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#19 C.b.s. Virginia Tech #54 C.b.s. Duke:

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Duke Head Coach: David Nelson Cutcliffe: age=66, (72–82 at Duke; 116–111 overall); has a rep’ for being a double Manning brother Qb guru well before Corny or
Fu’ had ever heard of the term: Qb-whisper.
$2,613,638.oo (i.e., underpaid)*

Coach Cutcliffe has only won the:

Has forgotten mo’ football than most know.

Broyles Award (1998)
SEC Coach of the Year (2oo3)
ACC Coach of the Year (2o12, 2o13)
Walter Camp Coach of the Year (2o13)
The Sporting News Co-Coach of the Year (2o13)
Maxwell Football Club Coach of the Year (2o13)
Bobby Dodd Coach of The Year (2o13)
AFCA Coach of the Year (2o13)
…yah; he sucks.

Coming up young David was a native of Birmingham, Ala., Cutcliffe graduated from the University of Alabama in 1976 and is a member of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2016. He got his start in coaching at Banks High School — his football playing alma mater — and spent four years as an assistant coach before becoming the head coach in 198o.

David has a rep’ for being an older Qb architect, magi, wizard, Sensei, whisper, Morpheus, call it what you will –just ask the UTennessee (Peyton) and Ole` Miss. (Eli) passing record books that basically read: “Manning” wherever you look.

As most of their records’ are actually his (coach DC’s).  Pre-coach Cutcliffe broke in and ran The Tide’s athletic dorms for “the Bear” at Alabama! Coach David has a National Title ring from Tennessee. And at Duke, he only ended an 18-year bowl drought and likewise brought the Victory Bell (vs. rival U.n.c.) back to Raleigh-Durham. Then he logged Duke’s first-ever double-digit (10) win season in Duke’s gridiron history.

He has been very loyal to his Staffers’; said nonpareil loyalty is said to have cost him the Ole` Miss. job; dang. David is a triple-bypass 99% blocked surgery survivor who then asked his rookie year Duke team to cut 1,000 lbs. in collective weight! Has only put six Qb’s in the N.f.l. and two other Qb’s into M.L.B. In addition, 10 of Cutcliffe’s signal-calling pupils have either earned all-conference honors or led their respective team to a bowl game victory. Yah; I’d say that counts. As this king David would make a fine Hokie. And I’ve never said that about an opposing coach before.

David is married to Karen Cutcliffe.
They have four children: Marcus, Chris, Katie, and Emily, and five grandsons.

p.s. one listing said David is now down to $1.7mill.

2019 record: 5 up 7 down and 3-5 in the A.c.c.

READERS note: there are only 72 statistical D-1 ranking slots at the moment!

Duke Defense: (starters back=8)

  • 4-2-5 nickel.
  • 46th in Total D.
  • 40th vs. the run.
  • 50th vs. the throw.
  • 41st in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 68th in 1st down O!
  • 28th in 3rd down D.
  • 50th in zone D.
  • 18th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 66th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 8 outta 10 in dLine Havoc! Less one mighty mite (255 lb.) Dt, this is a pretty right-size Dline by-the-bye. The Duke front wall is well seasoned, as 21-years’ worth of seasoning ball here. De is ahead of Dt. As the starting De’s are prolly not less than a Top-4 A.c.c. De combo’ (De namely: Vic’ Dimukeje (4 sacks, this is a Sunday De) and Christopher Rumph II). And Dt is close to solid just on account of Derrick Tangelo his own self. Rumph II is a curious Benjamin Button De. He’s nearly a line-of-scrimmage (LOS) old-school Bandit in 3 or 2-point stances. You need to card this kid and ask for is pre- and post-snap I.D. (i.e., where is, he?) As their massive 2019 tally of 35 Qb-sacks were a 10-year high for the program. Although 10 of those sacks upfront are gonzo, ditto nearly 100 combined stops. As the Duke starters are more than reasonable enough— it is their front-4 depth that you can count on your thumbs, or nose.
  • 6.5 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Second-layer -all two of ’em- are stout enough physically. And yet all two of the 2019 Linebacking-1’s have left the building. Taking with them (Koby Quansah in extreme particular) taking with them büku experience in addition to production. Lb Shaka Heyward has answered the bell and leads Duke in stops (26) and has the makings of a good, solid, fundamental baller. The caveat is… no other Duke second-layer ‘backer is even in the Top-11 in tackling?!? Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one before; can you?
  • 4 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Hind-5 is tallish (everyone ≥6′1″) and not badly built either. The Dukie secondary is nothing if not experienced. So they should have all the Penta or ¢5 rolls and disguises down pat by S.A.T. bowling now. As only one starter is gone and Duke (now) returns three that’s (3) former multi-year starters at Cb (one of whom is ex-All-A.c.c.) due to injury(s). Returning (boundary)-S Marquis Waters blocks kicks, picks-passes, parks-cars, sells popcorn, and is only an Academic All-A.c.c. selection in his spare time. Duke finds just one more Safety for their triune Safety alignment and their starting hind-5 on D is not less than A.c.c. Top-5. Although the back-up hind-5 is so thin as to more like bottom-2 or so in the A.c.c. And yet then… the starting Cb1 and Cb2 went and got dented or flat-out put out. And maybe that is why they are dealing/blitzing so much here? i.e. that’s all you can trust what you have left to do, right? And believe you me… when 5 outta your defensive 11 is having a bad hair day? Things can get 1970’s hairy in a hurry. Again, hirsute; believe you me!

    Duke base 425 D:
  • D overall: from breaking-tape itself… Duke’s base D seems a bit more compact internally to me on tape. The front-6 tries to fight vs. the run in an attempt to leave at least 5 Spread savvy fighters to deal with coverage issues fulltime, if warranted. Duke will 2-point stance the Sam-side De, they will Cb press the Sam-side as well and then play a bit looser on the Wide or Will-side. With some Halves in front and the 3rd-S doing more exotics. Be that Cf deep or in run-support as a quasi/hybrid 3rd-Lb of sorts. The two true ILb’ing twins spy Qb or Rb; or run-blitz a bit. Seemed a smidgen more read-n-react this time out to me. The key is to block the front-6 or pass them and then force the hybrid 3rd-S guy to commit to defending either the run or the pass. This will create a +1 opening somewhere on the field. Eye don’t (quite) think the Duke tackling sucks, it is however that they are only average physically and they take acute/oblique angles in getting there. Coach Euclidean this jus’, ain’t. In particular when Duke loads the Sam or Will side for bear on a run-blitz. You just gotta make ’em pay for this and break a tackle or out-scheme contain. As Eye just watched dippy uva Y.A.C. one up vs. Dukie defenders downfield— as in (Yards After Contact) can be had with determining northward thrusting vs. the Duke hind-5. Duke even showed a few; well, even or forty-three type looks on passing-downs. Tho’ this 2020 Duke D just did not seem as erotic as I had expected for a 4-2-5 stack.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production= 73% (41st). Havoc Defender: it prolly is a De, tho’ I’ll go with the hitting Safety or Marquis Waters as your conflict defender here. With 7 of the top-9 2019 defensive guys back, some probably did expect 2020 more from this D. Overall and this is almost the same drill as last year… the Duke O (turnovers) are beating the Duke D every bit as much as 2020 opposing O’s are beating the Duke D. As this Duke stop-unit really should taste better than it does. Kinda an anti-Gestält D at the moment.

parts >>> ∑/Sum

Defensive letter-grade:

Duke Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • 55th in Total O.
  • 65th in ground O!
  • 32nd in aerial O.
  • Team passing efficiency 65th!
  • 67th in completion percentage!
  • 72nd (LAST PLACE) in fumbling on O!!!
  • 70th (3rd from last) in interceptions authored on O!!!
  • 64th zone O.
  • 22nd 1st down O.
  • 48th in 3rd down O.
  • 55th in sacks allowed | 43rd in TFL allowed.

    XZZX with Y & Tb look:
  • O overall: Qb: Chase Brice is a kinda strong-looking 6′3″, 237 lb. r-Jr. Qb1. And as said, he is kinda strong for his frame body-type. He also has a most unusual habit of flexing/straightening his grip fingers (right-side) as a traditional orthodox passer. As he literally flexes his fingers up off the ball when set-up surveying the field in the pocket. Gotta be a chance for strip here if you time this finger lifting flex just right. Almost like nervous leg syndrome upstairs. Anywho… Brice graduated @Clemson in three years (Tourism major)! So, this is one sharp cookie cutter at Qb1. Now, Dukie grad student Brice (Management) has a history of heroics… he pulled he upsetting Clemson fat outta the Syracuse fire, led a comeback vs. Pitt as well in limited starting duties for the Tigers. Brice also pocketed Grayson High School 2016 state championship bling. So, he and the spotlight are old friends and they seem chummy enough on tape here. Brice was also a remarkable Top-200 recruit at two that’s (2) positions (Qb and Fs)! Whereby his team only finished no. 10 in the final USA Today poll. Brice is said to be a timing and anticipation passer with a useful short to midrange arm. The only knock has been he lacks a pure long-range howitzer of a shoulder. Tho’ he’s a strong enough passer out to 35-40 yards give/take. As Brice is an accurate savvy Qb1 who plays better on the bigger stage— just so long as you don’t ask him to do marathon-type things than his Coach God-Given arms-race is capable of. Thingy is, he has chucked a staggering six that’s (6) picks in the last seven quarters that’s (7Q’s) of play! Brice has also been sacked nine times and is 59 of 115 (51.3%) for 722-yards. Tough to do much more than that under those circumstances. Rb: Deon Jackson was a pretty fair to middling American Soul-Singer back in the 60’s. Duke’s multi-faceted (run+catch) Tb1 Deon Jackson is a beefier (6′2″ 220 lb.) Rb who has had an okay enough now final-year D-1 career. Albeit a career that has been in statistical decline since 2018. Jackson did cut some off-season right-mass; although he does not strike me as a T&F off-season star or as an HR threat. That said, make no mistake, a lotta singles and doubles and a few triples do live here as Jackson will grind his way forward. As this Deon Jackson (team-leading: 175 yards) continues to make a very quiet Atlantic Coast Rb name for himself. “Silent”, really. And this Deon prolly could be a bit of a model on the side if he wants the BET/urban work. As I’d keep my W&G/F’s away from this neon-Deon at any given party. And as a 46th ranked Rb nationally off of a state-championship H.S. run? Deon has prolly gone 72 strokes or par for the collegiate Rb course. Tho’ the family Genome is most willing… momma-bear was a college long-jump champ’ and poppa-bear is a top-5 all-time Citadel Rb in his own right. Some might say more was expected here; tho’ let us see where 2020 finishes for Deon, first. As Jackson has been miscast as a pure-power rusher when he’s really more parts pinball machine. Overall, Duke’s run-fits are really not half-bad, tho’ they need more than a mere domestic 110v look. What with only one carry north of 23-yards thus far. I say this as Duke fans continue to wait for Rb Mataeo Durant to breakout. The hopes were/are that he is/was a keeper at Rb. oLine: the Dukie front-5 on O is almost a little short by 2020 standards; and they are even mo’ Sophomoric than that. As this Line is prolly a Battlestar yarn away, maybe two. Towering Devery Hamilton does offensive-tackle here. Tho’ he’s more parts towering: 6′10″ and less parts physical inferno (3o9 lbs.). Overall, this oLine looks a little better vs. the run; prolly close to average here and south of average in keeping the passing-cup, clean. And you’d almost have expected a bit more with only the starting left-G gone in the former Top-8 oLinemen from 2019. Because this is a fairly deep looking Duke Oline; at least on paper. With C Jack Wohlabaugh prolly being the bell-cow of the bunch. Although most say the odd-side is the weaker side (over on the left); and frankly I’m not rightly inclined to disagree. Wr’s/Te: Te Noah Gray leads the pass-catching way. And how many teams can still say that this side of Kellen Winslow? Noah will Ozzie your Newsome! After him, Jalon Calhoun and Jake Bobo are serviceable and have great surnames. They can all catch decently enough, it is just that none of the three are rocket catchers who scare the bejesus outta yah. As this O is built for efficacious efficiency or medium to short works and these three
    -although not exactly frilly- prolly fit that bill well enough. (a 10.31st p.s. the Duke Wideouts have already thrown one pass this year; trickeration does ball here).
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=56% (84th). So, best I can see on breaking tape? Duke is Duke’s very own worst enemy on film. And to compound fracture the brain of all of that all the mo’? Duke is a bit down on offensive talent overall. Did not see as many surprise ‘twitch’ or ‘burst’ plays here as they once had. As far as film-study went… Duke has ‘Gun and sawed-off-Shotgun (quasi Pistol) looks. (same thought process as Stacking Lb’s on D, bleeps with keys/line-of-sight(s)). Qb at medium depth, flanked by Hb or covered from behind by a Tb. Off of this double Wr, double Slot base, Duke likes/wants to create a lotta short to medium quick-hitting stretch. With at least 1 in-line vertical (medium) depth attempt per play and a lotta 90° or angular looks underneath all of that. This is not HR deep-set, though it wants to create stress both East-West and North-South from the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) to about 15-18 yards downfield. Duke will also empty the backfield and go naked-Qb with Penta or 5-wide looks to really elasticize things in favorable down-n-distance situations. From what Eye did see… Brice misses long and underneath; over or underplay him accordingly j.Ham; …(Coach God Bless), or the ghost of j.Ham. The Te (Gray) however is an issue, if not a problem. If you are a football purist, watch/enjoy the purity of his route-running footwork. Don Maynard classiness of Te footwork indeed. (someone taught this kid well on the way, up). That said, Brice will try to force throws into traffic as a seamstress or needle-threader he ain’t. His shoulder does not speak to this and nor does his velocity-max’ support this. Nor do his wheels, which are more parts bicycle pump and less parts, Pirelli.
  • 45% run:pass 55% mix. Havoc Offender: hmmmm, Eye don’t know… and methinks even the venerable Coach Cut’ does not know who is your secret sauce offender is here either?
    At the close of business 2019, the Dukie offense fizzled late in the year —bottoming out with a four-game stretch scoring a total of 44 points scored. The Duke O does seem more willing on paper as the Clemson Qb2 brought in to play Qb1 sure seemed smart enough. Tho’ not so much (so far) in 2020 terms. Why? Although it is my job to be sure, Eye am left 2020 wondering. Which had me turn to a different part of my film-study face. My nose. As my nose is an odd friend of mine, as we have now spanned parts of not less than 7-decades together. And right now something just does not smell right here. That, and if not for bad-luck this Duke O would have no luck at all. As they seem to want to be better on my 424 Shanks Hall clipboard; and yet they just ain’t any better anywhere else. A.K.A., if this keeps up? How much further off can pretty VHT (very highly touted) back-up Qb2 Chris Katrenick, be? (Caveat being: this O seems to be missing the wheels of ex-Qb1 Quentin Harris as much as anything. And yet Chris-Kat’ is ALSO a pocket Qb via trade his own self).

Offensive letter-grade:

Dukie Special Teams: (0 return)

Duke is a nifty 12th best in Net Punting and so is Duke P, Porter Wilson. Porter goes a heighty looking 6′5″, 225 lbs. as a r-Fresh. Punter. So, aim high on your block-point here Hokies. Porter was merely the No. 12 punter in the country as ranked by 247Sports and a *** or three-star prospect per ESPN. Porter ran T&F in high school where he took all-region honors in the discus. So, you’d have to think both a leggy and army punt-fake will eventually be in play for Duke. Porter is more of a hangtime or seal type of Punter. He does not see many of his punts returned. Good leg-strength; not average, not bionic either; good. And he did recently have a very good 70’s “Dear Penthouse Forum…” looking porn-stachê, tho’ it looks like he gave his upper-lip the axe. Too bad too…

  • in 35th Punt Returns | 45th in KO returns.
  • a brassy 3rd in punt coverage | and a decent 45th in suicide-squad.
  • Duke has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • Duke has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

Duke’s Kicker is Charlie Ham. And Charlie be totally rocked an actually ginger-flavored Greg Brady ‘fro too! I actually don’t (quite) hate it— with no word yet from: Flock of Seagulls or Ah-Ha. That attempt a Rubix cube era humor aside… Charlie and his Joe Stalin hair that just won’t stop… were both listed as the No. 7 Kicker in the country per That does not suck, and neither does this collegiately 80% so far, 6′2″, 180 lb. r-Fresh. year K. As Charlie has already logged one more Special-Teams stop (i.e. tackle) than you and I have combined this campaign. The ‘whispers’ say Charlie has touchback range on Kickoffs and at least mid-55’s on FGA’s. Charlie is also a back-to-back-to-back, or threepeat Georgia State Champion; and a #1 National Ranking to boot! Albeit in the sissy zebra-ball flavored version of foütball. No wonder I’ma making fun of your hair Charlie… with no word yet from Bosley, either. Doh! However, and in all candor, do not die of shock if Duke has found themselves a 4-year starting place-Kicker. As the only knock, I could find is that he’s had a few PAT’s sent back here-n-there. As this is a line-drive style Kicker.

Return specialist: Damond Philyaw-Johnson has game-changing potential as a kick returner and has housed two career returns already. Keep an Eye or three on #85 here.

Special Teams letter-grade: Duke is inexperienced, tho’ they are showing leg-prowess and wisdom beyond their collective years. Ergo, a legit B+ thus far.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O.
  2. VT D.
  3. Duke D.
  4. Duke O.


  • motive: revenge? LOL… Eye guess so, tho’ game no. 3 looms bigger to me. EDGE=Next.
  • weather: same drill as last week… makes no nevermind here. EDGE=PUSH.
  • health/off-field: 21-4 (or mo’…). (our health dings to Duke’s). EDEGE=Duke, huge too!
  • penalties: Duke is 9th best and V.Tech is above average (22nd) as well. Not much to see here tho’ this is not a Duke disadvantage. I’ll put it that way. EDGE=close to PUSH.
  • intangibles: Duke is the penultimate worst team in Turnovers right now (3 tpg)! Yikes & Wow! And 68th in offensive TOP ain’t helping nobodies D 1ι (one-iota). EDGE=VT, large too.
  • fatigue: VT prolly has to have the fresher team (60-minutes vs. 180-minutes logged thus far) almost via default. EDGE=VT.


R.A.T.T.: ...the Hokie's second ugly week of testing/tracing is code for... what???

View Results

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Dukers who duke it out @Tech=8

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… well, VeeTee football sure did suddenly turn Fu’n all over again!!!

: ) : ) : ) : ): )

As in… only Mrs. Fu’ and the three little she-Fu’s could be any happier than yours truly!

I’ve gone outta my way to try to get it straight… I wanna be for Fu’ and his stricter ways.
EYE just want ’em to win for VeeTee
even mo’ than ^that^!

(in particular vs. uva and w.v.u.)

Tho’ I tangent…

Suffice it to type… writing for Will and Chris has been more enjoyable of late and I’ll say it: “THX” @Justin!!! Seriously young man. Way to be!

Now let us be about beating a Duke football team that ain’t exactly as bad as their o-3 opening schneid of a 2020 record suggests, avers, or posits. Trust me here… Coach Cut’ will slice you up if you sleep on him!

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

formulae football here classically favors the team with mo’ burst; mo’ juice, mo’ pop. Right now, that’s VeeTee with BAX at Qb1 and a couple of “GO” style Rb’s behind him and an snappy End-around thrown in for great measure.

Nonetheless, Coach Cut’ is not a coach you wanna see get his underdog team into the game and then narrow the same per coaching the: verb.


i.e. we need to put Duke away early and just chillax and show as little as possible in a final 30-minute cost-cutter looking entirely bottom-shelf or vanilla display.


  1. Δ1=80% sure seems like VeeTee is the better team here— and that is only because they probably are. As if/when VeeTee lands their A-game punch? You’d have to think that VeeTee wins by at least double digits. Maybe even 3-4 scores if things go really swell.
  2. Δ2=15% Coach Cut’ in his own backyard; desperate for a win with a possible lookahead trap game on tap for the O&M. As just ask O.d.u. and well, this very game last year… Stranger Things can net your flix!
  3. Δ3=5% did testing/tracing muck anything up for either side and therefore throw anything and everything outta kilter come Saturday? The pre-game broadcast 411 might just be your Vegas $kewing friend all year long!

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and pretty much the same as last week
-if not just a little better- as Eye’d really like to think that VeeTee need not win any more than about 45-minutes of scrumming in this one to take this one home.

St.David‘s flag… may he bless Coach Cut’.

the optics… 

When Duke first broke through under epic Coach Cutcliffe, it did so with a balanced, unpredictable O that consistently highlighted its strengths. Lately, however, the Dukies have gotten stale and conservative, often looking to hide their personnel challenges with less risk.

Eye believe that to be about where Duke is teetering right now under Coach Cut’.

“Stale”, in a word; or maybe showing some milage and just starting to age-out a bit top-down. (And David deserves more than this).

the skinny

Eye really thought Duke could -or even should- be more than this coming into this preview. Nonetheless, as we all know “lying is for rugs.”

And I’d be lying if I told you I found it on film or in the science-fact objective various proprietary statistical metrics that I run. (I don’t wanna say something seems: ‘off’ here, nonetheless, nothing seems ‘on’ here, I’ll put it that way and leave that right there).

Because last year, Duke turned it over once in their four wins over F.B.S. teams, and yet they then turned around and turned it over a mind-numbing 25 times in their seven L’s. Duke is o-3 this year and yah; you do the maths!

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)
Neither team hits many + or positive plays here.

St.Nikephoros Bless!

The caveat is that so far? Duke is wetting the Lo.FM bed and hitting a lotta “-” or negative big-plays against when chasing the chain-gang in unfavorable down-n-distance situations.

TTT (Time To Throw©)
Brice started the year as the highly anticipated Klempson transfer Qb1; right?

He started it at a very modest looking 54% | tho’ he did play a clean (turnover game) per se.

Since then? Well, since then poor Brice has gone packing for a staggering 1:3 or 300% negative passing ratio the ‘rong way! Not to mention his rushing has gone negative as well. 163% backward or negative when taken as an Index itself. wowzo! Not to mention having put the rock on the carpet three that’s (3) fumbling times to date.

And honestly… you gotta wonder what’s up here?
Eye have nothing on any ding, dent, hurt, or injury whisper or erstwhile…
Tho’ something seems off on this poor kid. Broken-heart? Life stressor? God Bless, something…

the call

Projected Duke S&P+: 81st.
Projected Duke S&P wins: 4.75 W’s.

Plum git after Duke and put Duke away nice and neat P.D.Q. or A.S.A.P. Then empty the travel squad bench— as ‘scrubs’ need P.T. (playing time) love too!

As Eye thought we did about as much as anyone with could to Nc.State. What with a staggering 23 players and four coaches out due to either CV19 positive tests or contact tracing.

Hopefully, there is only one way to go off of that. (tho’ latent Thursday reports say we may be down to tertiary ballers in our Secondary itself; geez, and St.Nikephoros bless!)


Nevertheless, Raleigh-Durham spies say that the Duke Staff think they “are close”. Whereas I hope that they are A Bridge Too Far, or at least one more week away.

Seeing how Duke has been beaten by 18-points on average when beaten since we saw them last… That’s two ships passing in the night to me. And it also has me wondering if Duke is now learning how to (find a way) to L?


4 PM tip-off!

To be a little less pedantic and be a little bit more conservative and end my liberal use of words… there (hopefully) should be no rancorous debate or back-n-forth regarding the outcome podium in this one, late this Saturday afternoon 161-miles so-by-so-east.

Vah.Tech should be the better and the mo’ talented team here. As most left or right-wing migratory Hokiebird 13-point road favorites are apolitically supposed to be.

"All animals are created equal. But some animals are more equal than others."
––Coach George Orwell

That all to say… honestly?
If it walks like a duck? If it clucks like a duck? And if it looks like a duck?

Then, we’d better not ‘Duck’ this one Up!

(as teams and programs that have finally turned the proverbial corner
would never run afowl and do something like that; right?)


upset Index=29%


Virginia Tech=38, Duke=24


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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  1. Hang half a hundred by halftime & block a punt along the way for a scoop & score.

    Per the Posse in Section 7, Fuente needs to crank up the volume this week as it’s never good karma to allow someone to punk your ass and go unpunished.

    Score early & often!!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat Duke to Hell

    1. …or, what if Fu’ does not wanna show (U.n.c.), much?
      (plays it close to the O&M vest?)


  2. Duke defense is aggressive, but very weak in pass d. They made uva vanilla Vick look like a great passer. Tech will need to throw behind the backers to open up the field. A few mid range deep in patterns, and duke should loosen up. They blitz almost at will. Duke offense is crap, our defense better shine today. Tech by 14

  3. The only thing that scared me looking at Duke’s film was their TEs. They are no joke. If we have more secondary and LB folks out with COVID-19, then that could be a match-up nightmare. With that said, it is the only nightmare match-up I see.

    I think we can move the ball on their D…and I think we SHOULD win this game, as long as we contain their rangy TEs.

    1. B&W not withstanding, Gray is good here. Very.

      Hope we can keep up with him.


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