Your winning Georgia Tech Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=26, Georgia Tech=17

…did the better of 2 non-good-teams, win?

Virginia Tech football did just enough to win; every single bit as much as Georgia Tech football did just enough to get, beat.

The Hokies won on the A.c.c. Road where visitors emerge triumphant about 3 in 10 times historically. So, there is that, and we won’t be giving that back. Still, yet, it is not like we went down to Georgia and Peach stated our case in truly emphatic terms. As neither team really ever truly rosined up their bows or played their fiddle’s hard. It is rather that one team snapped a few less strings. Which actually is all the mo’ impressive when you see below just how deep they had to deep into their 2nd-string {sic: 2’s} to win this one. This vs. what looked like a very available football team between the earholes and between the headsets alike upon breaking tape in technical terms. As there are squads who do dum’ things, there are clubs who do dummer things, and then there is Gah.Tech. Nonetheless, the good-Tech did win and you know Fu’ lived to fight another day. 

Career duration:
…in all fairness to Fu’ (and @Corny), if “parting is …such sweet sorrow“? When I was watching po’ BAX quixotically windmill to get his shoulder loose, and then seeing him get leg-hobbled later on… is the ‘Qb whisper’ epitaph best carved via the Qb-health undertaker?

Eye wonder…

1Q 5:46 remaining:
…segueing effortlessly now… as BAX took a few lumps on the day, and oddly enuff, this was in spite of a pretty dang clean Vice Squad: ‘passing-cup’ wise.

The other team’s Korterback must go down…

As here we see that the De of G.Tech clearly had Qb on the option call…

…and he must go down, hard!” —Al Davis

…and he hammered him right into the turf and right onto po’ BAX’s got flattened wallet.

A couple of games Duration:
…most curious to see such furious warriors upfront go all ‘floppy’ Divac of Sac’ King hoops fame and trying to draw opposing personal fouls?

The only funnier thing than the sanctimony of this is that it, worked!

…and the allegory only allegories all the mo’ when you realize that Vlade played… Center!
“All the world’s a stage…” —Coach Billy Shakespeare

(And Brock is not the only flopper here… clearly, they woulda liked 5.25″, discs!)

2Q 9:25 remaining:
3rd-n-17 to go, in positive field-position on the G.Tech 46 and you call an Off-T plunge-play for 6′ {sic: gained}?

Now, I’ma not one to typically harangue r-G.O.P.’ness, (as a Pro-Life, Pro-Guns, Pro-spare the Bible Belt spoil the child, blue my ownself)… tho’ did anyone else hear the Vicks’ podcast smackdown of: “…they (the Fu’fense here), they lack aggression” on this call?

I mean, Eye’ma not want to call this one too catty, tho’ with ➕field-position still allowing smartly for a coffin-corner kick justin time for halloween… why not try a little Oct.30th trickeration?


2Q 4:39 remaining:
Anyone else think that ole Coach O’Leary looked like Flair and Trump had… sex???

…this coulda been Lisfranc worse, possibly VERY!

2Q 2:46 and again 2:o6 remaining:
Barno -who has been slowly ‘on the come’ and ballin’ better of late- took several leg-dings in this one. As he ain’t wearing that protective “closed” and full-sleeve ’cause the ATL is cold. Here he catches his right-toe(s) at full-extension (longus tendons plural ‘beware’) …

…next, he tries to pull up and plant-n-go when Sims does beat him to the edge. Instead of catching his foot this time his foot spins out and wrenches his other leg for his troubles. St.Sabas bless!

…as clearly the turf-gremlins had it 31st Oct. in for po’ Barno on Saturday!
St.Sebastian help!

3Q 14:22 remaining:
Strange one here, unengaged, single, solo, non-weight-bearing, and something on CC (Conner’s) left-side (leg) just gave. (The after-game reports were foot/ankle… Eye see nothing to support that here, tho’ #1 clearly came up not wanting to put any weight on his left-side whatsoever, and that’s never a good look… St.Philip bless!)


3Q 8:56 remaining:
…this ATL carpet is baggin’ us big time on Saturday… as this time it is po’ Brock who ‘whispers say’ really torqued his ankle here. So much so that everyone was so surprised he came back into the game. As he steps on a prone GT-lineman and that creates an uneven surface. Or, mo’ degrees to pronate a helpless ankle even, further to the turf! wowow!

…Brock and his rolled right-ankle went down instantly too. : (
As #76 may be one of the very few spirited barkin’ dogs that does bite.
(St.Philip bless!)

…additionally, po’ BAX limpin’/draggin’ his whole right-leg is most visible post-play as he exists the field-of-play itself. (Gotta wonder just how good-to-B.C.-go they will short-work-week be here?)

Game and recent Season Duration:
What is up with J.P. Romo summoning his inner-Miley Cyrus pre-kick: “twerk-it, twerk-it, twerk-it honey” routine?!? ROTF… well, whatever works fo’ yah here girlfriend.

As Jay-Pee has been on a nice rally of late…
…so you gotta hand it to his leg-game and score this round 10-8 in his favor.

Whatever it takes.” –Chuck Noll
As K’s are a verrrrrry quirky sort.

Tho’ the all-pent-up looking game-face is too funny to boot!

3Q 5:41 remaining:
In the realm of not funny… and mutually in the realm of never seen this one before… big ole m.Kendricks appears to ding his left-handed humerus bone on the way by Qb1 Sims here. Tho’ the newer reports are: ‘shoulder’. St.Christopher bless

4Q 7:05 remaining:
Either we’ve got the totally ‘rong cleats/scoots on… or the G.Tech field turf is criminal. (And with their guys being (mostly) a-okay… I’ma forced to wonder “out-loud” a bit mo’ on the former…)

Man-o-man… hits just keep Hotlanta coming!

As this time Blackie wrambling-wrecks his right ankle on a pin-move in the dogpile. Same as Brock’ this did not look salubrious in slo’-mo’. Dang… (St.Philip bless!!!)

…as you can see his ankle let-go and flail/dangle helplessly mid-air as he tries to self-protect and release his very own leg-weight from above. wow!  : (

4Q 5:20 remaining:

As said… Eye may be a soul-school Dem‘… tho’ I aint’s this new-school democratic.                    🦄

As this shoulda been an Auto-Ejection.

gross assbeeyotch 1o1!!!
As #10 for G.Tech clearly plays for the other team as he plays with m.Thomas marital tackle here!

4Q 3:20 remaining:
LOVED seein’ Fu’ chew-Griff’ spark-out for this knuckleheaded entirely unnecessary personal foul late hit on the G.Tech Qb1 post-play.

The key part here is… Griff’ did NOT respond like his coach was a lame-duck or already ‘whistling past (Will’s) graveyard. Not at all… as his meta-communication took it like Fu’ is STILL here.🪦🦆

4Q 2:52 remaining:
THIS is how you retaliate folks… you go’on and you Aunt Jemima his bitch-ass-o-nite!

Boom goes the dynamite!

As Moore truly pwns #10 of Gah.Tech for what he did to his boy Thomas in the goal-line pile.

BEST pancake we’ve served up all year— and it’s not even close!

Game (broadcast) Duration:

Dr. Goforth doppelganger 1o1?

Game, varying:
Conner, Chatman (feets), Daley (right-wrist), and a few others; all taking post-game treatment(s). Godspeed/Coach God bless!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=7 (1 big TD!)
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=15

Georgia Tech:
Qb pressured=11
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=14
Sacked=3 (1 fumbled)

Time To Throw Analysis:
Well, here we see that… the TTT metric hit this one right in the sweet spot. Right between the persimmon-wood screws and picked up the sprinkler head kicker to boot.

Vibes say reppin‘ mo’ of late…

As the TTT vital correctly predicts a semi-close VicTory dance and yah; Eye’d have to say that winning by about 1-full-play-n-change counts there.

The caveat being, the jumpiness of the Sims Qb1 from the other Tech. As he went Great Pumpkin and got a bit frightful when facing full-frontal-pressure, or when pressured outside of the passing-V itself. As he let about a handful go that you’d have to wager nickels to dimes that he’d (and Coach C0llins) both wish they had chump-changed back.

So, it is not so much so that the better Qb1 won here, as much as it
is that the older/more experienced curved Qb1 proved to be
less curvaceous in Chris @World Series terms.

(o) (o)

Vice-squad Analysis:
Blocking itself did not quantify that poorly. In point of fact the Vice-Squad run-fits slowly yet surely graded out a scosche better here, and a smidgeon better there, as the day grew longer and our run-shape grew (a little bit) stronger.

The classical ‘passing-cup’ was reasonably insulated, and by the final couple of handfuls of minutes, the Vice Squad was getting dangerously close to blocking-downhill itself. Peachtree dat Gah.Tech! As C1-a and nearly right-G1 j.Jordan would start for a lotta other places.

…as in just a little betterment here-n-there could lend itself to actually developing a legit rugged, flannel-shirt, brawny-towel, Paul BunRAN and “babe” (the blue-OX) identity just in time for you know… hoo!

And although not quite great, this was the Vice Squad’s best day of the year.
(…mo’ below…)

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| || (2 big TD’s!!! 2 GT flag’s)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| || (3 inside their 10! 4-VT-false-starts)

Georgia Tech:
positive: |||| (1 TD, 3 harsh VT penalties)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| ||| (1 GT flag, 1 INT)

…not our fault, tho’, still…

Lo.FM Analysis:
…curiously enuff… as Eye confess, did not feeeeel like this live in-game… the much-maligned Fu’fense -to its credit- stayed on down-n-distance schedule for a good long spell to begin the scrum that extended well into the 3Q of play. While G.Tech would make a play, miss a play, and then self-negate another play or three. Now, that may not be explosive or bang-bang football, tho’ at least it ain’t a snap-n-(dud)-pop Fu’tball either.

As both, Tech’s gathered and conspired to bewitch the Georiga version thereof in this contest.

Then, however, the 2nd-half began and we could not get outta our knowing our very own ‘snap-count’ way. As a lotta Tech fans from both sides were cleverly costumed up as: empty-seats. So, that’s not it… and I’ll admit, it had me pretty concerned that we were about to go Beethoven and begin to decompose.

’cause although Eye refu’se to go homer and say we shoulda won by more here… it is not that unnatural to say that: “…we coulda won by more…”

…nor would it be unfair to author that we (nearly) tried to give this one away, or to at least keep the other Tech in it. And yet we found no takers for our in our very own charitable closing look(s).


V.Tech Rb’s conspired to gain 186-yards on the ground. They also conspired to NET 186-yards on the ground. As the very next step they would have taken backward down in the ATL woulda been their first! And ^that’s^ a pretty fair-to-middling definition of controlling the L.O.S. (line-of-scrimmage) if you ask me.

As the Vice Squad slowly yet surely continued to fertilize the body of Gah.Tech.

In point of fact— one could dare to type that they are starting to cop a little downhill bullying ‘tude. A 2021 blocking 5-o if you will. As several guys are taking a nasty cue from Brockwōrst and gating some of his toughness gone roughness (when Referee allowed) right on in.

(o) (o)

…on the Box Score obscure data-mining side, we see that GeeTee logged two, that’s (2) different guys with 16-stops apiece. Not between ’em, per, individually, singularly, good-to-go solo.

On the good-Tech-guys side, Tis’ really bounced back and tallied his best day of the team-leading (12) year. And even mo’ impressive than his twelveteen notches carved in his O&M belt is that right at ≈25% of ’em were negative stops behind the Wrambling Wreck’s LOS (line-of-scrimmage). That’s a pretty tight dorsal-fin rally-cap if you ask me.

A.B.C. (Always Be Closing) … as one Pitcher went Niekro, and the other hurler went 9th Inning struck, out!

…did you observe all the “0’s” tallied above?
As the Fu’fense behaved rather big-time as doing all the little things went down in the ATL.

3-cheers for such an unusually: ‘clean’ game!

Tackling Analysis:
The arithmetically sage among you will have already observed that tackling did technically worse just a bit down in Georgia. Although, it still graded above average as our historic norm of .19 to .2o goes. As there are teams that wish they had these stopping problems to be sure.

As halting was never bad here mathematically, it did get tighter/better, going Kegel if you will. That’s the news. The good (enuff) news is that although we suffered one costly @w.v.u. –esque shallow run-fill, we by-n-large did not get Mack Trucked vs. a 4-headed Gah.Tech rushing medium-monsta. Even including our run-fights vs. their power-‘Back.

As frankly the G.Tech oLine looked kinda winded upon breaking tape.
That did not hurt our tackling, or O&M eggs and j.Ham. And that’s
not our fault. Although it does leave a certain availability vs.
a better equipped run-fit oLine still on the less
tasty leftover candy-covered table?
Time and Duke/Miami=tell here?

the takeaway...

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Weiner:
…whomever coaches against, G.Tech?

Seriously, Eye mean… they are nearly the sworn enemy of “You can’t have fun without the fundaments.” —some dood named: Earvin Johnson

Fu's VicTory dance over the lessor Tech R.A.T.T. tells us... what(s)???

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

…we say what we said immediately below… as Fu’ and Co. pawned GT and Co. on T.O.P. As going +11 in Time of Possession is right in r-G.O.P.Fu’. trumping wheelhouse. Truly.

formulae football

VT=26, GT=17 up on the ATL scoreboard… and yet VT=23, GT=16 along the sideline as the chain-gang or 1st down marker(s) went.

Rare is the day that you experience such congruency… very in fact.
As you could and we do argue that Fu’ and Co. left a few points out there. 

The Rest of the Story...

Here in the sportlight… we can tell you that Fu’ needed that one worse than a dead-man needs a coffin. Like a stinkin’ dead-man needed some damn lye and lime thrown on his stinkin’ arse.

Caveat being… Georgia Tech is the worst managed and least crafty opponent I’ve seen upon breaking-tape in many a year, plural.

Eye mean they never found a misQ, screw-up, or slow-down they did not like or would not commit. As po’ Coach Collins must be beside himself when he breaks tape on this one here. As the w.Reck’s line assignment or gap-integrity on both sides of the LOS (line-of-scrimmage); and their hind-5’s oh so very peculiar notion of leverage and containment, is so brazen as to broader (see the pun?) on charges of High Treason being rendered against. As Coach Collins and Staff must be 1,000% aghast when they see what they did -to themselves- on video here.

 Like they scratched their 8-ball in a game of pocket-pool.

And yes, it is true… that is not on po’ Fu’… although Coach Collins must be seeing his lunch twice when he watches the game-film. Once going down and once coming back up.  As the Georgia Tech penchant for botchery could lend itself to an early pension for Coach Collins and Crew.

As these y.Jackets are some sorry azz-mugs who have been short-suited for several weeks running.

The Closer:


…now look, here’s what time it really is men…

…do you recall what we told you posthumous to the (then) seemingly nifty starstruck upset of Top-10 ranked North Carolina?

We told you we regret our inability to proffer you anything strategic.

Because caucus as we might, we just could not put our finger on either All-Carotid-Conference med-school heavy, pulse?

  • Was U.n.c. really all dat and a ‘snap’?
  • IF, “NO”, where would that R.A.T.T., therefore, peg VeeTee?

Well, this time we have this one in the bag.
As nearly all things -less pure athletics on O and 2 De’s on D- was pretty baggy indeed.

As G.Tech is vastly more parts Streisand —in lieu of: “starstruck”.
This lowers the caliber of the scalp that Fu’ and Co. just took.
All fingers point to that…

And this time we are strategically sure of it.
Very in point of fact…

So, “aye” go’on and be a happy Hokie Nation this week.
As our next (authentic) positive big-picture will be painted down on So.Beach.

And if @BeeCee or the Dukies drop a “downvote” bomb right down the pike anywho?
What difference did it honestly long-view make with only 180 or 12o-minutes, remaining❓
1st mover points?!?

Nonetheless …and as strange as this may Coastal Divisional Rankings seem?
What if we did carry the day, and (somehow) win, out?!?

As Stranger Things have happened.
Just ask… Netflix.
Saint Adam, bless!


And, If Fu’ and Co. are not real careful?
They may just morph into a downhill TOP-eating version of bad-medicine for hooVa.

Tho’ still yet, there Eye go again, putting the cart in front of the (Trojan) Thoroughbred… horse.

As we’ve got a metric ton of dings and prolly even a Fu’ dents coming outta this one. As we really took a real live podiatry or Foot-n-Ankle Clinic beating on Saturday… (St.Eustace the Cobbler, HELP!)

This on top of a very short-work-week and nearly N.B.A. quick
turnaround with likewise truncated recovery-time to
go ball all-out on Da Garden’s parquet floor.

Still yet, Fu’ and offensive Co. did live to fight another Big Whistle résumé updating day… vs. a non-Lannister very head-slow GeeTee…

So, …the King is dead❓
Or is it, …long live the king❗️


Virginia Tech=26, Georgia Tech=17




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  1. Hey B…have been following you for nearly two decades…posted a long comment after this one…not trying to be some lame fanboy, but wanted to articulate that there are still many of us that like your content. It may not resonate with many of the extreme older or younger subscribers/readers, but you still have folks that love what you do. Please don’t stop!!

    1. …don’t plan to.
      (Coach God willing of course)

      At least not up through w.v.u. round no.12 next season.
      Then see where the program is and which coach is?

      As methinks, I will (try) to leave as Jim Brown did.
      i.e., don’t stay too long, leave on top.
      and still able to walk.

      tho’ thanks so much!
      nicest MB replay I’ve caught in a LOOOOOOng damn time!


          1. @VBHokieman:

            …well thanks…

            that one was average… not a epic game to review.
            material is the drogue parachute.


  2. Until further notice..keep up the good work..GT sucked and VT sucked too…nothing more to that story..Thanksgiving can’t get here quick enough..

  3. Those white booted honey bees brought back fond memories of the ‘70s Hokie honeys sporting ivory foot attire and “white” hot pants featuring a future Miss America to boot!! Caused many sleepless nights for frustrated freshman.

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