w.V.u. Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=1o w.V.u.=33

Virginia Tech football is not done. Sad, sadder, sadist as that may indeed read.

The Hokies are (still) searching for their bottom. As this October fist reckons to rightly deliver a few ass-kickings and after we submerge at a (now) very likely 8 games beneath .5oo for the last 3-seasons of scrumming. Well, just where will that a November to Forget R.A.T.T. leave us? As we four are warning all of you right now… this will likely get worse before it can even remotely get any 2o23 or maybe 2o24, better. Thursday nite sucked. Hoover’s, Electrolux’s, ShopVac’s rejoice. Did Eye mention just how much L’ing the oh so very hard fought and even harder won Beamer era Black Diamond Trophy to our archest rival sucks yet? Audubon can swallow all they want as this one super-sucks. Like bragging rites gone raggin’ (pun forthcoming warning…) rites on us for all-time ‘rongs. Do recall; we warned you NOT to resume this series… we begged you to make it go away. Tho’ since ½-past-never do how many of you ever once listen to us? Nonetheless, will you give an eer and listen, now?

1Q 15:oo remaining:
Please tell me someone did listen.

1Q 15:00 remaining:
A nice rival attempt at a little, satire.

+1 @ #4.

2Q 2:36 remaining:
Griff took a hand to the face (see: 1 o’clock in pic…).

St.Christopher bless!

Although they are looking at his right arm/wrist or shoulder here.

2Q :49 remaining:
Well, momma told me there’d be days like these…

St.Julia bless, friendly fire sucks.

…as it was actually the play before where poor Strong got his right-mitt caught in the really nice open-field forum tackle along the w.V.u. sideline Wr’s jersey. You can see him working it open-n-closed post-play and finding with it in the line-up for this play.

In this play, however, DAX accidentally friendly fire basketball -esque picks him on the crossing look from w.V.u.

4Q 13:12 remaining:
Eye did not quite catch this in reel-time… tho’ this is why you have a rewind button and you keep on looking…

Here it looks like poor Mario Kendricks (also) gets friendly fired up a the end of the play across the dogpile itself. This is a rabbit punch in boxing; rough stuff…

St.DeClan bless!

As he did not Q-word on the nite, the always hard-charging Conner comes up and puts a terminating left shoulder inadvertently right into the right earhole of the helmet of the hustling tho’ totally defenseless m.Kendricks at the end of the play. This one did not look good; tho’ #22 (with a bloody knee no less soaking thru his sock) did get up and that is a positive sign. As this is how you get your nominally sunny-side (Mo’town place) eggs scrambled for 1-3 weeks of protocol keeps. A cruel mistress this oblong spheroid indeed.

Conner got his money’s worth too… this was not a lilting touch.

Game Duration:
Did you catch that our so far Ace K1 (William Ross) now has a plant or left-ankle brace in tow?
St.Julia bless!

4Q variable timings remaining:
So, along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) you can now see Hansen in a wrist brace(s), and big Silas with his already ghosted knee-sleeve, and elbow-sleeve, and then we say him wearing a right-shoulder buckle. Similar (though lesser) to what poor h.Hooker finished his VeeTee slung into a couple of years back. St.Christopher and St.Julia and St.Nikon all bless.

Dang tough dawgg-sledding this pigskin sport.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=6

West Virginia:
Qb pressured=2
Qb hurried=zip.
Qb hits=3

TTT Analysis:
In all credit… that’s none too shabby O&M pass-pro’ (pro’ does shorten from protection here) itself. Good for a nearly A— best in the last 21st in keeping poor g.Wells upright and erect in the pocket. So, Rudolph can at least coach the textbook so-called passing-Vee-cup. Pretty sporty here by-the-bye in point-of-fact.

And low and behold our TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed numbers have shrunk down to a trying to be centrist or manageable 71st best in all the D-1 lane. (This surprised me, tho’ this is why you run the maths, not yo’ moufs).

(o) (o)

The caveat being, although we blocked/protected Wells well enuff… w.V.u. kept JayTee Daniels locked, cocked, and ready to rock for nearly the entire 60-minutes of grid-ironing all things O&M right on out.

I mean… that was as clean of a passing cup as Eye’ve seen from a VeeTee opponent in several seasons of breaking tape for all of you. Not much detergent or bleach needed to be equipment manager’s staff applied to Qb1 #18 threads here.

And when you give a nearly rocketed armed Qb1 that many generally uncontested looks downfield for that long? It really is impressive that we (somehow) held him and his pretty talented catch cadre to ≤24-yards for a mind-boggling 97% of the pitch-n-catch nite. I woulda never ever never never bet a single wooden nickel on that. Shows just how little Eye knows…

’cause try as we might this sport still ain’t rocket-surgery.
The game of life is not Viagra men. Nor is it that… hard.

And there is nearly no way to win when you do not deposit the opposing Qb1 on his
wallet like this. Certainly not in the modern era of basketball on grass.


Blocking scaling:
Eye know, Eye know… I’m stirring the pot, have an agenda, Chris will hold me and Will will punch me if Eye do not right some wild, correct?


Blocking… (statistically) improved! No shite; and Eye can sci-fact prove it to you and Coach Spock too. Look at the pie chart, the best one that Rudolph the O&M-nosed Gobbler has authored for Tech!

…we only had one, (1) possible road… right?

How can that be, though?

Well, pass-pro’ is still pretty dang solid if not stately 41st best in all the land. We only allowed 3 TFL (Tackles for a Loss) for just 9-yards in reverse. So, ‘how’ is not your best look… your cogent or salient line-of-best-fit or 4-squares regression analysis is… “why”?

Why you ask?

Well, we had 5:3 chuck to duck (airing to trenching) or Pass:Rush ratio for w.v.u.!

Meaning… whiskey tango foxtrot did you expect them to (wisely) do?

  • Rb1 is out… Rb1a is dinged, the rest are mo’ like Rb4’s and Rb5’s (Talent wise).
  • w.v.u. had a crackerjack front 3o or even 4o set of run-fighters with heavy shoulders.
  • w.v.u. had nearly piss-porous 2nd-layer (Linebacking) pass defense grades and their Cb1 was OUT.

So, where would you Intellivision Qb1’s savants have them go?

  • Vs. way less talented @O.d.u. Dline and they mixed for 13:16 (Pass:Rush ratio) and got a buck-thirty-six on the ground.
  • Vs. below average Talented BeeCee dLine they mixed for a very slanted 5:9 (Pass:Rush ratio) and got pretty dang truncated per carry for only a buck-forty-four on the ground.
  • Vs. smallish D-1aa and seemingly inviting Wofford d-Line they mixed for a nearly even 12:13 (Pass:Rush ratio) and got a blotchy looking buck-thirty-three on the ground.

Or, in other words… they unsuccessfully tried to ‘establish the run’ vs. far less established front walls than w.V.u.’s. Tho’ w.V.u. entered the contest at: 97th best in Team Passing Efficiency D!
LOL… again, what did you expect?

Our grading improved because we went at their (seeming) weakness (pass-D); while avoiding our very own foibles (rushing-O). Seems like that was our Obi-Wan or… “only hope.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (1 TD! (Grant’s Lo.FM 1st for VT))
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| | (6 VT penalties, 1 housed pick-6)

West Virginia:
positive: |||| ||| (1 VT penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 WVa. fumble, 4 VT penalties)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, just look at what we did to ourselves, or how we aided and abetted the enemy in negative Longfield Management situations; over and over and over again.

I could call that indiscipline, and so could you…

…although the more I broke tape here, and the more I bothered to look things up?

Frankly (no pun intended), it began to look like Coach Beethoven’s football or like a team that was decomposing to me. (And later on, it might have even encroached upon being a frustrated team as well).

(o) (o)

And who among you corrected affixed that label to Coach Pry and Co. way back in August camp or even earlier in spring ball?

We neither.

We went total Franklin Stubbs gone ‘mighty’ Casey and totally struck out here.
Not even a foul tip either. Just standing there looking, watching 3-strike zone hurls go by.

Like waiting on a sweet-spot heater from the seemingly motivational sound Pry (and Staff) and instead being caught entirely off guard via an Eephus pitch or some kinda nearly Newtonian mechanics umpossible whiffle ball breaking-ball.

Then taking a Charlie Brown line drive right to the junk when we take the mound. (Allegory insert, here). As positive Lo.FM’s were (actually) equal. And yet we wet our own homecourt bed. Now why that is, depends.

This is to candidly say… we do not know why early Pry returns are so penalized.
Do you???

(If ‘yes’, please do down in the 100% FREE space provided down below).

Tackling Analysis:
Well, we opened up too gunned-up and then settled down and tightened up on halting. (Which has been noticeably improved for 2o22 by the bye).

There are whispers of guys (individually) ‘trying to do too much’.

Take that for whatever that word to the wise is worth; as that and fiddy cents will get you a quarter cup of coffee when you get beat.

1st place A.c.c. (lasst-place: Big-8 & Sun Belt, tho’)…

What we have is gap-pluggers. Not ½-bad and jamming the 1-hole and the 0-hole overall. (A pleasant surprise based upon their previous footage mind yah).

What we do not have is gap-busters. As we only, employ one, that’s (1) Dt of any rank with more than .5 or ½ of a TFL (Tackle for a Loss)! And he only has… wait for it… one (TFL)!

These guys can hold a LOS (line-of-scrimmage) nearly smartly enuff. They cannot do much northward or penetratively after that. That means Pry and Co. must risk dealing someone from behind the 1st-layer of defending and that leaves them at least -1 or -2 in coverage terms or for their passing interval. Thereby robbing Peter to pay a passerby name… Paul.

Me? Eye do not have a great answer here— as this pluggy tho’ not plunky Dt play does keep those behind them relatively clean. And if that is all you R.A.T.T. industrially gots…

…what would you have them, do?

R.A.T.T.: ...this final B.D.T. chapter played out, how?

View Results

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the takeaway...

…even the most diehard defenders of all technical things among you… Bruce Willis this one for me; if you dare?

  1. 52o%,
  2. 958%,
  3. 68o%,
  4. 475%!

^^^those^^^ you asks?

Well, those are our rushing margin differentials 1Q by 2Q by 3Q by 4Q.

Or a positive trend?

Hell’s-bells… I guess so, sorta, kinda; in a way.
Incarnate Word is now 2o-spots ahead of us and opening the gap as Eye, type!

Now here are our passing margin differentials 1Q by 2Q by 3Q by 4Q.

  1. 6′ (minus 6 feet),
  2. just over one 1st-down,
  3. then up a whopping 9′ to the good,
  4. then up another 9′ to the good to close the show!

Or in other preview recalling words?

Preview ginkgo this one… please

A swirling crosswind that did neither Qb1 any vectoring favors aside -tho’ hurt the lesser armed O&M one more- …poor g.Wells is the only way to Fargo or to any more VicTory dances that this impoverished program has 2o22 left gents. There is no need to call for any Qb2 or Qb3, nor for firing any Qb-boss or offensive coordinator.

We just ain’t got the D-1 P5 chops at this moment, folks. Pure-n-simple.

Succotash that.


🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:


He executed our only BIG hit in a rivalry game late in the 4th. That does count, tho’ why ~54-minutes elapsed before Eye saw that? (Again, in a rivalry, game).

xxx‘s & ooo‘s:


Not real sure what mo’ we could X’s and O’s do with such limited Jimmy’s and Joes. Tho’ you do have to take the points as the underdog on that 4th-n-long-1 and go ahead and kick the damn FG-try.

w.V.u. did mix or support their run shapes sorta well as the nite wore on. So, they are your modest de facto claimant here.

And they did drive stall on 4-FG-makes, with one HR throw missed to boot.
i.e., this one coulda and possibly even shoulda been… worse.
Since the 3o4 done us out… (a.k.a., this could get… worse)!

formulae football

…the zebras who read this web site’s preview and bought extra: “ChapStick”!

LOL… that attempt at self-deprecation aside, this part is not so, funny…

Be they a bit strict/ticky-tack or not in flagging the w.V.u. game … Pry gonna get a flagged rep’ for this in an early career hurry if he is NOT real seriously officiating crew careful.

As in…, we will be about 2nd from last for it nationally, after Thursday nite.
…dangnation. (Frustrated tho’ likable kid, ain’t it?)

So, how far is 4th from last from being: ‘undisciplined’?

’cause there is a lotta words for achieving four, that’s (4) get off the field 3rd or 4th down halts, only to shoot yourself in your very own foot -in this game of inches- and ‘composure’ is not among ’em.

Where is the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

GREATEST P.A.T.T.y-cake post ever! Tiz & Brandon P.A.T.T.erson… take notes!

…and if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle, Tim!

“thx” @pro!


The sportlight...

…here in the sportlight; when do we play w.v.u. O.O.C. (out of conference) in, hoops?

…we are officially (now) a Basketball School!

The Rest of the Story

…there is a very salty nearly crass non-P.urely C.hicken old-school locker room quip that goes like this…

Their pretext is Playtex; only good for one period & they have no second string.

Salty as that may read?
Yah; I mean pretty much…
Get all TOS scratchy and caterwaul all you wants.

Because Talent is down. Waaaaaaaay down whether you like it or lump it do yourself and Will and Chris an XL-sized favor and go’on and finally admit it.

There is no need to call for #FIRE any offensive coach, (yet).
There is no need to call for FREE any other Qb, (yet).

We are a suspect football program at best, at most, or at… moist.

Eye ain’t coach Marry Poppins and there ain’t no Owens Dining Hall ‘spoonful of sugar.’

This one is acerbic folks, and this one is not gonna taste any better for a while.
Maybe for a long while?

All the while, 2o22 has a long long way yet to go…

The closer

To try to help poor C2 out… here is how Stats work… God Bless Dr. (she) Crittenden and Dr. Mann.

  1. 1 dot is a dot.
  2. 2 dots are a, line.
  3. 3 dots are a, trend.
  4. 4 dots are a, pattern.
  5. and at 5 dots things start to take, shape.
Psi 1o1… between the ears, the ultimate game of… inches!

As of right now?

The U.s.s. Duck Pond is not exactly shipshape at 2 up and 2 down, is it?

We are ‘trending’ in a very suspect direction overall.
Make no misQ on that gentlemen.

As we are starring a harsh looking 2-6 start right in the County Fair blinking-contest eye.

The only thing left to reshape -or deshape- is Pry’s culture itself.

Meaning… with a likely to be 8 game submerged under .5oo in the last ≈3-seasons of football looming on the o5.November.2o22 horizon?

What kinda shape will their head-game be in by the time a seemingly more available Gah.Tech, arrives?


…a picture is worth 3.o4, words.


So, I went back in for the third time no less trying to lip-stuck this Hokiebird went, pig.

Sadly, here is what I found…

Eye found that of the 32 national categories that I weekly track; we/VeeTee ranked virtually 100th or worse in 50% of ’em! Now, mix in the clock-management gaffing over @O.d.u., attempted aggressive or culturally-validating oozing machismo calls on 3rd down (1o4th best) and on 4th down (123rd best) alike, and being a nearly 1st-worst 129th in yellow-laundry?

A lotta words could rightfully describe that… and we did mention that this Staff is just barely into its very own Learning and Experience curving alike. However, two wonderments have emerged behind the scenes…

  1. The D Staff does employ some Prybar bloodlines historically. So, they are uncoincidentally the more settled or the more homogenous of the two sides of the O&M LOS (line-of-scrimmage). 14th in rushing D allowed and a nearly as stalwart 20th in rushing D allowed would seem to validate this; n’est-ce pas?
  2. However, the O Staff does not employ the same synergistic bloodlines historically. We have a Qb-under-C traditional oLine coach. We have two former O’cords, even less proven guys at Wr and at Rb, and guess heterogeneously what? The four of us mentioned O-staff ‘fit’ or lack thereof already. As nothing seems to really (smooth) flow here. 11oth in rushing O inflicted and a nearly as saggy 90th in rushing O inflicted would seem to validate this; n’est-ce pas?

…do you see the (two) seemingly competing patterns here?

Could it be… that one Staff at least a bit already self-taught or intra-Staff learnt and yet the other Staff is already ‘pressing’ or reaching too much?

Or, as proudhokie2001: deftly struck it on the pay message board… with no herculean difference maker(s), what if they know they have nearly NO margin of error? i.e., they are trying to play a perfect game and therefore they are playing way too tight?

Recall, the tagline behind the scenes is individual ballers are trying to do too much and playing outside themselves or breaking the given play-called schematic shape.

Still, yet, does the Hokie D really enjoy 85-spots worth of greater Talent than the Hokie O?


Although Eye am unwant to be a prisoner of the moment— that only applies in an annually contested affair. Or, in a given contractual sport that offers an exercisable: “return (or rematch) clause”, if/when you do get beat.

Which is to say… we had all better hope/vote for w.V.u. to get into the A.c.c. after this one here.

Or we will never ever see the B.D.T., again!


We die together.



Virginia Tech=1o, west virginia=33







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  1. Fu, Hilgart and staff couldn’t handle/recruit any player with a hint of ego, from ticking off Va to running off a bunch of linemen and receivers, then Hooker. Leaving them here 2 years too long by today’s standards has probably killed our program to the extent that throwing a fortune at a name, seasoned staff is the only thing that will fix it (and look who we just hired, a first time HC, meaning we will likely never be contenders for anything again, not in my or your lifetimes). We go cheap constantly, hoping for the next Besmer but with a real OC. We can’t even buy a competitive QB.

    1. …nobody wanted our work. (Our tops all turned us down, some twice in back-to-back years).

      …had to hire someone– Eye guess.


  2. Quandary ….

    “We just ain’t got the D-1 P5 chops at this moment, folks. Pure-n-simple.”


    WVU 13 … VT 7

    3rd Quarter:

    WVU 16 … VT 10

    … and so many drive killing and helping WVU “O” penalties in this game.

    1. That’s not unfair. True even.

      Tho’ good/great teams do no do that, either.


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