Your WINNING virginia Commonwealth Cup Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=29, virginia=24


Virginia Tech football… ain’t; dead… yet men!!!

The Hokies upset the frenchies over in C.ville, uVa last Saturday afternoon, stormed the field, planted the seed of the flag right in the midfield “V”-formation logo, and lived to bowl another G.D. day!!! Zima for everyone… berets/brie for life! As the cavaliers have to be sick to their damn stomach’s after getting cucked good-n-hard by the Commonwealth Cup itself! “hoooooo are you? hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo???” (And oui-oui hooVa… my Word of the Day did indeed leave a Bronco-busted mark…)

Pre-Game and @Miami + @uVa remaining:

Only 1 peep called the ball here…

…he literally touched every base here. (Bravo!)
…which is why Eye placed the call seeking their coaching/advice…

1Q 10:07 remaining:
Tough way to gimp an ankle— what with your very own man giving you a flatfoot heeling from behind. Plus, the hoopology left-knee-knocked b4 dat… might wanna wear these kneepads after all girlfriend. Dang… did not like the look of this one on tape. St.Philip bless Peoples! As this coulda be much worse… (back in the next play tho’… gutty kid here folks)

…making for a very skeptical-looking start from our secondary leftover hind-5 @uVa.
As they were wearing a Training Room bull’s-eye for Armstrong all day long.
weaksauce 1o1… (anatomy antonym exceptionally rivalry intended!!!)

Early Duration:
…the nonsense about using J.C. is best interim ’cause we also have coach-T showed itself early/often… did anyone else see how many times O&M eggs and j.Ham was NOT set pre-snap on D? I mean, we literally had two of our four d-Linemen in 2-point stancing (i.e., trying to bend/get-down) on the initial hooVa score. Robbing Peter to play… ball?!?

1Q 6:21 remaining:
Speechless here… you did NOT want to put in hard work on your archrival along the goal line?!?

Olé, matador 1o1…

Recall… wee-wee pulled this same catty labial-looking S last year vs. Clemson…
(see: above).

1Q 5:38 remaining:
…LOTTSA training room over bets to O&M place after this one here folks… as this time big ole l.Smith #54 dings his leg on the dreaded no-contact leg-gimp dropping back in Pass-Pro’. St.Nikon bless! (Ouch, too…)

1Q 4:25 remaining:
One of the very best De tackles of the year, as Garbutt (somehow), fights off the ankle-diving cut-block of the left-End of kinda inexpensive here uVa. (Somehow), remains standing and on his feet, maintains his outside-in lane-sealing leverage textbook perfectly and then knowhow catches the uVa Hb on the cutback to the odd-side. Heckuva a stop here men. As Garbutt is coaching then willing himself into a pretty dang solid De2.

Game Duration:
Blitzburg & Co. were back in full lightning-war force here comrades.

My best take is they wanted to force the pocket-pro’ matter and NOT let the Bren-gun just sit back there and pick them apart. The Gravy being the contact(s) they generated when they up and put a hat on stretch-Armstrong downfield. Prolly not the worst primary call with such a dinged-up secondary behind all dat.

SIT down!!!” (beeyotch!)

1Q 2:39 remaining:
1st of three game-winning/saving hits… as Tae gets wicked with Wicks on the 1970’s plumbers flip-hit in the open field. (Observe: how gimpy was Wicks after dis???) St.Culbreth bless.

game duration:
…don’t wanna hit this too long… don’t wanna ‘meow’ things up and omit it either. As uVa landed several steals on us for the duration. As the Fu’nk that keeps on funkin’… is a soft-touch non-physical funk to (pink)-slip. As you can see teams taking liberties with us on tape… the vibe being we are no longer *that* physical. Recall someone reporting that the w.v.u. sewing-circle was surprised how “Virginia Tech has changed.” V.Tuff is gone… and Pry-bar has his classical Applied Sports Psych reconditioning V.Fluff work cut out for him culturally and physically alike.

2Q 8:38 remaining:
…here we see a pretty good-looking rookie year, and likely 4-year-starter come up lame. As less ankle health is the right-G diagnosis Moore and more here; (tho’ he is thankfully St.Philip, back in the scrum two-series later)…

…additionally, saw big 6-oh, Dzansi really hard-dragging his left leg to close the 1st-H. Never saw the hurt, tho’ he was really favoring his lowercase Koufax side.

…tritto po’ Brockworst who was wearing two different flavors of shoes, and dragging a club/cast on his right-foot ’round best he grimly could.

☮️ut, beeyotch!!!

2Q 5:12 remaining:
Here we see po’ Pollard getting all twisted-up on the edge of the pass-rush play. Just a misplant overextended misstep. Suck happens… (St.Philip bless!)

3Q 13:33 remaining:
2nd of three game-winning/saving hits… as this time same as last time, Tae Daley takes matters into his own fists and poleaxed all-world Slot-Wr1 (Kemp IV) and Kemp was limp after this “They call me: Assassin” or j.Tatum-style flipped-out open-field hit. WOW! (God Bless). As Tae-Tae came to stay-stay on the day-day. (See: above).

Really starting to like what #17 is all about.

3Q 7:11 remaining:
…and with a shoutout to the left-shoulder that Barno planted into uVa’s ginger Qb1 the series before here…

St.Philip bless!

…3rd of three game-winning/saving hits… as a clearly ailing/slowing Tis’ came up, made a textbook tackling clinic open-field drop vs. the larger scrambling Armstrong of hooVa… and really rolled lá Qb1’s inside left-ankle on the takedown tac’.

…kinesiology students… tell ’em… this anterior roll only happens 10% of the time or less, and this was a very gimpy looking one here. Zed’s Dead gimpy.

Tho’ you gotta score this a 10-8 round for Armstrong. He sure took several for his team on this day here.

game ≅18 remaining:
…don’t specifically know how or why here?

Though Eye do know that O&M halt-unit hitting went up from here on out!
As once the uVa Qb2 entered the game for Armstrong, for the first time in a long time, we started to put a shoulder, a forearm shiver, and whatever else we could put into the opposing offense. Eye did see J.C. really amp up his own self along the sideline due to the BAXccination work the series before. Wild what happens when your Head Coach is not so robotic and so mummified, ain’t it?

Season Duration:
Our most northward willing aTm Qb2 is NOT a Pt.Guard in another life is all Eye’ma gonna say. That, and c.Yeager’s visual record of 15-15 is not in any danger, here. As he missed several Vice Squad latent pried open holes on his sudden first move.

4Q 6:35 remaining:
Yikes! Don’t “<<” or rewind the old V.C.R. here.


As this is a very unsavory-looking Hokie-hurt. St.Philip bless, as #80 (k.Smith; our best blocking Wr since Ford or longer) gets his left toe caught in the grass, then the trailing OLb lands on the same, and then the Fs for uVa really did bust his azz up top to boot! (In point of fact, you can see his dead-foot flailing/dangling/hanging there limp post-play); St.Sebastian bless as well. Dang…

4Q o:oo remaining:

hoo‘s your daddy?

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=28!

Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=1o

TTT Analysis:
…22 Qb-carries for VeeTee vs. 1o Qb-carries from hooVa.
An offensive playbook philosophical debate or conflict of sorts, no doubts… Still yet…

…that’s a 220% ratio head-to-head on carrying the mail alone that bulges in the Pivotal direction of VeeTee. The contacting ratio equates to 280% to the O&M “ouch”. That’s a tough sell on a TTT VicTory lap men. Maybe a close game, maybe? Tho’ uVa put an uncommon Commonwealth volume of licks on our Qb’s. Their Jamerison whirlpool cup overfloweth indeed.

And in all candor, this is the 4th ever L for the TTT metric, when you see that j.Ham and company brought the heat on Armstrong on 19.21% of his passing attempts. Whereas the maginot line got after BAX or aTm Qb2 on 37.5% of their passing attempts! That’s no better than a small cavalier triumph. At elastic best/most. So, Eye got beat here… what else can you say?

Such is the realm of: Crocodile Tears fo’ TTT alligator arms.

Did enjoy how J.C. gave his blessing to truly play the ball and not the man vs. the getting gimpier as the 4Q went along Armstrong. A trooper this ginger was to be sure. He took several for dear ole uVa on the day. Tho’ we really started breaking on the ball and this only addled his foot-bone connected to the head-bone mind-game all the mo’.

Ballsy all-in secondary move… and what’s the worst here? We #FireJayCee as interim and retain him as dLine Coach full-time?

(o) (o)

Tackling analysis:
Hate to say this, as Eye generally favor backing big-chief DAX… nonetheless, this was not his best-blocking effort. As hooVa went Aunt Jemima and his azz got put down in the dirt (pancake) served— several times two. Kinda had me wondering what this level of stealin’ on po’ DAX was all about Rivalry catalyst-wise? As this looked pretty personal on film…

Ditto the O&M hind-6’ish overall… whose forum-tackling is okay to shaky… with no real warp-ups. And at times it got even less physical than that. Coach Next has got to flush this (bleep) outta our stop-unit A.S.A.P. (As Armstrong went Over The Top on us way too many times on rumbling tape).

The killer/thriller part is… although tackling has trended southward as the 8-straight workweek(s) scheduling gauntlet suggested to the sage among you… it somehoo rose back up, 4Q late; right when it damn well had to!


Eye don’t know how he did that?
I only know he… did!

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (1 Rb TD! 1 uVa penalty)
Swiss (neutral): || (1 uVa penalty)
negative: |||| |||| (1 BIG uVa punt-penalty!)

positive: |||| |||| (1 uVa TD!)
Swiss (neutral): |||| (1 VT flag)
negative: |||| |||| (1 uVa Safety!)

Lo.FM Analysis:
BAX did pretty well with what he M*A*S*H unit raised to the Mary Shelley spare parts power had. He squirted free and dinged the uVa run-fits up; and he also dented their pass-shapes deep three separate times.

On the other side, prior to a few post-intermission O&M eggs and j.Ham zone-blitz toggles and some manning changes on the edges… Armstrong was strong indeed. In spades in fact. That’s one slick ass seamster of a Qb1. Had he not got dented on that fugly-looking ankle roll? hoo knows? As he was dermatome surgical early on, slicing away layers of Tiz’s D. That’s the real skinny here. As Armstrong was Over The Top; right up until his ankle/foot was not. (As in… he clipped the ex-Fu’fense nearly +400% to the great on Lo.FM’s for a spell to begin this one… with only tallying one, that’s (1) single solitary negative Lo.FM in the opening half of scrumming against uVa. He’s a player… file that one away for: 2022 Perkins wants Qb(hoo) get back too!)

Overall… the Lo.FM predicts a close/tight one and a narrow/needy one is entirely what we gots. Tho’ the lesser team (uVa) wet the lessor bed (uVa’s) in spite of the better Qb1 play. And you gotta wonder where this one ends on two good you know hoo, wheels?

oo xx oo

Avg 3rd Down Distance To Go… 8.3-yards fo’ you know hoo! This after the following hellUVA a quality start metric:

  • 1st Down Total Yards VT=170
  • 1st Down Total Yards uVa=252

…that said, it is not where you start… it is rather where you finish.

As VeeTee started out as its own worst enemy most Series… what with a mind-bending 56-yards “whistled” against in reverse on 1st-n-10’s!!! How we won anything like that me and Coach Beethoven have no flippin’ clue?!? As there is decomposing and then there was the opening to five, that’s (5) different series of self-inflicted, wounds; wow. Never seen anyone do that… much less overcome the same??? This while allowing 14-points or 58% of uVa’s scores in a pretty lilting 1st-down lack of efforting itself. Krazy, raised to the Theater of the Absurd, power!

Valiums all ’round… as you don’t win many runs like dat.

(o) (o)

Blocking analysis:
Te-sealing along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and folding was pretty strong. Wr-blocking dropped a bit (pun intended), as the youngbloods seriously missed several crackback I.C.B.M. typea chances vs. their archrival on Saturday. Shielding was adequate when they did at times, tho’ why not be strokin’ on hooVa and make these unicorns eat a rainbow when you can(s)?

#shoutout to Blackie… who sprung several Qb-rushes with just enough on turn-n-shield blocking efforting out in space. Not pancaking, tho a bakers-dozen on success itself.

Finally, the reaching to the 2nd-layer of the Vice Squad was as good as it has been all year. NOT great, tho’ they got there more often than they did not and when they got there, they stood the 213 dance-team on their heads and shook ’em fo’ all they worth. (Not knockdowns mind yah; very handsy, mugging, controlling type of pushy/shovey work in space— as one of the Vice Squad signatures is army blocking itself).

the takeaway...

game ball:
Tae… Daley… an adhesive SUPER-Gule baller who held this one together at times all by his ownself!

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

Brandon Patterson!
He called it and it was an epic call.
A tip of the cyber hat too yah bro’… if I wore a hat that is.

And to both D’s!

Look at the bottom metric on the Advanced Stats panel…

…how hard was either side to stop-unit coach, against?

And to CornFu’cious… where have the short-side Jumbo overload sets been all year long? As you’ve got 2 really really good Te1’s as blocking goes, and l.Tenuta is a road-grader on the odd-side in run-fits, rights?

With a nod to J.Jordan who has filled in at both odd and even-G and C2 admirably enough.

R.A.T.T.: ...which team won this one, here???

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

The saving grace was the final stanza’s rushing, which thereby saw VeeTee tally a nearly impossible 1,730% mo’ rushing yards! (uva was negative in the 2H (2nd-half) on the ground)! Never seen that one b4 either?!?

formulae football:
…although neither side truly whooped the other along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage), the Vice Squad got about as close as you could to experiencing a mind-screwing 80% injury rate in this one here! BrockwØrst was dinged, and 3 different O&M big-tree(s) fall down… go… boom… (in-game)! wowzo! How you win anything like dat most weeks Eye have no idea?

Tho’ Eye can tell you that the hooVa pillow-bitters fluffed it up.
Their lawn got manscaped; and razor burned… and oui-oui, they like it like, dat.


The Rest of the Story...

Gobbler gumption after aTm Qb1 fu’mble was most impressive. As most 1o up and 15 down entering teams in their last 25-games, when balling as an underdog+8, and out on the archrival road at that woulda folded up their pup-tent and gone home there.

Lesser Murry State racey men?
You bet.

Boomer-Sooner Techmen?

Good Sir Raleigh, this is efforting… hurt guys dragging themselves into the play, only to get hurt again. This is not something a non-baller could catch. Because…

Upsetting recipes 1o1...

In order to win as an underdog, there are two things you can control and then two things you can hope for…

For the hopefully P.A.T.T.’s among yah…

  1. bad-weather: … a sloppy (outdoor) field to slow a superior team down. Maybe even precip’ butter-their-fingers— when they punk you in the Box Score, and you still (somehow) have a winning Turnover Margin chance.
  2. bad-bounce/good-luck: …a dust-bunny jumps up and muffs their Punt Return all-American and you recover inside their 10-yard line. They go: Doink the Clown off the uprights on a windy day. Tips/deflections; bad-call goes good for you, drops, bad-snap, whatever… something really outlying that is honestly oblong-spheroid hard to geometrically predict raised to the (seemingly) umpossible power. Seen this a few times my ownself… we beat mightily state-semi-finalist Pulaski Co. on an FGA that drew metal three, that’s (3) times, and fell over for the VicTory for the (underdog) good guys.
    {sic: good/bad} bounces/calls/breaks… happen. And u.dogs gotta eat.

Though you cannot equate or calculate on any of that happening. IF, you do?

You are prolly already the underdog rolling over and playing… dead.

There are however two things you can do when you are the, that ARE within your control…

  1. Size Matters! Shorten the damn game. Go Dean Smith of U.n.c. fame and play four-corners O. Let the air outta the ball and temporally strip-mine the other sides play-count. At worst they won’t win by as much; and will almost assuredly “look at me” be frustrated for their lack of touches and associated production/individual stats. At best, you might just stick around, hang in there a bit… and guess hoo feels mo’ pressure as the fave the longer you hang around?
  2. Beat that damn azz!!! This is the one thing -perhaps the only thing- a truly inferior squad can inflict on a superior squad. Physically take the war to them! Make them suffer. Make them your beeyotch. Make them feel your pain. Make them spit the bit. Chin-check them again and again again. Pay any and every physical price you can and see if the superior team cheaps out on wanting to call the bet on the same?


Accordingly, our run-fits ran the clock… and although this is a dicey look vs. such a skillful short to medium throw-set O… it was bronco who crapped out. Check it…

  • 4Q: Time of Possession: Virginia Tech=10:42
  • 4Q: Time of Possession: france=04:18
  • …do you see what Eye chrono-mean?

What I T.O.P. of the line mean is… as that’s a pretty astounding 4Q from a team with a negative or TOP (time of possession) deficit on the ex-post-facto-Fu’fensive year!

••• ——— •••

As this was one S-kicked Tech team folks.

  • Its Top-2 on O, OUT.
  • Its top-1 on D, OUT.
  • Then 60% of its oLine in-game OUT or just barely movin’/gettin’ it.
  • 50% of its dLine in-game really dinged-up and limping off.
  • 50% of the secondary: Out, dented, or dinged-up.
  • Qb1 nearly Qb(n)one done health-wise.

And literally Hokies all over the field were reallllllly slow to get up off the turf in the final 10-miniutes+ or so of this hard-fought/hard-WON scrum.

Seriously, for the few of you that know how to do film-study & how to successful marriage that to all things between the ear’s chemistry-set locker room wise… will you please explain to the rest… just how little business this beat-up, knocked-down and yet got back up again and again
and again Fu’tball team had in stealing this one out on the A.c.c. road?

BOOM, outta here!

As for my 3¢ ante in the Game of Life?

This is the most beat-up VeeTee football team that I’ve seen beat a superior opponent on the road since Frank and Co. demoted @w.v.u. to Corporal Harris and crew (circa: 1989).

Nobody else in the media is covering this angle either —is they?
As Eye felt sorrowful watching this many scrambled O&M eggs spatula themselves 4Q back up.

The sportlight...

same drill as @w.v.u., if you put these two-half teams together you’d have a whole. Singular. One.

As this one ain’t rocket-surgery men…

Corny did a brilliant time-management job of shorting the game and taking offensive plays away from big bad possession-based uVa. (Pretty keen jet-sweep Qb-pass fo’ 6 too, was it not?)

Then, our whole entire team, no matter how OUT, dented, and dinged-up decided to go badly into that good nite. They slept uva NO matter how hurtin’ they themselves were.

As J.C. got way way way way mo’ outta a nearly crippled football squad in 60-minutes than the ex-guy got outta them in his 5.833 seasons at Helm’s Deep.

Or in final words, JayCee did NOT quit on them.

And they…

…did NOT quit on he!

The Ending...

All that to rightfully say …had this been even a 13-round fight?

We mighta been in some measure of real live trouble…

As b.Patterson oh so not wanting to risk offend, very delicately touched on this… so Eye’ll go’on and hammer this screw home…

We were tanked in the last 7-8’ish minutes of play. With hooVa looking the less chinny mo’ fresh part upon breaking tape by far. As the hokiemobile was running on O&M fumes. That’s the “C” in S&C (strength and conditioning) men. Or, in this case, the noticeable lack thereof…
…a blind man could see it with a cane.

Raleigh and Chris, both tipped me to this… so the credit is theirs.
And had it been the halcyon or Golden Era Heavyweight 70’s 15-rounder?

Our Thanksgiving Goose woulda been cooked.
…a rivalry colorcoded bath, n’est-ce pas?

As in… where have our all-world male-sideline cheerleaders been?

Hilgirth looks like a former 220v electrifier now gone frozen statue; and even rah-rah sis, boom, bah DAX has put M.L. Carr’s pet-towel down. In point of fact he (DAX) was even acting-(frustrated)-out to close the year.

How can this be in a helluva a back-n-forth HIGHEST drama swing-play contest vs. your archrival in their house?!? Shouldn’t you be outta your damn emotional, mind?

Tho’ the enthusiasm and been replaced via the… Fu’nk.
Fu’tigue nearly did make cowards of us all.

This is a helluva a win gents…

...although in this one Timing (remaining) was, everything.
And it may have been one 3-minute round removed from: cratering itself.



Virginia Tech=29, france=24




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