Your Miami Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts

 Happy Birthday Frank Beamer!

18 October 1946 A.D.

YUM 1o1!
YUM 1o1!
  • Zac Efron,
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme,
  • Chuck Berry,
  • Lindsey Vonn,
  • Mike Ditka,
  • the delicious Freida Pinto, and…
  • Frank Beamer.

Happy 69th to my favorite Coach Beamer!

NOW… !!!

O&M Surgeon General’s warning:

If you are a P.A.T.T., or feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this may or may not be the the final 15 minutes of film-study for you.

If you do have a Y-chromosome and are a real man, who speaks truth to the power? BUCKLE UP! And hold onto your azz, this closer is one barroom brawl
of a wild, wild ride!

Eye in the Sky:

2Q 0:46 remaining:
Play of the game here folks, and when you slow it down, it was actually the Miami C who made it. As notice the rest of da U oLinemen remain down, in their 3-point stance’s or set in their 2-point stances on the left side; which is a very odd juxtaposition of said stances’, though I digress. As it was actually #68, C Nick Linder who makes this whole play possible in the first place by snapping the ball, early.

Summa Cum Laude center play!
Summa Cum Laude center play!

And yes, I did actually agree with the timeouts here as coach Beamer was trying to pin Miami back for a possible P&J max’ effort punt-block with the ‘Cane punter -4 yards deep into his very own endzone. Damn. This one may not have been the end all, although it was the beginning of the end to borrow from Winston Churchill.

<4thQ remaining:
Do you see what I see?

Where is Brewer?
Where is Brewer?

Because what I do not see is Michael Brewer in the sideline (in-game) first-half Timeout strategy Qb conference call huddle. Though wait, the plot thickens…

3Q 12:32 remaining:
Now here is where my mind truly went, as in gone, can not get with what this screen cap’ suggests. As it suggests, posits and avers a Qb12 who is anything and everything other than ready to go into the football game. And this suggests grasping at O&M straws, or desperation to me.

Does MB look like he's about to go in, to you?
Does MB look like he’s about to go in, to you?

Just look at where Qb12 is standing?!? Is he in the sideline offensive huddle? No. He is a good 30 yards down the sideline, in an area of relative safety with the big-$ sideline pass heavy programs donors and photographers, listening in on the headsets, and far far removed from playing, getting ready to play, or anything else. This 30 yard McMillian jaunt pic’ has the look and feel of a Qb who had the day (rightfully) 100% off. And as much as I do still love this Staff? I will not not be the one defending them, here.

4th Q 13:39 remaining:
Part of me is no fan of some of these modern contact limiting rules. However, if we must have them, I do have a novel idea…

6 screw shoulder

…why don’t we try enforcing them, as if this hit was not “Targeting”? I don’t know what is?

p.s. I must say that the post-hand-off play fakes carried out by MB12 would be laughable, if the whole situation was not so sorry. Who are we kidding that MB12 is gonna run the Qb-keeper off of any Read Option set with enough metal in his left shoulder to set off every airport metal-detector from here to Miami?


And where was our fight, our payback or revanche after the above cheap-shot M.Brewer personal foul? Which was the very definition of targeting. Now, I’m not saying an Eye for an Eye –or a clavicle for a clavicle in this particular case. Though by God at least pick up the Biblical jawbone and and jack somebodies ass up from Miami with it; legally, between the whistles. Come on men! Don’t go gently into that (bad) night!

4th Q 7:25 remaining:
Now this is just an INSANE throw by my boy Michael Brewer, even with a healthy clavicle. Never mind with a 1-plate 6-screw busted one! Talk about dropping a looping Sonny Jurgensen ‘esque lob pass down into the Wes Unseld post?!? Lawsy!

See: how MB12 tries to over rotate his right shoulder forward to take the hit?
See: how MB12 tries to over rotate his right shoulder forward to take the hit?

As Brewer somehow put this one about 1” off to the left, just barely off center from being entirely perfectly square right between the numbers 100th percentile touchdown throw. And I have to say this is the tenth or so throw from Michael Brewer than has been on that hard to believe threading a needle yet oh so soft and easy to catch Joe Montana level in 1.5 years. (READERs note: do observe the fall-away M.L.B. pitcher release point self-protect shoulder turn mechanics that only one Tech football writer that I know of managed to correctly predict last week)

Michael Brewer’s Time To Throw

Pass Attempts=4
Qb pressures=2
Qb hurries=1
Qb sacks=0
Qb hits=3

Let’s see, the good news is all 4 of MB12’s pass attempts were actually caught by someone. The bad news is that 25% of them were caught by Miami and the even worse news is that Qb1’s 6-screw left-shoulder drew contact on 75% of his throws. The odd part is he had a good clean cup on the INT, and threw 3 tip-top passes before that, all of which were under pressure. Go fig’? An odd thing this oblong spheroid we call football. And even if we improve this by say 25%, what is the Vegas O/U on MB12’s survivalibility duration at 50% contacts for as long as he lasts?


  • 3rd Q: 0 yards passing, 0 completions, combined! Never ever seen that one before from two teams. Have you?
  • PRAISE be to OXVT for this nugget: …the 2015 defense is on pace for its lowest projected sack total (26) in a quarter of a century (199o)!
  • Sunshine state boys shown and brightly, as Maddy played like a mad-dog with his tail on fire, Ford had a nice homecoming game, and Dadi sure hustled; even if his busted hand has totally mucked up his ability to actually, tackle.
  • Travon McMillian is only averaging a first down every 2 carries with 4.2 yards to spare! And get this, I watched him good and hard, he had an easy yet strident walk back to the huddle after an elongated sideline carry. I saw this on a near side hashmark to far side outta bounds run vs. Miami in the 4th Q. Did not bother him 1 iota. This kid may have that rarefied John Riggins pulmonary D.n.a. whereby he grows stronger as the game goes longer. Why not give him the rock 20 times and see what happens?
  • Deon Clarke is something of a loose-cannon out there at times, almost a verbal fire-hose that a few extra firemen need to lasso and hold down. However, at least he responds, at least he ain’t got no back-down when the game heats up. I’ve been critical of Deon’s hot-hotheadedness in the past. However, on a team that seems like wet tinder or feckless when chasing? You need all the amped up sparkplugs you can get.
  • 121st in fewest Penalties, dang.
  • The unblocked Tuaman has improve? Yes, significantly. Though I’d love for Will or Chris or Andy to whomever: to ask Bud, what % of the time the Tuaman is in a scripted red-dog or blitz; and what % of the time Tuaman just hard charges the ‘rong Gap? (as he went against the play-side numerous times yesterday) It is almost like he is a David Wilson over on D, unless this has nothing to do with his field-vision and Bud has commanded him to attack the left A-gap or the right A-gap. His open-field tacking is much much better. His E-W geometry is better. (not as shallow any more). He has always hustled. And he’s actually not that bad in pass-protect.
  • 92nd in Pass Protect, and slipping.
  • Though Pride & Joy and our Special Team’s coach have been money, 0 blocks allowed for 1st-best and 14th best in blocks achieved thus far says so.

Inserting Michael Brewer late in the game down 10 points @Miami was what???

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Tech Thoughts:

I’m starting to wonder how many more punches this aging champion can take?

Twilight late in a Hall of Fame career I mean. And make no mistake here, this warhorse champ’ has been rocked a couple of times in the last 3.5 years by punches this champ’ used to see coming.

That’s never a good sign men.

This is where you cringe a bit -even when he wins- because YOUR beloved champion is still in there trading leather. When deep down you know something could happen at the proverbial any moment, and the 12th round of the 1st-ballot career can not go “ding”, W L or D, soon enough. Power may be the last thing to go, though reflexes and therefore Defense are the first thing to go. Don’t believe me? Just ask our 83rd in rushing defense stop-unit. And although this may not be a “shot fighter” per se in the vernacular of the the squared-circle, this is a champion that is in extreme danger of becoming a “gatekeeper” to complete the fistic metaphor. Maybe a turnstile, or possibly worse, food. As I sense that this aging as I type champion is just about to get caught, “bang” on the chin.

The 28th round of a 28 round fight?
The 28th round of a 28 round fight?

(then astrohokiebob wrote this in reply on the TSL Pay MB)

“Am I so selfish that all I care about is winning? No, I want to win but there are more important events playing out right now. Coach may be walking the sidelines for the last times… That is what is important. Relish the time to watch the man who has given and continues to give so much to you and me… win or lose that is how I see it.  It is his time not mine or ours… IT IS OVATION TIME. Thanks again bourbonstreet.”


So what did I do post-game you ask? I went outside to throw the football post-game and took the radio with me. What I heard? What I heard sounded… hollow. As what I heard sure sounded like a tired Staff trying to say all the right things the same ole tired way. And yet right then it started sounding like an aging Staff that is fresh outta new ideas. Think of it this way…

… this very same aging champ’ has 5 games left under its contract. In how many of those 5 games will this aging champion be …the betting favorite? Perhaps not any. Nevertheless, in how many of those same 5 games does this aging champion deserve your support for all that he has done for,, and the New River Valley?

In all six, every freakin’ one!


Virginia Tech=2o, Miami=30




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  1. Great comments. We love The Man and all that he means to VT. Truly the end of an era that we have been fortunate to be a part of. I just hope that there is an opportunity to offer said OVATION as no matter the desire for change or not, we all want to be there and participate.

    1. I hope Lane, and then even Scott Stadium show this guy much LOVE on the way out.

      NOTHING else would have even 1 credit hour of class.


  2. “What I heard sounded… hollow. As what I heard sure sounded like a tired Staff trying to say all the right things the same ole tired way.”

    This, unfortunately, speaks to the crux of the matter. Last week you noted that it was Beamer who spearheaded the effort to rise to the occasion against NC State, which I have no doubt is true. But, it also immediately raises the question of whether or not Beamer is outworking, outrecruiting, outcoaching, outleading his conference contemporaries the other 51 weeks of the year (or at least 70-80% of them as the famed 10-game win streak would imply). The week-to-week inconsistency is the hallmark of those who went before him along similar path of longevity: Ault, Fulmer, Bowden, Paterno, Holtz, Brown.

    One of the cornerstones of Beamer’s longevity at VT was beating Miami and beating UVA year in and year out. The trend against Miami has gone poorly the last few years. I just hope the end of the journey this year doesn’t include a UVA loss. To that end, I think I actually would roll the dice on telling the team about his retirement prior to that game (when exactly, I don’t know; practice? just before the game?). I don’t care if they rack up 300 yards of late hits and unnecessary roughness, if running on raw, undistilled emotion will get them the UVA win, then I say go for it.

    1. +1 just for throwing ‘vada Wolfpack coach C.Ault in there.

      I did not know he was there that long, and only there as a head coach.


      1. and BTW…………..VT @ france?

        Could be worse vs. worst.
        It really could if this gets away from VT in the next week or two.


  3. What a classic hook! No way not to read it after this: “If you do have a Y-chromosome and are a real man, who speaks truth to the power? BUCKLE UP! And hold onto your azz, this closer is one barroom brawl of a wild, wild ride!” Ha!

    I’m sure I’ll cuss you out, but this is now a “must read.”
    Starting in 5-4-3…

      1. Not pulling your leg
        I’d only read the opening. Hadn’t even clicked the “read further”

  4. You have great insight and more readers should come to appreciate what you can offer. However, please learn to write !

    1. I gotta admit.

      I know better, (PRAISE be to Williams Hall). And yet I like writing with numbers less than ten, semi-colons, double hyphens, ellipsis, and so forth.

      Think maybe ‘ll write the very final one A.P.A. perfect. Or maybe the penultimate one and then switch back?
      ; )

      God willing,

  5. Dammit, ‘skreet, you almost made me cry.

    I have many of the same concerns. I desperately want CFB’s run to end well, but I’m downright fearful now that it cannot or at least won’t. Not talking Ws/Ls (though that’d have been the fairy tale), but respect, legacy, dignity and the support of fans. I know this is killing him and I hate it.

    RE #ifhewasreadytogowhynotstarthim?, I’ve been asking a few of CFB’s semi-harsh critics a few Qs about the 4th qtr MB appearance, but haven’t found answers. Didn’t expect them; the Qs were rhetorical (I was pretty sure the critics didn’t know the answer but I wanted them to face the Qs). In your case, however, I’m hoping you do know the answers, or some of them.

    How did MB look in practice?
    Was his timing on or off? How much off, if at all?
    How about his accuracy in practice? Good? Bad?
    How was his mental outlook during the week? Confident?
    What did he and the staff discuss w/re to his playing?
    What exactly does “cleared to play” mean?
    How did he look compared to Motley during the week b4 scUM?

    Seems there might have been things going on that led to Motley’s start that have noting to do with CFB’s incompetence, or uncaring — though a lot of folk won’t even entertain the possibility. Mind you, I am not claiming there was, just that there could have been. If there was, given Motley’s 3 qtrs of struggle, what would VT, CFB (or CSL) have to lose by inserting the guy who (possibly) looked like #2 during the week (MB)? Not much if he was healthy but didn’t look great in practice.

    I figure you might know the answer to my formerly rhetorical -but now real- Qs.

    Not sure why MB wasn’t in the QB/coach huddle or whatever. Maybe he was sulking. Maybe he figured he’d never go in. I have no idea. However, I voted “desperate” in the poll. Doesn’t matter if it was the right call not to start him and then bring him in, or the wrong call or whatever. We were down on the road; we had a starter who was creating a vacuum; we had a frosh, and we had a post surgery, (we now know tentative) banged up starter. If that ain’t desperate, I dunno what is.

    Good stuff. Thx

  6. “…and the support of fans. I know this is killing him and I hate it.”

    ^this^ concerns, me.


  7. How did MB look in practice? Better than expected. Nice, darty short-to-medium throws. (only long ball was just a little short)

    Was his timing on or off? How much off, if at all? Not really. He’s been throwing 3+ weeks. Timing was as good as could be expected. (see: 1st pass @Miami).

    How about his accuracy in practice? Good? Bad? Very solid. Still throws the most catchable ball since D.Meyer (who too, broke his collarbone: go fig’?)

    How was his mental outlook during the week? Confident? Anxious. (in both directions)

    What did he and the staff discuss w/re to his playing? (that someone will not disclose)

    What exactly does “cleared to play” mean? Bone healed “enough”. Whatever “enough” means I do not clinically nor as a percentage know?

    How did he look compared to Motley during the week b4 scUM? Motley had looked good in practice right up until after Pitt. Since, he has been dinged up. In fact Motley was looking better-n-better. Baby to medium sized steps as opposed to k.Kong sized strides; although still a positive trend. Now he’s less than 100% and the read on him is less literate accordingly. Brewer too was looking better and better “closer and closer” (to getting back).

    Seems there might have been things going on that led to Motley’s start…. well yah;. like purchasing 1 more week of non-contact healing for poor Brewer. Or buying time, getting away with the win @Miami –if we only could.
    Now and all of that to say, I heard a MB that seemed surprised that he played in his voice post-game, he also seemed less than 100% (sure) that he was 100% healed. Note he did not lie 1 drop. He did however not give the most glowing rah-rah sis-boom-bah answers, instead. Like trying not to lie and also trying to say the per se right thing; each at the expense of the other.

    (PRAISE be to Dr.Minnix of Illinois who taught me Sports Psychology)

    A VERY interesting clinical applied sports-psych post-game interview with Burnup.


    1. Wow. Thanks for the detailed answer.

      Almost wish I hadn’t asked, though. I find it troubling. If MB can play (from a physical standpoint) and if he looked good all week (thanks for the answers on that), then start him. No real discussion to be had. Start MB — JMO

      I am not, however, of the “either he is ready to play or he is not” school. Healing is not an exact science; it’s never that simple. However, if you knew YOU were willing to play him under SOME circumstance on Saturday (and we were), then it seems reasonable, no, it seems imperative that we’d start the game with him.

      The only reason I can think of that would be acceptable not to start MB would be if the gap b/w the two QBs is not as big as I think it is. But to me MB seems at least a notch above. Thx again.

  8. Bstreet,
    Wanted to ask what happened to Clark on that play late in the 4th qtr when he was on the ground facing the end zone and not aware that the Miami qb was coming right at him. Was he blocked, did he slip, it is unusual to see a defensive player on the ground with no offensive player in the immediate area.

  9. Came looking for a Dook writeup.
    Kinda glad it’s not here yet because I got to see that great looking brunette again.

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