Your Old Dominion upsetting Eye in the Sky!

#13 Virginia Tech=34Old Dominion=49

CONGRATs @O.d.u.!!!

Virginia Tech Surgeon General‘s Warning… if you are a P.A.T.T., if you feel you may be a P.A.T.T., or if you feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this honest and uncensored R.A.T.T. kinda post-game wrap may not be the post-game wrap for… you.

1Q :08 remaining:
Never seen this one before, and as the preview did say, Oshane Ximines (same as the W&M Wr) is the best individual opponent on the field. Though what I’ve never seen is a left or blindside-Ot, come-up early outta his stance on an uncalled False Start, and still get beaten to the blocking spot for the sack! What?!? I mean how is that even possible? Never seen this before at any level of ball→b.street

TMI, much?

Game/(season) duration:
At the risk of being labeled an asshat, and even though we are the butt of college football watercooler jokers everywhere… ahhhhhh, errrrrr, why did we bring back the 1970’s Teletubbies looking girdle butt-pad?!? LOL, what’s next? The Y.M.C.A. butt-slap?

2Q 3:38 remaining:
EPIC open-field block downfield by S.Savoy on the boundary-Cb of O.d.u. Pancakes anyone? (and next play this punky brewster Cb punches Savoy right in the chops… as it took a few rounds for this one to get totally lit, as I went to a boxing match and a street fight broke out).

2Q second drive, game remaining:
I just can not find the injurious moment on tape… although the soon to be (God Bless) really injured Josh Jackson has some kinda off-hand ailment and/or cut here.

Game/Season duration:
For what it is worth… both POWER to the Peoples and McClease are both hard-running, hard-grinding, hard-charging and hard to bring down Rb’s. Peoples’ balance and bounce have both improved, and McClease has a nifty spin-move and a human barracuda body-cut to boot. (just ask 3Q 9:32 remaining if you doubt what I mean here)

Game (near) duration:
Not that I like handing out opposing props, though the Larussa Qb2 kid of O.d.u. made plays, he extended plays, he even created sandlot looking plays. Under extreme Time To Thow duress numerous times. Makes you wonder what this kid is inside a good clean passing cup? As this is one well-schooled, slick; Qb tradecraft, savvy kid. PROPs!!!

4Q ~14 remaining:
So, to me, and for my $0.o3 in the game of life? This is where it began to truly unravel, and then in the final 2-3 Bud Lyte defensive stands it really came unglued. As do note the increasing amount of “woofin'” from these now fully crowned Monarchs. #7 and #6 at Wr, and one #35 the Cox kid at Tb did way more than slip this verbal stiletto right into the egg scrambling occipital part of our Tidewater head-game.

Or to put it more directly, as the early evening over in Norfolk dawned, we began to play O.d.u.’s streety, thuggy, smack-talking game. As their mouthiness talked us totally outta playing our game. Fu’ called this a lack of “discipline” when Coach Beethoven and myself call this… “decomposing”. As the Monarchs verbal bumrush of our 7-5-7 ballers minds was nothing short of instrumental in shortcircuiting any Hokie efforting as we did finally intellectually tap-out as we closed the game playing a version of two-hand-touch while spitting the O&M #HardSmartTough cultural bit.

4Q 12:48 or 20192020 remaining:
May St.Joshua bless.

Just a harsh, harsh play to watch in slo’ mo’.

And seeing the most popular Hokie Qb in 15 years have his r-Soph. season “snapped” off like this did our chemistry, leadership and ultimately our brawling post-game lockeroom no applied Sports Psyche favors. None at all. (BONUS: S.Peoples got leg dinged on the very next play)

4Q <5 mins. rest of the Qb1 season remaining:
And here meta-communicating rears its truthful head… as after the surprising/impressive Ry’ Willis sideline jaunt? A grand total of two Hokies propped him up for his sleeker/leaner Baywatch moves; and yet after the HR throw miss by #5, Kumah sure let him know.

4Q 4:32 remaining:
This is Wr S.Savoy getting (illegally) bulldog/horsecollar tackled, a good 8-10′ outta bounds, over-the-top of the advertising barrier side headlock style. Nearly a pro wrasslin’ D.D.T.

IF it was not “on until the break odawn” it was surely lit after this!

And this is not at least a personal-foul (or auto-ejection); how again?!?

VERY next play… how is the punch to the back of Hazleton’s head on the 4th & 4 incomplete uncalled/unseen as well?!?

Get the (bleep) outta here O.d.u. Don’t snow me in July and “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

(that lesson is sporting ethos piously in place… “red” Auerbâch himself did use to teach: be first-to-the-punch, “always initiate, never retaliate“, as the Ref always calls the second thing first.

0:00 remaining:
Notice the O.d.u. sideline initially charge/mob the middle of the field— then suddenly vector nor’ by nor’ west and actively herd/chase Virginia Tech off of their field. WoW, sad, and w0w some mo’!

This is Culture Shock 1o1!!!

5Q 7 pm @Duke:
Accordingly, we could be playing this kinda Goliath-sized upsetting O.d.u. football team, twice, if we and O&M mental slingshots everywhere are not entirely, careful.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=14
Qb hurried=o
Qb hits=18

Old Dominion:
Qb pressured=20
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=17

Well, recall @F.s.u. when O&M tackling dipped. Quite a bit to start; though it did improve as both F.s.u. and Bill & Mary wore on. Nonetheless, here we quantify and science-fact objectify our sporting takes -where and when we can- so technically speaking it (tackling) was trading underwater. Below average; albeit it on the tacking rise…

Then we went over to Norfolk and suddenly our tackling encountered a heretofore entirely unexpected Tidewater riptide. It was way too shallow, it overpursued (i.e. not old-school broken down | though at least this is a hustling/forgivable sin); it had no Coach Euclidean sense of geometry or leverage, as it went over and under Monarch ball-carriers, did I mention how shallow it was at times on run-fits, yet? And then to compound fracture all of that, we tackled really high or really low (i.e. too helmet-high or too ankle biting low) and that never looks masculine on film.

Plus, and methinks I’ve never Budweiser typed these very words out before… this D does not change direction well. Like it needs buku lateral/agility type drills galore. (i.e. file that away vs. any remaining cutback/crossbuck O; recall this O.d.u. run-tendency was preview documented). Now mix in small and at times a step slow looking Cb’s on the edge who were occasionally simply torched on linear or in-line patterning | and then (to their credit) beaten by several just textbook perfect outside shoulder throws in pretty compact coverage(s). This included not less than a whopping two one-handed snags when you can go a month or better and never even see a single one; much less two in less than ~32 minutes of the very same game. Now mix in some latent pre-snap coverage rotations/realignment S.N.A.F.u’s thanks to the motioning pre-snap shifting Monarchial offense and yikes!

So, to be short/direct… worst technical and lack of fireball tackling beyond Rivers and Walker and Floyd, I’ve seen on film in many a year. Prolly back to the 2003 defense that fell totally apart late in the year. There is a lot to fix here folks. Bud Lyte was back on tap and in the final ~10 minutes of scrumming, it was the much vaunted Bud Lyte that finally, tapped, out. (and yah; 42 TTT scratch marks tallied against O.d.u. and, we, did, not… win?!?)

On the other side of the ball… all I’am gonna say is that O.d.u. tallied a staggering eight Qb pressures and five Qb hits and one sack on our poor Qb2 during the final two series of play! Why?!? He’s your new Qb1 girlfriend’s, whether you like it… or lump it.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| (1 Willis TD throw)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| ||| (1 VT penalty)

Old Dominion:
positive: |||| |
Swiss (neutral): |||| (1 VT penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |||| (5 VT 1st-down granting penalties!!!)

On the ½ full side, or maybe even closer to two outta three ain’t half bad side… run-blocking was generally pretty dang solid. Very good at times on edge and serviceable to decent up the A-gap gut. As our sealing and shielding on the edge sprung a number of runs clean, at least 4-5 yards downfield before anyone or anything O.d.u. could so much as scratch our run-fits with so much as a fingernail. Don’t know if that’s great or not— as I did want a little mo’ G-c-G vs. Dt displacement vs. little ole O.d.u. Though I do know that a whopping 354 rushing yards gained (net) is pretty damn great.

Now edge pass-fits in the U-cup pocket that Coach Vice appears to preach? Iffy if not whiffy at best. Which is very curious to this Eye, as Dzansi is supposed to excel on his pass-shapes and even Nijman got dawgged a couple of times.

One opposing nod I do wanna give out… as I still gotta wonder why coach after coach after coach, tries to hammer their square defensive peg into the round Fu’fensive hole. i.e. why do they keep playing their base forty-three clone sets vs. Fu’ and Corny no matter what(s)? O.d.u.? Not so much… as their pseudo-forty-two with two hybrids at least partially mucked around with the Fu’fense at times near the line-of-scrimmage.

As the Lo.FM went… V.Tech just set a Lo.FM record with three consecutive series and never once chasing the chain-gang, not, once! Never seen that one before; although I’ve never seen a team do that with 18 straight average to good down-n-distance snaps and have that much efficaciousness result in a whopping: one punt, one score, and one INT either. Always, be, closing folks. As football is as easy as your ABC’s.

Though the obscene lack of composure on the record-setting no less than five, that’s (5) freebie 1st-downs that we Christmas gift-wrapped when we mentally kneeled before our Monarchs’ and bent the knee at the waist and just handed them five first downs on dumbass, bonehead, knucklehead penalties? Well, that will get even a swaggering (VT-28) point fave upset vs. a formerly o-3 lowly D-1 football team.

And oh yes, that’s a record-setting day on wet the bed missed tackles this sucks; truly;
it does not depend(s).

So... Virginia Tech football will do what after this total Tidewater tank job @O.d.u.???

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the takeaway

Yah; this was a very very soft/wilting effort. On 13 days off too… go fig’ on that? As we took the swaggy, mouthy, streety, ‘hood O.d.u. mental bait Saturday; then we cerebrally unraveled, cranially decomposed and played their head-game folks; and swallowed their entire Tidewater reel, hook-line-stinker.

Now why this was heading over into  Norfolk Va., with no real bad 24060 practice field hints, vibes, whispers, rumors… with no New River Valley lockeroom or McBryde 100 Dr. Glanville sour chemistry mash in scuttlebutt to report.

Why this is I just do not know? Do you?

As that’s as perplexing of a Hokie football effort as I’ve seen mentally since the @wvu 2003 game post the A.c.c. departure terminal bad-blood debacle face plant total flop.

Would not be… denied!!!


I feel for Fu’ and Hilgirth. I truly do. Their clinical hands are now culturally, Fu’ll.

More like overflowing to be precise.

Though what I got in-game, and particularly what I got late in breaking tape, …what I got was sideline dysFunctionality. As we sure seemed needy in the 4Q clutch to me, and this reminded me of @Georiga Tech last year in more ways that sum.

Caveat being… Fu’ and Hilgirth had best be very very careful this week at practice/conditioning…

…as there are a few (should be) primetime team leaders that are pulling the ‘rong way (UPDATE: one is now kicked to the curb). To compound fracture all of that all the more, there are precious few seniors; nevermind authentic leading alpha male Y-chromosome laden ones. JAX although the nonpareil team fave since the days of the cool-modine Bryan Randall, is not a rally the sagging troops’ gunslinging thrower. And even if he was an Evans caliber hell-n-brimstone rattlesnake leader, how far out in front do you lead with your ankle/leg in a hard plastic boot? Not very, or so last time I checked.


Now the always nebulous concept of leadership falls upon a Qb2 who only two teammates congratulated after that pretty dang nifty sideline jaunt. And who got punted on a floor mopping only a few months back socially. Punted, mind; yah…

And if all of that did not conspire to be disturbing enough, then we come to the irreFutable fact that S.B. Ballard Stadium sits smackdab right in the freakin’ middle of the most fertile recruiting hotbed in all of Virginia. This after what should have been a gimmie game in which our much vaunted S&C manhood and cultural genetics just practiced no better than flaccid and/or circumcised sterility.

Want too101!!!

That’s not pitching the recruiting pickle men, this is, however, catching the recruiting cod. And guess hoo just cannot possibly wait to use this Equinox embarrassment of an evening on us out on the Commonwealth recruiting, trail? Well, I mean in addition to newly minted in-state {sic: arch} rival Old Dominion themselves.


I hope the average fan, Joe-6-pack, et al, do get that these Monarchs held court and actually physically bullied us to close. I mean Bud Lyte was on its heels, then on skates and then only the ropes were holding us up as time mercifully expired. And as you see above these Monarchs chased their queen(s) off of their field.

Because the rest of 2018’s applied sports psyche, hygienics’, and culture, all now officially hang in the next 72 hours O&M balance. As an L @Duke here then coupled with a likely L vs. more talented N.Dame and suddenly an opening .4oo win percentage campaign might just get away from them.

As G.Allen's over-the-Hill gang taught us all... the Fu'ture is now, indeed.

Tomorrow is too late and as any terminal contact sport will tell you, the squared-circle and the gridiron are the ultimate crucibles of truth. Accordingly, sodium pentothal,  scopolamine, and armchair barBITCHurates @Duke unite.

As @Duke=our psychological bowl game.

Make your 7pm reservations to mentally check-in or seasonally checkout.

Fish or get off the pot…



Virginia Tech=34, Old Dominion=49




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  1. 9-7-2019. Unleash hell. A statement game.

    Enjoyed the color commentary B, …Shakespeare sold tragedies too my 304 friend.

    1. Shakespeare sold tragedies too my 304 friend.”


      The best line on here in quite a spell.

      thank you,

  2. So how in hades did this 0-3 monarch team who got blasted by Liberty, lost by 8 to FIU, then lose by 3 to UNCC, all of a sudden bully, manhandle, and straight up bar brawl bully our VT Power 5 butts when we supposedly have the better S&C and 13 days rest??? Did the ODU team improve week by week that much to flip the switch and beotch slap us down in Norfolk? Holy smokes your break down makes this loss even more embarassing and YAH, the hoos are licking their chops (as I posted SAT) and are improving at the QB/O and 3-4 D at a nifty 3-1 confident arrogant hoova record. Does VT have the coaches and players to be so pissed off and enough fire in the belly to show up in Durham spitting nails and breathing out napalm to exorcise the monarch demons? I damn sure hope so because this is what it will take to beat Coach Cut and his blue devils.

    1. I heard NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Zilch.
      mmmm-k? That clear? We transparent?

      And no one I know of heard anything either…
      Nevertheless, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did teach…

      Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” -Sherlock Holmes-

      …so, something had to be ‘rong behind the scenes.
      As nothing else ‘splains this one.
      Nothing at all.


    2. BTW… I had the very same exact wonderment regarding you know… hoo.
      They have to be all about getting a streak-breaking shot at us, now.

      (makes me wonder if Bronco is culturally >>> along than Fu’?)


  3. He’s cut….You hurt him….He’s not a machine…He’s a man!!!! Somehow these Royals channeled their best Rocky IV into last Sat’s game.. It was made for TV as these underdogs led by backup QB beat the mighty Virginia Tech Hokies……. Credit Monarchs for their win, but I beg to differ from my Field of Blue brethren on this one….Coaches are to blame here as this young team was unprepared and the game plan of lingering around and not pounding them into the dirt early on allowed the Royals to take some Viagra and last all night long…. and what a night for romping did they do!!!
    Pregame antics, joking/taking selfies w/ the crowd, tossing balls to young men & HS Coaches next to the fence… the team traveled into the 757, collect a paycheck for the big boss, VT Athletic Department, in an exhibition game that turned into a bar room fight.

    Section 7 crew was backside chapped on the long drive out of the 757 and somewhere on 58 East, it was decided:turn up the heat, Go balls against the wall against the Blue Devils, unleash the Kraken & pound QB Harris into the Durham Wallace Wade Grass!!! whilst our OL takes over. Have been told how its the strength of the Hokies this year… time to prove it!!

    PS: Vice Squad: Its in your hands now, as we need to own the LOS
    PPS: Coach MITCHELL TIME TO EARN THAT PAYCHECK ’cause the Grey Talent is now gone.

    Let’s Go kick some Blue devil ass

    1. Were we really doing this?

      Pregame antics, joking/taking selfies w/ the crowd, tossing balls to young men & HS Coaches next to the fence… the team traveled into the 757, collect a paycheck for the big boss, VT Athletic Department, in an exhibition game that turned into a barroom fight.”


      1. Oui, for all games get there early watch the pregame most of time check out opponents QB and WR to see how much ‘zip” is in their spin…. anyway kept noticing all of the distractions on the other side, so walked on down.. Team was never engaged just rolling in and rolling out and unfortunately the Royals were ready to rumble… Most of the time Fuente has everyone on lease w/ the whistle man in the field, but the early session were extremely loose… rest is history…

        1. EPIC share!!!

          Post this on Will’s pay-side if you are comfortable.
          Or with your permission, I’ll link it there.

          (tho’ I will obey any “no thanks” or decline)

          faaaaarrrrrr out!

  4. Looked like the “self improvement week” was either too much conditioning or too much partying. Tackling and change of direction was my takeaway as the glaring issue. Sad about JJ, double sad about any young men who cannot take full advantage of their scholarship and there time as a student-athlete (enter long list of players here).

    1. Looked like the “self-improvement week” was either too much conditioning or too much partying.

      a fresh take.
      +several just for that.

      and in a high octane regimented system, neither would be umpossible.
      (or totally unexpected, either)


  5. Time machine – go back to preseason when i asked you, would you rather win vs FL state and lose to UVA, then lose a bowl game, or lose to FSU and win out?

    Well I know the first is already 1/3 true – but is there a bowl in the picture after the film from ODU is cycled through a couple a more times? (it seriosly has to be worn to shreds in Durham already)

    Lack of push from DT, suspect tackling/overpursuit, vulnerable (but learning) corner play, and a dinged/delicate FS. Can the O-Jell (see that?) around a mebbe Jeff Georgian QB, capitalizing on some really good run blocking and finally, home run type plays?

    Color me not looking forward to the 6 out of the last 7 games – and the physical, dare I drop it, sociocultural damage GT thru Miami may do sans a Cerebral Assasin type job from Fuente in building esprit de corps in the locker rom, sideline, and of course, the field makes me very worried about the streak – bowl and Hoo.

    Thus, I ask – is this week’s on field product and result the linch pin of the year?

    1. Could be a result of that lynch-pin.
      Very possible, actually.

      Time=tell, though yah; October/November are not looking any softer right now.
      Not at all.


    1. {my frozen hot chocolate and me} “We, agry.” {/at o-6 hosting V.M.I.}


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