Your Louisville Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=42 Louisville=35

Virginia Tech football is 4 up and 2 down.

Personally, Eye for one… feel like we left one on the table.

VeeTee beat Lville by *this* much!

I however am not a sticker for TOS. As here at ain’t got no stinkin’ Terms of Service(s). We ain’t got no bans or anything else. Here Eye lay it out so that you can (intellectually) play it out. Sans the neediness begotten of being approval seeking or easily impressed insecure itself. So, go’on and agree to disagree on Joe-6.5 points vs. Don+6.5 points. ’cause… riddle me this? When was the last time you learnt anything from: agree? Yah, me three on me neither. Big 10-4 on dat. Tho’ yet, I’ve got politricks commitments and got to get out the door here… so this one won’t be a big J.Holmes sized one. Ladies of TSL, sorry ’bout that indeed. Tho’ we did what we had to do to get outta L’ville with the W. And me and VeeTee are thrilled that this one was not a 15-round fight. And yet now it is all about to get real. Very. Seriously. So, go’on and enjoy this one my fellow Techmen, as there are some forthcoming that will end not in agreement with this one. Be yea state or state… Trust me on dat…

1Q 15:00 remaining:
Eye know some of you like this— as Brock and his mouf -who we gonna get to, trust you me on dat- are Will’s new heartthrob… blah-blah-blah.

North-gong Zax meets South-going Zax

@#0: “Barkin’ dog don’t… bite.”
––McDowell County, Wva.

I mean you ran about 40 yards give/take, sorta tried to hit someone give/take, and then you turn and all bouncy verbal pop-off at them? LOL… I’ma so intimidated and so leftover candy-ass scared.

Tho’ here’s the key point… how does all this 2020 ‘tude cop with our football chief of police? Does that jive with any of you regarding anything Fu’?

(As I am so surprised to see him turn a blind Eye to all of this, that it is hard to explain). As we are vastly more 2020 pushy-shovey and huffy-puffy than we’ve nearly ever been before. There are a lotta words for this… tho’ Acta Non-Verba and N.B.A. ain’t among ’em. This is a Miami verbal Singapore cane’d look… unless of course, we are the ones doing it? Then it is suddenly, ‘K?

(i.e. watch this Oct.31st+1 rep’ haunt us as the days grow shorter and as 2020 grows, longer).
(then observe: the negative Lo.FM: “boo’s” down below as well)

1Q 6:49 remaining, game duration; season, remaining?:
This level of M.L. Carr toweling is about as cheery as it gets folks.

3 cheers fo’ sho’!

Gotta give DAX this round 10-8.

He did not let go the got demoted to Lb3, rope.

As he plum cheered his ass-off and did what (little) he could all day long. 25/8, 367. All on a zero-tackle day!

When a lotta lesser kids with lesser backbones would have sulked or skunked and locker-room chemistry, stunk.

Hooray for (DAXy),
Hooray for (DAXy),
Hooray for (DAXy),
He’s a horse’s ass!

So drink! chug a lug, chug a lug, chug a lug,
So drink! chug a lug, chug a lug, chug a lug,
So drink! chug a lug, chug a lug, chug a lug,
‘Cause he’s a horse’s ass!”

1Q 3:25 remaining:
Well, “…you reap what you, sew.”

This is gonna get called 98.6% of the time… “all things being, normal”.

And this is just a very needling look from Brockworst here.

Seriously, in 2020?
No zebra is gonna Purely Chicken, Pussy Cat, Pubo Coccyx swallow his whistle and just let ’em play all that much any mo’. To me that is a first-school shame… tho’ this is also like the only thing I know about genies?

Q. The only thing Eye know about gennies is?

A. They don’t like… bottles.

(i.e. so why let ’em out?)

i.e.e. you won’t be North Dallas-40 Ewing Oil reputational Larry Hagman.
You will be a cucked-up astronautical Captain gone 1st-mate.

1Q 2:54 remaining:
Can Eye git a: “LOOK OUT!”

TOUGH kid to wanna WAR after this!?!

Or fo’ that matter can #27 a.Chatman get someone, anyone, to ‘chat’ him up on this one as big ole #14 for L’ville -and his ex-Ot, MASSIVE ~75 lb. weight advantage- totally and entirely de-cleated him 3-mile Island style downfield! I mean this is about 80-90 cents on the Wayne Ward dollar-type I.C.B.M. hit.

Again, can Eye get a hollar here?
(as it is most impressive the Chatman went HeartMAN and got up at all after this!)

1Q :34 remaining:
Eye just cannot quite line-of-sight (LOS) and dogpile see it; as the view is obstructed. Tho’ j.Griffin comes up leg-dinged calling for a substitution and sideline examination on this one. 

As he did get hit a 2nd-time up-top on the internal spin-move and his leg looks planted to me. (seems to move effortlessly well enough after it -“thx” @Coach God- so maybe just: ‘shaken-up’?)

2Q 2:52 remaining:
I would LOL at the unlikely frivolity of this… tho’, injuries ain’t NObodies code for: “fun”.

As we suffered an injury during the pop-up INT celebration via a friendly-fire accident along our sidelines in the euphoric aftermath/afterglow.

(same: drill as above, LOS forbade the positive I.D. here, tho’ it is a lower-leg-looksee)

2Q 2:52 remaining:
Here is where Eye was taught to attack, take the deep-3 in hoops, and try to break their collective backs. Tho’ we went very right-of-right conservative here. Like Regan raised to the Nixon, power. As this woulda been an ideal 1st-n-10 on L’villes own 35-yard line in Dec.25th P.A.T.T. gift field-position to trickeration, or play-action and go deep. Normally I do not nag things such as this… tho’ you won’t get a better full-throw depth longshot downfield when taking over just inside of long-FGA range here. i.e. every play is still in your playbook at this field-position depth.

2Q :00 remaining:
Mo’ on this below… tho’ how we allowed this broken-field run-shape nobody can know?

3Q 14:58 remaining:
Not real sure how you count this… tho’ we need a good/fun play in our favor here, as #77 trips-out on his own guys’ back leg accidentally and face plants and then face-slides a mile like a champ on the Hokie KO return right after intermission.

Yikes” 1o1!

That, or: splash one boggy for the Invisible Man.

As this is just a silly wind-it-back-n-forth Players Only sense-of-humor film room play. LOL!

3Q 11:09 remaining:
‘nother one that is hard to poke even good-natured fun at… as #45, (no, not Garbutt), the other four-five Ed Eller (Te5 or so) gets at least dinged-up on his L’ville KO coverage stick. Godspeed to Ed!

4Q 11:32 remaining:
Blue State peeps rejoice… as maybe Fu’ & Corny were just… Biden’ing their, time?

As here is what not being all G.O.P. looks like with a pretty dang liberal risk vs. reward matrix on this 1st-down-call after the change of possession. 33-yards later downfield you ask? “Bingo” dat! As the play-action got the Tampa-1 of Louisville to just bite long enough on the run-shape and Hooker did a nice job of dropping a throw right in the breadbasket that still remains just within his wounded off-shoulder vertical range. “Man’s gotta eat!”

4Q 5:03 remaining:
It is an accident and all that… tho’ still hate seeing this just the same…

Ouch!!!” : (

…as #17’s right let accidentally leg-whips poor just would have no luck if not for bad luck at all… Tré Turner. As T2 was blocking adequately enough downfield on the Hooker odd-side scramble. Right up until he ain’t that is… as Trè got leg ruination collapsing cut-down-to-size on the most unfortunate and totally defenseless posterior roll-up from behind. Dang… (St.Culbreth bless!!!).

4Q 4:20 remaining:
Now Eye will LOL at the acting job by Will’s boy here…

…as Brock ‘flops’ just like Vlade Divac used to do and yes indeed sportsmen… Coach Shakespeare and Eye get it… As You Like It: Act II Scene VII “…all the word’s a, stage.”

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=o
Qb hits=18

Qb pressured=20
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=19 (1 INT!)

TTT Analysis:
As you can see… tacking was generically better, right up until it was not…

As the TTT itself does shade a VeeTee win in a mixed-up looking day. Tho’ I’ma about to throw R.A.T.T. shade… so here goes…

Then we see this mess right here…


Then we saw this mess right here…


Dear O&M eggs and j.Ham… do you see what Eye mean❓❗❓

(mo’ Eye-Q award winner below…)

Chris Coleman -to his insight of the year, so far- enormous credit, picked (bad pun) up on it first… how can a 37th rank passing efficiency Qb1 not have at least a passing fancy for his Wr’s? Why did his Top-3 catch-crew from last year maroon him and go O&M catch-corps 2020, A.W.O.L.?

The facts should write the narrative. And yet some of you insist on narrating the facts.
10 for 10 or Bo Dereck passing is more than a passing fancy.

Nonetheless… that is not what we have. And that’s not what the All Charmin Conference is begging fo’! As Bo (Dereck) knew beaded-hair beach rushing days Moore and Moore!

Recall: what did my peeps tell all of you alllllllllllllllllllll summer long: 2-words:

Run, max’…

Though here is what I did not tell you -well, not until now- as context (same as last week) is not key, context is king!

“Run max'” was their 2-word answer to what this 2020 team be!

Team men! They were not contextually speaking of the Fu’fense itself. They were speaking collectively of what this T.E.A.M. 🎼”it’s all about.”🎶 And when I asked what the rest of the team was all about they copped: “Wellllllll…”. LOL, wells are for, water.

Now, as you can objectively science-fact see plain as day below… this team can run-fit (i.e. Vice Squad trench warfare block) like a champ. It has some serious Rb “oomph”! And yet its passing cup springs an obvious passing-down leak(s)… don’t believe me?

Check it out, my fellow sportsmen…

RUN fits >>> pass pro‘ 1o1…

Is ^that^ a perfected set of run-fits?

Do we deny this?
Again, no.

Tho’ if you glean nothing else, then gain the right-hand glean… why throw when you lack pass-pro’? (all the mo’ so when your catch-corp is just… so-so)? As we are a downright solid 33rd best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed; which is very hard to do at 4th best in rushing overall: (due to the extra run-fits themselves); and yet a lowly 80th worst on 3rd-down conversions.
Ergo… therefore… to Whit…

FREE Coach Dooley’s “sweep style play“!!!
Or did that just make too much, sense?

(o) (o)

That Fu’fensive R.A.T.T. O&M candor firmly in place, there may be one single solitary lifeline here…

Trē is Coach Scully’s foxy-lady or 1-man X-factor for the rest of 2020… as he literally is the only one, we have right now who can (possibly) take the top off of an opposing defense and take advantage vertically of opposing 9-10 men in our Vice Squad’s run-fit box.


Finally on O… k.Herbert is a fine rusher and he surely is the Most Valuable Portal’er of the year. Tho’ if he is not entirely careful? The N.f.l. is gonna fall ass-over-end for him. As he is our best blocking Rb since Sam actually getting right on target. When Herbert wants the work? Not many blitzers and even fewer OLb’s, much less puny Cb’s want any industry with him out on the edge. As Herbert is the sherbet of blocking and complete Rb game when he wants to be.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (2 TD’s! 1 P.A.T.!)
Swiss (neutral):
negative: |||| ||| (3 Hokie ‘whistles’)

positive: |||| ||||  (3 huge TD’s! 1 Hokie ‘whistle’)
Swiss (neutral):
negative: |||| |||| || (1 Cards flag)

Lo.FM Analysis:
As you can see… strangest game, ever!
With nil, none, nada or zip, zero, zilch Swiss or neutral Lo.FM grades concluded on Saturday by either squad over in bluegrass country. Never ever seen that one before… as it surely was Oct.31st indeeds! And the Lo.FM posits, avers, and connotes an oddball close contest and an oddball close contest is precisely what we got. Strange thing this oblong spheroid for sure.

Snaps, drops, (unlisted zero tips) and misses… all about as clean as you can for a mere 61-play offensive game (compared to a nearly mere 65-play L’ville day)!!!

…used to like this movie… too. : (

That’s a helluva an in-game barometer as the mercury starts to drop and the (outdoor) Old Man Winter northern hemisphere begins to… depressurize.

As in… Fu’ and company need to continue this signature Dean Smith 4-corners offensive look at all times and at all costs. Ditto ripping some deeper hard to set throw-point pages outta the Hookin’ ain’t easy playbook. (odd: how much better he looks when you do not ask him to do things he and his reinjured 15° braced non-passing shoulder just… kan’t). Likewise our very modest traditional Wide Receiving grab-gang. Which this side of Trë until his next hurt, is nearly hurtin’ overall indeed.

And YET… blocking worsened, as an Andromeda Strain virally contaminated (St.Ultan bless) the L’ville defensive front. And yet their C— quality halt-unit overall just tallied 9 TFL (tackles for a loss) and 3-sacks! Or… a naughty looking 23% sack-percentage allowed and a south of average 19% TFL allowed. i.e. this won’t beat @Pitt, it might not beat hooVa and it lets The Fighting Falwell’s have a chance to liberate our backdoor. (never mind: Miami and Clemson’s speed, which would punk us here).


So, what did we just see?
KY-curried-jelly or Kentucky speed+++.

Now, how is all that “player development” of said speed lookin’, now?

Tho as we all know… to present a problem and just walk away is to do no better than to, complain. Problems must be bedded to solutions. So, eMail: Dave Cianelli Head Coach of T&F @V.P.I. & S.U. and see what he can do.

As ‘player development’ has developed a .667 win percentage vs. the softer half of our 2020 docket men. With the harder-half of 2020 yet on tap… (think about that…)

As in… we really lack and want for: ‘recovery speed’ once anyone goes “meep-meep” zip-bag Road Runner and breaks contain. (in particular in the middle of our defensive field).

i.e. don’t die of shock if we are left looking rather…
Strained“, before November comes to a close!

(o) (o)

Our De’s have been nothing short of being really tall on being the most pleasant set of surprises on the squad this year. And this game they played their Outside-Zone ass off vs. L’ville’s pet rushing play; be that odd (left) or even (right). As they proverbially ‘strung things out’ laterally, using the sideline boundary itself as a de facto 12th-defender until help arrived from the inside. (namely: Tis’ who likewise really played his Outside-Zone run-fits ass off when he came up to fill). As Tis’ was the very personification of the boxing adage: “Timing beats speed.” As L’villes Rb1 and Wr1 are hands-down the two most fleet-of-foot guys out there on Saturday. And yet Tis’ timed his run-fills as if they were fun-fills and made plays at the exact precise instant that prolly left the Louisville offensive staff rather defensive on what to do next.

the takeaway...

Who does this team remind you of?

The final 10-win Frank team?
Yups. Me three on dat.

Sump-Pump 1o1…

As they are -same as 2011- getting away with things via creating or wombing defensive turnovers at the most opportune or middle 0f
the she-cycle neediness moments to be sure!

‘cept fo’ one or (actually several) things…

  • 2011 was 14th in Run-D. (now: 76th).
  • 2011 was 14th in Passing Efficiency D. (now: 54th).
  • 2011 was 20th in punt returns. (now: 90th)!
  • 2011 was 12th in passes picked. (now: 7th)!
  • 2011 was 35th in all important Turnover Margin. (now: 17th)!

Do you see what Eye mean?

And “aye”, this may read mean to the softies among yah… as the O&M twilight golden era 2011 VeeTee football team got 11-wins bailed out via amazing Secondary plays. Per stellar individual efforts (cue: Exum, Fuller, and Hosley), and on field position shortening punt returns.

Or in other words… the 2020 bucket-brigade needs to shore a lot of ^that^ up, S.T.A.T.
As life on the Turnover Margin razor’s edge cuts both ways in spades!

As 2020 looks army to me and about to get, 2012, sumped.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner: Fu’ & Staff! (they got them much much higher-up emotionally and far more ready to play than @Weak Florist!)

Or, to put it another ways…

Coaching I.Q. >>>>>> Player I.Q. >>> (player metrics)

Or, perhaps it is more so that our experience-curve needs just one more season together for this program to play head-game catch-up and actually bottoms-up gel with such heady coaching?

Now, that’s neither side fault; although it can only be calendar credit— if/when this Staff and most of this years’ team return per the 2020 eligibility mulligan granting NC2A suits. They having suffered a rarified attack of actual administrative: compassion.

(accordingly, this could be a very 2021 enri¢hing season for Fu’ and his agent…
if/when, somehow…)

4 up 2 down and could/should be 5-1 VeeTee, R.A.T.T. wins how many from, here?

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

The caveat to the above section is… Amphetamine football prolly shoulda won this one here.

Just look at the Dixie Chicks two twining pics up above… “Wiiiiiiide Open Spaces” basically no matter where you look.

Because, if I were a betting man -and Eye am- I’da wagered the over on the L’ville staff’s motion-sickness upon watching tape. I mean, these poor doods had to be big poppin’ little orange Dramamine tabs left-n-right Studio-54 gone penthouse forum style on this one.

Speed; kills… and they got shagged by the slower team!

formulae football

Here is my surmise so 2020 far… Louisville is quite possibly the best 2-5 team in the land.
Whereas VeeTee is a moderate, centrist, Reagan-Dem, or socially progressive G.O.P. 4-2.

A closer to being a middleocore team than it is to being a great team— a team that is about to face several far more defensive teams (i.e. better than Louisville & Wake). And at least a couple of ’em has vastly more offensive speed(s) (the very same as Louisville & Wake did) than we do. And we just went split and merely posted .5oo vs. lesser, teams!

The Rest of the Story...

Coach Fu’ is so square that you could roll him on a Vegas craps table. Yah; and that could r-state Utah Ute dreamscape coach be.

Nevertheless, he’s also really really keen on something else, something nobody else has picked up on.

Fu’ in-game reminds you of, who?

The pic at the right is a hint… as same as Frank’s top staff, the current Fu’ Staff is really good a ‘just’, and Eye mean just barely -yet nearly entirely accurately- measuring just how many points it takes to bare minimum win. (and now in the shortest amount of letting the air outta
the football time. (24th in TOP (time of possession) is a nifty look here).

NO game-clock liberals in this pic folks!

And then you Fu’rtively backdoor all of ^that^ gridiron abaci acumen with Frank’s old-fashioned County Fair blinking contest. And go conservative, don’t wet your own bed, and wait for the other side to blink first when you have the lead. (then: and only then do you “go plays” non-Goldwater pounce!)


Fu’ may not be motivating by: Family-First, therapy first, second… and last, love.
And Franky, Fu’ may never be all that hugable his ownself…

Still yet, Eye hereby votes that Fu’ does get outcome analytics and the calc’ and stats of the same like a damn McBryde Hall Diff.E.Q. thesis-teaching champ’. Fu’ really does have a beautiful (in-game) mind for ascertainment such as this.

Provisõ being… this R.A.T.T. ascertains what coming up?

A 3-2 finish?
A 2-3 close?
A 1-4 end?



Virginia Tech=42, Louisville=35




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    1. …that Eye do not know.
      As this is about the same as fixing O verticality.
      If it really ain’t there? It basically really ain’t there.


  1. What about Waller and Jenkins? If they can get back on the field will they help with the 40 deficit?

    1. I was thinking the same. Getting waller/Jenkins back (if) can’t be a bad thing.

      “Any given Sunday (saturday)”

    2. Can’t (back-end) hurt, right?

      Tho’ how are they in run-fighting?


  2. One thing about that 2011 win total is that it was a real outlier. VT was 4-1 (including the bowl game of questionable outcome among Hokies fans) in games decided by a touchdown or less, which is at least +1 and more like +2 over where they were much more likely to land. As, over the long run, teams only have a 50% winrate when the margin is that close. So VT in 2020 so far sits right about where they “should” be (and almost exactly on it when you discount the Louisville game for how close it was throughout, relative to Duke and Wake Forest).

    1. Eye do (objectively) feel yah.

      Which hints to me we are due to come off that ‘right where we should be’ fencing.
      2020 is an outlier. (not a fencer).


  3. Went I to game with low expectations. Witnesses some grit and some attitude
    Even Emotions from the Vulcan.

    Dust settled 10-10 was biggest upside.

    Let’s go Hokies!!!

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