Virginia Tech football A.c.c. Championship game Clemson preview

#2 R.P.I. Clemson vs.  #35 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is…




  1. The arch rival of… hell.
  2. The quality or condition of being humble.
  3. 12 midnight Saturday?

Head Coach: William Christopher “dabo” Swinney: age=47, >$5,000,000.oo (11-1, this year; 86-28 overall); per wiki: Swinney’s nickname was given to him as an infant by his parents when his then-18-month-old brother would try to enunciate “that boy” when referring to Swinney. Dabo walked on at fabled Alabama as a Wr in 1989. He earned a scholarship and lettered on three teams (1990–1992), including the Crimson Tide’s 1992 National Championship team. During his time as an undergraduate at Alabama, Swinney was twice named an Academic all-S.e.c. and SEC Scholar Athlete Honor Roll member. In three seasons at Alabama he caught 7 passes for 81 yards and earned two degrees from ‘Bama u.grad and Master’s in Business Administration. (Making one wonder if/when he will, return, to earn his terminal football degree from the same?) During April 2001 through February 2003, Dabo did not coach and instead worked for A.I.G. Baker Real Estate on development projects in Alabama.

Dabo has an extreme rep’ for national recruiting prowess, a creative throw-game itself, and being a quality modern era motivator who does well in 2016 facebook terms. And God Bless his wife Kathleen’s reposed sister: Lisa

2015 record: 14 up 1 down as the D-1 runner-up; and perfect in the A.c.c.

Clemson Defense: (starters back=)

  • 8th best in total D, 25th in ground defense, and 12th in aerial defense.
  • 5th in 3rd down conversion percentage allowed (28.2%)!
  • 4th best in Qb’s sacked (3.5 spg) and an even better with the 2nd most TFL (Tackles for a Loss) inflicted heretofore (8.7 TFL/game). As these Tigers claw their way into your backfield; and then tend to stay there, too.
  • And yet only 82nd in defensive explosiveness.

    Base D for CU
    Base D for CU
  • 12th in dLine Havoc. 75% of the Clemson defensive front-wall goes 310 lbs. and 6’3” or better and are underclassmen! So if you think they are hell on wheels this year; just you, wait. As in wait for the N.f.l. Draft results of the next 1-3 years; as methinks you may just be looking at 100% No Fun League selections upfront, 4×4, all four down defensive-line for the Tigers; are, professionals. As this is one just simply bad-ass dLine in film-study. Or in other words do not die of shock if Clemson abuses my pet Lo.FM© (Longfield Management) metric in this one. And here is the truly killer part; I am forfeit to nominate who the alpha-stud truly is here? 6’5”, 340, true-Fr. #9o one Dt Dexter Lawrence might have the highest ceiling; in latent terms. Home position Dt 6’4”, 315 lb., r-So. Christian Wilkins is a man eater playing De (12 TFL, 4 sacks, says so). And so does 35 combined TFL and 20 Qb sacks just from the starters alone; which is a k.kong sized junk kick just begging to; happen. (And they are a legit seven or eight deep, mind that one as well). Clemson does use a Will or wide-side stand-up De from time-to-time.

  • 30th in Linebacking Havoc and if there is a middle talent layer here it is the second-layer itself; only because it just can not quite be as good as the Clemson front-line. Slight short-side Linebacking over-shift at times. Tigers line up about 1 yard deeper on their N-S linebacking toggle; and they semi look more like ILb twins (with the Will) cheating up or slotting out. As even when he is in-line, there is an offset to the wide-side Will. Though I did see just a little 44 action with the Ss moving forward into heavy run fighting support.
  • 17th in Secondary Havoc and the only way to say this one is to say, one of these three halt-unit layers just has to be third and that would be the Tiger secondary itself. I won’t be a lip-servicing manpleaser here or feint or feed any pander-bears; as this is not cliché much less a so-called relative thing. As Clemson has one hind-4 baller you might want to pick on and four upfront you surely want to avoid with six other quality guys in between all of that. That would be the mini-me Tiger 5’8” 178 lb. r-Jr. Cb #31, Ryan Carter; who is a natural target for Ford or Bucky. Secondary will jam or press-man in normal down-n-distance situations. Shifts to a slightly softer medium-man on passing downs and much deeper Safety twins as centerfielders.
  • Tremendous Linebacking closing speed on film as well; they really swarm or even swamp the hand-off hole. Solid tacking unit overall; not Lombardi/Nitschke ‘esque, although downright, solid. Secondary plays with good leverage both in coverage and in run support. Uses sideline as 12th defender very well and seems to want to siphon everything in that direction if possible.
  • The Tiger D is only 1o3rd best in defense of the BIG play as they will cede some SportsCenter chunk yardage from time-to-time.
  • …and oh by the way… the collision hitting Clemson D has only forced 24 fumbles this year!

Defensive letter-grade:


Clemson Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 12th best in Total O, 71st in rushing O and 5th best in passing O.
  • 15th in Passing Efficiency.
  • 5th best in 1st down offense.
  • 6th highest completion percentage in the land. (68%)
  • 7th in 3rd down converts (51.3%)!

    CU base look O
    CU base look O
  • Clemson enjoys Pro’s -Sunday paycheck gathers- at Qb, Tb, Wr, Te; and probably one or two training camp taxi squad caliber guys upfront; and some might have me say, three.
  • 18th best in TFL allowed and 16th best in fewest Qb sacks allowed to boot.
  • However, only 89th in offensive explosiveness.
  • All-everything Qb1, Deshaun Watson is a 6’3” 215 lb. t-Jr. Pivot who is only 68% for 3,626 in passing yards this season. And than there is this … Deshaun is believed to be the first Qb in F.b.s. history to pass at least 37 credit hours and throw 35 or more touchdown passes in the same academic year! Yah; that counts and Watson enjoys a rep’ as a clutch baller, as he is 67-94 (71.3%) for 817 yards, with 7 big TD’s and 0 INT’s in the 4th quarter over his career! Deshaun already owns 39 Clemson records and he only made the Dean’s List for 2016.  Now mix in his 44o rushing on 4 majors (TD’s) and don’t forget, he does have five 100 yard+ rushing performances and 19 run-game TD’s as a Tiger; although his nifty enough wheels have been more sequestered since the Louisville game this year. It is fair to point out however he has been picked nearly 60% less on the road than at home vis-à-vis. And yet a lot -if not all- of the other 127 D-1 team’s would love to have his 34:14 passing ratio problems. As his seasonal accuracy only rose by a staggering 9% in the month of November! This tells you this is one en fuego of a Qb. Has had a history of left-knee hurts. Pretty decent efforting from the #1 dual threats Qb and the #3 Qb overall back in 2013. As Watson only amassed: 13,077  yards threw or through the air and 155 TD’s along with 4,057 rushing yards and 63 TD’s on the ground in his Gainesville, Ga., H.S. career. p.s. he does have a strange looping wind-up upon breaking tape | this invites going for the strip in my analysis.

    Stripper ethos, 1o1...
    Stripper ethos, 1o1…
  • Only 98th in power rushing too; as this is a finesse team; albeit a very finessive one at that. Ergo, Clemson ‘Backs are only 98th best in solo-stops. (i.e. they don’t break a ton of tackles or industrialize a lot of YAC (yards after contact). That being rightfully objectively said, Tb1, 6’, 210 lb. r-Jr. one #9 Wayne Gallman is the truth and you’ve got to wonder what his 943 yard and 14 TD numbers would be in a Tb focusing or run-first offense? Or you could ask last year when he rang up 1,537 rushing on close to 100 more carries. As the #18 Rb in America out of high school has a physical and durable blocking reputation alike. And it should be noted, that Clemson gives the sturdy Gallman the rock 3-5 more per game out on the road.
  • Clemson’s top-3 pass-catchers all snagged a 73% or higher catch-rate which I’ve not seen all year. Some good hands people here gents. Wr Ray-Ray (great name) McCloud has fumbled a killer seven (7) times on the year already. Someone put a hat on #34; pronto! Though the emerging star is bulging 6’4” 233 lb. ripped up Wr Mike Williams. 79 grabs for a little over 1,100 yards on 10 TD’s is sporty enough; though Mike has been in a handy zone of late. And Mike has put up three totally monsta games thus far this season. As Mike is a stretch threat with game destroying capabilities –which is pretty stunning for a kid coming off of a career threatening neck-fracture via a freakin’ goal-post collision last year (God double Bless that). The rest of the Clemson wide receiving corps is all 5’11” or less. Though Mike makes Catch of the Year type grabs all by his ownself.
  • And that just left out Sr. Te Jordan Leggett, who at 6’6” and a very spry 26o lbs. is the most pure athlete at Te we will see all year. As this guy and his 66 snags for 863 and 11 TD’s move insatiably well for a Te his size.

  • The Clemson right-side oLine is huge; with 670 lbs. and 12’10” between ’em! Blindside-Ot Mitch Hyatt and Tyrone Crowder right-G pretty much tie for alpha-blocker or bell-cow status here. Hyatt goes 6’5” 295 lbs. as a mere t-sophomore and has started every single game since he arrived at Clemson; need I type more?  #55 Crowder pretty much looks like William Boatwright, refloated and brought back to blocking life, except with broader shoulders. I do mean this as this guy is a mean-ass (bleeping) beast! A knock down blocking pancake making machine. Or in other words, this is the best oLine I’ve seen all year; as the Tigers possibly have five guys who will merit no less than at last five training camp invites; and I’d say the aforementioned top-2 are surefire Sunday Pro’s.
  • All kinds of 3-4 wide or single back ‘Gun/Spread set looks here. Rb (Gallman) has some nice swivel to his hips; I like what he’s about. As CClemson traps one-gap over and builds a nice pile inside for Galman to bounce off of and kick it to the edge. Almost something of a throwback Wendell Tyler style runner; albeit with greater strength/length. There is an occasional vertical element here; although it is kinda the Fu’Ffense, with more crossing routes and a little less screening. Something of a modified west-coast set with a medium high tempo, yet not quite red-line turbo. Oline blocks very well downhill on angular zoning looks; VERY well; great gōng hé or teamwork approach. Very neat looking R.P.O.’s to the edge and the pass or option will occur late/last second. So you must honor your assignment as Watson takes Singer Sewing Machine risks and tries to thread any needle here. Ergo, lotta east-west or horizontal run stretching vs. a bevy of athletic freaks.
  • 47% run:pass 53% matrix. (10th most pass happy team in the 128 team D-1 land)

Offensive letter-grade:


Tiger Special Teams: (both return)
Boy next door looking 5’11” 195 lb. r-sophomore FG-Kicker Greg Huegel is the first walk-on to earn all-America honors in Clemson history; while still a walk-on; last year. Yes, I’d say that counts. As did his previous 27 makes in 2015 on 84%. As for 2016, Huegel is down a bit, at 76% –although only one of those is a true miss. As Clemson has allowed two FGA’s to be snuffed out this campaign. And oddly enough; the quality Huegel has missed a surprising six (6) P.A.T.’s in his career so far. Although he has a true Tiger heart; as he has made the tackle on every single kick he has ever had, blocked.

No Tiger punts have been sent back. Clemson likewise has yet to block a punt this year; however; The Tigers have blocked a backbreaking four that’s (4) opposing FGA’s thus far this season!

5’11”, 190 lb. r-graduate (Marketing degree holder) P Andy Teasdall is 1o3rd in Net Punting, and yet a very reasonable 44th best in punt coverage; go fig’ on that? Andy is a former walk-on who just got on schollie in time for grad’ school last year. Buoy to him for that. Andy has only had four touchbacks in his two year punting career; and a long of 59 thus far. As Andy is more of direction keep-away type punter who is also an all-A.c.c. Academic team member.

The Clemson returners are average+, at 54th in punt returns and 55th in KO returns. With zero points scored so far from some pretty athletic looking return squads. The Tigers are 33rd best as suicide or KO coverage squads go.

Special Teams letter-grade: Clemson rate an overall B+++ due to those FG’s getting blocked and solid though not epic return squads.


  • motive: Clemson is playing for a D-1 quadratic play-off birth. What more motive(s) could they possibly have? EDGE=CU.
  • weather: friendly as can be. EDGE=push.orl-weather
  • health: Although Hokie health has improved (thank God); and even as the Tigers have a few back-up dLine and Secondary dings and dents; they also are much closer to 44 deep whereas VT is closer to 22. EDGE=CU.
  • penalties: Dabo coached teams always draw a lotta attention, and a likewise volume of yellow laundry. Clemson is 90th best in penalties. EDGE=VT here.
  • intangibles: CU has the 1o7th most total Turnovers given away on the year! EDGE=VT by a bit, here. (BONUS: Clemons has devastated opponents by a +760% point scoring binge in 1st Q terms. Ergo, gotta mind that opening game store, here. EDGE=CU.
  • fatigue: VT has played one more football game than Clemson has since 1o.15. EDGE=CU.


R.A.T.T. ... what is VT's best chance to upset Klempson and win the A.c.c.???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is…

 “And now as we get into this run here, we’re playing our best football, and that’s what we need to be doing. This is the best team I’ve had since I’ve been here.
-Yabba dabo Do-

Hate to say this, as I just organically dislike the guy; and yet, as the guys down under in Australia taught me to say: “…you’re not ‘rong, mate.

"Dab on it, dab on it, dab on it..."
“Dabb on ’em, dabb on ’em, dabb on ’em…”

And if you think I am, than check this out and then riddle all of this out…

  1. Clemson is basically shellacking people of late: as the Tigers have smashed four of their last six opponents by a +252 up to a +4o4 total yardage advantage in Net Total yards for each individual game in the last seven weeks. Virginia Tech has smashed one team not named the slutty uva-you-can-have-your-way cavaliers by a comparatively much cheaper looking single game best of +158 yards to the Hokie good since the middle of September.
  2. In their last three games the Tigers total O has only elevated by 61 ypg; whereas the Tiger D has only prowled by -7 fewer ypg allowed.
  3. In our last three games the Hokie Total D has only softened by -24 more ypg allowed.
  4. Our handy dandy fried the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame merely posits, avers and connotes a 84 point Tiger tale decimation.
  5. Finally, Clemson has only beaten two of its last four opponents by a 1oo-7 tally and three of its last five by a 156-17 aggregate margin. Whereas Virginia Tech football has won three of its last four by precisely half of a play making the Hokies nine points removed from being a .5oo or a 6-6 squad for the third time in four years.
  6. …do you see a, pattern?

Or in other words, dippy B.Rubble looking Dabo is spot-on, perfectly correct, and bingo that. As his Tigers appear to have coasted for months and have now peaked at just the right time. And if bullets no.1 through no.4 are not chilling enough; how about bullet no.5? As that’s pretty close to two ships passing in the Gulf stream night.


Or in other words again, if we do not get some Clemson help, maintain approximate one score contact; and simultaneously land our A++ game punch?

This one will be over early and it will end hellishly down in Orlando; possibly even submissively as four years worth of near .5oo O&M conditioning goes. And make no mistake here Hokie Nation; Dabo is none too humble about running up the score as prissy Dabo is gonna try to make us, “tap” {sic: out} just as early as he can, …well before the clock strikes 12 in this one.

upset Index=11%

Virginia Tech=16, Clemson=49




V.A.D.A. approved

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  1. I recall when The Dabo was rated as one of the poorest coaches in the ACC. Then the program turned around with four and five star recruits being the norm. What is the allure at Clemson for these tremendous student athletes? Me thinks the truth will be uncovered sometime in the not too distant future.

    1. yah; as I do not find Dabo the in-game coach to be anything all that epic.
      He’s okay. He may even be rightfully viewed as delegating well.

      He is a strong strong recruiter. He motivates well enough and if you find a Ace of an O and D coordinator to Staff with a guy like Dabo? Well that’s doing pretty dang-gone alright in the truly big picture. As there surely are schools doing worse. Much…


  2. Clemson may be the only team that can dethrone Alabama. I hope Tech can keep it respectable- this is a great football team, and would be a huge win for Fuente and company.

    1. I’d have to agry Tim.
      And I’d say it’s not even 50-50 at that.

      As ‘bama is putting up some all-time (since 1936) dominate numbers.
      Though “yes”, Clemson is closest.


  3. 49-16?!? REALLY!??! You give your beloved Hokies and CBF that little respect and love? While I think a Tech upset is unlikely, I have faith that Coach Fu and company will figure out a way to keep it closer than 39 points!

    1. Well, yah. 34 or 30-whatever…

      Look, their front-lines are a bad match-up for us.
      Dangerous, in a word.


  4. Even though I ripped you the other day for your calling out fans that leave early, I gotta give you props for calling the score as you see it. As you know too well, very unpopular it is to be less than cheerleading to VT around here.

    1. We’re friends.
      Friends can call friends out.
      No worries.

      And if I just write fluff -as most do- peeps will see through it and reallllllly CALL me then.


  5. I think your OPT #s are close but we should get garbage time points to drop it to a a 24 point gap. Dabo will rest guys late – he’s got bigger fish to fry in 4 weeks rather than trying to run up the score.

  6. Stop drinking and send it back immediately!!!! The corn squeezing you’ve been sipping has been tainted in negatively (Either Mountaineer or Wahoo Revenge)… send it back across the east river immediately before you go blind!!!!!

    Big Tigger get tired +3 for misdirection Fufense having tiggers cover entire field of play.
    Big Tiggers when tired make mistakes + 1 for Fufense offensive schemes
    Big Tiggers who like finesse, don’t like to get punched in the mouth + 2 for Evans & Co. who were given fuel due to the ACC honors snub of their leaders
    Special Teams… +2 Shibest… dude has his mojo working, look for block punt on rugby style
    Focus… Yabba Dabba DoDo saying team focusing on playoff run BUT not game at hand… +5 Foster that ornery Defensive Coordinator remembers the celebration in Lane, has his full quiver of DB and DTs for game and will scheme a masterpiece to frustrate Turnover prone Watson.

    VT 31 Clemson 17

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!!
    BEAT Purple Tiggers in Mickey’s World!!!

    1. I need to take an East River crossover day and go vegetate over in Bland (Co.)
      God’s Country and exceptionally relaxing/soothing indeed.


  7. Good summary B-street. Realistic it is. I think this game depends a great deal on how our O-line performs. I think we don’t have quite enough in the tank in terms of the physicalities. On the other hand I think the team has matured in the mental aspects quite a bit since the GIT loss. Our beloved Hokies lose honorably- somewhere around 38-27.

    1. our oLine vs. their dLine is the worst match-up in the game.
      Bad as that reads, much as that sucks; that’s just how it be.


  8. Win or lose I really want to watch how the coaches response to a big game. Beamer was a master of not beating himself but in my opinion wasn’t good at taking risk to win a game. He just didn’t seem to have a feel for when to be conservative and when to be aggressive. I wonder if Coach F will have that ability.

    1. That’s a good post.

      And from what I saw in at least 2 of the 3 L’s… coach-Fu got a little play-calling needy at times. “Pressing” as it is called in Sport(s).


  9. I got it 45-20, Phlegmson.
    Btw, they are very good, but not nearly BAMA good.
    Should they meet, Nick will boat race Dabo.
    I’ve seen both a lot. BAMA is equaled in talent by LSU only.
    What separated those two teams was the QB play.

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