Wake Forest football preview!

#22 R.P.I. Wake Forest @ #75 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… chimera

noun: chimera; plural noun: chimeras; noun: chimaera; plural noun: chimaeras

  1. (in Greek mythology) a fire-breathing she-monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.
  2. any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.
  3. a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.
  4. this Saturday come ~7 pm?

Wake Forest Head Coach: David Paul Clawson: age=52, (35-36 at Wake; 125–116 overall); has a rep’ for building, lifting, resurrecting. Db coach early on, tho’ now seems more
parts Rb/Qb whisper by trade.

Baller and .edu David is a 1989 graduate of Williams College in Massachusetts. Where Clawson earned a degree in political economy. A native of Youngstown, N.Y., Clawson was a defensive back for Williams and went on to serve as a graduate assistant coach at Albany.

Also known to be an age group champion distance runner. 3-cheers on the few who still push the aging envelope!

After this Coach Clawson really went itinerate or Larry Brown vagabond in the lower echelon college ranks. With tourstops at: Brown, Villanova, Leigh, and eventually at Tennessee. Then he broke in as a head-honcho at: Fordham, Richmond, Bowling Green and now at Atlantic side Wake. Coach Claw’ has never posted an overall tenured L’ing mark tallying north of .5oo ball by the time he left the given school. i.e. he improved every single program that he served as the head-master thereof. Not everyone can say this either folks. Coach Dee.Cee. has won three-straight bowl games @Wake, although he was o-for-life in the post-season prior to that. And frankly getting lesser talent(s) exposed on longer post-season prep’ times is regular season Coaching the capitalized verb.

As the first likable r-shirt commander himself since the final ‘shots fired’ of 1776, or coach Clawson the human quadratic basically only needs four years to win anywhere. Check it out: Fordham: 0-11 in year one, 10-3 in year four. Richmond: 3-8 in year one, 11-3 in year four. Bowling Green: 2-10 in year two, 10-3 in year five. Wake Forest: 3-9 in year one, 8-5 in year four. Or to put this another way… In 2017, coach Claw’s fourth season at Wake, his Deacons not only won eight games; they also finished 31st in the end-of-year S&P+ rankings. And they hadn’t ranked in the top-35 of that since 1948! This is building the verb people. It is also, rewarding; as coach Claw’ was rewarded with a new 2026 contract for a guy who has never ever lived in the same building for more than five straight seasons no matter his personal venue in the game of life.

Coach Davy is also quite possibly the only coach with a title in the following categories: 1 Patriot (2002), 1 A-10 (2005), 1 C.A.A. (2007), 1 M.A.C. (2013) and 1 M.A.C. East Division (2013) crown.

While only being Conference Coach if the Year four times and only being a lowercase classification National Coach of the Year; twice. I know that’s not the So.East. or murders row— nevertheless… is coach Claw’ the first coach in the history of history to do this? Coach Claw’ has also spawned one former underboss into a big whistle in his own right: namely: Russ Huesman: Chattanooga (2009–2016) then Richmond (2017–present).

Daddy Clawson and his wife, Catherine, are the parents of two children,
Courtney and Eric.

W.F.U. 2018 record:  7 up 6 down overall, 3-5 in A.c.c.; fifth in the Atlantic Division

Wake Forest Defense: (starters back=(now) 5)

  • Says forty-two base D, smells more like a 30-something to my Eye.
  • 70th in Total D.
  • 61st vs. the run.
  • 92nd vs. the throw.
  • 69th in passing efficiency D.
  • 34th in fumbles recovered.
  • 40th in 1st down D.
  • 55th in 3rd down D.
  • 74th in |zone| D.
  • 0 defensive TD’s.
  • 57th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 24th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • TBA in dLine Havoc. Carlos Basham, Jr. (who likes to strike Greco-Roman statue ‘esque poses) leads Wake in Qbs sacked with six and he was not the alpha front-4 listee in the preseason. As he was known as a Dwight White type of run-fighter and has amassed a whopping 33.5 run-stuffs in the last 1.5 seasons to show for it. As he is the lone starting wolf in return here as Wake just departed 2 solid Dt’s and one solid De from last year. So to get that kinda production when everyone is zeroed in on you tells you what ‘los is truly made of. Good size dLine, “where’s the beef”=the middle. Very Foster looking lumpy mashed potatoes kinda 1-gap Dt’s and Basham is a mere towering 6′5″, 277 lb. De. Wake is downright solid upfront.

    Wake base 30-hybrid D:
  • TBA in Linebacking Havoc. r-Senior year, Team Captain and very Cardassian looking Justin Strnad (Lb) only leads Wake in stops (63) and is a very rangy/active type of player. He makes a lotta the Wake halt-unit pre-snap calls/toggles and yet he does not look his listed 236 lbs. Might be 6′3″… tho’ either way, Strnad plays bigger than he is listed. That said there are more than a couple of dings and dents here and depth is wanting for it. Like for instance… poor Justin (UPDATE: torn Biceps, St.Christopher bless) who is done for the duration. Ditto D.J. Taylor and his 50 stops on a non-football knee twist (St.Nikhon help). OUCH! As a very solid Wake second-layer just went from being a strength to a blinking question-mark (if not a bull’s-eye) overnight.
  • TBA in Secondary Havoc. The Decs clearly play the ball not the man and they play it pretty semi-well. Lb/Fs clone (Luke Masterson) tore up his shoulder (St.Christopher help) and the same story as above, a very solid unit now has a point of attack. Cb might be superior to S here as two all honorable mention type guys are gone, and the middle of the field sure seems inviting in the presence of their Ss and Fs absence. Nasir Greer has been a worthy surprise at S and has a nose for the ball and a shoulder or two for you. And both safeties are physical unsafe power-hitters no matter this/that as the rest of their breaking-in period goes. Cb Essang Bassey could be the alpha man2man cover guy and he has greatly improved vs. the rush. Tho’ some publications say that opposite Cb Amari Henderson (4 INT’s) is actually better.
  • D overall: (film study): Wake clearly tries to plug the run-first, and they move people forward to do so on shorter down-n-distance situations. Including cheating/elevatoring someone northward on regulation spots. Gotta be something here for play-action if/when you can get the rush-game going first to bait-n-switch per. Wake will deal someone/anyone in the front-6 when they only use 3-downlinemen. Wake often plays their version of a Mike naked and head-up on the C off the ball by ~4-yards with something of a modified even look in front of him. They use angular (45°) or 2-point-stance looks to funnel/spill things inwardly towards congestion and/or pursuing help. There is a little sideline room here if you can time hitting it just right. Wake uses a lotta variable man looks with tights, medium and offs on the field at the very same time; (even on the very same side). Wake fights the underneath stuff a bit man-harder as well as there is not often a deep safety valve type (M.l.b., Cf) at Fs to be found here (less 3rd-n-long)… A.K.A. …if you can only truly rupture contain there should be green-grass out in front. Wake tackles pretty dang so-so by-the-bye, low, ankle diving at times and tacking seems in a post-superstar injury-timeout retreat to boot. The Wake dLine/rushers deflect more than their share of throws; tipping does count here. And when in their modified De-Ng-Dt 30-set base, Wake sure run-blitz attacks down the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) inside out. (might be a good game to recrown our counter/cutback, King).
  • ∑ (D summary): returning D production=72%. Carlos Basham Jr. is your hands-down attrition-based conflict defender here sans Strnad. I liked this D. Tho’ is sure is missing some vitality and criticality type part(s); a Bobit defense if you will— and like that we are catching this still decent D at its likely 2019 nadir; at least thus far. (notice: I did call it: “still decent“, though “still decent” is pretty south of pretty dang good).

Defensive letter-grade:

Wake Forest Offense: (returning starters=(now) 3)

  • 7th in Total O!
  • 44th in ground O.
  • 9th in aerial O!
  • 19th in passing efficiency O.
  • #1 in most offensive plays/game!
  • 13th in 1st down O.
  • 7th best in 3rd down O!
  • 37th in |zone| O.
  • 23rd highest completion%.
  • 33rd fewest passes picked.
  • 53rd in yards per catch.
  • Only 1 fumbled turnover over all year!
  • 18th in sacks allowed | 71st in TFL allowed.

    STRONG, ripped up Qb1.
  • O overall: Wr: rare is the day I begin this section here, tho’ rare is the day that we catch the best Wr in the A.c.c. As the formerly wildly inconsistent Sage Surratt was listed as ‘the truth’ by nearly all of my preseason mag’s and he has yet to in-season disappoint. An Appointed talent who is a next-level Pro’. Only ask is… C.f.l. or N.f.l.? Don’t sleep on the multi-tasking Te Jack Freudenthal; either. Dood has a knack for making *the play* and moving the sticks. As almost 20% of his catches are, scores. And second in grabs 6′6″ 229 lb. Scotty -who looks bigger than his listing- Washington ‘beams up’ here too. Large-and-n-charge catch corps, lotta height and bulk overall edgewise. Rb: Kenneth Walker III is a good ‘back. Rb2, Christian Beal-Smith has a turned ankle and the vibes here are his status is: “unknown”. Tho’ I do know C.B-S had been on the come since mid-September and had put up some helpful/sharp numbers of late as a said to be: “explosion type” ‘back. Not half-bad work from the mere 109th ranked playar in the state of Tennessee last season. Who only put up ~5K all-purpose yardage (carries+catches+kicks) in his final two seasons and can very much return a Kick. Oline: 25 game starter Nathan Gilliam (right-Ot) is “QUESTIONABLE” with a bum foot (St.Sebastian bless), and so are his epic even-side sealing and knockdown blocks. As this guy was/is prolly 3rd-string all-A.c.c. With Gil’ the Decs return nearly 50 Ot starts combined and clearly excel at edge blocking for it. The Dec’s interior oLine is gonzo. Tho’ former Ot starter  Justin Herron slides inside to try to sure the internal wedge of G-c-G up. Possibly the smallest/leanest oLine of the season, with everyone <300 lbs. Right or even side seems the go-to side here.  Qb1: is, okay. As don’t forget that demoted Qb1 now gone Qb2 (Sam Hartman) starts for close to half of D-1 right now. Tho’ do remember and Ginkgo this one away for future use… one #12, Jamie Newman. This guy is their Q+++. The triple-plus is due to enhanced acceleration. He’s not a slow starter like our Q as Newman plays with a bit more kinetics, has more cuts (sinew wise this time) tho’ just a little less “thud” upon impact. Not much; as J.New is a smidgeon less physical than Q. The rest, however, is all advantage J.New. Like da Boyz n the Hood Larry Fishburne face ‘fro… love the overall creative measured or volt-meter type of electric company game all the mo’. As 2,059 passing, a sharp 4:1 passing ratio (TD’s:INTs), on 68% per a 160-point Qb-rating while missing 3-weeks this campaign overall. Now mix in 3o5 carrying the mail good for 30 grounded points and you can see what I mean. And I mean that this is a kid who the whispers say has been dragging a bad off-shoulder (left) around all year (St.Christopher help). 6′4″, 230 lbs. worth of r-Jr. season cuts+mass later and you gotta wonder if this kid is a 2020 A.c.c. Player of the Year medium-shot or not? As this really is getting a lotta mileage outta the 32nd ranked N.c. recruit who was a lowercase *** (3-star) prospect per ESPN. He’s an Honor Roll student —and even if Newman does have a history of dings and dents a lotta Qb1’s wish they had his problem(s). Only real ill I could find was… he plays a bit looser at home, too loose; as 80% of his pilfered passes are in his very own backyard. Although his visiting completion percentage does rise by a handsome ~5% and that’s a cocksure/surefire sign of a certified gamer who dials all the way in when he wants/decides to be.

    Hybrid base O look:
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=55%. Less 9′ there are not less than four different Decs who preach at least 300-yards on the ground so far. And I did not even get to list ex 1,005-yard rusher Cade Carney who is way down on ypc this campaign. Seven guys have snags ≥22 yards and that’s a lotta green-grass patterned open for a less than elongated or HR chucking passing attack. (film-study): creative O that is not short or boundary side phobic. Wake attacks the yardage marker as you will (sometimes) see nobody south of it with all catch-points ≥it. Ashby and DAX/Tisy gonna get an O&M code-red here folks. Lotta crossing and inward patterning and they run this in layers. The first guy clears for the second guy or the second guy clears for the third. Very congruent O in a word. LOVE their old school flood looks (S, M, or L; although more so S and L) which maroon at least one defensive back way off the play each and every time. (i.e. he’s too short on long or versa vica). And these starting Wideouts are all-state… “good hands people” in spades. oLine does smart turn-n-shield or walling-off run-set works; the Wake ‘backs run with noticeable vision and patience and will break (cutting-back) run-fit shapes on their own. Saw me some trips (even short-side) and a lotta Spread/Gun looks with a half or split-back in 10 or 11 personnel groupings. Newsome reminds a bit of Vick on the play-action or scripted Qb runs. Albeit Marcus, with his short chop-steps in traffic and an effortless gliding style moving downfield after that. Wake will Te/H-back and/or Pistol on short-yardage and frankly, they seemed better off when stretching vis-à-vis compressing to me. I also saw some nearly 9-man bunch sets that had a screwy reverse/crossbuck Veer element(s) to it as well. And even a few old-school b.Dooley (Greenwood/Cox) sprint-out type plays. Dull this O, ain’t. That all said… the Wake top-11 on O is pretty dang tight yo’… never mind foible this/that. As they went from kinda-good to truly ‘clicking’ with Newsome back in the offensive cliquè last week. And oh yes, then there is their slow-riding typically rode northwardly toward the Line of Scrimmage (LOS) mesh-point. Very odd-looking, tho’ it does give the Qb a longer more accurate since of literacy on give/take on the single-‘back old-school Belly-Play R.P.O. With nearly a passing so-called Vee-cup as this thingy would be vulnerable to off-side collapsing A-gap penetration. (Hewitt has been twitchier of late here as well; just ask Book if “reading” is fundamental) And this really should remind you of w.v.u.’s Q and Marshall in richrod’s Iso’/Wham’s up the A-gut way back when— ’cause it is the very same thang with Dt smash/doubles out in front albeit with a greater sense of mesh-hesitancy.
  • 55% run:pass 45% mix. Beal-Smith is your secret sauce offender here. A good Rushing afternoon form him is Don Meridith’s signature: “Turn out the lights the parties ooooo-ver.” Highly efficient O on shorter to medium throws. They get all they can scheme open and they scheme openings as opposed to just: “go make a play” in-line linear sideline works. Under offensive coordinator Warren Ruggiero, the Deacs have routinely been Top-5 in Adjusted Pace and they -additionally- executed plays 5.6 seconds faster than expected based on their run-pass ratio; dang! And this “beep-beep” zip-bang Road Runner type tempo that high can become a serious weapon as long as you’re clearing a certain efficiency bar. Which the Deacs are. And this is a relatively young O hurt by graduation last year. Might wanna put new ink to this O Staff’s contracts and throw some mo’ green-Presidents their way A.S.A.P.

Offensive letter-grade:

Deason Special Teams: (both return)

Wake Forest is 64th in Net Punting and so is 6′3″, 190 lb. final-year Dom -great name- Maggio. Nyet comrades. That’s not a typo as he has that M.l.b. turnkey mixed sporting metaphorical of a name indeed. Dom is going for the following careerist kicking-metrics… while the P1 for the Dec’s, Maggio has merely booty-called his way to the following: almost 250 career punts, great for over 10,100 career punting yards and fourth in wake history with a career average of 42.7 ypp. That does not suck and experience does not lack here, as this deserving Ray Guy Award nominee is a very very good P; if not a great one. The only caveat might be missing just a scosche of pure bionic-man leg-strength, tho’ 50+ with good hangtime is Dom’s normal day at the driving range. Dom is also an extremely rarified student-athlete turned a member of Wake Forest’s Student Advisory Committee and he was only named to the A.c.c. Academic Honor Roll. Dom was merely the no.1 P in the nation according to Kohl’s and he was a 3-sport star to boot (hoops and seams). And oh yes, his old-man was only the starting P at someplace named: U.c.l.a.

  • 62nd in Punt Returns |  74th in KO returns.
  • 126th in punt coverage | and 115th in suicide-squad! (we will need this yards/love!)
  • (although… Wake coverage teams will try to strip the rock, mind the return-Dept. here).
  • Wake has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • Wake has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked. (very kick oriented).
  • bonus: Wake toggles coverages with guys moving E-W in out of their vertical lanes. Feast or famine, and most return teams have been pretty dang hungry for it this year.

Nick Sciba is a quality place-Kicker. Actually, he’s a perfected quality Place-Kicker as Nick has yet to 2019 miss (15 for 15 FGA’s and 36 outta 36 on P.A.T.’s) and he is only a paltry 86% for his collegiate FG-kicking life. Yes, I’d have to say that counts… as Mister Sciba is an automatic-weaponized version of the FG-Kicking position itself. A reasonable caliber one to boot what with his 5′9″, 190 lb., plucky looking or sawed-off sophomoric approach to kicking (aim block-points low here coach Shibest). The queer thing is… Nick only has one make >39-yards thus far. (A 47-yard long last year). So, Nick may not quite be an Iowa Class 16″ main-gun after all, although his optics and targeting software inside of 40-yards is Bismark epic indeed. And Wake will go to Nick on any medium FGA and take the 3-pointer and KO next, for it to boot. The no.7 Kicking prospect in America (per: 247Sports) and he has something inked about his “dad” on his left inside biceps. Kool kid, and a cool-Modine K who obeys his range to the 100th percentile degree. (BONUS Pts. are awarded for being a:  Kick-it-to Cancer and the fight to help stop pediatric cancer sponsor, and his G.P.A. is a mere 3.8o; may St.Elmo’ bless Nick).

Special Teams letter-grade: strange ST’s… everything checks in as average+++ to perfect. ‘cept kick-coverage which is about like having 11 me’s go cover a kick. LOL… don’t know what’s
up wif dat, though I do know that caps/lower the whole shebang. B here.

Unit Rankings:

  1. Wake O.
  2. Wake D/VT D/VT O in a virtual triune tie.


  • motive: Looks about the same when I weigh this to me… tho’ Wake prolly has mo’ big-MO’ if that counts for anything. And yet Klempson is their “next”. EDGE=push.
  • weather: Good if a bit cooler. The only thingy might be it takes both pitch-n-catch batteries a minute or three to warm into this fight. EDGE=push.
  • health/off-field: VeeTee has the longer injury recital, although the Wake injuries are really quite hurtful on D. Several quality guys very gimpy or entirely finished off. Coach God Bless. EDGE=VeeTee.
  • penalties: 1st best. Over. Done. Thru. EDGE=Wake. They are the yellow laundry D-1 alpha.
  • intangibles: 10th best in Turnover Margin vs. the 1o2nd best in Turnover Margin team, counts. (37th in wear you down 100 plays per game TOP (time of possession) only stretches this all the mo’) EDGE=Wake (big too)!
  • fatigue: both teams have played once since the 19th of October. Although VeeTee has played four times to Wake’s thrice since 10.o5; plus, that multi-extra inning 6 OT affair. EDGE=Wake.

R.A.T.T: ...upsetting high-powered Wake @Lane is all about, what(s)???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Deacons who could “preach” @Tech=11

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that SpaceX or any of the other civilian heavy-lifters agencies might wanna contact coach Claw’. As Clawson is one of college football’s best satellite launchers. Although now he must go Yuri Gagarin and achieve a lasting A.c.c. orbit in lieu of an A.c.c. obit’ for the very first time this campaign.

As this is a good coach and he has his program on the come; even if 2019 is Coach Clawson’s first real sniff at an actual finishing winning record inside the A.c.c. i.e. he is just 15-29 in the A.c.c. to date.

And this tells you just how much O.O.C. harvesting he has indeed successfully done. Nonetheless, and barring the bottom falling out, W.For’ is well ahead of schedule and big whistle Davey Clawson really should merit some measure of All Coaching Conference consideration.


On the flip-side, the practice reports seemed upbeat enough after a potentially brutal: we let one get away ending; which could maroon a youngling team down in the dumps over in South Bend.

I like this… tho’ I wonder if this is a so-called: ‘moral victory’ or if they are just not old enough (yet) to really know any better? Either way, I do not expect to see us playing the 5Q of N.Dame this Saturday down in the New River Valley


  1. Δ1=6o% Wake wins. As beyond some kinda fugly whacko instate rivalry day that gets away from us… Wake has the best remaining shot to beat us by more than one play or by double-digits beyond any shadow of any remaining 2019 doubt.
  2. Δ2=20% VT wins. As I am kinda wondering how one of the very few synthetic surfaced A.c.c. teams 123-mile travels and then balls out with their hand back in the real-life and typically slower dirt on our aü Naturel Worsham Field track?
  3. Δ3=20% chance that this one is a shootout coin-toss. Even. Push. Pick ’em kinda game. Don’t like the toss go best 2 outta 3. Don’t like that go 3 outta 5. Tho’ do go over, here.
the optics
Front Desk Wake-up calls >>> phone/travel alarm clock >>> O&M snooze button

the skinny

Forum Guide:

Our handy-dandy friend the so-called reflexive or round-robin driven Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a 1.5 play or a 10-point summarizing Deacon win. The yardage markers, however, are positing, averring and connoting a stunning 8-point VicTory FWIW. (this surprised me a bit, you?)


The total yardage maker favors Wake by 135-yards per game on the year and would basically predict a two-score triumph. Over 115 of which is via the airwaves as Wake only modestly outgains V.Tech on the ground. The stop-units on the year are separated by a mere 9′. With Wake being superior vs. the pass and Wake being inferior vs. the run.

However, since our Qb1 swapmeet or in the most recent 3-game terms… we see that Wake is nearly the same on O overall tho; throwing a bit better of late. V.Tech is upwards of 35 ypg of total O to the better; most of which is down in the dirt. The defensive 3-game trends are more telling and less expected… here we find that V.Tech has tightened its run-fighting belt by a slimming virtual 50 ypg to the great. Nevertheless, V.Tech has loosed up in secondary or air force measurements by an unwelcome near 80 ypg worth of aerial default. Whereas Wake is a little worse for the wear on the ground and yet a bit better in atmospheric terms for a near-net push.

The most intriguing thingy however is… Wake is more inviting on the ground and yet V.Tech is entirely inviting in pitch-n-catch terms. Meaning: Corny & Fu’ need to shrinkwrap this game up nice and tight the same as @N.Dame and try to pinch a fugly one late.

  • Virginia Tech is 4-1 against Wake Forest since joining the ACC but dropped the last meeting between the two programs | a 6-3 double-overtime affair in Winston-Salem in 2014.
  • Virginia Tech has used three starting QBs this season for the first time since 1998 (Al Clark, Dave Meyer, Nick Sorensen).
  • Virginia Tech is honoring longtime defensive coordinator Bud Foster (3 pm) at the game.
  • Quarterback Jamie Newman leads the ACC with 337.7 yards per game of total offense. Receiver Sage Surratt is averaging 118.5 receiving yards per game and has a league-high nine TD snags.
  • The Deacons have gone above 400-yards in total offense in 10 consecutive games dating to last season.
  • Wake is 3-1 in ½ play games this season (decided by an FGA or less). That’s culturing, the verb.
  • Wake Forest (7-1, 3-1 ACC) has won seven or more games in four straight seasons for the first time in the program’s history.
  • Virginia Tech leads the all-time series 24-12-1.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©) if you consult the Wake 1st and 3rd down markers above, you see the Wake O stays well ahead of schedule and the Wake D plays on schedule or better. Making this one an extremely dicey Lo.FM match-up. (though there were a few oLine Tackles for a Loss openings here, Wiles and Co. plum better play like their whole entire head ‘is on fire’ to max’ this possibility out)

TTT (Time To Throw©) Wake protects very well and they get after your Qb decently enough. Not an easy team here as the ball gets outta the Wake Qb1’s hands on the zippy zip most plays.

Wake Projected S&P+: 62nd.
Deacon’s Projected S&P wins: 6.2 W’s.

the call

3:30 PM tipoff!

Right now, on Tuesday evening, I am leaning that Wake is something of a mini-me or more jacked-up version of Duke. A pretty well-coached club with a few more twitchy types of burst players who could elongate a narrow game late.

Or just X.L.John.Holmes this one from the get-go if either of our underclassmen Qbs finally plays a nubile or undercooked game.


That being said… it is now early Friday morning and try as Eye might, I just did not see any objective/science-fact reason(s) to call for the O&M upset play here.

Primarily, Wake has too much O and we lack secondary reasons to be able to R.A.T.T. hang with them. At least in the initial 30-minutes of scrumming. And if that is indeed the case how do we play fire-drill football having to scramble out of a post-intermission, hole?

i.e. the start could very well=the finish, here!

Or in other words… in Hooker’s rep’ count, we have yet to see him have to play form the chase.

We have only seen him play from out in front, on the lead; or at equilibrium, on the even. This is a very high-powered Wake O and it is gonna take some points to put Wake down here folks.

In point of fact, it has taken at least four full scores to put Wake down in every game less one this season. And of late (i.e. since mid-September) it has taken virtually 4o points to put Wake down and tally a win (38.75, actually).

Ergo, therefore, to Whit, you tell me… do we actually tally-ho and drop ~5.5 full scores on these Deacs? Or is busting 40-points all Greek to the Corny and the Fu’fense as Wake gets preachy on our recently upward trending χmera indeed?

Stay frosty kittens.”

upset Index=39%


Virginia Tech=27, Wake Forest=37




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  1. Yikes, yokes & have faith my son….
    You see, the Deuce he runs & can not be held down not even by a Corny or Fu. And in spite of Overcoaching tendencies ( the ##^}%{% Fu Verb). Players got to play & you can’t bridle a stallion that has to turn it loose. So step back as Demon one’s haven’t seen talent like the Deuce when the ball is in his hand.

    Or said in mind simple terms, no better defense is a Hooker led O by turning WF one dimensional in the 2nd half, with catch me if you can scoreboard mentality allowing The Star of This Party, One Bud Foster To then the hounds from Hell loose and sack sack & sack some mo!!!!

    Have faith in the Deuce, he’s got this!!!
    Even with Corn on the O mic!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!!
    Wake’s going DOWN!

    1. Eye wanna see how free he is.
      Can he move sideways? Can he cut? Stop-start?


      1. The Deuce has been turned loose, so Look out Deacons…

        Was never playing last week, regardless, as this is money game and Deuce is money with football in his hands…

        Let’s Go..Hokies!!!
        BEAT Wake Forest!!!

  2. They will score early on Bud but he will shut them down from early to mid second qtr on. If HH and KK are fairly healthy we come out of the 3rd up 7. VT takes it by 10. Team gelling at home on Bud Day w Fu knowing his seat got warm in a hurry and Kill killing it = massive intangible adVanTage. Go Hokies!

    1. Hope so Sir.
      (tho’ Eye woulda banked any/ALL Foster fanfare for @hooVa)

      As this could be the best team we have left– even including a Bowl.


  3. Wake has won a lot of close games. That requires a little luck. Luck runs out in Lane. VT 34 Wake 24.

    1. Yah; it does… and fortune is a fickle thing…
      As the only thing I know on that is the only thing Alex’ the Great knew on that…’

      Fortune favors the bold.”


  4. I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t factor Bud’s farewell into the intangibles. That’s gotta count some, right?

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