Wake Forest Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=3o, Wake Forest=13

Mrs. A.c.c.Net1:

Virginia Tech football… “He who fights and runs away lives to run away another, day.”
—Brett Maverick

The Hokies, however, did not run as much during this 2o23 nearly line of last defense post-season Wake-up call. As an L here woulda prolly have left our bowling chances Christmas Break, broke. They did, however -at least partially- wing their way to a Tech Triumph and did so on a precipitous day. (Nearly), ‘right as rain.’ This was courtesy of a career day from the Drones that Ty.Bow’ has been looking for. As his Qb1 Baylor’ed him and the Hokiebird out when several squirrely TTT and Lo.FM things seemed teetering on the brink of becoming bearish indeed. Now we face the heretofore unscored upon A+++ defense of OPEN itself. And yet there I go again… always putting the cart before the horse. As our guys did bite down hard and anted up and kicked in (3-FG-makes) when the O&M chips got big-n-blue.

God Bless Chris & his pops… dang…

Game 60 minutes remaining:

From the preview(s) we gave you the following… did any of ’em, hit?

  • We told you of the added trickeration(s). Ditto… of the oddball Wake ST’s formations and how they nearly sent you an invite out in iambic pentameter to do the same.
  • We told you King-Tut’ was getting his legs under him and then wearing down. He is really dingy right now. And frankly, peeps are gunning for him and the cut under his nose. Same with Drones. They are bringing sompthin-sompthin(s) upon themselves with such much smack ’em yack ’em.
  • We told you to watch for tips here on the Kosar throws. Splash one bogy.
  • We told you Mustapha of Wake was really mustuffa and he was a hot-n-cold one. Then he heated rulebook right on up. Right on cue.
  • We told you of the peccadillos of the C1 of Wake and all his motioning and what to do about it. 5 in reverse spank you very much C1 of Wake.
  • We did not tell you that we ‘heard’ a few coaching sewing circle thingys… though we did include the Qb2 of Wake in the preview with a quickie scouting, review… I wonder why???
  • We told you we did view Drones & King-Tut’ as being usefully willful. Kinda a bit of j.Evans and Micky the Incredible Hulk, Fitz’ albeit social needia ear redux. They aim to misbehave. And frankly, our aim has been weak-sauce of late.
  • We did miss Wake by a full play. This after missing the F.s.u. call(s) by 1-point and by 1-Safety. Which Eye did sing out, with the ‘doink’ and the 2-point P.A.T. comments ‘felt due’ pre-game. My bad on dat. Apologies.
  • So, do any other previews out there… while not hiding behind a Pay Wall… with NO T.O.S. (terms of service) and 1,000% FREE-view… do any of dem do any of ^this^ for any of you?
  • “Thanks” (truly) @Coach God and my Guardian Angel… always pointing things out fo’ little ole, me.

1Q 15:oo remaining:

…LOL… we now just HAVE to stream the pre-game walk?!?


24o6o conspiracy peeps: …what do you see(s), here?
He sure tryin’ to get back…

Time=tell… may St.Philip bless!

1Q 15:oo remaining:
Though this ‘hear’ Eye can git with a bit mo’… as this guy is a lotta thingys… and P.urely C.hicken just ain’t among ’em.

^^^still: NOT feeding the pander… bears!^^^ LOL!

2Q ~9’ish remaining:
It kinda started here… lotta business being done in the dogpile. And there are bitters, scratchers, gougers, and whatnot on some teams in some of these places… it really can escalate into a tit-for-tat Old Testament eye-(gouge) for an eye-(gouge), fishhook for fishhook mess.

Then it got outta… hand.

2Q 4:54 remaining:
Here, if you squint closely, you can see the epidermis change colours— to an even darker colour Eye means. And on the final 2Q drive you can see the newly fangled hand-wrap firmly in place.

sanguine game this Terminal Contact sport.

…as Drones got ruffed up along the Wake sideline scramble. That, or he over-extended his Quixotic windmilling elongated wind-up/follow-threw on the pass before and ‘clunked’ it on the Wake outside rushers lid. One of the two…

2nd or 3rd-aid at its in-game, finest.

2Q 2:59 remaining:
Don’t tell me Eye did not see the floor or play Pt.Guard1…

Pho-tog-rah.. fur?

2nd-half 3o remaining:
So, Eye’ma blue and all… though why are Traditional Homecoming “King” and “Queen” now illegal?

(3) Royale’s with cheese

LOL… Eye mean… when you keep giving in and giving ground? Well,  you tend to not get it back, see? And Gen.Patton and Eye hate to pay for the same Real Estate, twice.

So, now I have to give my Mr. B.H.S. swagg back?]

Oh, wait… I am the only one who already… did❗️
(’cause I was told my win hurt peeps feelings… so, I said: “Here it is, keep it.”)
(also: the only 5-year reigning Mr. B.H.S. to boot!)
Guess who they remember… all the ones who kept it or the one who gave it, back?

3Q 5:58 remaining:

Nice salesmanship here; what with racing the Invisible Man to pick up the likewise-hued V.P.I. Roy G. Biv ‘ball on the imaginary high-snap. Bra-vo!

All the world’s a… stage!” —Coach Billy Shakespeare

4Q duration remaining:
And well… then… it kept going… and growing…

…lottsa ‘palming’ violations to mix my sporting metaphor handed out on this day.

game duration:

  • 1Q 8:06 remaining: Cole Nelson, right knee slight to modest gimp. He did return though. St.Nikon be praised.
  • 1Q 3:57 remaining: Hokiepro’s daughter c.Beck got his clavicle crunched again on a bad alignment on suicide squad coverage. You could see it just go out. Tough stuff when that don’t heal jus’ right. St.Christopher bless. Someone check on ‘pro too while we at it…
  • 1Q 3:44 remaining: on the best open-field tackle from dear ole V.P.I. in years quite plural; that prolly saved at least 3 -IF someone with recovery speed managed to run the Wake Rb1 down from behind- Mansoor Delane tweaks/tangles and basically leg-whips himself on the hard to control and self-defend tumbling class roll-up or seat-roll in old-school conditioning terms.
  • 2Q 13:15 remaining: This time Jenkins kinda hurts himself on his stop of the Wake Wideout in space.
  • 2Q 4:10 remaining KO-Specalist1, Lowe is shoulder dented -same as po’ Cole- when he has to try to tackle in space on the return and lands awkwardly on his right arm. They ain’t used to contacting/tackling and this is what happens when you ain’t used to that just the same. St. Christopher help.
…poor Cole. Dang…
  • 2Q 3:27 remaining: big lumpy mashed potatoes Kendricks get the wind-knocked-outta him upon Worsham Field impact. Hurts, tho’ pain does not last. St. Siegfried bless.
  • 3Q 8:56 remaining: see: Strong escorted to the locker room and that means ‘imagining’. Godspeed here!
  • Game Duration: Peoples was hobbling ’bout best he could in-n-out on a fully hinged knee brace. St.Nikon help.
  • 2nd-half: King-Tut’ was slowed considerably; he be taking a real live beating of late and his mouf is o-ver-load-ing his not super-sized azz. Two straight teams gunning for him whenever they can and gunning mo’ as the day wears along and as he wears down his ownself says so. Godspeed!
…brought, Lowe. A cruel mistress this oblong spheroid.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=11.
Qb hurried=2.
Qb hits=26!! (1 fumble).

Wake Forest:
Qb pressured=14!
Qb hurried=nil?
Qb hits=21! (2 fumbles)!

TTT analysis:
This is pretty damn good stop-unit work from the Marvelous one’s defense; if you can get it.

Payne is a pain in the offending arse and what his he on 2-good-wheels??? Lawson is likewise really learning how to bring the northward-bound disruptor caliber heat.

These two offensive lines combined, however?
Might equal 80 to 90% of one. As in one oLine combined.

And you could do well to bet the Over on any of these three combined Qb1’s whirlpool timer prop last Sunday. As in… all three had to be all kinda black-n-blue.

“Yes”, the TTT metric did get the victory dance call correct; though I’ma not sure it woulda agry with the margin here. It seems about a half-play and a safety too heavy here to me. ’cause that many Qb hits and that many Qb pressures tends to dispoil bad TTT or reaching needy things. Drones did show some measure of composure here; he did climb to deep reads on the scrambling move to boot.

And as Coach Gandalf would say… “…that is an encouraging thought.

(o) (o)

Secondary is our Primary, strength…
Seven, that’s (7) PBU (passes broken up, basically a deflection or denial), and three mo’, that’s (3) mo’ PD’ed (passes defenses, basically blocking out in hoops sans over the back); is pretty damn fair-to-middling from a hind-4 that has zero, that’s (o) true home position Fs’s. Not one. Zilch, zero, zip. A Wr8 now playing Safety3, with another Safety, and a Cb1 in-n-out-of-the-game.

‘case they really schemed well and (somehow) got Wake to throw into the strength of the D. This is why our F.s.u. final tally does not look all that bad in the final, analysis. As Pry & Marve did a really neat-O keen job of spilling/funneling Wake into choices that they (Pry & Marve), preferred. Remember, we said they must A-gap win vs. the slow-mesh; and they gummed it up and did. Chicken-fighting, stalling, call it what you lexically must… tho’ it spilled things to where we could clean it up.

Now… how good are they at full medicine or if they even had one (legit) Fs1???
As they just mucked up 58% of the deforestation throws and one other one
was a virtually uncatchable miss of a P.I. call against.

Blocking Analysis:
So, the exceedingly calc’ and stats discerning among you are already noticing that the Wake blocking pie chart looks nearly the same as the Florida State blocking pie chart did. And that *really* should be a wake-up call to you!

As in… aye, Wake had an alpha— Dt1 and a pretty much bell-cow De1, although State had four of ’em in their starting 1’s alone and the ‘noles depth of VHT’s (very highly touted **** and ***** star-power) recruiting ranking ballers is something that not even always be red-shirting Coach Claw’ can hope to match.

And Wake still really scored numerous tally-ho’s on what Lombardi called: “busts” in Run to Daylight. A bust is not only your knock-knocks or uppercase hourglass wimminz measurement markHer… it is a play whereby at least one of your guys put on skates, and got his azz ‘busted’ or basically manhandled girlfriends. Eye saw numerous just got plum whooped plays from at least 1 or 2 outta 5 and sometimes as much as 3 and sometimes 4 from 5 of our guys just getting plum whooped. Crooky looked like he was aging in real-time along the sideline; Drones saved his very own hat via two really sweet jukes/shakes inside the pocket on said busts. Nevertheless, there is gonna be a time and a place where this many misplaced blocks are gonna leave some hard-charging defender uncovered on a free hitter outta-place.

As the Wake Dline coach must be sick to his stomach to break tape on this zoo of a mess and see what little they were able to final analysis do (4 TFLs and 1 Sack). Thus authored by so many Mongol Horde busted-looking plays. In very particular vs. our dribble glass of a leak-a-thon so-called passing V-cup.

As we gotta somehow tighten this up and stick some fingers in some Dutch boy dykes… or this hole shebang is gonna finally let go. As our run-shapes are truly c.Manson or Helter-Skelter. Very hit-n-miss and sometimes mo’ miss than hit.

’cause this was not one of the prettier Coach Claw’ Claw-coached football teams. Now imagine what happens to Cobra-Ky’ when we face oh something like all Top-25 ranked in opposing Qbs sacked: Syracuse, Stae, and Louisville.

You do the TTT maths…

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| || (1 TD! 1 Fake Punt!)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 VT flag)

Wake Forest:
positive: |||| |||| | (2 VT flags!)
Swiss (neutral): |
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| | (1 INT! 1 fumble! 2 Dec’ penalties)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Let us see… hmmmmmm… 21 stops behind the Deacon L.O.S. (line-of-scrummage) seems pretty preaching to the choir to me.

Though (now:) 1o3rd best in yellow laundry and climbing the ‘rong way is not gonna close game work. This is a Lo.FM spoiler that will get you cooked vs. anyone, real. Likewise, only being 123rd best in 3rd-down offense. This will only build your defensive fatigue and that will late 4Q lack of R&R get them Gobbled up. File these two away for next Thursday nite and for the four Saturdays subsequent to that. As we will be within 1 to 1.5 full plays final outcome-wise -either ways- on most of those, days.

Fourth-Down Conversions competing!

As the final margin of VicTory is skewed a bit via such a mutually sluggish start. As it actually took a short-turnover generated-field for us to Lo.FM pop-clean and an unusual Wake Qb1 swap to lowercase them on doing the same. As nobody really seemed to want to carpé de day and win this one for the opening ≈26-odd minutes of play.

Although, and do be transparent here— we cannot afford to give away and gift-wrap 1st downs with only about 2.5 months’ worth of shopping days remaining when we face anyone real.


‘tude, efforting, scraping, and Pry’s pet word of: “competing” are all up… granted. We are learning to at respond and push-back if not ‘…strike first’.

However, that increase in temperament seems to have gone wild-thang and drug bonehead or hothead penalties along for the ride to boot.

As in… we are now 1o3rd best here and, sinking!


This is one easy-peasy O to coach (the verb), against… check it out…

  • LONG: Drones’ is not the spearchucker you are looking for an Olympic javelining length goes… As his Deep-rock sucks. (20+ yds): 22.2% (122nd of 127). Which is code for: 5.2 yds/att (126th of 127)! He is nearly the worst, not 1st gentleman… WORST. Tho’ he is up to just north of ~15% for his career.
  • Intermediate: (1o-19 yds) and his is actually pretty tight… to his credit… as you can see him sync his rhythm method in-game here as the progressions annotate. 79.9% to the sporty. VERY. Like jus’ broken in Vetter 8-pipes sporty.
  • short: (line-of-scrummage to 9 yds): 75%. Again. This is above average. B— or so.
  • Negative hurls: (behind the L.O.S., 1 to whatever yds.): 92.8%! Though do understand, Eye’ve charted at least a handful of bad throws here with great catches on: bananas, wheels, screens. King-Tut’ is the new Vaughn Hebron. Thomas is solid and Lane and company have received many a finger-tip alleyway.

The caveat being… the medium, short, and negative throws you ask(s)? Well, they actually rank not so much compared to the rest of the D-1 Pivots. Or bad in the case of ‘Short’ and so-so (at best/most) in the case of ‘Negative”. Don’t let the lofty percentage fool yah… think about that…

…now think… how would you play this kid and how long (see the italicized foreshadowing intended?) …how loooooong until everyone figures this one, out?

Nonetheless, Ty.Bow’ and Drones were progressive for the 1st time all year. Bowen set and suckered and sucked Wake in with underneath works early on. Then Drones shattered them on intermediary throws that really went for Y.A.C. (yards after catch) orange-smash. Drones took his first strides -not steps- strides forward here. And ‘yes’, 1-dot is a… • at the end of the day, at the start, and in the middle. Still, yet, this was not a middleocore efforting. It even showed a few signs of polish. Though we need to connect said dot(s) to further science-fact objectify (Drones) improvements to be sure… time/’Cuse=tell here.

X, Y, Z!

As he is kinda a bassackwards version of w.v.u.’s very on -and rather willful in his own right- major harris. As Ginkgo whatever it is called -Eye forget- Ginkgo that Frank and Company went into a 2 or 3-deep umbrella or shell look and flooded his deep HR throws he was so in love with and dared corporeal harris to beat them, short.

Here you do the exact opposite… and Syracuse under-zone-flood him and dare him to beat you, deep! G-spot the ball if you will. That, and dare our entirely user-friendly even-Ot1, our even-G1, and our up-n-down blindside-Ot1 to go: “One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi” and long-protect. Our passing V-cup has about “one-point-something” as its maintainable lifespan for grandmaw-maw Drones up in the stands to withstand.

As try as we might… this game still ain’t rocket-surgery folks.
Or did that just make too much, sense?

(o) (o)

Tackling Analysis:
The slow-mesh-point of Wake actually helped a bit here.

As in it actually helped slow our jumpy guys down. Paratroopers. Jump, jump, jumping to gapping conclusions. Saturday? And not so much. As they had to pause, look, read, literate… (then)… react.

As this was possibly our pinnacle day on both Gap identity, Gap integrity, and pure halting itself. Not perfect, although not quite getting trucked at times as before, and honesty not ½-bad.

As in this Tackling chart is (rounding) close to twice as tight as last week— and yet Wake courts what? Half as much Talent and prolly less than or equal to that on quality depth?

So, that would seem to reasonably, equate.

the takeaway

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
The zebras!

Total, HOMO’s, yo’s!

tweeter” X’ed, out!

As in… they were letter of the law, strictest stickers, both ways, all the way, all first-half. 2 teams ¦ 1 standard.

And they did not waver; not at all. 25/8.
As long as they are consistent?

There is nuttin’ mo’ you can (rightfully) ask, fo’.

It is up to you to toggle yourself to their letter of the law minutia interpretive strength, accordingly.
As they (the officials) did dial it down a bit after intermission, tho’ they held the dial the same.

R.A.T.T.: ...Pry and much maligned Co. are actually what... right about now?

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xxx’s & ooo’s

While the rest of the VeeTee football 4th-estate jumped off-sides on Ty.Bow’s 1Q hard-counts @Tally…
…we wrote the following…

formulae football

  • 1st Down Plays/Yards … 33/298
  • Avg Yards on 1st Down  … 9.o!
  • 2nd-n-1, on average?
  • Game … over!

Do you believe me now Trinity?”
—Coach Morpheus

All that passing is what he/they needed to rep.

Only a fool fights in a burning house.
—Klingon proverb

The Rest of the Story...

Where’s the τau ∑igma λambda I used to know?

That Eye may not know.
Nevertheless, I do know that a.Bitter is the only other one who got this one write.

Proppers @A.B.!!!


The sportlight

…here basking in the winning sportlight… we are left wondering what is next? (And as we all know… that is a dangerous thing when Eye begin to do that…) Nonetheless…

So, and instead of that, we decided to take a look back… ’cause you cannot know where you are going if you do not know where you’ve, been.

So, here is a neat one(s)… take a looksee at coaching, Talenting, and therefore improving the verb(s)…

Who(m) exactly will Pry #FRIE for bettering nearly everything just like ^^^dis^^^?

So, therefore, ergo and to Whit… things are trending up, n’est-ce pas?

‘thanks’ @QCP!!!

As in… we’ve already equaled the ’22 win total that took eleventeen games to accrue in ’22 in only seven ’23 contests.

That’s better, right? Or to put it mo’ directly… how is that Termination At Will, worse???

The VerdicT:

LOL… still yet… there is this kicker(s) here…

We are #2 in D1-aa!!!

The closer...

So, IF you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me… I’ve got a nutty-looking tally of starred (*) and or bracketed {….} plays in my 1986, 424 Shanks Hall clipboard.

And the only nuttier part is just how many of these tags I’ve ’23 used to go back and twice-check in triplicate just in case something did pop dirty or did pop clean. (*’s being the stronger medicine to examine of the two F.Y.I.).

Meaning… and I’ve not really seen this since the pre-Indy Bowl climb from Frank, or from the final 1o-win season of shear stresses were just beginning to Hokiestone appear.

Though I’ve got a few or sometimes possibly several inflection points or T.P.’s in surveying terms. {sic: transit turning-points} per every single game this year not named O.d.u.

In Essence..

…these improvements are NOT finished products gents.
…they ain’t quite fully cooked.

This is a teeter-totter of sorts.
Up(s)-n-down(s) in-game…
A ’23 pitching deck.


And until said stars and bracketing normalize or disappear…  it also posits, avers, and connotes…
that either/or…

...there will be at least one shock-effect game from here on out. BOOK IT!!!
  • Either, we gonna steal, nick, or nip one while getting out-box-scored that we rightfully shoulda L.
  • Or, we is gonna win the box score and yet wet the O&M bed and let one slip.

’cause this team -although indeed objectively improved- has one mo’ subjective Freudian slip of a day left in it to clinically show.

There is at least one mo’ hump or get hump day for the O&M little engine that, could… or could not upon R.A.T.T. breaking Deacon tape.

In the meantime, don’t worry— be Hokie.
Enjoy the OPEN week.
We are the greatest .429 team in the land!



Virginia Tech=3o, Wake Forest=13







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