the rock as basically three guys have between 100 and 350 rushing; and that’s not half-bad. 6′, 220 lb., t-Jr., Jon Hilliman leads the way and 6′, 240 lb. t-Fr. A.J. Dilion -who does not look 240- backs him up. Jon is pretty much their S.Peoples, seriously; this guy is a knot of muscle and A.J. is a lump of sinew. Basically bump and thump as film-study goes as these two are two true bulwarks at Tb. Jon has a history of foot-fractures (God Bless); tho’ it appears he’s put two Bill Walton ‘esque seasons behind him. Jon is not much of a pass catcher though he is a downhill rusher with a nose for the endzone (21 career TD’s). A.J. however might be even better, and he was a homespun recruiting gem of a keeper as he was only the No. 1 player in Massachusetts and the nation’s No. 20 running back according to However, and God Bless again; he too has a history of scholastic leg-injuries (plural) including fracturing his fibula; and the whispers say he has a cervical injury from last week. That all said, he is also said to be a: “smash-mouth” Rb and a Lb playing Rb. This guy stays healthy and this guys a problem.
Wedge run set.
  • The Top-4 pass catchers at B.C. all court between a 38% and a 56% catch-rate. I.e. the Good Hands People or all-state caliber Wr’s these just ain’t; as that’s the worst top-4 grab gang I’ve ever seen. I suppose Kobay White is the alpha Wideout here, though only two pass catchers average over 9 yards per reception; that in the basketball on grass era that’s a rough row to hoe. As this has the look and feel of four possession-types Wr’s, none of whom are great on the catch-game itself; though all of whom are well experienced. Go fig’ on this?
  • The oLine returns three starters, and this is not the smash-mouth make you eat it F’n Eagles 5-blocking front of yore. Very zoned out; almost reminded me of some of richrod’s works up at wvu at times. The starting G is now the starting C (Jon Baker, leg; Godspeed); and Bee.Cee has had four of their Top-6 miss at least two games already as blockers go. Baker was a Remington watch-list C, and for what’s left of it, the left-side is the stronger side here. Narrower run-fit oLine on their splits as well.
  • Read a lot about “up-tempo” works from Loeffler in several previews I took to write this one. Yah; there is some, though it sure seems like more of jack-of-all-trades gels at none. Saw me an entire formation -less the C of course- in 2-point stances in breaking tape. Great Scot is a lotta things -complex foremost among them- although dull he just, ain’t. Also, saw me some deep ass 7  and 9-step drops. Some of that may be to purchase pocket time; though still; you do not ask a wet-noodle armed Qb to do a Roger Staubach drop like that. Qb Brown will roll and throw on the move, cross-body or same-side. Almost has something of a Dooley era look to it with entry level down-n-outs and very square or right angle patterns. That all being said, Brown has some legitimate and impressive physical metrics, and he might just be alright, come 2020. Very compressed bunch type looking run-fits horizontally; lotta trapping action and kick-outs. Straight ahead, right at you, what you see is what you Iso/Wham play get.
  • 56% run:pass 44% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

Boston College Special Teams: (1 returns)
6′, 200 lb. final year Michael Jacob Knoll is a below average 80th best in Net Punting; he is 100% on FGA’s at BeeCee (3 for 3) and yet he’s never quite been what this suggests… as Mike was ranked as the top (247Composite), the second (247 Sports)  and as the third (Rivals) best kicker in the nation; all coming outta high school from a football factory over in Ohio. He has a career long of 63 and he set numerous punting records last year vs. us in a total beat-down route. Though still, he’s never quite been what the recruiting services thought as a punter… although he is the Athletic Director’s Award for Academic Achievement winner and there is that. On the other hand -or should I say on the other, foot- he was 12 of 14 last year on FGA’s, and you have to wonder if he gets called on to attempt all of that all over again?

  • 11th in Punt Returns and 58th in KO returns.
  • 67th in Punt Return defense and 47th in suicide squad coverage.
  • BeeCee has allowed no Punt or Kick blocks thus far.
  • Nor has BeeCee blocked any Punts or Kicks this season.

Colton Lichtenberg is a 5’9”, 190 lb. mighty-mite third year Kicker who is 10 of 10 on P.A.T.’s and 2 outta 3 on FGA’s. Colt’ has a long make of 42 yards thus far and coming into this year he was 38% Kicker in his career at Boston College. His career long is 43 so leg-strength may be south of bionic; though at least he’s never missed a P.A.T. so there is that. And there is his much ballyhooed scholastic kicking past… as Colt’ was named a 2o14 all-American small school kicker by , he was all-state in Georgia and then was named Kohl’s Kicking All-America Kickoff Specialist in 2o13 and 2o14; with a high school long of 49. And he kinda looks like someone from The Outsiders (1983) switched teams, from the greasers to the soc’s if you know what I mean. So I’m want to believe that he’s got some talent, nonetheless, something has been misplaced in the collegiate translation.

Special Teams letter-grade: #3 (Walker) the B.C. PR specialist almost raises this grade by himself; as he ain’t fair-catching much. Still yet, punting is average and kicking is less than that and lowest possible C+ there you go.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. VT O.
  3. BeeCee D.
  4. BeeCee O.


  • (team) motive: meh… Coach Steve has 4 more years on his contract; VT has to down post-all-in vs. MNC Clemson. Though Alumni Stadium is more parts library… or mausoleum. Edge=who knows???
  • weather: N/A. Good as you can early Autumn get.
  • health: BeeCee just does not have a good look at Lb or oLine at the moment. VT is Clemson dinged and dented, though still advantages BeeCee here. Edge=VT.
  • penalties: 13th best in fewest penalty yards is plenty martinet. Edge=push.
  • intangibles: 1o2nd is not a good look in Turnover Margin. Edge=VT here.
  • fatigue: N/A.


Beating Boston College as a 17 point road fave is all about ... what???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Flying Eagles who could start @Tech=6

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… -and some what reminiscent of last week- Boston College has out-gained exactly one team by precisely 39′, that’s thirty-nine feet, since nearly October of last year! Wowow! And yet Boston College is 4-3 overall in that time-span while finishing 588 total yards in the hole.

If/when you go back ten games -as far as my pay stat summaries reach- the Eagles wings are clipped by a whopping -1,166 total yardage deficit. Or in other words, (somehow) going .5oo at five up and five down over that deflationary gauntlet is not coaching (the verb), it is nutty (the adj.) or inexplicable —the superior more descriptive adj.

don’t sleep on this subplot

The other thing I noticed Baptizing myself in their timeline was that when Boston College played anyone with any real live swagg, they got dunked by between 29 and 45 points. Or in other words, Boston College’s toughness and coaching covers a lotta October classic bases vs. lowercase teams to 12 point font programs well enough. And yet they are in way too deep vs. the truly alpha or embolden names.


  1. Δ1=60% chance that this is a ho-hum, workman like Hokie win. Nothing special, not a lotta flash, not every G to the Q and not much of a Q-score itself. A Dinty Moore stew win that gets the job done, gets home, moves on to OPEN who has the best defense ever. Bet the under next week.
  2. Δ2=25% that being rightfully said, Boston College may not be on queer street or legs gone in boxing terms, although they do looked buzzed a bit on film. A couple of short-field generating Boston College misQ’s and workman suddenly opens up and goes wide. As the Eagles are more parts Audubon and less parts talons at the moment.
  3. Δ3=15% all of that being rightfully said… should VT still be playing Clemson, and/or should Boston College get their power-rushing attack on track… that’s not the most attractive hammerhead match-up in a let-down trap game for a physically beat-up cromulent Hokie squad.
    NOTICE: there is the Loeffler vs. Foster dynamic that was extra-crispy at times at Tech. (Recall: as well, Scot just had to show out vs. his ex-boss U.Meyer @O.S.U.)

the skinny...
Virginia Tech enjoys a surprising 254 yards per game total Yardage margin to the positive here. As the old-school rule of thumb says… that’s 1 point for every 10 yards or that which predicates about a 25 point Hokie win. However, in the last couple of games that yardage margin has swollen to +427 per game in the Hokies favor as this one sure looks like two statistical ships passing in the night.


the call
The call here is that Boston College has not had enough offense for a while and they can’t even cover their offensive white-chip ante with a now former blue-chip stop-unit that is playing more and more like a decaf’ red-chip that’s fading as I type.

As Boston College has been one of four teams nationally to score fewer than 100 total points in conference play in each of the last two seasons. i.e. it should not take a juggernaut O&M offensive day to win here. Workman or pedestrian might very well be enough.

As it sure appears to me like this is coach Steve’s fifth place team in a race of five up Chestnut Hill.

Though I do expect Scot to really want sum of Bud and that makes for a
closer eyeservice type game in and of itself.

upset Index=19%

Virginia Tech=36, Boston College=16




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  1. b.street – Hokies come out looking to prove something to themselves, VT 44, BC 17; 27-10 at half
    Slye is 3 for 3

    1. Well, and let us hope this is not the kiss of death… however, Fu’ seems pretty dang good at being no less than steady, reliable, on-time. Punctual as want-too goes.

      So I’m inclined to agree.


  2. B.Street This one has the feel of a dogfight early due to slow start on O, a trend VT cannot deny, BC hanging around could leave starters with deeper dings and dents especially on D’line & L’b given monster backs. A win and rest is the ticket for the rest to be named a prosperous season.

    1. Well, yah; fast outta the gate coach-Fu’ has typically not been.

      Him and Foster both –a fast fit at not showing much of anything from their early hands’.


  3. Wouldn’t surprise me re: Loeffler to see BC get a score or two really quick in the game off some anti-film tendencies or otherwise correctly picking how Foster will lead the game off in defense. As soon as those adjustments are made, though, I think you then see one of those box score oddities like BC going 1 for 12 on 3rd down conversions or something like that.

    1. I do agree.

      I would not die of shock of Bee.Cee lead early or for a Quarter or more here.


    1. that would work.

      I’d take just half that on the physically healthy shutout and ho-hum my way all the way home; right now.


  4. Lord have Mercy in what Coach Bud does to Scotty, offense not so hotty, coordinator. To me, This game is bigger than Clemson in terms of measuring stick cause can the program bounce back and win running away. BC is a wounded animal on the side of the road, last thing VT needs to do is stop and play with it for awhile.
    Start fast, open two cans of Whoop Ass, crush BC.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Beat BC!!!

    1. Fair.

      Don’t let Bee.Cee and “Sweet Caroline” and all that parquet flooring feel their flow and start to actually wake-up and climb into this one at night on national TV.

      A decisive 1st-Q would be most welcome indeed.
      (and prolly code for a restive 4Q to boot)


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