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#46 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #67 R.P.I. Louisville:

Today’s word of the day is…  pol·i·tricks


late Middle English: from Old French politique ‘political’, via Latin from Greek politikos, from politēs ‘citizen’, from polis ‘city’.

a b’speak pejorative¤noun

  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.
  2. the absolute bullest-market ever between Fox and C.n.n. (as they are making so much cashish off of each other that it can’t be, counted… $trange bedfellows indeed. (NTTARWT).
  3. a once-proud country who hates teaching shorties fractions… sure now loves its… divisions!
  4. or, …how this game will be, ~quarter till 8 PM, decided?

Louisville Head Coach: Fredric Scott Satterfield: age=47, (10-9 @ and 61–33 overall); has a rep’ for

strong she-D.N.A. here!

Baller Satterfield played Qb1 for Orange High School, located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, from 1989 to 1991. He attended Appalachian State from 1991 to 1996 and started 27 games at Qb from 1992–95 under Coach Jerry Moore. As a senior in 1995, Satterfield led the Mountaineers to an undefeated regular season and the quarter-final of the NCAA Division I-AA playoffs, where they got beat by Stephen F. Austin State University. Qb1 Satterfield earned first-team all-conference honors as a senior.

Student Satterfield graduated from Appalachian State in 1996 with a degree in physical education.

Coach Satterfield joined the Appalachian staff as receivers’ coach in 1998 before mentoring running backs (1999–2002) and quarterbacks (2002–2008), serving an important role in the university’s transition from power-I to the spread-formation offense. He was the primary signal-caller from 2004 to 2009, directing a team that consistently ranked in the top ten in five different NCAA I-AA categories: scoring, rushing, passing, passing efficiency, and total offense. Satterfield spent one year at the University of Toledo as quarterbacks’ coach and passing game coordinator and a two-year stint at Florida International University as offensive coordinator before returning to his alma mater in a similar role in 2012. After head coach Jerry Moore was not retained following the 2012 season, Satterfield was promoted to head coach.

Coach Satterfield has garnered three Championship blings: (3 Sun Belt (2016–2018)). And a couple of Coach of the Year Awards: Sun Belt Coach of the Year (2018) and the A.c.c. Coach of the Year (2019). He has also never been beaten in the post-season! 5-nil in Bowl Games (with extra film-study prep’) if you need him!

Poppa-bear Satterfield, a native of Hillsborough, Nc. He married the former Beth Burleson,
a star runner on the Appalachian State track team in the mid-90’s.

They have a daughter, Alli, and two sons, Bryce and Isaac.

UofL 2019 record: 8 up 5 down and 5-3 in the A.c.c.

Louisville Defense: (starters back=7)

  • a nominal thirty-four 1-Gap set wars here.
  • 44th in Total D.
  • 68th vs. the run.
  • 30th vs. the throw.
  • 38th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 6 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. The Cardinal dLine is about right-sized; not S.e.c. cornfed though not puny and inbreed. (the back-ups need at least another weight-room season, however). The starting dLine is all upperclassmen. JuCo transfer Ng Jared Goldwire plays pretty well to be such a towering (6′6″, 3o9 lb.) o/1-technique specialist— in a spot where low-man typically wins. De Tabarius Peterson is the lone returning starter here. And there is only one, that’s (1) down lineman in the Top-15 of tacking for the Cardinal D this year! dLine will do a lotta movement thingy’s, X’s, Crosses, delays. Head on assignment swivel here Vice Squad. As they try to plug Gaps and keep the next layer; clean.
  • 6.5 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Will-Lb and ex-Ss, C.J. Avery leads the way in stops and Monty Montgomery leads the way in Qb’s Sacked. The L’ville 2nd-layer is 75% seniors and 100% upperclassmen. They are normal-sized east to west. Nick Okeke is a consistent worker bee Sam. Looks the part too, physically thick-set burly chap. And the OLb’ers at Sam+Will seems >>> the inside=Linebacking twins. (or at least a bit more, dynamic). All four second-layer starter did return, plus one stud “the” OH.State (Rodjay Burns) Lb transfer… so more was expected than delivered so far here. And it’s not that they are bad; so much as, as said, more was absolutely expected as most expected the Card’s Linebacking cadre to be Aces this year. That said, C.J. Avery is fun to watch when he gets it on target, speedy and fearless Lb who will bring the same when he brings it, right. As the Cardinal OLb’ers are built like S’s, and they can move. Veteran Lb and coach Petrion holdover Dorian Etheridge is as close to a steadying force as this halt-unit has.

    Cardinal base 3-4:
  • 6 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Cb’s are a little shorter and even lighter than that in the pants. Like to see k.Herbert test the same off-T here. Again, Safties are close to the right height, though light in the pants just the same, Again^2, want to see k.Herbert go man’s game and ‘son’ these smaller folk in the third-layer. That said, the L’ville hind-defensive-5 are experienced, as three final year starters deploy here. Cb Kei’Trel Clark will make some plays. Two starters returned in the Cardinal secondary, although there is considerable work left to do. As Louisville ranked last in the A.c.c. in allowing a most user-friendly 31 TD passes and posted only seven interceptions on 2019. (an awful 4.42:1 ratio allowed the ‘rong way!) As the secondary clearly plays the man, not the ball. That said, Ss Russ Yeast has been the one pleasant surprise this Fall.
  • D overall: Only one underclassman starts here… so experience and learning-curve effects should really be installed and downloaded by now. As 9 of the Top-11 2019 tacklers have returned. (film-study): Although this is a base 3-4, L’ville will cheat the Will and/or Sam to the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) for an old-school Rutigliano even or 50-look. Tho’ they do narrow off-shift to the short side in rushing downs and this tells you how much they trust their stop-unit speed horizontally. L’ville will also cheat Fs and/or Ss up into the run-fit box and this gives them almost a quad-layer look. Cb’s will jam/press a bit more than average, and they will flood the under-zone(s); as the Cardinals trust them (Cb’s) as well, and wanna beat you in the middle of the field straight-up with one clean-up Centerfielder behind it all in Tampa-1. Which is all very odd to me, as they over pursue plays, they plod a bit on the dLine in pursuit, they take underneath or shallow and over or wide angles at times in Coach Euclidean terms. As the more Eye watched, the more tempted I was to lower the Card’s defensive grade(s). Monty the ILb (#7) is just downright small on film and the Cardinal seemed very 1st-look (fake or keep) available on tape. Some of our 2019 countering, scissoring misdirections, or fakes might just ‘go’ here. As it is not uncommon to see Louisville court 9 or even 10 men into the Box; and that’s fine if/when you make the defensive play. Tho’ that’s also code for: ‘gone’ if/when the opposing O breaks contain. And this happens all the mo’ when they come at you from so many max’ risk angles. Hell, or high-water D 1o1.

  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=77% (31st overall). I’ma not sure who is your conflict defender here? Tho’ Monty the Lb is prolly as close as it gets. This is an okay tackling-defense. Not bad, not good, they test pretty well moderate, centrist, middle of the aisle as tacklers. Which is most odd… when you see and make calculus on all their cracks turning into holes and holes turning into seams. Ergo, this is a schematic and assignment, fail. At least at times. Tho’ the edges were not that physical at times on tape. And this is the same ole 2019 same ole… as the Cards got bottom of the decked last year for six, that’s (6) different 500+ yards allowed in A.c.c. contests.

Defensive letter-grade:

Louisville Offense: (returning starters=8 or 9)

  • 43rd in Total O.
  • 35th in ground O.
  • 49th in aerial O.
  • 27th in Passing Efficiency O.
  • O overall: Qb: Malik/Micale Cunningham is a nifty looking 194.4 Qb-ranking Qb1, thanks to a likewise nifty looking over 3:1 passing ratio (TD’s:INT’s). Or at least he was last year. This year? Well, this year he is only better by o.3ths passing as completion percentage now goes (2020: 62.9%). And yet every single thing else is off… and by ‘off’, I mean down. As likewise, the L’ville fortunes were early-on this season, if not year-to-date. As the rather interesting looking upon breaking-tape Malik.Cun’ has been a bit saucier of late. This in spite of a nearly downright hurtful 45-point contraction in Qb-rating 2019 to 2020 vis-à-vis. Or in other words… Malik is almost assuredly better than he has 2020 show thus far. The 6′1″, 200 lb. r-Jr. season Pivot is sacked. As in he’s experienced a 300% increase in getting sacked and no, I do not mean getting sacked by the cheerleaders -where you really keep score- post-game. As a Qb1 on his back is a Qb(n)one under… attack. That said… Maliq has been nearly ➕40-Qb rating points better @home, as he seems to have a penchant for forcing plays Mel Gibson style as a non-Road Warrior. This from the kid who just set the all-time Louisville school record for passing efficiency with a mark of 194.45 last season. And who was only ranked the No. 1 Qb in Alabama, and only the No. 9 Dual-Threat quarterback in America (per: ESPN). Albeit only the 24th baller outta ‘Bama scholastically. Where Malik enjoyed a rep’ for getting high overall production, as he left high school with: 8,470 all-purpose yards. And an L in his final High School championship game which ended his heretofore perfect ‘Bama H.S. run. Malik can run, tho’ he’s not quite a pure rushing freak. Kinda a HenBoss Lyte with a few more moves and a bit less physical framing. The other thing is that this kid is a pure streak-shooter, the Byron Scott of the L’ville gridiron. As he has logged seven, that’s (7) cold-shooting (or passing in our metaphor) games in his last 23 with a struggling 55% connect percentage that bottomed out at 33% last year. L’ville is 2-5 in these seven chilly contests and beaten easily 80% of those times. That said… the hawt like the Sun Malik is a mercurial, problem. (if you will excuse the use of assonance here). As this is an ad-lib or mad-lib sandlot kinda kid who is fun to watch once he really starts to cook. So, if/when we catch the high-side Malik? Look out! The other thingy is… Malik does not strike me like a strike zone closer, what with a very lowly 51.4% completion percentage in the bottom of the fourth (or, 4Q). And honestly, although not slow, he’s more a 4.7 or so forty kinda guy upon tape. More parts nice turbo prop-driven and less parts raw Messerschmitt. A quick darty good guy and I like his quicks better than his ‘good’ level of speed. As a bit of a stiff or raw passer at times, who almost seems like a full-time Wildcat deployment from Tb1 to Qb1. And he got carted off the Pitt (ketchup-bowl), field! God Bless, and no joke, they had to spatula him up off the Panther turf; after his occipital bounced off of and ricochet his brain from the same. Stretcher, neck-brace, the works. St.Aubrey bless! i.e. I’ma not totally sure that this kid is not at least 1% gun-shy at the moment. Like when you gotta take, survive, and get up from the next extrinsic I.C.B.M. thermonuclear hit. Just to bulletproof your intrinsic self-trust. As it takes a shellacked tortoise a moment to stop bunkering itself. And Coach God bless again, as this kid has a history of practice field and in-game dings/dents alike in collegiate terms. He also has an okay to B- arm. It ain’t quite, bionic or Col. Steve Austin; though it ain’t a whimpy wet-noodle either. Rb: r-Sophomore Javian ‘PlayStation‘ Hawkins. Javian is a 5′9″, 196 lb. low to the ground, hard striding, and somewhat elongated striding Rb1. Lotta core strength lives here to flash what he flashes on film, imparticular (foreshadowing intended…) the skimming the turf looks. Which reminds of a slower/stronger David Wilson just a scosche for it too.  Hawkins seems/feels a slight bit smaller than his listed metrics suggest… though either way… Hawkins is coming off a career year in 2019, rushing for 1,525 yards —the most by an Rb in Cardinal school history! That’s no small thing gents… neither is his No.21 all-purpose Rb ranking coming outta FLA sunshine state H.S. ball (according to 247Sports). Mister Hawkins was prolly something of an elevated K.King or dream Fu’fensive fit down in the panhandle. He has a truly sizzling/burning legit T&F 4.37-second 40-yard dash P.R. (personal record). He helped lead Cocoa to the Class AAAA or Quad-A state championship and was good enough to merit some Db attention, some Slot-Wr attention, and some return-specialist attention(s) to boot. A fun kid to watch on tape, a bitch of a kid to catch once he squirts free. And his 1Q ypc is 47% greater than any of the other three-quarters average ypc! So, he’s a real live problem when fresh(er) early on; and this makes smaller stature wear-n-tear sense. Overall… L’ville courts five rushers that enjoy at least one carry of at least 31-yards (and one of the five is a freakin’ dLineman (Tabarius Petterson))! Finally, everyone thought Rb2 Hassan Hall woulda done mo’ by now. Maybe he too is due to flare up? Wr’s/Te: mighty-mite: 5′8″, 162 lb. mini-me tho’ rawhide as hell Tutu Atwell (who lead the A.c.c. in ypg last season); and Wr Braden Smith are both vertically stretchy. As seven different guys field at least one catch greater than two 1st-downs and change (≥21-yards)! The L’ville catch-corps is well seasoned as nothing short of upperclassmen contributors contribute here. They are right-sized less one Redskin era throwback Smurf looking Wr (Rev. Tutu himself). Wr Dez Fitzpatrick enjoys the rep’ of a pure scorer. A point-man or a George Gervin in icey roundball terms. And frankly, this Dez’ing kid is due to breakout. Hback/Te Marshon Ford is the sneaky good guy you’ve never heard of… as this kid has an even bigger schnozz for the endzone than Dez does. And in theory… there are at least 3 credible N.f.l. campers here; in, theory. And for the first time in a long time… this is an all-state catch-crew… “good hands people” 1o1. With lottsa scissoring/countering dragging/booting downfield. As L’ville schemes open pretty dang well. Tho’ it is all speed-centric or slower-match-up advantageous isolation scheming open mind yah! oLine: The Cardinal blockers are nothing if not good-sized, as 80% of ’em check-in north of 313 lbs. and all less one of ’em look more parts stacked and less parts, gut. They are also 80% upperclassmen on top of that. The numbers down below -as you will see- say this is not a good oLine. Eye see an oLine that has better run-fits than passing-shapes. As in… they allow big (negative) backfield halting plays, then they fold just well-enough and just long enough to get a big play of their very own to pop, clean. The internal blocking wedge of G-c-G seems a mite better than the bookends (OT’s); what with all-world Ot Mekhi Becton N.f.l. gonzo. As the whole shebang looks uneven in the film room to me. Ditto depth, which really seemed Jenny Craig or a might thin on camera. And least we forgets… last season? Well, last season the Cardinals were miserable in pass protection and allowed the most tackles for loss (TFL) of any Oline in America.

    Cards Base O: Pistol-I look with H-back:
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=79% (21st most!). (film-study): The Cards O is all about the metrics. Quickness, speed, velocity, and gassing or torching you on your slower match-ups one:on:one. A Hall & Oates look— threw, and threw. They really do look to max’ their individual match-up advantages out more than anything else. And they do a pretty sporting job of this by-the-“bye“. Hence the number of elevator type plays that rocket or ‘go’ compared to old-school grinding drives. This is a showy 3-rings Barnum & Bailey O folks. As a lotta Y.A.C. (yards after catch) passes you right on by on the reception move if you are not real first-contact careful here. L’ville has super sauce guys at the skillz-positions and it is not a good look for you if your hind-7 on D does not R.P.M. match them per the very same. A Whodini or a: “🎼Freaks Come Out at Night🎶” flavor O. With very little sitdown routing to max’ all of ^that^ out all the mo’. The Cards O will narrow split you, tho’ contrary to popular convention, this is not to bully you northwardly, so much as it is to try to win the race to the edge then put the petrol pedal-to-the-metal on breaker-1-9. As the L’ville offenders will literally break any run-shape and go balls-to-the-wall for the reverse the field BIG play. (Fu’ would hate these liberal homies!) The catch (pun intended) is that they can break shapes, and they will ad hoc break shapes. All work and no play does not make Jack a dull boy, here. Not at all. As the Cardinals try to win 4 to 5 turn and shield blocks and then have the ballhawk straight soar your 1-on-1 spill defender who comes uncovered on the edge. They do this with a lotta patience East-West. B.P. called it stretching… it is elastic, tho’ it waits for things to develop themselves. A Polaroid Instamatic, sans the waving of the pic itself.

  • 57% run:pass 43% mix. Marshon Ford is your secret sauce offender here; Eye’ma telling that this kid is sneaky good. Satterfield and O-coordinator Dwayne Ledford have something of a ground-assault rep’ inside of the coaching sewing-circles. And Qb1 Malik Cunningham just engineered the most efficient passing season ever for a Louisville Qb. Yeah, it’s a different era, tho’ do Ginkgo, this is the school of Lamar Jackson, Chris Redman, Brian Brohm, Teddy Bridgewater, and some black-hightop wearing duffus the Stillers cut named: Johnny Unitas

Offensive letter-grade:


Cards Special Teams: (return)

Louisville is 83rd in Net Punting, and so is Louisville Punter: L.Lupo! (although his name is ‘Logan’ it lists on several stat sites as: L.Lupo! And “si”, this Logan’s Run seems to wanna fall right in stride here. As L.Lupo fits a truly blaze-orange on fire ginger hairstyle, that looks like it got hit over the head with Alice the maid’s, mop. Seriously, this is an edgy looking dood, period. Never mind being a Punter. L.Lupo goes 6′, 195 sophomoric lbs. Edgy looking lbs at that! Did Eye mention the edgy look as a Punter, yet? Well and either final day of October way… El Lupo was only the No. 9 ranked kicker in the country by Kornblue Kicking… and he was only the 1st-team Miami Herald All-State selection as a senior (from football factory: St. Thomas Aquinas H.S.). L.Lupo is so edgy in fact, that his bio’ only lists one, that’s (1) sentence! No parents/family, no hobbies, no nothing. Literally. And maybe this edging was necessary, as he arrived with a “totally” Valley look as a rookie last year. I mean “like” Nicolas Cage (as: Randy) had nothing for this Valley look. So maybe the edgy look is his thang? So was finding 30-odd-lbs. of muscle since he got to bluegrass and bourbon country. And maybe you need an edge —when you’ve dropped a punt-snap and had another punt snuffed-out? Still yet, this is one of the rarefied Punter’s that I’d rather not fight. And he is said to have a Sunday range of an easy 50+ off-the-ground when he FG-kicks. And all satire aside… God Bless Logan. As something just does not add-up well, here.

(and just as I get all of ^that^ hammered out and oh so well struck… L’ville switches Punters to Ryan Harwell!) Ry’ is a rookie year voter or nugget Punter from Texas. Seems bigger than his listed 6′1″, 19o lbs. on tape too. Ryan is by way of JuCo transfer and yet still has four that’s (4) D-1 years to kick-it? An all things 2020 concession by the KayCee NC2A suits perhaps…

…either way… Ryan came over from Tyler Junior College. Where he averaged 41.1 yards a punt during the 2019 season and was sharply named NJCAA All-American and first-team All-Conference performer. That does not suck! And neither does his long of 61-yards already. Ditto the fact that Harwell beat out 40 other invited walk-ons for this roster spot. Although Eye am not privy to what— clearly L’ville musta saw something they liked here.

  • Louisville is: 71st in Punt Returns | 52nd in KO returns.
  • only 90th in punt coverage | and a modest 51st in suicide-squad.
  • has blocked 1 kick and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • has blocked o punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.

5′12″, 196 lb. second-year K James Turner is 75% this year thus far. The thingy is, he is perfect out to 40-yards and 100% imperfect beyond that. He has also only made 2-kicks in the last 4-games or going 50% since the end of September. Such almost leaves a taste of the Peter Principle in your mouf’ if you will. That said, JayTee did not miss in his final 1.6 years of high school ball; that does not suck. He was 1st-string all-state Michigan. That does not suck. And he has only missed one P.A.T. in the least 3+ kicking years of his game of life. That too does not suck. The whispers say James has about 55-yard FGA useful range. And that’s not ½ bad as preferred non-schollie walk-on K’ers go. And -same as L.Lupo up above- Turner can kicking double-dip as your utility P if need be. (BTW: Turner beat-out not one, he beat out two former starting K1’s for this spot this summer).

(BONUS: …oddly enough, Coach Sat’ teams are hinted to be onsides-KO, available)

Special Teams letter-grade: the legwork guys don’t seem to be leg-day bad. The rest is mixed or less than that and that’s a Snake River Cannon’s drogue parachute to the Cardinal’s
special-teams letter grade. i.e. dragging it, down to a C—.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O/Louisville O. (tie)
  2. Louisville D/VT D. (tie)


  • motive: Well, L’ville seems to be hiking-it-up of late; at least one full notch; some might have me say… two. Whereas VeeTee just loosened its, belt. Both teams need this game, tho’ the home team in swaggy Oct.31st BLACK0ut unis right before the most bitterly contested election since honest-Abe vs. John C. Breckinridge. Honestly? EDGE=Lville big grass time!
  • weather: nice nearly 1st Tuesday kinda day. This favors O’s and this favors speedy or amphetamine laced O’s all the mo’s. EDGE=Lville!
  • health/off-field: L’ville is remarkably Blessed training room wise right now. VeeTee? Not so much. EDGE=Lville.
  • penalties: VeeTee is better in the raw number of penalties; although noticeably less composed in penalty-yardage walked-off against. EDGE=Lville.
  • intangibles: L’ville has been pretty much L’ers in Turnover Margin (1.33 tpg) or same as Oct.31st candy, they be giving it away year to date. Tho’ this has been better of late. VeeTee has been bad or great here. VeeTee enjoys a modest TOP (time of possession) aggregate as well. (small) EDGE=VT.
  • fatigue: L’ville enjoys being up +8 on R&R here in the last couple of fortnights of scrumming, and sleeps in their own beds to boot. EDGE=Lville. (more than a smidgeon)


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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Cards who could shuffle @Tech=11

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is that last year, neat-o-keen big whistle Scott Satterfield surprised a bit.

As he high-pointed the arc and the hoops-school image of Louisville football. As the Cardinals won eight games in a season when few projected them to win half that many. Coach Satterfield flushed the sour paranoia from the Louisville Sanitarium. Thereby drawing praise from fans, media, and opposing coaches alike, who voted him A.c.c. 2019 Coach of the Year!

That’s pretty dang good for a guy who was supposed to be rebuilding or getting a rookie year mulligan to borrow on last week’s word of the week, thrice.

This year however and a bit more is/was 16-returning starters expected and frankly the Cards have gone a bit 52-card pick-up shirts vs. skins sans the S.P.F. on a baking summer day.

So go fig’ on which L’ville is the real L’ville football club, here?


Tho/ do figure that Louisville is another recruiting class or three away from truly gaining Top-44 depth-chart baller traction.

As the starters really ain’t ½-bad.
Though there are a lotta quarter horses and trotters behind that in the derby here.

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

formulae here favors… who knows?
Eye am fenced, a push, even… a split-decision, draw.

Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame says… the round-robins have all flown away here. (as there is not yet anything in-A.c.c. common between these two squads).


  1. Δ1=45% the Away team visits and comes home with a big road win. There are favorable VeeTee run-fit on O and TFL/Sacks match-ups to support this; in theory.
  2. Δ2=45% the Home team is the hostess with the most’est. VeeTee’s head-game is a bit of an unknown after getting upset @Wake. Whereas L’ville has been a little bit improved of late; in theory.
  3. Δ3=10% that each and every week anything & everything can and will proverbially happen. Either team could land one bang on the sweet spot and run away and hide.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and VeeTee prolly needs to win a good 50-55 here as this one could go right down to the proverbial horsing around: ‘wire’.

the optics
…the optics say that this one is all about the O&M, ones.

As Eye doubt, Louisville can take our very best A-game punch more often than not.
The thingy is… I’m not real sold that we can catch their very best A-game punch.
And as written last week in the Eye… what if/we VeeTee have already, peaked?
(as most any salient Louisville observer would say the Cardinals have not)

the skinny

As you are about to read immediately below, there are strong (favorable) TTT metrics that do lean the O&M way. This Eye do like.

There are however greater ‘twitch” and ‘burst’ X-factor kids who co’ed and co’op and distill the Louisville offensive huddle way more so than any of the other three huddles out on the brown-water background home-field on Saturday 383 miles nor-by-nor-west.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • L’ville is a decent 27th on 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is only 69th in 1st-down D!
  • L’ville drops to 53rd on 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is a centric 46th in 3rd-down D.
  • VeeTee is an okay enough 24th 1st-down O | whereas L’ville is only 72nd in 1st-down D!
  • VeeTee a lowly 77th 3rd-down O | whereas L’ville is only 72nd, again, in 3rd-down D!

Lo.FM Analysis:
Close, to pretty much-canceling effects here men.

Though L’ville is a bit 3rd down better on O, and so are we on D. So, the Lo.FM Oct.31st g.story is likely to be 3rd-down written here. Well, unless it is not. As there are those who’d coach max’ on cracking the weakness on weakness 1st-down code. Which to me seems to favor the ciphers at L’ville. Presuming they are penultimate down forcing VeeTee to throw. EDGE=push.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • L’ville is a suspect 63rd in Qb-sacks allowed O | whereas VeeTee is only 7th best in Qb’s-sacked D!
  • L’ville is a worse 93rd in TFL allowed O | whereas VeeTee is a centric 25th in TFL inflicted D!
  • VeeTee is a very decent 34th Qb-sacks allowed O | whereas L’ville is only 54th in Qb’s-sacked D!
  • VeeTee even better at 21st in TFL allowed O | whereas L’ville is a solid enough 31st in TFL inflicted D.

    4 PM tip-off:

TTT Analysis:
Clearly, VeeTee should be playing behind the Louisville LOS (line of scrimmage) in their run-fits here. Ditto playing in the L’ville Qb1’s lap when the Cardinal drop back to take, flight. The Vice Squad holds a reasonable advantage on the other side of the LOS. Accordingly, this is one of our few really exploitable ✔-marks folks. And we really do need to check in here and force L’ville to a probing check-up A.S.A.P. EDGE=VT!

the call

The most recent 3-game trends did reveal a couple of things… namely, both run-D’s have softened by 44 ypg nearly precisely apiece. Making both halt-units much mo’ inviting on the ground; and they were both basically hosting an open-wedding with an open bar as is before.

Nevertheless, it is Louisville that has seen their offensive run-fits improve by nearly ➕30 ypg whereas the Fu’fensive ground-gang has been less offensive of late carrying the mail by about 20 ypg… or in other words, you do the maths.

Then (unfortunately) we come to the Home/Away rushing splits… where Louisville improves by a composite ➕40 ypg… as O&M eggs and j.Ham enters nearly Denny’s all-you-can-eat mode with the Techmen’s run-fits worsening by a compound virtual 85 ypg on the road!

m.s. (mid-script: the VT H/A passing splits nearly were awash… the L’ville passing splits skyrocket by nearly ➕100 aggregate ypg @home!)

Again… you do the maths!

Louisville Projected S&P+: 47th.
Louisville Projected S&P wins: 7.8 W’s.


Others are telling you that Fu’ has only been beaten once, back-to-back @Tech!

I'ma asking you... what is the one thing in common between then and, now?


…so, recall last week on the pay side… whereby someone who looks a lot like me asked for help. Help in why Wake might win ¦ and help just the same regarding why VeeTee might win.

(as I never found my peg upon which to hang my sturdy-looking OPT digits— and right on cue… look what happened!)


This week Eye have… the thing is… I’m not entirely convinced which VeeTee will show up? Tho’ I’ma pretty sure that if the @Wake VeeTee shows up… not only will VeeTee be haunted on        📡Saturday night… VeeTee may be in for a downright scary, year!

The closer...

Louisville is pulling out all the stops for this one and you’d have to expect them to be high like the International Space Station come 4 PM to Astronomical Twilight give/take (~7:57 PM!!!)        🔭

This on a very rarefied Θktoberfëst double-dip full moon. With an, every 19-years Oct.31st trick-or-treat freakin’ Blue Moon set to bust out before kickoff itself.

Now what the hell any of that has to do with anything at all Eye do not know?

Eye do however know that IF/when VeeTee decides to show-up and show-out and physically show-off? I do like our chances to ever so slowly muscle a less physical tho’ gamey Louisville outta the game itself.

The politricks caveat of course being… which VeeTee will bother to show, up?

  • If you think physically assertive and ground-n-pound VeeTee will show up?
    Vote VeeTee by 1-1.5 full plays.
  • If you think the c.Brown pumpkin-patchwork VeeTee will show up?
    Vote Louisville by 1-1.5 full plays.
  • (’cause this is surely a trick for one club and a treat for the other)

As in, the exit-polls will kinda forget the overall game itself; as someone pops a trick-play or some kinda fluke play Dew(ey), Electorial College style; late.

As our 2020 campaign’s epitaph is just about to be written here, folks.
Yes, on a full-moon Halloween, no mo’/no less!


upset Index=43%


Virginia Tech=33, Louisville=4o


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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  1. Will say it will be a cool 60 in L’Ville, as Winter chill in the air. As for the game, crystal ball sees Cunningham have his way today with the Cardinal O & the beginning of new era as Q = QB 4 Hokies. Dust settles as Hokies start today for 2021. Bitter like eating Lemon sandwich with pickle juice on moldy bread.. yuck!

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!

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